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How To Hook Up Antenna To Smart TV

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Q: How Is Reception In Distant Or Fringe Areas Will I Get A Fuzzy Picture


A: When it comes to digital television, it’s an “all or nothing at all” proposition. Once the signal is acquired, a steady stream of data assures you’ll get a perfect picture and great audio. If that bitstream is interrupted, however, there will be nothing – just a blank screen. In areas with lots of buildings or obstacles, multi-path distortion can cause a “cliff effect” to kick in. The fix is to use a higher-gain antenna assuming the multi-path can be tamed. Work is being done to determine the optimal designs for improving error correction in set-top receivers.

As far as distance is concerned, getting reliable UHF DTV reception beyond the curvature of the earth is difficult. Terrain has a major impact on reception. Going over water is the best-case-scenario since water is generally flat and has positive impacts on temperature for sending the signal along. That being said, beyond 70 miles, unless you can get direct line-of-sight to the transmitters, obstacles which impact reception negatively are inevitable.

It’s Cheap Why Not Give It A Go

Indoor antennas are so inexpensive that my best advice is to just buy one, connect it to your TV and see what channels you pull in. and found that the best in an urban environment is the Channel Master Flatenna. In my testing I found that the number and strength of channels didn’t increase in a poor coverage area when replaced with a more expensive model, even with a gain amplifier. In other words, if the cheaper internal antennas don’t work, it’s likely nothing similar will. That’s because your location is the single biggest factor in whether or not you get reception — your antenna tech is a distant second, at best.

If you’re having trouble getting reception, you might get some improvement with an outdoor antenna. They cost more, however, and are significantly more difficult to install, because they typically require access to a roof or an attic and you may require professional help.

We haven’t tested external antennas at CNET, but and tech site Tech Hive start from $60. Try to get an antenna compatible with both UHF and VHF, for while most channels have moved to UHF with the advent of digital transmissions, some legacy stations are still using VHF.

Is There An App To Watch Local TV

There are plenty of apps to watch local TV. If you dont have an antenna but want to watch the news and other programs from a specific TV station in your locality, you can reach out to them and ask for their app. Remember, these apps are unique, and you must get one that best suits your needs. Moreover, you will need to have a strong internet connection to watch your preferred local TV programs via these apps.

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Note: Make Sure To Set Your TV To The Correct Input When Using Devices Connected Through Your Audio Device

  • Check your notebook for the correct Input Numbers of your Devices.
  • Make sure the Audio Receiver is turned on, then use the Audio Remote to change to the correct Input.
  • Note: Some Audio Receivers or Soundbars use different terminology to change inputs. Your remote may have an Input, Function, or Source button .

  • Make sure the volume is set high enough to hear it .
  • Scan For Local Over The Air Channels

    DIAGRAM hookup for viewing one show while recording another

    Important: The Broadcasting menu will be greyed out if you do not first change the source to TV.

    Using the Auto Program feature and scanning for the available channels on your TV only takes a few minutes.

  • Change the source on your TV to TV. There are a few ways to do this.

  • You can press the source button on your remote and then select the source labeled TV.

  • You can press Home, navigate left to , and then select TV.

  • If you have Samsung TV Plus on your TV, selecting this app will put your TV on the TV source.

  • Use the directional pad or arrow buttons on your remote to select Settings.

  • Select Broadcasting, and then select Auto Program.

  • Select Start to begin auto-programming, and then select either Both, Air, or Cable.

  • Select Air if you are using an Antenna only and you want the fastest results.

  • You can press Home, navigate left to , and then select TV.

  • If you select Both, it will take longer to scan, but you may find more channels.

  • Your TV will begin to scan for channels. After it’s done, select Close to finish.

  • If you aren’t getting a good signal or see an error message on your TV, check out our troubleshooting guide.

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    Follow The Instructions Below To Program The TV:

    1) Press the button on the remote control to access the home menu. 2) Use the cursor buttons , , and to select and press the button to confirm. 3) Select or depending on the type of antenna connection used and press the button to access the automatic installation screen .

    Note: You need to set a child lock code before you can search for channels. You can set it up in the > > menu.

    4) If the Child lock is activated, the screen will prompt you to enter your pin code. If you have forgotten your pin code, you can reset the pin code in the > > > menu. Refer to the FAQ I have forgotten my 4-digit pin code. How can I reset it?.

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    Q: What Makes A Clearstream Antenna Different From Other Antennas

    A: Whenever you design an antenna for a narrower range of frequencies, you can expect dramatic improvements in performance. Our ClearStream series of antennas are tuned specifically for the core DTV channels broadcast in North America. ClearStream antennas are also less prone to interference since we have extensively researched the high-quality materials we use to make them. We are so confident our antennas will ensure the best possible signal reception, we back them with the best lifetime warranty in the antenna category.

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    Do You Need A Digital Antenna

    If you plan to watch free-to-air channels, then yes, you need a digital antenna.

    With the world shifting to a high definition broadcast, it is clear that digital antennas are a must-have.

    While that old antenna from the 80s and 90s may work, it will not produce ideal results.

    So, if you want to be sure of the integrity of your TV signal, you need to get a digital antenna.

    Finally, if you dont want the hassles of setting up antennas, then go for cable TV instead.

    Find Your Local Broadcast Transmitters

    Samsung 4K TV | Indoor Antenna Setup

    Why its helpful: Knowing the location of your local TV stations broadcast transmitters helps you make a better decision about where to place your antenna. Broadcast signals are not narrow beams theyre actually more like wide waves rolling over you at the beach. Generally, you get the strongest signal if the maximum amount of the antenna is exposed to the wave, so you should position your antenna parallel to the wave front and perpendicular to the signal direction. Youre usually best off placing the antenna on a wall that runs at or close to a 90-degree angle to the direction of the signal.

    How to do it: You can find the direction and distance of your local transmitters by visiting AntennaWeb or RabbitEars, or you can use either of the free smartphone apps from RCA and Winegard, both of which are available for iOS and Android and work with antennas of any brand. The RCA app is particularly nice because it shows you which direction to orient the antenna for optimum reception of any specific station.

    In some citiessuch as Denver, New York, and San Franciscomost of the TV transmitters are clustered together atop a mountain or a tall building, which makes positioning your antenna easier. But most citiesespecially those in flatter areas, like Atlanta, Boston, and Houstonhave TV transmitters in multiple locations. In these locales, if you point the antenna so that your favorite channels come in reliably, you may sacrifice reception of some other channels.

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    Can You Run Internet And Over

    27 July 2018

    The short answer? Nope. The question then is what to do about it

    It’s one of those seemingly simple questions that we get all the time. And we don’t blame anyone for asking it. Because back in the bad old days, you most certainly could get a cable signal and your internet through the same coax line. But when it comes to running coax from an outdoor, over-the-air antenna and your cable internet into a single line into your home well, you just can’t do it.

    We don’t really worry about why this is, because it doesn’t really change anything.

    The question, then is what’s the best way to go about things?

    Everyone’s home situation is going to be different. You’ll have a different layout for your cable drop that is from the street to your home. You’ll have different requirements as to the number of TVs you want to get an OTA signal to. And your home network may come into play as well.

    Here are a few things to consider:

    If Your TV Does Not Find Channels After Channel Search

    • Make sure that your TV has the latest software installed
    • Check the incoming cable or antenna signal connection to make sure that it is properly secured to the TVâs antenna input
    • Connect the antenna directly to the TV. Do not use an antenna cable splitter or loop through your external device such as set-top box or DVD recorder.

    Please be aware that:

    • Different service providers use their own channel lists in which contains a predefined channel order and the frequency where the TV can find the channels
    • Most service providers broadcast free digital, encrypted digital and analog channels
    • If you perform or , your TV will reorder the channels according to the channel order predefined by the service provider. After the channel search, you can rearrange the channels to suit your preference in the channel grid with the feature in the options menu.
    • If you perform or , your TV will check for updates and readjust the stored channels. Your channel list will not be influenced and new channels will be added to the end of your channel list.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: 26PFL3405H/12 .

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    What Are My Cable TV Options In My Area

    Cable TV Providers in My Area

    • Xfinity: Between $30-70 per month.
    • AT: Between $70-95 per month.
    • Spectrum: Between $45-95 per month.
    • Verizon FiOS: Between $56-96 per month.
    • Cox: Between $50-130 per month.
    • Optimum: Between $75-120 per month.
    • Dish: Between $65-100 per month.
    • DIRECTV: Between $65-135 per month.

    Q: Do I Need To Use An Amplifier With My TV Antenna

    How To Hook Up Digital TV Antenna

    A: In some areas, broadcast signals are strong enough that an amplifier is not necessary. Connect the antenna to the TV/converter box without an amplifier first. If you are not receiving a clear picture on some channels, then install an amplifier with your antenna. For indoor antennas, we recommend the ClearStream In-Line Amplifier. For outdoor or attic antennas, installations with long cable runs and/or when using splitters, we recommend the ClearStream JUICE Preamplifier.

    Call our Connection Crew or chat with us right here on our website if you need more information on using amplifiers, preamplifiers, or to get an evaluation of your location. Available 7 days a week.

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    Note: Smart TV Owners Can Use The Device Connector App Instead Of Following These Steps If Desired

  • Turn on the TV.
  • button on your remote, then locate the Settings icon in the top-right of the screen. If you do not have a Home button on your remote, press the Settings button instead .
  • From the Quick Settings menu, choose Advanced.
  • From the Advanced Settings menu, choose Sound > Sound Out > Optical / HDMI .
  • Q: Why Should I Face The Front Of My Multi

    A: While most Antennas Direct antennas are multi-directional and will receive TV signals from several directions, aiming the front of your antenna towards the largest cluster of towers is a critical step in receiving the most TV channels available in your area, and this is true for all TV antennas. Our ClearStream and Bowtie antennas are engineered to receive signals at a 60-degree beam angle, meaning our antennas are best suited to provide TV signals from widely-spaced broadcast towers. Even with the best multi-directional antennas, facing the front of the antenna towards the largest cluster of towers optimizes your chances of achieving the best line-of-sight between your antenna and the transmitting towers, which will ensure you receive the most available TV channels for your location.

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    Q: How Do I Know What Channels Are Available In My Area

    A: On our Transmitter Locator page, once you have entered your zip code, you will find a complete list of the channels available in your area. The list will indicate your distance from the transmitter tower which broadcasts that channel, whether the channel is UHF or VHF, as well as the precise heading to aim your antenna. The Virtual Channel column represents the channel displayed on the television. The DTV Channel column represents the actual transmitting frequency. A list of broadcast towers, as well as their distance from your location, is also available on our free Antenna Point app.

    Run A Single Line From Your Antenna To An Ota Streaming Box

    Installing a TV antenna to your Samsung TV

    This is my current favorite method to do things. You’ll still have to get an over-the-air antenna line into your house. But instead of running it directly into a single television, you’ll run it into a set-top box like HDHomerun, Tablo or AirTV. Those boxes connect to your home network and then allow you to watch the OTA signal through an app, on multiple devices.

    Tablo is the easiest box when it comes to just making things work, as it can connect to your network via Wifi. HDHomerun is great if you just want to watch live TV but it requires an ethernet connection to your router. And given that your router probably is in the same room as your modem and your modem probably has a cable line with internet running into it, which is want prompted all this talk in the first place well, things can get a little complicated.

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    Can Your Smart TV Record From The Antenna

    Unfortunately, you cannot.

    The record function is associated with cable TV connections.

    If you do want to record programs without getting a cable TV subscription, you can buy a DVR designed to receive free or local broadcasts from digital TV antennas.

    There are a lot of available recorders, with brands like Tablo being highly recommended.

    How Do Smart TVs Connect To The Internet

    A smart TV uses your home network to provide streaming video and services on your TV either through WiFi or are hard wired data point.

    If youre using Wi-Fi coverage to access the Smart side of your TV and your router is positioned further away from the TV ie on the 2nd Floor for example, the set may not be able to stream video from Netflix or other providers without experiencing hiccups. A Wifi Extender or hard wiring your TV is the best option to get uninterrupted viewing on your Smart TV.

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    What Kind Of Antenna Do I Need For Local TV

    You can use any antenna for your local provided it is designed to serve in the region. Nonetheless, some of them are more effective than others. To find the best antenna, you should follow the right process of choosing a TV antenna.

    The most important factor to consider when choosing a suitable antenna is your location, but the overall quality is also essential. High-definition digital TV is the best if the quality is your major concern.

    Why Is My Antenna Not Finding Channels

    Antenna connection to HDTV through VCR Diagram

    Possible causes: Once you have properly installed the antenna, changed the input on your TV to ANTENNA, and run a channel scan, you should be receiving at least some of your local channels. If this is not the case, the reason could be one of the following: There is not a clear line of sight to the broadcast towers.

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    What Are The Best External Tuners

    Two of the best and most affordable TV tuner devices on the market are:

    Both work in a similar manner, allowing you to attach your HDTV antennas coaxial cable to the devices, and then connecting to your homes WiFi to stream over-the-air TV on your network.

    There are, however, some significant differences between the two devices.

    Connecting An Antenna Or Cable TV

  • Make sure that your TVs power adapter is unplugged and all connected equipment is turned off.
  • Connect a coaxial cable to the ANT/CABLE IN jack on the back of your TV and to the antenna or cable TV wall jack.
  • Plug your TVs power adapter into a power outlet, then turn on your TV.
  • Press INPUT to open the INPUT SOURCE list.
  • Press or to highlight TV, then press ENTER.
  • If you cannot tune to channels you know exist, scan for channels. See Automatically scanning for channels.
  • Tap or click images to make them larger!Insignia 19″ 720p 60Hz LED TV

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    Q: What Is The Difference Between Uhf And Vhf Antennas

    A: The most obvious difference between VHF and UHF antennas is the size. We’ve written a blog about this, but here’s a short example: Reception of different frequencies is related to wavelength. Think of it like this: a wave in the ocean is approaching a large boulder. If the wave is large and more spread out, it will suffer less disruption when it hits the boulder, and more water is able to make it over or around the obstacle. This is how VHF signals travel through and/or around obstacles between the TV towers and your TV antenna. When a smaller wave hits the boulder, its short length means that it is much more disrupted by the obstacle and less water will make its way over or around the boulder. This is how UHF signals are affected by obstacles and it is much easier for these signals to degrade over long distances.You need a different type of antenna to receive larger or smaller waves, based on what’s available in your area.

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