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Haven TV Series Season 1

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The Good Shepherd Church

Haven – Season 1 Trailer

Haven’s church is on Witcham Street. In appearance it is just like St. Luke’s Anglican Church, Hubbards, Nova Scotia. Ed Driscoll was the preacher there. The church is on a rise and featured a sculpture outside with a giant ball at its center. In the second episode of Season 1 the ball separated itself and rolled down the hill, crashing into the Rust Bucket, a Haven eatery. The Good Shepherd can be seen in the Season 2 opening credits sequence, where a funeral service has just been held.

Mahone Bay

Mahone Bay is a bay located on the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia, Canada along the eastern end of Lunenburg County. Mahone Bay was named after the French mahonne , which referred to a type of boat used by local privateers. Mahone Bay is home to numerous picturesque working fishing communities, one of the most famous being the communities of Big Tancook and Little Tancook.

Mahone bay can be seen troughout the whole series.

Peggy’s cove & Northwest cove

References To Other Works

Allusions to the written works of author Stephen King are made in the series regularly the setting for the series is derived from King’s novella The Colorado Kid , although the name of the town is changed. On’s Haven website, many of these references are explained for each episode. For example, Derry and Haven are both fictional towns in Maine previously used in the author’s stories. One of the main characters receives a copy of a novel written by a character from King’s novel, Misery , while another character has just been released from Shawshank Prison. In some cases the plot of an episode revolves around an idea from King’s works: a character who has precognitive, psychometric visions after touching people or things or plants that start killing people.

“Croatoan” coincidentally also appears carved into a tree in the 3 part Stephen King mini series “storm of the century”

List Of Haven Episodes

is a supernatural drama television series developed for television by and based on the novel . The one-hour drama premiered on July 9, 2010 on , and concluded on December 17, 2015.Haven tells the story of Audrey Parker ” rel=”nofollow”> Emily Rose), an with no past and no family, who is sent to the small town of Haven, Maine to investigate the murder of an ex-convict. Partnering with local police officer Nathan Wuornos , Audrey soon discovers that the small town is a safe-haven for people with supernatural abilities and that the town itself may have a shocking connection to her long-missing past. The series is the first property to be produced for Syfy channels around the globe, excluding Canada and Scandinavia.

On January 28, 2014, the show was renewed for a split 26-episode fifth season. The first half aired in 2014, while the second half aired in the last quarter of 2015. In August 2015, Syfy cancelled the series after five seasons. During the course of the series, 78 episodes of Haven aired over five seasons.

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Haven Season 4 Episode 1

We move forward six months on the Haven Season 4 premiere.

Duke comes again to the sector via an aquarium tank in Boston, after being concept useless for the remaining six months.

weather phenomena hits Haven.

We meet Jennifer Mason, and Duke talks her into helping him get again to Haven.

Duke tracks down Nathan, who is fighting for cash.

Audrey, aka Lexie, is operating in a bar at an unknown location.

Duke, Nathan and Jennifer have a hell of a welcome in Haven.

Dwight is the new Police Chief.

Jennifer heard in her head Agent Howard tell Audrey that killing the person she liked probably the most would forestall the worries forever, and Nathan needs to sacrifice himself for that goal.

A person named William meets Lexie and helps her out of a bind with a person with a gun.

Jordan isn’t more than happy with Vince.

Nathan recalls Audrey’s first case and determines that it’s that same case and the woman involved who’s inflicting the elements anomalies in Haven.

Duke’s brother, Nate, owns the Grey Gull.

William tells Lexie that he’s there to tell her a secret, that she’s no longer who she thinks she is and if she doesn’t uncover who she is a large number of individuals are going to die.

What Happened In Season 1

Haven Season Two
  • FBI AgentAudrey Parker is sent to Haven by his superior, Agent Howard, to investigate the murder of Jonas Lester.
  • Audrey meets local Detective Nathan Wuornos when he saves her from falling off a cliff.
  • The town’s Chief, Garland Wuornos, is Nathan’s father.
  • It is revealed that Nathan suffers from lack of pain.
  • Audrey meets the Teagues brothers, Dave and Vince, who tell her that she looks a lot like a woman that appears in the picture taken on the day the Colorado kid was found dead.
  • Audrey meets Duke Crocker, a local smuggler who has a bad relationship with Nathan.
  • The first of many cracks appear on a paved road.
  • Nathan tells Audrey that his father was a cop during the Colorado kid murder.
  • Nathan wonders if the look-alike woman in the picture is related to Audrey, since shes an orphan.
  • Agent Howard tells someone over the phone that Audrey is staying in Haven and maybe she can help with the troubles.
  • Nathan likes pancakes.
  • Audrey considers the job offer at the Haven PD in exchange for information about the woman in the photo.
  • Nathan and Hanna went to the prom together.
  • Nathan tells Audrey about the time he realized he was troubled. Hes afraid the troubles are back and they wont go away this time.
  • The troubles began around the time the Colorado Kid was murdered: February 1983.
  • Duke tells Nathan that Audrey doesnt know hes not a real boy.
  • Nathan is affected by the music and Duke watches over him.
  • Nathan thinks that Audrey might fix him some day.

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