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How Can I Clean My TV Screen

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Dont Forget The Exterior

How Do I Clean My TV Screen?

Once the screen is clean, use a small duster with a handle to clean the exterior of your TV. These bad boys get the job done:

This is great for larger TVs. No more looking for a step stool or stretching at awkward angles. Just extend the handle and dust every part of your device.

Cleaning your television and the surrounding area is important for maintaining it. Keep the ports and vents and your TV accessories clear of dust and dirt to keep everything functioning at optimum capacity. When you fully clean your tech, you prolong its life. Remember, a happy TV is a clean TV.


Do Not Forget Your Remote Control

Remote controllers can become dusty and contaminated, and they can also house a significant number of bacteria.

Theres also the matter of coughs and sneezes to consider.)

Listed below is some general guidance on cleaning your remote controllers.

More information on how to sterilize your remote control during the coronavirus epidemic can be found on our website.

Before you begin cleaning, make sure the batteries are removed.

Turn the remote upside down so the buttons are facing downward, and then tap the remote against your palm to dislodge any debris that may have fallen between the keys or buttons.

Repeat this process until the remote is clean.

Using a delicate cloth dampened with a small amount of denatured alcohol mixed with water, wipe off the entire remote. It is preferable if the cloth is damp rather than wet.

Cleaning in and around the buttons can be accomplished with the help of an alcohol/water solution applied to a cotton swab.

With a dry toothbrush or a wooden toothpick, you can dislodge any obstinate junk that has become stuck further within the keys.

Last but not least, wipe off the entire remote with a dry, soft cloth once more and re-install the batteries. Thats all there is to it!

Cleaning TV Screen: 3 Tips

Do you need to clean a TV screen? Various tips are shared on the internet. HG selected a random number of tips that could help to prevent a dirty screen.

1. Cleaning a tv screen with water

  • Switch off the screen.
  • Moisten a soft lint free cloth with lukewarm water.
  • Wring out the cloth properly: it should not drip.
  • Wipe it carefully over the screen to remove dust, don’t press too hard

Squeeze the cloth and make sure that you dont have drops in the edges of the TV. They cause a short-circuit.

2. Cleaning a TV screen with a glasses cleaning clothA glasses cleaning cloth or microfibre cloth does not contain moisture and has been developed specifically for removing grease and dust. It is a safe and effective way to clean your screen.

3. Avoid vinegar, spirits, glass cleaner and all-purpose cleanerMany websites recommend cleaning a TV with windex, cleaning a TV screen with vinegar, methylated spirits, glass cleaner or all-purpose cleaner. Do not use those products. They contain aggressive substances that affect the protective film on your screen. Only use water, a microfibre cloth or a product that has been developed specifically for cleaning screens. It means your television or computer lasts longer.

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Can I Use A Damp Cloth To Clean My Flat Screen TV

Then, Try a Damp Cloth.

Unless your owners manual specifically prohibits it, carefully wipe the screen with a damp, lint-free cloth. When using water, be sure to spray onto the cleaning towel rather than directly onto the screen. This will give you more control over where the water is going and how much is being used.

The Ole Microfiber Towel

How to Properly Clean a Flat TV Screen

Nope, not a paper towel or a wad of nearby napkins. Trying to wipe your TV with these materials puts your precious pixels at risk of getting scratched. Grab a microfiber towel that is made from super-soft synthetic fiber. Use a gentle, circular motion to address any streaks or handprints. If theyâre hard to see, turn the television off and look again. And be sure to avoid pressing down too hard on the screen, even when youâre trying to remedy tough-to-remove spots. This can damage your television irreparably. And let it be known that sometimes, the easiest way to fix a problem is with the simplest solution.

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Choose The Crown Choice All

If you are struggling with removing the stubborn buildup on your laptop and TV screens, use The Crown Choices All-Purpose Dish Cloth. Its unique design and non-scratch material can be used to scrub on the offending dirt without damaging your screen. So you wont need to ask time and again how to clean my laptop and tv screens.

How To Clean A TV Screen On An Older Television

Owner of a tube TV ? These havent been manufactured for many years now, but its worth knowing how to clean a TV screen if you have one of these thats still going strong. In fact, these have glass screens that can be cleaned like any other glass in your house for instance with a window cleaning spray. Dont do this with any other type of TV, though.

If yours is an LCD or OLED TV, the steps above are the ones to use to keep the screen damage-free. Theyre the route to follow if yours is a plasma TV, too. Although these havent been manufactured since 2014, the screens often have a coating that could be compromised otherwise.

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How To Clean A TV Screen Samsung

When youre trying to watch television or a movie and your screen is dirty or coated with dust, theres nothing worse than straining to see what youre watching.

If you dont clean your television on a regular basis, dust and fingerprint smudges can accumulate.

Clean your television on a regular basis to ensure that it continues to look brand new and that you can see the picture clearly.

Not to be overlooked is the fact that any form of window cleaner, soap, scouring powder, wax, or cleanser containing solvents such as alcohol, benzene, ammonia, or acetone should never be used.

Never use abrasive pads or paper towels to clean your tv.

This can result in permanent damage to your screen if you scratch it or if you take the anti-glare coating off the screen while doing so.

Never spray water straight on the television screen.

Make sure to wipe the television with as little force as possible.

It is possible to damage television screens by pressing on them excessively.

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What Is The Best And Safest Way To Clean A Flat Screen TV

How To Clean A TV Screen – Without Damaging It!
  • You need to unplug your TV and turn it off
  • You can clean off any dust and debris on your screen by gently wiping it in a circular motion with a soft, dry microfiber cloth.
  • You can moisten your cloth with distilled water if stains are hard to remove.
  • You can also use distilled water and mild dish soap if that doesnt work.
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    How To Clean Flat Screen TV Without Streaks Using Water

    Cleaning a TV screen with plain water works well to remove everyday dirt and is one of the safest solutions. If your TV is heavily soiled, consider using a homemade TV cleaner for tougher jobs. This is also the easiest way to clean eyeglasses and other glass surfaces without streaking.

    • Microfiber towel

    To clean glass without streaks and to eliminate ugly fingerprint smudges on your television, fill a bottle sprayer with distilled water. Turn the TV off and spray a soft cleaning cloth lightly with the water. Rub the TV screen gently in a circular motion.

    Do not spray water directly onto the screen and do not apply too much pressure while cleaning. Use a dry towel to buff the screen gently to ensure all lint and dirt are gone.

    How To Clean A Flat Screen TV

    No matter what kind of television you have, start by turning it off. Youll be able to see the dust and smudges much better on a dark screen.

    Next, grab a dry, soft cloth. Dont use paper towels, as they can contain fibers that can do damage to the screen, according to Consumer Reports. Gently wipe the screen to remove any dust, just make sure not to press too hard.

    If there are any hard-to-remove marks, Consumer Reports notes you can dampen the cloth with a little distilled water to clean the screen. Dont spray water directly onto the screen, which could cause a shock or component failure if it drips or seeps into the inner workings of the set, according to Consumer Reports. In addition, for stubborn stains, try using a mix of mild dish soap that has been highly diluted with water.

    For any questions, consult your owners manual. Each company from LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba all include cleaning instructions and each companys cleaning methods may vary, according to CNET.

    If you have an LCD or plasma screen, you should also consult your owners manual, as you may be able to use a commercial cleaning solution specifically made for these screens, notes CNET.

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    Dont Make This Mistake

    When using compressed air, remember never to shake the container and never stick the nozzle inside your TV ports. The nozzle can damage sensitive pins inside your TV, so hold the nozzle outside the port about an inch away. Youll want to spray the port at an angle so the air doesnt push dust or debris further in.

    The compressed air will push the dust out of your television, and you can dust the exterior of your device with a cloth or a duster to remove any residue. You can use the same technique for cleaning your vents as well, but depending on the size of your TV, vacuuming might be faster and easier.

    One important note: never use liquids inside the vents or ports of your TV. If a plastic nozzle poses a threat, imagine what liquid, the enemy of all electronics, could do. Please keep the Pledge away from your TVs openings, and stick to dusters, vacuums and other dry means of cleaning debris.

    Don’t Forget The Remote Control

    Can I Clean My TV Screen with Windex?  Best Homely Tips

    Remote controls can not only get dusty but also harbor a fair number of germs.

    Here’s some basic advice about cleaning your remote controls. We also have more detail how to sanitize your remote control during the coronavirus epidemic.

    Remove the batteries before you start cleaning. Then start by turning the remote upside down so that the buttons are facing downward, and tap the remote against your palm to dislodge any debris that might have fallen between the keys or buttons. Wipe down the entire remote with a soft cloth that has been sprayed with a tiny bit of alcohol diluted with water. The cloth should be damp, not wet.

    To clean in and around the buttons, you can use a cotton swab dampened with the alcohol/water mix. More stubborn debris lodged deeper into the keys can be dislodged with a dry toothbrush or wooden toothpick.

    Last, wipe down the whole remote once again with a dry, soft cloth and reinstall the batteries. That’s it!

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    Dont Spray Directly On The Screen

    This one was tough to learn, and I learned the hard way. Cleaning solutions, even water, will run down the screen and into the bezels, giving them access to the inside of the monitor or TV. If youre quick, you could catch it before it does further damage, but its a good practice to simply wet the cloth you are using and wipe the screen down instead of directly applying solvent or liquid. This is especially true with laptop screens.

    What Should I Avoid When Cleaning A Flat

    There are several harsh chemicals and cleaning products to avoid when dusting your television screen, computer monitor, or even your smartphone. All of these products use relatively the same materials and are especially sensitive compared to older models.

    Window cleaners, ethyl alcohol, and anything flammable should be avoided at all costs. Not only can they remove the essential coating from the surface, but they also wear down materials used to make the television and can pose serious safety hazards.

    Another product to avoid is any material that might scratch the surface of the screen. These materials include paper products like tissues or paper towels but also encompasses materials like fabrics and a washcloth. Fabrics will only work if they are lint-free since lint might become trapped on the pieces of cloth and scratch the screen.

    While the costs of quality TVs are now more economical, that doesnt mean you should take risks when it comes to protecting your TV screen. How to clean a television screen is a simple solution, with quick and easy recipes for cleansers that wont break the bank.

    Taking the additional time and effort to understand how to care for your television screen properly will increase its longevity and save you unnecessary headaches in the future.

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    Tips For Cleaning Your TV Or Laptop Screen Safely

    A couple of months ago, I decided that my TV screen, a 55″ Vizio E-Series flat screen, needed some maintenance. I play a lot of video games, and it was slightly unsettling to chase players down in with these great swaths of dust littering my field of vision. Seriously, it was like watching a battle take place inside an Australian dust storm. When I had finally had enough , I took it upon myself to grab a can of pledge and a paper towel and wipe my bad gameplay away.

    Big mistake.

    Now, Im left with what appears to be permanent streaks across my television, giving the appearance that there are giant gray clouds in every scene. This doesnt only affect my game play, it also gives my movie and television-based web surfing a dull sheen that wasnt there before. I paid a lot for that TVand my laziness in researching a proper way to clean it has resulted in a significant sadness in my day. Is there a dumb emoji? Something like a smiling yellow face with a giant question mark where its brain would be? Please make me a t-shirt of that and send it to me.

    So I went to the one source who knows cleaning better than anyone else. My bubbeleh. And she promptly told me to stop playing so many games and grow up a little. Not a lot of help. I then went to the experts at B& H Photos SuperStore, who were a little more helpful and a lot less judgmental, and heres what they told me:

    How To Care For A Flat

    How to clean a TV screen the right way | Avoid damage to your 4K flat screen!

    Turn off and unplug your television set.

    Using a soft, dry microfiber cloth, gently wipe the screen in a circular motion to remove any dust or debris from the screen.

    Moisten your cloth with distilled water before attempting to remove stubborn spots.

    If everything else fails, make a solution of mild dish soap and distilled water and use that instead.

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    How To Clean A Flat

    1. Switch off and unplug the TV. As entertaining as it is to clean the TV screen while others are trying to watch it, please dont as its a safety hazard. While the set is switched off, you can also better see any smudges or fingerprints.

    2. Wipe away any dust with a dry microfiber cloth. Some TVs come with a microfiber cloth for this purpose. If yours didnt, you will need to buy one that is designed for delicate work such as cleaning eyeglasses or camera lenses. MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are a good example of this.

    Gently wipe the dry microfiber cloth in a circular motion across the screen to pick up any immediate dust. Dont press too hard as that can cause damage.

    Its essential that you dont use any other form of cloth or towel to do this, such as paper towels or rags, because these can scratch the screen. You can also use the microfiber cloth on the frame to give that a once-over too.

    3. How to get rid of fingerprints and smudges. If you notice youve still got marks on the screen after you wipe it with a cloth, then youve got a couple of options.

    If your manual advises so, you can use water to clean the screen. Dampen the microfiber cloth and gently rub over the stains in a circular motion. Its imperative that you do not wet the screen directly as it can penetrate the seal and damage the internal electronics. It can be tempting to scrub at marks, but dont do this as it can cause damage.

    Skip The Cleaning Kit

    Some of these kits cost $15 to $20 for just a microfiber cloth and a small bottle of cleaning solution, which is probably mostly water. Instead, buy the cloth at an office supply store or online and use distilled water, or a solution of your own making per our advice above. If you opt for a kit, make sure it doesnt contain harmful chemicals.

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    Other Parts Of Your TV You Might Need To Clean

    If youve ever scraped lint out of a smartphone charging port, then youll know that dust and debris will find its way into any nook and cranny it can.

    Youre not putting a TV in your pocket, so lint shouldnt be a problem, but TV ports, such as HDMI and USB inputs, can get dusty. If you havent used one of your HDMI inputs before and go to plug in a new device, you could push that built-up dust into your TVs innards. This may not cause any issues at all, but its best avoided just in case.

    Wipe the ports with a cloth. If theyre particularly dusty, you can use a vacuum cleaner on its lowest setting to clear out any debris. Try not to push into the port since this could damage the connection.

    You dont need to spend thousands to get a great TV we reveal the best cheap TVs.

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