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How Do I Get Apple TV Plus On My TV

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How to Sign Up for Apple TV Plus for Free
  • Open the Apple TV app on your Mac.

  • Scroll down to view Apple TV+, Apple TV channels, or featured movies and TV shows, then select an item.

  • Do any of the following:

  • Play the item or open it in a channel: Select Play or Open In. If you havent subscribed to the channel, follow the onscreen instructions.

  • Select the subscription button, then follow the onscreen instructions to confirm your subscription.

  • Select the subscription button, then follow the onscreen instructions.

  • Buy or rent a movie: Select Buy or Rent, then select the option you want and confirm your purchase or rental.

  • Buy a TV show episode or season: Select Buy, then select the option you want and confirm your purchase.

  • If you already have an Apple ID, you can sign in to start your free trial.

    What Is Apple TV And How Does It Work

    Much as wed love to see Apple make their foray into the TV market, Apple TV is not a TV. Instead, its a set-top box which allows consumers to access OTT content on their TVs.

    Apple TV uses the HDMI port to connect to your TV and brings the magic of streaming to the big screen in your living room. It also comes with a Siri-enabled remote which further integrates the TV watching experience with the Apple ecosystem.

    But first things first

    Can You Watch Apple TV On Chromecast

    You can watch Apple TV on Chromecast, but this particular combination of streaming service and streaming device is a little complicated. Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra devices are designed to receive a video cast from a phone or computer, and the Apple TV app is only designed to cast via AirPlay, not Chromecast.

    If you want to watch Apple TV on a Chromecast, you need to cast from the Chrome browser instead of the Apple TV app. The Chrome browser has the built-in ability to cast compatible websites to Chromecast devices, and the Apple TV web player can be cast in this manner.

    Heres how to watch Apple TV on Chromecast:

  • Make sure your Chromecast is plugged in, powered on, and connected to your TV and Wi-Fi network.

  • Navigate to the Apple TV plus site in the Chromecast web browser, and click Sign in.

  • Enter your Apple ID and password.

  • Obtain a two-factor code from your iPhone or Mac, and enter it.

  • Locate something you want to watch, and click Play Episode.

  • Click Cast.

  • In the Cast tab, click your Chromecast device, i.e. Office TV.

  • When it says Casting tab, that means Apple TV content is being cast to your Chromecast.

    To watch in full screen, click the diagonal arrows icon in the bottom right corner of the web player.

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    How To Cancel Apple TV Plus

    By Kelly Woo published 18 March 22

    Want to cancel Apple TV Plus while you wait for Ted Lasso season 3? If you want to cut down on your monthly streaming bills, or your free trial is coming to an end, and you’ve already gone through our list of the best Apple TV Plus shows and movies, you’re in luck canceling Apple TV Plus is easy. No need to wrangle a customer service representative on the phone or via online chat. All it requires is a few simple clicks or taps on a range of devices.

    In two years, Apple TV Plus has become one of the most prestigious and distinguished streaming services thanks to award-winning shows like the aforementioned Ted Lasso and The Morning Show. After a seven-day free trial, its monthly cost is relatively low at $4.99.

    However, you may only have signed up to watch a certain show and want to cancel Apple TV Plus now that it’s over. Or you are disappointed in the streamer’s library, which is almost entirely made up of originals. They are high-quality originals, for sure, but the vault is tiny compared to the likes of Netflix or Disney Plus.

    Whatever your reason, we’ll take through all the steps needed to cancel Apple TV Plus.

    Twas The Fight Before Christmas

    Quick Tip: How to set up an Apple TV with an iOS 7 device ...

    Watch Trailer Released November 25, 2021 Documentary

    Jeremy Morris is perhaps the only person who has been banned by a federal court from putting up Christmas decorations. This documentary film shows the extreme lengths Morris will go to celebrate the holiday season, and the neighborhoods less-than-welcoming response to a Christmas bonanza taking place on the driveway of his North Idaho home.

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    How Else Can I Get An Apple TV Plus Free Trial

    Students and tech-heads are among those who could easily bag an Apple TV Plus free trial and incredibly, enjoy Apples eclectic line-up of shows for three months or even longer!

    If youre studying at a degree-granting university or college, all your entertainment dreams have come true. Not only does a subscription to the Apple Music student plan mean paying $4.99 rather than $9.99 a month, but Apple TV Plus is thrown in at no extra charge for a limited time.

    Previously you could get a whole year free with the purchase of an Apple device. Now you can get three months of Apple TV Plus absolutely free when you purchase an Apple device: that’s any eligible iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, or Mac. Just remember to redeem the deal within 90 days of purchase.

    Additionally, if you havent already signed-up for Apple TV Plus, then you can trial it free for a month as part of an Apple One subscription. There are three plans available, all of which include Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and iCloud storage.

    Paying members are being rewarded too. Apple are currently crediting $4.99 to your Apple account to spend in the App Store which you can also use to pay for your TV Plus sub. Result!

    How To Get Free Apple TV Plus Up To 1 Year In 2022

    Since its debut in late 2019, Apple TV plus has been developing a solid audience base by offering amazing original shows and movies, including the latest popular shows Dickinson Season 3, Snoopy in Space Season 2, Ted Lasso, and the Morning Show Season 2. If youre thinking of giving Apple TV plus a try, check out this post to save money on your subscription.

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    Wolfboy And The Everything Factory

    Watch Trailer Released September 24, 2021 1 season

    In this charming animated series, William Wolf lets his imagination run wild. Along with his new Spryte friends, he might even have the power to change the world. William is voiced by Kassian Akhtar. The show is executive produced by Joseph-Gordon Levitt.

    Watch Trailer Read Related Book Official Podcast Released September 24, 2021 1 season TV-MA

    Based on the genre-defining novels by Isaac Asimov, Foundation is an epic sci-fi adventure. Hari Seldon predicts the downfall of the Galactic Empire and recruits a band of exiles to carry out his plan to save the future of humanity.

    A second season of Foundation has been confirmed and is in development. An exact release date for season two is not yet known.

    Watch Season Two Trailer Read Related Book Released November 1, 2019 2 seasons TV-MA

    A drama exploring the power dynamics in the world of morning news broadcasts. The story opens with anchor Mitch Kessler facing sexual misconduct allegations. Newcomer Bradley Jackson aspires to replace Kessler in the prime-time slot, and clashes with longtime host Alex Levy . In the second season, the show unravels the ramifications further against a backdrop of the beginnings of the COVID-19 outbreak.

    The Morning Show Season Three

    The third season of The Morning Show is in development but a firm release date has not yet been announced.

    Do I Need An iPhone To Use Apple TV

    How to Watch Apple TV plus on Chromecast

    While it might make all the sense to buy an Apple TV if youre invested in the ecosystem, you certainly dont need an iPhone to use it. You do, however, need an iTunes account to log in and buy stuff like TV shows and movies on Apple TV.

    With Apple TV you can stream stuff from popular streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, Disney+ and many, many more. Of course, an active subscription is needed to access the content Apple TV is just a platform used to display the content of your TV screen.

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    Apple TV Plus: Everything You Need To Know About The Streaming Service

    ByMichael Balderstonpublished 22 October 21

    Tech company Apple has expanded to include its own original content, all on its Apple TV Plus streaming service.

    Apple made sure that it was not going to be left out of the burgeoning streaming market when it launched its own streaming platform, Apple TV Plus. With it, the tech company best known for creating the iPhone and computers entered the TV and movie development and distribution game.

    While Netflix, Hulu and have long been offering content that subscribers can stream, the streaming revolution has really taken off in the last handful of years with the emergence of streaming platforms like Disney Plus, HBO Max, Peacock and Apple TV Plus.

    Unlike most of its competitors, Apple TV Plus does not have a library of classic TV shows and movies included as part of its streaming subscription, rather focusing entirely on original TV shows and movies, with Apple saying that new content ranging from dramas to kid series to documentaries and more becomes available on the service every month.

    Below we break down everything that you need to know about Apple TV Plus, from whats on it to how much it costs and how you can start watching.

    What Is Apple TV And Who Its For

    With streaming wars between content providers in full swing and a growing number of households watching content on their TVs, there is a strong market need not only for streaming services, but also for set-top boxes enabling convenient access to services replicating the ease of using a regular TV. Apple, alongside companies such as Roku and Amazon, has entered the OTT market as both hardware manufacturer and more recently a streaming platform provider. The Apple TV Plus service costs $4.99 monthly, but is free for those who recently bought an iPhone, iPad, Mac or an Apple TV 4K.

    Its a smart move to monetize the companys impressive market presence and undercut veteran competitors like Roku and Amazon through leveraging Apples established position on the market and experience producing high-end hardware.

    In this short article, we will take a closer look at the Apple TV hardware, give you a quick overview of the OTT landscape and help you understand how Apple TV fits into it.

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    Can I Download Shows For Offline Viewing

    Yes, with a couple of caveats. Apple appears to place no limits on downloads of the same content across iPhones, iPads, and Macs owned by the same account. For example, we downloaded the same episode of Servant on all three of these devices through the TV app with no trouble.

    But thats where the freedom ends. Apple doesnt allow you to download Apple TV+ content on the Apple TV, nor does it allow for it on other streaming devices, smart TVs, or when watching shows on a browser.

    Shows you download to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac will be available for 30 days, after which your devices will automatically remove them. You can also manually delete them through the TV app.

    Unfortunately, theres no way to change the image quality of the downloads, which can be a pain since some episodes can take up more than 3GB of space.

    Fraggle Rock: Rock On

    Getting started with Apple TV: How to set up Apple TV for ...

    Watch Trailer Released April 21, 2020 6 episodes TV-G

    The classic Fraggle Rock puppet show returns with a new series of shorts that show how friendship can bind us all. Amidst coronavirus lockdown measures, Fraggle Rock: Rock On is recorded in the homes of the production team, shot on iPhone 11.

    Watch Trailer Read Related Book Released April 17, 2020 Kids TV-G

    An animated short film that follows a young boy learning about wonders of nature, in celebration of Earth Day. The story is based on the best-selling book by Oliver Jeffers. The film is narrated by Meryl Streep.

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    How To Watch Apple TV+

    Once you’ve got the Apple TV app installed, sign in to your Apple ID, and have an Apple TV+ subscription, it’s time to start watching.

    Open the app and browse for Movies, TV Shows, and Kids programming in the menu bar at the top of the screen. You can also look for content using the Search menu.

    Scroll down the screen to see featured sections, including Up Next, which lists the next episodes in shows you’re already watching and recommendations based on your watching history, as well as promoted items from the Apple TV library.

    How Does Apple TV Plus Compare With Netflix Disney Plus And Other Subscription Video Services

    Apple TV Plus is a subscription streaming service to watch the company’s original series and movies exclusively. Like Netflix, it doesn’t have ads.

    Unlike Netflix, it doesn’t have a big library of licensed shows or movies, nor will it release full seasons of its shows all at once in a binge-able bunch . Most Apple TV Plus series premiere a small cluster of episodes, often three, followed by one new episode every week. Full seasons of some series drop all at the same time, though.

    Apple TV Plus is available in more than 100 countries and is also part of Apple’s family-sharing feature, which allows you to add up to five family members to share a plan. Apple originals are available in 4K, HDR and Dolby Vision, and most titles also offer Dolby Atmos sound, according to this Apple support page.

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    Fireball: Visitors From Darker Worlds

    Watch Trailer Released November 13, 2020 Documentary TV-MA

    Fireball is a documentary film about the human response to meteorites and shooting stars, or more cryptically the visitors from darker worlds. Werner Herzog explores how these happenings have shaped human culture and beliefs.

    Watch Trailer Buy on DVD/Blu-ray Released October 23, 2020 Comedy R

    On The Rocks stars Rashida Jones and Bill Murray, in a romantic comedy film directed and written by Sophia Coppola. Jones character, Laura, suspects her husband might be having an affair. On the Rocks is a light-hearted and fun caper to find out the truth.

    Apple TV Plus Free Trial: Is One Available And How To Get It

    Get The Apple TV Plus Service On The Amazon FireStick

    Watch the platforms exclusive content free for 3 months

    Apple TV Plus is a unique beast in the VOD streaming jungle. Its a platform built almost exclusively on original programming like The Morning Show, with only a handful of licensed titles compared to Netflix, which has hundreds. Subsequently, it has a slender content library, but it only costs $4.99 a month. And that’s not the only way it differs to the streaming giant – it also comes with an Apple TV Plus free trial.

    • Apple TV Plus free trial:

    Yes, before you pay a dime, youre likely entitled to an Apple TV Plus free trial. It’ll provide complimentary access to critically acclaimed and Golden Globe-nominated films and TV shows a burgeoning line-up of projects filled with A-list talent.

    Below well detail the many ways you can enjoy Apples streaming service free, with trials ranging from a week to an entire year.

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    How Do I Get Apple TV+ On Roku

    Here is how you can enjoy Apple TV+ original content from your Roku device

    Apples video-on-demand streaming service, Apple TV+, isnt exclusive to its own devices. You can easily enjoy the service on Roku devices too.

    Well show you how to find, download, and install the Apple TV+ channel on your Roku device, and well answer some common questions that you may have along the way.

    Who Are You Charlie Brown

    Watch Trailer Released June 25, 2021 Documentary

    Featuring interviews with people that worked with him and were inspired by him, this documentary explores the life of Charles Schulz, creator of Charlie Brown. It shows how Schulz became interested in cartoons and how that evolved into the development of the Peanuts series. The film interweaves a new Peanuts animation featuring Charlie Brown and the gang tackle the question of who are you? in a school essay.

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    Where Is Apple TV Plus Available

    Apple TV Plus is available in 107 countries around the world. It is not available in every country that supports the Apple TV app. That includes certain high-population countries like South Korea, Romania, Turkey, and others.

    However, Apple has promised that each and every Apple Original will be subbed or dubbed in nearly 40 languages. There will also be closed captions on all titles for viewers who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

    Heres a full list of all 107 countries where Apple TV Plus is supported:

    • Anguilla
    • Zimbabwe

    Watch The Sound With Mark Ronson

    How Do You Get Airplay To Work On Apple TV

    Watch Trailer Released July 30, 2021 6 episodes

    Watch Season Two Trailer Released August 14, 2020 2 seasons TV-MA

    Ted Lasso follows an American football coach who comes to England to lead a soccer team. However, this show is much richer than a typical fish-out-of-water story. Ted Lasso may not know about the intricacies of soccer but he employs his unyielding optimism to bring out the best in his players.

    This heartwarming and funny comedy series has been widely received by audiences and earned much critical acclaim.

    Ted Lasso Season Three

    The third season of Ted Lasso is in development but a firm release date has not yet been announced.

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