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How To Hook Up Cable To TV

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If Your TV Does Not Have A Usb Port What Can You Do

Hooking Up a Cable Television Cable (wall to TV connection)

If your TV does not have a USB port, that means it does not support a USB interface, in that case, you can use an adapter to convert one of the available ports into the USB ports.

There are several HDMI Male to USB Female adapters available today that can help you to connect your USB flash drive with TV.

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How To Connect Pc To TV With Hdmi

This article was written by Travis Boylls. Travis Boylls is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. Travis has experience writing technology-related articles, providing software customer service, and in graphic design. He specializes in Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux platforms. He studied graphic design at Pikes Peak Community College. This article has been viewed 412,748 times.

This wikiHow teaches you how to connect your PC to a TV using an HDMI cable. Connecting your PC to your TV will enable you to display your computer screen on your TV, so you can watch movies or browse the internet on the big screen. All you need to connect the two devices is an HDMI cable.

Connect Via Hdmi Cable

The HDMI cable is the most modern solution and delivers the highest possible quality when it comes to video transmission.

The reason behind the smooth operation is that the HDMI does not require digital to analog transcoding. That allows you to hook up the other end of your HDMI not only to a TV but to any computer or laptop with HDMI input.

Hence, the way to connect a dish network without a receiver to a TV remains by adjusting the coaxial cable into a suitable input. You can use F-Connector if your TV does not have an antenna input. Once the TV is connected to the dish whats left is to scan for channels and enjoy the free satellite channels.

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Last Thoughts:

Now when you know how to connect Dish network to TV without receiver you should not have issues hooking one that has a receiver.

Either way, there is a way to enjoy free satellite channels and we hope that our post was helpful enough for you to succeed.

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How To Connect Your TV Without Hdmi Cable

When it comes to learning how to hook up your cable to your TV without HDMI, you need to know what kind of alternative you are using. This will depend on the kind of setup you currently have and what options are available to you including port options and more!

  • Turn the TV and cable on
  • Then you need to make sure that the Cable or Converter is plugged in.

A good tip to follow is to make sure that both are plugged into their respective inputs. You might want to look at the label. These might be Composite, Audio, or Component. Luckily, they will correspond to their colors and that will make set up easier.

  • Your next step is to switch from your TVs existing speakers to your choice of external speakers that are connected. This will also depend on what kind of TV you have but if it doesnt have HDMI ports, well assume its a little old-school.
  • Finally, the last step is to make sure everything is running smoothly. Youre not just connecting the devices via the cables, you also need to make sure you have both audio and video inputs working properly.

This has been our detailed guide on how to hook up your cable box to your TV without the use of any HDMI cables! While it is true that HDMI cables are by far the most useful options around, after our helpful guide, you can opt for others as well in case it doesnt work for you!

How To Determine The Correct Input

How to Hook Up Coaxial Cable or Antenna to TV Without ...

Follow these steps to determine the correct input port on your TV.

  • Identify the input port on your TV where you inserted the video cable and take note of the label above or around the port . This label indicates the type of video connection you have used between your Digital Box and the TV.
  • Confirm that the Digital Box has been powered on.
  • Press the INPUT button directly on your TV repeatedly until the label for the input you have identified is selected on-screen and you see a picture on your TV screen.
  • Please refer to the table below for common TV Input labels for the video cables listed.

    Cable Type

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    Can I Watch Comcast Without A Cable Box

    Comcast is one of the biggest cable TV providers in the world. The company has established quite a big name for itself throughout the United States, and its new cable TV box comes with a slew of different features and also offers much better service.

    In most cases, watching Comcast without a cable box isnt possible.The company has carefully set up its network to ensure that signals can only be decoded through its cable box. However, you can get certain channels from different service providers.

    On top of that, you might want to consider investing in a digital cable card. The Comcast digital cable card is a fantastic choice because it gives you all of the channels as long as you have a Comcast subscription, and the best part about this is that it is roughly the size of a small credit card. You dont need to worry about any additional costs if you want to watch Comcast without a cable box.

    How To Connect A Samsung Smart TV To Cable Without A Box

    Connecting a Samsung Smart TV to cable without a box is possible, though you will first have to check whether the TV app for your cable provider is available in their store or not. You can check the in-built store on your Smart TV and look for the mobile app. If you find it, just download it and you are good to go!

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    How To Get Cable TV On A Second Television With No Box

    If you want cable TV on a second television with no box, you will have to use the same steps as given above. A separate Roku device will be needed, and you will have to get a subscription to a cable TV provider that will allow you to watch all of your channels using the TV app.

    Plus you can repeat the same steps as described above to get cable TV on a second TV with no box:

  • Get a coaxial cable splitter
  • Attach a cable splitter between the output of your main cable box and first TV
  • Create an additional connectionline to the second television
  • How To Connect To A TV With Cable

    How to Hook up cable from wall to TV

    You can connect to the TV with various Cable. Choose one of the four methods for connecting to a TV.

    1. Connecting to the TV with HDMI Cable

      1) Using an HDMI cable , connect the HDMI OUT terminal on the rear of the Blu-ray Disc Player to the HDMI IN terminal of your TV.

      2) Press the input selector on your TV remote control until the HDMI signal from the Blu-ray Disc Player appears on your TV screen.

        If you have set the remote control to operate your TV press the TV SOURCE button on the remote control and select HDMI as the external source of the TV.


      If the HDMI cable is connected or removed during playback of a CD-DA, the player will stop playing.

      If the player is connected to your TV in HDMI 1080p output mode, you must use a High speed HDMI cable.

    2. Connection to the TV with DVI Cable

      Note :

      Dependingon your TV, certain HDMI output resolutions may not work. Please refer to theuser’s manual of your TV.

      ;If an HDMI-DVI cable is plugged into the TV, the Blu-ray Disc Players output resolution is set to HDMI automatically within 10 seconds.

      ;If Component and HDMI are both connected, HDMI mode is automatically selected.

      When you connect the player to the TV using the HDMI cable for the first time or to a new TV, the HDMI output resolution will automatically be set to the highest provided by the TV

      If the HDMI cable is connected or removed during playback of ;a CD-DA, the player will stop playing.

    3. Connecting to the TV

    4. Connecting to the TV


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    Hooking Up An Antenna To Your TV

    FYI, an indoor antenna lets you worry-free from making annoying setup of rooftop antennas and attached cables to your TV. You can hook up an antenna to TV with the help of a coaxial cable if the antenna is built for indoor use. Follow the process below to do that without coaxial input:

  • Power off your TV
  • Attach one end of the coaxial cable into the RF IN port of your TV
  • The other end should be connected to the output jack of the antenna
  • Make sure to do the tighter connection by fastening the metal end at each side of the coaxial cable
  • Plug in the power source to the indoor antenna
  • Power on your TV and start enjoying the content
  • Tip: For better signal, place the device near your window or open place.

    The same process can be followed to join HDMI cable or component cable into your TV by using the appropriate cable or satellite converter box. Hope you find this guide on how to connect antenna to TV without coax useful and reliable.

    How To Connect Hdmi To TV

    This article was written by Nicole Levine, MFA. Nicole Levine is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. She has more than 20 years of experience creating technical documentation and leading support teams at major web hosting and software companies. Nicole also holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Portland State University and teaches composition, fiction-writing, and zine-making at various institutions. This article has been viewed 365,065 times.

    This wikiHow teaches you how to connect different types of video devices, including computers, cameras, and gaming systems, or any Roku players to your TV’s HDMI port. HDMI is a common format for transferring high-quality digital audio and video between devices. Even if the device doesn’t have an HDMI port, you can usually make the connection using a special cable or adapter.

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    What Is A Usb Port

    A Universal Serial Bus is an industry-standard developed in the mid-1990s that defines the cables, connectors, and communications protocols used for connection, communication, and power supply between PCs and electronic devices.

    In simple words, a USB Port is a port that can connect any device with a USB interface;to another device or a host.

    Connecting The Coaxial Cable


    There should be a port on your wall somewhere, likely next to your phone line. Often, these are white, possibly with your service providers logo on it. Youll see a circular jack with a metal prong in the middle thats your coaxial port. So what do you do with it?

    Grab your coaxial cable. This will have come with your cable box, but if youve lost yours, you can pick another up at most supermarkets for a few dollars. Connect one end to the coaxial jack, and run the other end through the back of your TV stand, where you want your cable box to sit.

    Next, screw the other end into the back of your cable box. Make sure its nice and tight as you dont want it to fall out while youre watching TV! If the connector is a little loose, you might want to try rotating the cable box instead of the cable itself.

    Does your cable provider only supports HDMI but your TV supports coaxial cable? No worries! We have a guide on how to convert it. Read it right here!

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    Where Is The Usb Port On TV

    If your TV has a USB port, its likely located on the side or back of your TV. If youre still unable to find it, please refer to your TVs manual and other documentation that came with the device.

    How many USB ports does my TV have?

    If your TV has multiple USB ports, you may find one or two on the side or back of your TV. It may also have a USB port on the front of your TV under the panel.

    How To Hook Up A Cable Box To Your TV Without Hdmi

    For most modern TVs, if you want to connect them to any external device, be it a laptop, external speakers, or even a gaming system, in most cases all you need is an HDMI cable or wire! The HDMI cable is one of the most popular connection options and the best part is that it has become the standard for most devices.

    However, you may still come across an instance where the TV you have doesnt have an HDMI port or even if its broken! In that case, you may use either an HDMI converter, a component;video cable, or a composite video cable instead. So, in case your TV is the latter one, then you might need to know how to work these options!

    It can be slightly tricky learning how to hook up a cable box to your TV but thats precisely where we come in! Todays article is going to help you figure out exactly these different alternatives and finally how to set it up yourself!

    Lets see How to Hook up A Cable Box to tv without hdmi.

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    How Do I Hook Up A Cable Box To A TV

    Cable companies across the country provide both home and business customers with an alternative to satellite television broadcasts. You can select from a number of programming packages that include local channels, special sports channels, international channels and a number of music and movie channels. In order for a television to display the selected programming, you must connect a cable box to the TV. This is possible with two coaxial cables, or one coaxial and an RCA audio/video cable that has three connectors on it.

    Watch Your Favorite Channels

    How to Connect Cable Box to TV using HDMI

    Thats it! Once you log in, you can easily watch your favorite TV channels. Most of the companies that offer cable services and have their own TV app usually ensure that the experience is as good as you would get on their cable box.

    As long as you have a decent internet connection, you will be able to stream video up to 4k, provided your cable TV provider has channels streaming in 4k.

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    Can You Convert Ethernet To Hdmi

    HDMI over Ethernet, also called HDMI over IP, uses an existing ethernet infrastructure to distribute HD video signals from one source to an unlimited number of screens. Video signals can be switched from any source to any screen, overcoming distance limitations of traditional CATx video extenders.

    Connect A Soundbar Speaker Or Surround Sound System

    If you want enhanced sound quality, you’ll need to connect an external audio device like a soundbar.

  • Connect the digital audio cable to the OPTICAL IN port on your soundbar, speaker, or surround sound system, and the other end into the DIGITAL AUDIO OUT port on the TV.

  • Using the TV remote, navigate to;Settings. Then, select;Sound;and select;Sound Output. From there, set the audio output for your TV.

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    Using A Hdmi Male To Usb Female Adapters

    To connect a USB flash drive with TV that has an HDMI port but doesnt have a USB port, you can use an adapter.

    One such adapter is an HDMI male to USB female, which you can buy online at a very low cost, including shipping.

    You just need to connect your flash drive or any other USB device which you want to watch on TV to the adapter, and then connect the adapter to TV using an HDMI cable.

    Note: Before buying an adapter, make sure to check the output and input ports to ensure compatibility with your device or computer. Also, this method will not work if your TV does not have an HDMI port.

    Connect Your Cable Or Satellite Box And Other Devices To Your Samsung TV

    Direct TV Installation : How to Install an HDMI Cable to ...

    A Samsung TV is a thing of beauty, but when you connect the cable or satellite box, or a 4K video game system, it becomes a masterpiece. With so much to connect and so little time, we all need some kind of guide to help us figure it all out. Just use the Connection Guide on your TV to see different ways to connect your devices, and then just choose the easiest way.

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    How To Hook Up Soundbar To TV With Cable Box

    by Chris And Marry

    Soundbars have been a popular purchase for many TV owners, but they can be tricky to set up.

    This article will show you how to connect your soundbar to your TV using a cable box.


    Soundbars are usually connected with an HDMI cable from the soundbar out port to the HDMI in port on the back of your TV or with RCA cables from the audio output ports on the soundbar into either of these two inputs on your TV. The following instructions use an HDMI connection and assume that both devices are turned off when you start connecting them together which is why it’s important to know where each device’s power button is located before you begin this process.

    How to Hook Up Soundbar to TV With Cable Box

    There are two ways to connect your home theater system. The first is through HDMI cables, and the other is by running an optical cable from your receiver or surround sound receiver to your TV.

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