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How To Cast Android Phone To TV

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What You Need To Mirror Your Android Phone To Your TV

How To CAST Android Phone to LG TV using SCREEN SHARE

To start, you’ll need an Android phone or tablet running Android 5.0 or later. That version of Android was released in 2014, so odds are your phone or tablet is running a newer version of Android. You can check by opening the Settings app and going to About phone and looking for Android version.

In addition to an Android phone or tablet, you’ll also need a streaming device, like the recently released , a TV with Chromecast built in or a smart display like the . If you don’t know whether your TV has Chromecast support, the best way to check is to see if it shows up as an available casting device when you follow either method below.

Screen mirroring is built into the Home app.

Screen Mirroring And Projecting To Your Pc

If you are using a Windows 10 PC and want to connect some of your phone’s apps and display its content to a PC screen, you have to consider mirroring the phone’s screen or projecting it into your PC. For doing this, you will need a device that supports Miracast. Below are the steps to mirror another device’s screen to your PC.

  • Tab on Start key, find Settings, and click on it.
  • Now, from the list of Settings options, click on System.
  • Click on the Projecting to this PC option available on the left pane of the screen.
  • Under the section, add the “Wireless Display” optional feature to project this PC click on the Optional features.
  • Tap on the Add a feature option and then enter “wireless display” in the search bar.
  • Checkmark, the Wireless Display from the results, then select Install.
  • When the application “Wireless Display” gets installed, manage your projecting preferences on the Projecting to this PC page in Settings.
  • PC on which you want to project another device’s screen, enter the “Connect app” in the search bar and launch the Connect app.
  • Go to Screen Mirroring Settings on the device you are projecting from, and select your computer to connect. If you are projecting it from a PC, select the Windows key + K and select the PC you want to connect to.
  • Wireless Screen Mirroring Devices

    Miracast is a wireless device that is particularly designed for sharing a mobile screen on a smart TV. It eliminates the requirement of an HDMI cable that is used to connect one device to another device. Some of the latest Android and Windows devices come with pre-installed Miracast, which are ready to use.

    To see whether your device supports the Miracast feature or not, look at the display settings or application with any of the following terms: screencast, screen mirroring, cast screen, wireless mirroring, screen sharing, smart view, etc.

    Devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops containing Miracast features can share their screen over smart TV having built-in Miracast. There is even an alternate way, and you can buy a wireless display adapter that offers Miracast and plugs it into the HDMI port on your TV. A device, ScreenBeam Mini2, is a wireless display adapter that is compatible with Android version 4.2 and above, Windows 8.1+/10, and laptops, tablets, and smartphones having Miracast.

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    Android Mirror Cast: Everything You Need To Know

    The ability to cast or mirror the screen of your Android device to a secondary display is an endeared featured to have. Not all Android users are found of this feature but most surely do. We, the Joy of Android Team, surely makes the most out of this feature. We do so by streaming ones gameplay on a bigger screen for others to watch and enjoy. While some of us utilize this feature by means of work-related stuff.

    How To Screen Mirror Or Cast Android Phone On The TV

    Mirror Your Android Phone and Tablet on Chromecast

    Screen mirroring is also known as screen casting and screen sharing, which is a simple way to replicate the phone, tablet, laptop, or PC screen on a TV screen. This feature can be used anywhere, including in an office setting for showing presentations or at home to watch movies on the big TV screen.

    There are two common ways for screen mirroring from Android phones or other devices to a supported smart TV. The first way for mirroring a screen is through a wired connection that offers a straightforward and reliable solution. Due to using a wired connection, the device gets limited by being tied up to the TV. Another way for screen mirroring is by using a wireless connection and such devices eliminate the need for cables.

    Keep in mind, whenever you mirror your phone’s screen, everything that appears on your phone and tablet’s screen, all those things will also show on your smart TV. It means whatever the contents, alerts, and notifications messages appear on the phone’s screen will be broadcast over the TV screen.

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    How To Cast Android Screen To TV Without Chromecast

    Heres a video you can refer to to cast Android to TV using LocalCast.

  • Native casting Tap on Smart view on your phone and select your smart TV, check the notification tray to confirm casting
  • Screen mirroring apps Install screen mirroring apps like LocalCast and iMediaShare on your phone and TV
  • Streaming devices Roku Streaming Stick and Amazon Fire Stick to cast your phone to TV
  • Cast Android To TV Using Apowermirror

    Another top screen mirroring tool that can help you cast your Android phone to your TV is ApowerMirror. This amazing screen mirroring tool is well known for its high-class and top-quality screen resolution and it is very responsive without lags and delays. Besides, this amazing tool is compatible across all platforms and devices. Proceed to learn about how to mirror Android to TV without Chromecast using ApowerMirror.

    • Start by getting the application and install it on your TV and Android phone.
    • Connect your TV and Android phone to the same wireless network.
    • Launch the app and tap the Mirror button on your phone. Choose the name of your computer and hit Start now to start mirroring.
    • Your Android phone is now connected to your TV.

    Listed above are two top screen mirroring tools to cast Android to TV without Chromecast. Both tools offer great screen mirroring experience with great video quality and simple steps to follow. With these tools, mirroring your Android phone to your TV will be effortless. You may try either of the two or try both to check out which one suits your device best.

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    Cast Your Android Screen Using The Google Home App

    One of the most authentic and relevant ways for mirroring your Android smartphone’s screen is using the Google Home app. If you are already using any one of Google’s smart speakers, or Chromecast devices, you have probably already installed it. If you don’t have one already, you can app from the play store. After downloading and installing the Home app, you have to do the following task to cast your Android screen:

  • Launch the Google Home app and select the Chromecast device which you want to screen cast .
  • Click on the Cast my Screen button present at the bottom of the device screen.
  • Accept the prompt message that reminds you that your phone’s or tablet’s screen and audio are cast over the TV, you see another prompt that warns you when your device is not optimized.
  • To stop device screen mirroring on TV, click on the Stop mirroring button in the Home app.

    Mirroring/casting Android Screen To Google Chromecast

    How to use the ANDROID CAST SCREEN feature to Mirror mobile to TV

    As we have mentioned above, one of the struggles that you will encounter if you wish to mirror your Android phone to your TV is the hardware limitation. If you have an ordinary LED TV that is not running on any forms of an operating system, then you wont be able to use mirror cast. Fortunately, though, Google invented the Google Chromecast, a device that acts as an adaptor and receiver for your Android mirror cast.

    With Google Chromecast, you can turn any ordinary LED TV that has an HDMI Port to a SmartTV that supports mirror cast. Pretty cool right? If you have one right now, you can easily and quickly set up your Chromecast with your Android phone. You can learn more about how to set up your Chromecase using Android phone.

    Other than that, here are a few more things you can learn about Chromecast:

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    Bigger Screen Better Experience

    While phone screens are getting bigger and better, there are still benefits to using a much larger screen like a television. Casting or screen mirroring makes this pretty easy and achievable, as long as you have the right devices.

    Chromecast is a big player when it comes to mirroring your phones display on a TV. In case youre not fond of using the device, or youre looking for something else, at least youll have some sound and reliable alternatives.

    And besides, if all else fails, there is no shame in connecting your smartphone to the TV using your old cables.

    Do you have any other screencasting methods in mind? Leave a comment below!

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    Mirroring, Casting, and even Chromecast may sound too complex but its actually not. The technology behind is to simply empower us to project to a secondary display wirelessly.

    So, if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or even violent reactions about mirror cast for Android or anything thats related, do let us know in the comment section below!

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    Is Screen Mirroring Different From Casting Your Android Screen To The TV

    Screen mirroring, just like its name, mirrors everything you do on your phone to a TV. Casting, on the other hand, allows you to view content on another device without sharing the display on your smartphone.

    Android Mirror Cast or screen mirroring, used to be a tedious process, often involving rooting your phone. Now its much faster, as the latest smartphones have built-in casting capabilities.

    Although screen mirroring and Android casting differ slightly in their procedures, both of them let you view content from your smartphone on the TV.

    So, without further ado, lets explore the different methods to cast your Android to the TV.

    Cast To TV Without Wif Using Hdmi Adapter

    How to cast android phone screen to TV screen? (Miracast ...

    It is possible to cast from most smartphones including Android to TV by using the HDMI adapter. Any phone which has a USB C port can be connected with this adapter, which in turn can be connected to your TV. Your phone will need to be compatible with the HDMI Alt mode to allow the phone to send across videos.

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    Cast Directly To Smart TVs

    This one wont work with every device, and you will need a smart TV. Smart TVs already have Wi-Fi capabilities built in, eliminating the need for a bridge device, like Chromecast.

    For this to work, your Android device must also support Miracast. This is a wireless standard being built into many smart TVs, computers, and Android devices Apple devices not supported yet) to quickly mirror and cast your screen.

    Compatible Android apps have a cast icon . Press this to cast directly to an available device. Otherwise, on your Android device, go to Settings -> Display -> Cast or Settings -> Connected devices -> Screen sharing. Select your device to start casting. You may need to leave your screen on while casting.

    If you didnt see either option for casting, your Android device might not have this capability, or your specific manufacturer might have a different setting. Consult your manufacturers website for casting or Miracast to find the settings location on your device.

    How To Cast Phone To Smart TV

    You can screencast from Android to your TV, both through your set-top box and by using your smart TV features that enable this. Here are the steps:

  • The first thing you need is an internet connection via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable.
  • Secondly, your android phone or tablet needs to be connected to that home internet connection.
  • Next identify the video that you want to screencast, select it and then pause it. This ensures that you dont miss watching any part of it.
  • Next, reach out to the three vertical dots on the top right-hand side of your phone screen and select the share option. After that tap on View Content on your TV on the bottom right side of the screen, which is the case for most Samsung Android smartphones. It may be differently situated in other brands devices.
  • Choose your TV set from among the list of devices that you can stream to and you are ready to watch streamed content on your TV without Chromecast. This method works with almost all Smart TVs currently on the market.
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    How Does Casting Work

    Computers and phones connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your TV or media streaming device can share photos and videos to your TV.

    Your TV might have some built-in features that allow screen casting. If not, you’ll need a media streaming device, such as Google Chromecast or Apple TV, which plug into your TV and let other devices communicate with it.

    Google Chromecast

    The term Chromecast can refer to two things:

    • a small device that plugs into the back of a TV and connects to your home Wi-Fi network.
    • the built-in Chromecast function in some TVs . If your TV is Chromecast-enable, you won’t need to buy a gadget. Do a web search for your TV’s brand and model to see if it has this feature built in.

    Apple TV

    Apple TV and Apple TV 4K work best with iPhones, iPads and macOS computers, especially for local data sharing.

    Apple TV also has Apple’s Siri smart assistant built in, so you can control playback with your voice, but it comes with its own remote for manual control, too.

    Project Your Windows 10 Pc To A TV

    How to cast Your Android Phone Screen to Your Smart TV | Wireless Display


    Before everyone can enjoy the show, make sure your PC and TV have the right requirements. You will need:

    A WiDi compatible PC: Most newer PCs that come with Windows 8 or Windows 10 will support WiDi. The best to way find out if your PC is compatible is by trying to mirror your screen. If your PC does not support WiDi, you can always use a separate USB adapter.

    Miracast/WiDi receiver on your TV: Make sure your TV has a Miracast or WiDi receiver. If not, you can always use an external adapter.

    Mirror your screen

  • On your PC, click Start, then Settings, and then Devices.

  • Click Bluetooth & other devices, then Add Bluetooth or other device, and then Wireless display or dock.

  • Click your TV once its name is displayed. If prompted, select Allow on your TV.

  • When the connection is complete, click Done on your PC. Now your PC screen will be mirrored to the TV.

  • Disconnect the devices

    Once you are finished mirroring your screen, it’s time to disconnect.

  • Click Start, then Settings, and then Devices.

  • Click Bluetooth & other devices, and click the connected TV.

  • Click Remove device, and then click Yes.

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    Chromecast Unable To Mirror Android Screen To TV

    On some Android Phones, you may encounter problems Mirroring Android screen to TV. You should be able to fix this issue by following the steps below.

    1. Open Settings on your Android phone or tablet and tap on Applications .

    2. On some devices, you may have to tap on Application Manger

    3. On the Application Manager screen, locate Google Play Services and tap on it

    4. On the next screen, tap on Permissions Manager .

    5. On the next screen, enable the option for Microphone by moving the Toggle to ON Position.

    Mirror Android To TV Using Letsview

    The first tool that you can use to connect phone to TV without Chromecast is LetsView. This free and easy to use screen mirroring tool lets you cast your Android phones screen and turn your TV into a secondary, external screen to display and manage files on your phone or stream videos and movies for a better visual experience. Whats more is this app provides high resolution even when being cast on a wider screen like your TV. To learn how to connect phone to TV without Chromecast, follow the steps below.

    • The first step is to download the application and install it on your TV and Android phone. Dont forget to connect your TV and phone to the same WiFi network.
    • Open the app on your TV and phone, then wait for your Android phone to recognize your TV. Once recognized, tap it and your phone will be successfully connected and mirrored to your TV.

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    Check How To Cast An Android Or iPhone To A TV Wirelessly

    When you pair your smartphone screen with a smart TV, you can get the perfect match. Connecting your phone to a smart TV is a great way to view photos, movies, videos, music, photos, games, online TV shows, apps, and more. You can connect your phone to your smart TV in a number of ways. But the most popular way is wireless. How you connect the two devices is determined by the type of phone and television you have.

    Here are different methods of connecting your phone and TV, and what you need to know about each. The process may differ slightly depending on whether you have an Android phone or an Apple phone and whether you have a smart TV or a standard HD TV. We will focus on Android smartphones and smart TVs. To wirelessly connect your smartphone to your TV, you need a smart TV.

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