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How To Add Widgets To Fios TV

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Buy It Quick With Just A Click On Verizon Fios TV

How to use the RedZone Football Widget on Verizon FiOS TV

NEW YORK Holiday shopping just got a little more comfortable and convenient for FiOS TV customers. With FiOS TV offering great deals from HSN, the interactive multichannel retailer, purchasing an item is just a matter of a few clicks on a customers remote control. Theres no need to make a call to place an order.

Its all made possible by Verizons latest addition to its Widget Bazaar applications marketplace the HSN Shop By Remote® Widget.

Were excited about teaming with HSN to offer FiOS TV customers another unique interactive experience that combines HSNs shopping technology with the unmatched speed and intelligence of our advanced all-fiber-optic network, adding an entirely new dimension to shopping on FiOS TV, said Shawn Strickland, vice president of FiOS product management for Verizon. Weve made it quick, easy and safe to order merchandise from HSN with just a few clicks of your remote control. See it, click it, own it. Its that easy.

HSN created the television retail industry 32 years ago and has made it more popular and dynamic ever since.

HSN has always been at the forefront of innovation, and we are excited to be partnering with a pioneering leader like Verizon, said Peter Ruben, HSNs executive vice president of affiliate sales and marketing. Thanks to our partnership with Verizon, we will offer our customers a revolutionary widget that will provide them with new ways to shop with us at home.

Amazon Fire TV Verizon Co

Fire TV 4K Ultra HD Stick

  • Operating System: Fire OS 6 or higher
  • Go to Settings/My Fire TV/About/Fire TV Stick 4K for minimum requirements;

Fire TV Cube

  • Operating System: Fire OS 7 or higher
  • Go to Settings/My Fire TV Cube/About/Fire TV Cube for minimum requirements

Finding Pluto TV on Fire TV

After booting up the device for the first time and registering the Fire TV Stick / Fire TV Cube with Verizon co-branding to Amazon, you can find the Pluto TV app in the following places:;

Home screen

  • Home screen (note: will only show on Your Apps and Channels rail IF;you downloaded Pluto TV app at the initial device launch

My Verizon tab

  • VZ Featured
  • Verizon Apps – special Verizon curated rail featuring Verizon’s favorite apps

Free Featured Apps

Apps; Featured

If you did not add Pluto TV at device launch, there are two ways to add Pluto TV:

Voice Search; Just say Find Pluto TV and the app should return in results;

Text Search; Enter Pluto TV

Does Verizon Fios Have A Streaming App For Roku

Fios TV has a mobile app named as Fios TV app to watch all its content anytime and anywhere on your smartphones and Tablets. It is not available for any of the TV devices like Roku, Android TV, and smart TV. To watch content on the Fios TV app you need a Fios TV cable subscription.

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Heres How To Get Disney Plus On Fios

And how, here are the steps you need to take to get Disney Plus on Verizons Fios.

  • Once youve signed up, you need to access your Verizon account.
  • Alternatively, you can use the My Verizon app .
  • Upon logging in, proceed to the Account tab.
  • Then, navigate to Add-Ons andselect the Entertainment tab.
  • This is where youll be able to connect your Disney+ account toyour Verizon account.
  • Once that happens, a promo code will be applied, and youll activate your Disney+ account.
  • Proceed to .
  • Once you install the Disney+ app, feel free to open it. Log in and thats it!

Who Is Eligible For Verizons Disney+ Deal


To be eligible for Verizons Disney+ promo offer, you need to have at least one Unlimited data plan offered by Verizon. Or, you can sign up for Verizons 5G Home Internet or Verizons Fios Home Internet. That means that both existing and new Verizon customers can be eligible.

In case youre already a Disney+ subscriber, we have some more good news. No matter if youve signed up for the platform through Disney or a third-party offer, youre still eligible. No matter the current status of your subscription, it will be put on pause and will resume once Verizons Disney+ promo ends.

We should also note that this promo offer isnt available for business accounts. The same applies to those who are on a prepaid account.

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Verizon Adding Widgets Web Video To Fios TV

Two hundred and fifty-plus TV channels not enough to keep you entertained? Verizonannounced two new Web-connected additions to its Fios TV service this morning.

Starting today, subscribers will be able to choose from an expanded set of free Internet widgets, accessible through any Fios receiver or digital video recorder. And in a month or so, Fios viewers with the company’s $19.99/month Home Media DVR will be able to watch Web videos from three sites.

To get a better sense of how these two new services will work, I spent an hour this afternoon watching demonstrations of them at the company’s D.C. offices — for now, one of the only places Fios TV service is available in the District — and quizzing Verizon representatives about their finer points.

The widgets build on software Verizon introduced four years ago for its own use; now, Verizon will provide approved widgets from other developers in a new Widget Bazaar. Verizon says about 40 of these are in development, but the only new ones showed off today were and applications. The former doesn’t let you sign into a Twitter account so you can’t easily bring up replies to your updates, while the latter allows access to more of Facebook’s standard features. Note that in each case, your input is limited to the standard remote control, with no provision for a wired or wireless keyboard.

On Stream TV With Fios Internet

Verizon Stream TV boxOperating system: Android TV 8.0 or higher.;Go to Settings/About for minimum requirements;

Finding Pluto TV on Stream TV;

After starting up the device for the first time , you can find the Pluto TV app in the following rails:

Initial Start

  • Find Pluto TV among a list of other Apps to choose at launch

Home screen

  • Verizon Favorite Apps rail
  • Apps View More

If you did not add Pluto TV at device launch, there are two ways to add Pluto TV:

  • Voice Search – Just say Find Pluto TV and the app should return in results;
  • Text Search – Enter Pluto TV

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How Much Do You Need To Pay Once Verizons Disney Promo Ends

Once your promo period ends, your subscription will be turned into a regular Disney+ monthly subscription. That means youll be charged monthly, so heres how much youll need to pay as per the current pricing structure offered by Disney Plus.

Right now, if you , youll need to pay $7.99 per month. You can also decide to pay yearly, which will cost you $79.99 per year. And if you decide to get a Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ as a bundle, youll need to pay $13.99 per month .

How Long Will Verizons Disney Plus Deal Last

Showcasing all Widgets that are available for FiOS TV

If you decide to enroll with Verizon and switch to an Unlimited plan, make sure to do so before May 31, 2021. This applies to Unlimited plans that get you six months of Disney Plus for free.

Also, keep in mind that your subscription will be turned into a regular monthly subscription once your promo period ends .

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The My Verizon Data Widget For Ios

The My Verizon Data Widget allows you to quickly view your data usage without having to open the app. Watch this video for a quick setup overview.

The My Verizon Data Widget for iOSQuickly view your current mobile data consumption at a glance so you can stay on track with your monthly plan.To set up the widget on your device you will need to install the My Verizon app if you haven’t already done so.To add the widget, swipe right from your Home Screen to access “Today” View.Tap the Edit button near the bottom of your screen. If you already have other widgets displayed, you might need to scroll down to see it.Next, tap Customize.Look for the My Verizon Data widget and tap the green plus sign.Tap Done to return to the “Today” view screen.You will now see the My Verizon Data Widget displayed.Link the widget to your My Verizon account by tapping it.This will launch the My Verizon app and automatically activate the widget. You might be asked to sign-in.Nice work. You’re all set.View the widget anytime by swiping right from your Home Screen or the Lock Screen.You can now keep tabs on your data usage, at a glance, and avoid the unexpected.For more detailed account information, tap the widget to quickly access the My Verizon app.That’s the My Verizon Data Widget.Now you are in control.

Does Fios Require A Box For Each TV

The suit the latest flashpoint involving pay- TV set-top boxes says Verizon does not tell its customers about alternatives such as Roku, Amazon Fire Stick TV, and Google Chromecast, devices that enable viewing of FiOS news and entertainment programming without the need to lease a box for each TV in a home.

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The My Verizon Data Widget For Android

The My Verizon Data Widget allows you to quickly view your data usage without having to open the app. Watch this video for a quick setup overview.

The My Verizon Data Widget for AndroidQuickly view your current mobile data consumption at a glance, so you can stay on track with your monthly plan.To set up the widget on your device, you will need to have the My Verizon app installed. It should already be pre-installed on your Android device. If not, download it from Google Play, and sign-in to your My Verizon account.Next, touch and hold the My Verizon app icon until a pop-up menu appears.Select the widget icon at the top of the menu.You will now see the two widget style options to choose from – light or dark.Press and hold the style widget you prefer and drag it to your home screen.Nice work. You’re all set.You can now easily keep tabs on your data usage, at a glance, and avoid the unexpected.For more detailed account information, tap the widget to quickly access the My Verizon app.That’s the My Verizon Data Widget. Now you are in control.

Bnc Reaches Carriage Agreement With Verizon Fios TV Becomes Nations Fastest Growing News Network

The Verizon FiOS TV 1.6 Update
  • Copy Article LinkCopied

Tallahassee, FL June 23, 2021; BNC, the nations first and only 24/7 news network committed to covering the unique perspectives, challenges and successes of Black and Brown communities, has achieved another widescale distribution agreement. Launching this week, Verizon Fios TV subscribers have the option to watch BNC on;Fios TV Channel 612;and through the Fios TV Widgets menu on Verizon Fios TV One, Fios TV One Mini, VMS1100 and the IPC1100 platforms. The announcement was made today by;Princell Hair, President and CEO, BNC.;

With the addition of Verizon Fios TVs more than 3.7 million subscriber base, BNCs total distribution in North America continues to expand at a rapid pace, making it the nations fastest growing news network over the last 12 months and achieving an astounding annual growth percentage increase of 1800%.; ;

The Fios TV agreement follows a steadfast pattern of other recent distribution agreements with linear pay-tv providers that include Xfinity , DIRECTV , Spectrum, Dish and more. BNC has also reached agreements with Roku Channel , Amazon Fire TV, Pluto , Tubi, Samsung TV Plus , Vizio and other OTT platforms making the network accessible on more than 200 million internet-connected devices.; ;

About BNC;

Image Assets for Download;

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Is Disney+ Free With Apple TV+

Its possible to get Disney Plus on your Apple TV, as long as its a fourth generation Apple TV or later. Youll need a Disney Plus subscription in order to use the app, which you can get on the Disney website for $6.99 per month, or start a seven-day free trial.

How Do I Set Up And View Widgets

Set up a widget using your Fios remote control, press

  • Widgets;or A button > use the arrow keys to navigate > follow on-screen prompts

Change Zip Codes, press

  • Widgets;or A button > use the arrow keys to navigate > select;Widget;>;Options;>;OK;> follow on-screen prompts

Note:;Information may not be available in all areas, try entering a zip code near your location.

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Verizon Is Bringing Social Networking And Online Video Content To Its Fios TV

by Chris Foresman – Jul 17, 2009 2:20 pm UTC

Verizon is making a concerted effort to make TV more “social”as long as your definition of “social” means looking at Facebook, Twitter, and DailyMotion on your TV, that is. The company has announced two new initiatives this week to bring Internet-based content to its FiOS TV service: Widget Bazaar and Internet Video on TV.

While there have been efforts to bring TV online, including;Hulu, Netflix Watch Instantly, and , Verizon’s IP-based FiOS TV is coming at the problem from the other direction by bringing popular social networking services and online videos to “the biggest screens in home.” The company has already partnered with Twitter, Facebook, and ESPN to create “Widgets,” a sort of plug-in for FiOS set-top boxes can pull data from websites and display it on a FiOS-connected TV. The company plans to provide an open platform for anyone to develop widgetswritten in Lua, no lesswhich can then be distributed via a Widget Bazaar application store.

Verizon is also adding some online video content to its Home Media DVR service, called Internet Video on TV. Videos from Veoh,, and DailyMotion can be streamed directly to the TV, although other popular video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo are conspicuously absent. An additional My Videos feature will let users access videos stored on a networked PC, though it’s not clear if this is Windows only, nor are details available about supported file formats.

Re: Adding Disney+ To Fios Widget

Faces of FiOS Demo Video – Widgets.mp4

11-22-201903:42 PM


Im all signed up for Disney+, how do I add it to my FIOS widget?

That’s not something that you would do. Verizon might add that in a future update. Now only YouTube and Netflix are on the set-top box.;You just need to download the app on your streaming device, for example a smart TV, Apple TV, or Roku.;

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Heres How To Get Discovery Plus For Free With Verizon Fios

No matter if youre an existing subscriber to Verizons Fios or not, youll find all theres to know on getting started with Discovery Plus below. Well take you through one step at a time, so make sure to carefully read the following instructions.

  • The first step is to visit Verizons Discovery+ On Us promo page, and then scroll down until you see a segment that starts with Four Easy Ways to Discover More. Make sure to pay special attention to this segment, as it asks you to pick an option based on your current status, as explained below.
  • NEW SUBSCRIBERS: Keep in mind that to get Discovery Plus for free, you need to get a Fios or 5G Home Internet plan. Also, you can pick to switch to one of Verizons Unlimited plans. Therefore, based on what you need, pay attention to segments labeled Get Verizon Home Internet or Switch to Verizon Unlimited.
  • EXISTING SUBSCRIBERS: You have two options right now. You can choose to update to one of Verizons Unlimited plans, which will help you get Discovery Plus as well . Or, if you already use an Unlimited plan, click on Learn under the heading that reads Already Have Unlimited.
Get More Unlimited 12 months

What Is Pluto TV

Pluto TV is an ad-supported television streaming service with 250+ live channels and over 1000 movies available on-demand available at no additional charge. The Pluto TV app is pre-installed on select Verizon devices.There is a special version of the Pluto TV app and widget that includes Movies , Real Life and Yahoo Finance exclusive channels available only to Verizon customers establishing new service. The Pluto TV app with exclusive Verizon content cannot be downloaded to existing devices and is not available on the Pluto.TV website or on the app versions available from the Apple® App Store® or Google Play.

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Verizon Fios Reveals Mobile Remote For Consumers

Verizon FiOS TV customers do not have to reach for the remote anymore to control their television sets.;All they need is their mobile phone.

As part of its new innovative campaign, FiOS customers who have an HD set-top box and a Motorola Droid or HTC Imagio mobile phone can use their handset as a remote. The mobile phone will now have the same functions as a standard FiOS remote.

?Verizon has been a leader in the interactive TV space in the U.S., launching over 25 applications through the Widget Bazaar; Marketplace app locations; store – including applications like Facebook, Twitter,; HSN Shop By Remote on the TV,? said Maitreyi Krishnaswamy, director of interactive video services for Verizon, New York. ?These applications have been very popular with our customers.

?Many of these applications require text input to create an engaging, interactive and compelling experience for our subscribers,? she said. ?Standard TV remotes are not the best devices to support easy text input so the FiOS Mobile remote goal is to make TV interactivity a way of life for our customers, without needing to relearn or adjust to a new device or keyboard.?;;;;

The mobile remote not only has the same features as a regular FiOS remote, but contains additional functions, including the ability to instantly transfer photos from the handset to the TV screen.

Consumers have to register their wireless telephone number by using the widget.

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