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How To Program Fire TV Remote

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How Do I Pair A New Remote To My Set Top Box


You can program the TV remote to enjoy the functionality of controlling your TV and Set Top Box simultaneously. Press and hold the STB button, then press the corresponding code while still holding the STB button. Release the STB button when done. If successful, the STB button LED will turn RED and blink twice.

Official Fire Stick Remotes

To pair an official replacement Amazon Fire TV Stick remote:

  • Make sure your Fire Stick is connected and powered on.
  • Hold down the Home button for around 10 to 20 seconds. On the latest generation remotes, the amber LED will begin blinking rapidly—you can release the Home key when this starts. On older versions without an LED, keep that button pressed.
  • When pairing is complete, you’ll see a message appear on screen in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • This doesn’t always work first time. If yours fails, simply repeat the process to try again.

    Alternatively, go to Settings > Controllers & Bluetooth Devices > Amazon Fire TV Remotes > Add New Remote. Your Fire Stick will now begin scanning for any available remotes within range.

    Distance And Obstruction Problems With Fire TV Remotes

    Fire Stick and Fire TV remotes use Bluetooth instead of infrared, so you don’t need a direct line of sight between the remote and your device. You don’t even need to point the remote at your device, because the orientation of the remote has nothing to do with the strength of the Bluetooth signal.

    Bluetooth devices like the Fire Stick remote have a theoretical range of about 30 feet, but a lot of things can reduce that range. Any obstructions between the remote and the Fire Stick or Fire TV can drastically reduce the range of the remote.

    Here’s how to check whether distance or obstructions are your problem:

  • Move your remote physically closer to your Fire Stick.

  • Remove any obstructions between your remote and your Fire Stick.

  • If the remote only works when you hold your remote behind your TV, or when you are very close to your TV, use the Fire Stick extension dongle to reposition the device.

    You may need a longer extension to move the Fire Stick out from behind the TV if the TV is mounted in a recess or an entertainment cabinet.

  • If you have your Fire TV device placed inside an entertainment cabinet, or a similar enclosure, remove it from the enclosure and see if your remote works.

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    Pair A Replacement/new Remote

    If the original remote got damaged or stopped working, you must have bought a replacement/new remote.

    The new remote will need to be paired with your device first before you start using it. Just follow the steps below:

  • Unplug your Fire Stick from the power source
  • Insert batteries in your new remote
  • Power on your Fire TV Stick after about a minute and wait for the home screen to load up
  • Sometimes, the new remote gets automatically paired upon reboot. Try using the remote to check if thats the case.
  • If it hasnt paired automatically, simply hold down the HOME button on your FireStick remote for 10-20 seconds
  • You may see a notification on your TV saying that the remote was successfully paired. If the notification isnt displayed or you missed the notification, try using the remote to see if it is working.
  • This is how you pair a new or replacement remote.

    Handy When You Lose The Remote

    How to Program the Piggyback Remote for Fire TV Voice ...

    I do find this app handy for when I cant find the remote, but it doesnt seem to connect when trailers play or when trying to click off a programme before it automatically plays the next episode . Its so frustrating. No problems with connecting when Im browsing or during a programme/film, only when it ends. This needs to be fixed for a higher rating. EDIT: this problem was fixed! Or at least I havent had this problem for about a week maybe two so Ive noticed improvements… but since last night the app wont connect at all. Tried checking for updates, tried restarting my phone… not working! Hopefully its just an update thats not been made available yet making it mess around. Ill keep checking for updates and will edit review if/when its working again.

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    How To Pair A 4k Fire Stick Remote To A Change TV Set

    Select Fire Stick Settings from the home screen.

    Click Equipment Control

    Choose the option Manage Equipment on the next screen

    Click TV on this window

    Choose the option Change TV

    Click Change TV when prompted


    If FireStick detected the TV correctly,

    If not, click NO

    If you above, you will be asked to choose your TV brand. Go ahead and do that and follow the onscreen instructions to set up the TV control

    Smart Home: How To Sync Firestick Remote To TV

    Could Be So Much Better

    We went away and took the Fire Stick but forgot the remote, I hoped there would be an app for it and was pleased to find this. My expectations should have been lower. First off It was nice and simple to connect to the stick but once connected I found myself having to use a large area of the screen as a navigation pad, this made it both clunky and overly sensitive causing me to swipe rapidly past what I wanted several times almost like using a mouse without a mousepad instead using a piece of paper. I was chuffed to find that there was a keyboard which is far better than the usual remote and click click clicking which Ive always found annoying. However to my surprise the keyboard refuses to type certain letters rendering the facility practically useless. So overall its ok in an emergency but really think they need to sort out the basics like the keyboard working & overhaul the weird navigation. I would use it in more than just emergency situations if that were the case.

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    How To Pair A Fire TV Stick Remote

    When you’re starting to set up a new Fire TV Stick, pairing the remote is one of the first steps you need to take. If all goes well, it should happen automatically:

  • Connect and power up your Fire Stick.
  • Insert the batteries into your remote.
  • Within a few seconds, the Fire Stick should connect and pair with your remote without you needing to do anything.
  • Click the Play/Pause button to continue the setup.
  • If that doesn’t work, remove and reinsert the batteries to try again. Alternatively, you can use a manual setup by holding down the Home button for 10 to 20 seconds until it is paired.

    How To Program Firestick Remote For TV

    How To Program Fire TV Stick Remote to Control your TV

    The following article will show you How to Program FireStick Remote for TV. This guide should also work for other current-gen Fire TV devices, including the Fire TV Cube and the 2017 Fire TV .

    Amazons Fire TV Remote, mostly recognized as the Firestick Remote, is one of the most iconic device remotes in the market. Whether its the first Fire TV box or the Fire TV Cube or the Firestick, Amazon has kept the look of the remote same as the first one, albeit adding new functionalities every generation.

    The latest iteration of the remote is now called the All-New Alexa Voice Remote, which retains not only the standard button layout from the second generation but also the Alexa button for voice searches. If you recently bought a new Firestick device, there are two noticeable changes you should see on the remote. The first one is the inclusion of a dedicated power button on the top, followed by volume up/down and a mute button.

    The second change brings an IR blaster on the remote. In general, Bluetooth connection is still used for remote input. The addition of an IR blaster on the remote gives users the ability to control older televisions that still rely on Infrared remote technology.

    With the new Firestick remote, you can power on/off your TV, increase/decrease the TV volume, or mute it without reaching out for your older television remote. You also can use the Alexa Voice Remote to navigate through Firesticks user interface at the same time.


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    How To Pair The Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote

    Here’s everything you need to know about how to pair a Fire Stick remote with your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

    Has your Fire Stick remote broken or stopped working for some reason? Would you like to add a few more, or use the remote to control your TV?

    Here’s everything you need to know about how to pair a Fire Stick remote with your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

    Adding A Fire Os Device


  • Launch the Harmony app and connect to your Harmony hub.
  • Select MENU, then Harmony Setup > Add/Edit Devices & Activities > DEVICES.
  • Select the ADD DEVICE button at the bottom of the screen, followed by ENTERTAINMENT DEVICE.
  • Enter the manufacturer and model number for your device, then select ADD.
  • Once added, Harmony will prompt you to create an Activity. Select Yes.
  • Continue through the series of questions to build your Watch FireTV.
  • Once you have selected your devices and inputs, the Harmony App will display the Bluetooth pairing instructions to pair with your FireTV.
  • Once created, Harmony will be able to control your FireTV.
  • Once your setup is complete, we recommend you turn off CEC Device Control. To learn more, please see TROUBLESHOOTING HDMI DEVICES WITH CEC.
  • Please follow the Mobile set-up steps to pair your FireTV with your Harmony Remote.

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    How Do I Find My Samsung TV Remote Code

    Method 1:

  • Switch on your Samsung TV set.
  • Hold your Universal Remote to face the set.
  • Press the PROG button and hold until the LED light on your remote lights up, then press on to the INFO button.
  • The LED light should continue to blink then get the code you need from and enter it in.
  • How To Pair A Replacement Remote With Amazon Firestick TV

    OEM Brand New Insignia NS

    If you want to pair an additional remote, then you can make use of the how-to Program Amazon Fire Stick guidelines given below.

    Navigate to the Settings option from the home screen of the Fire TV.

    Tap the Controllers and Bluetooth devices to open it.

    Select the Amazon Fire TV Remote option and then choose the Add New Remote option.

    Now, press the Home button on your Fire TV stick remote and do not release it for at least 10 seconds.

    Once you release it, your Fire TV stick remote attains the Discovery mode.

    This mode is set when the remote is searching for the Firestick to connect.

    Once the new remote is discovered, press the SELECT button on the OLD remote to confirm the pairing of the new remote

    Make use of the remote that has been paired already to select the replacement remote from the list.

    Your new replacement remote will now be paired to the TV to which you have plugged in the Firestick.

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    How To Program Firestick Remote To TV

  • The remote that is provided with your Amazon Firestick can be paired during theinitial setupitself.
  • Once you make the necessary connections between your TV and the Firestick, you can pair the remote.
  • After the initial association has been made, take out the two batteries available in the Amazon Fire TV stick box.
  • Insert the batteries in the respective slots.
  • Once you insert the batteries, the pairing should be done automatically. If not, then tap the Home button available on your remote and hold it for 10 seconds.
  • The remote pairs with the Smart TV now.
  • To check if your remote has been connected, you can carry out the following Amazon Fire Stick Programming procedure.
  • Take your remote and check if the Voice button blinks quickly. If yes, then it is in the Discovery mode. It is searching for devices to connect.
  • When the three blue light flashes on the remote, then it means that your TV and remote has finished the pairing process.
  • You Are Using 2 Remotes With The Existing Device

    If you are using two remotes with the same Fire TV device and wish to unpair one of them, you can easily do that using the other remote.

    Follow the steps below:

    1. Go to Settings from the home screen of FireStick

    2. Open the option Controllers & Bluetooth Devices

    3. Click Amazon Fire TV Remotes

    4. Select the FireStick remote you wish to unpair

    Press the 3-line menu key on the other remote

    5. Press the Select button on the other remote

    This is how you unpair a FireStick remote if you are using two remote controllers. You may now use the unpaired remote with any other Fire Stick or Fire TV device.

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    Fire Stick Remotes And Interference

    Bluetooth has some benefits over infrared, like how not having a line of sight between the remote and the Fire Stick only reduces the range instead of preventing the remote from working at all. However, Bluetooth remotes are susceptible to interference that infrared remotes aren’t.

    Check to see if you have any of the following devices anywhere near your Fire Stick:

    • Microwave ovens
    • Wireless speakers
    • Other wireless devices

    If you have any wireless devices or anything else that could cause Bluetooth interference, in the vicinity of your Fire Stick, try moving them. If that isn’t an option, try shutting them down and unplugging them one at a time to see if that allows your Fire Stick remote to work. That should allow you to identify the source of the interference and deal with it accordingly.

    Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote

  • Unplug your Fire TV and wait 60 seconds.
  • Press and hold the Left button, Menu button at the same time. Hold them for 12 seconds.
  • Release the buttons and wait 5 seconds.
  • Remove the batteries from your remote.
  • Plug in your Fire TV and wait 60 seconds.
  • Put the batteries back in your remote.
  • Press the Home button on the remote.
  • When the LED indicator blinks blue, your remote is paired successfully. If it’s not paired, press the Home button for 10 seconds.

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    How To Pair A New Fire Stick Remote Without The Old One

    RobotPoweredHome is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my blog, I may earn an affiliate commission. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

    I have owned a Firestick for quite a while now and love the ease of usage and the additional connectivity that comes along with it.

    While I was traveling a few weeks ago, I lost my Fire Stick Remote and was pretty bummed by the fact that I might have to get an entirely new one.

    However, on doing some extensive research, I found some rather creative and flexible options available for replacing my lost Fire Stick remote.

    To pair the replacement Fire Stick remote without the old remote, you need to pair the new remote and remove the older remote from the device listing.

    You can do this either by using the paired TV remote or by using the Fire Stick App.

    Pairing A Fire Stick Remote

    When you buy a new Fire Stick or Fire TV device that comes with a remote, the remote should already be paired. That means when you first set up your Fire Stick, or Fire TV device, it should already recognize inputs from the remote without you having to do anything special.

    In some cases, you may find that the Fire Stick and remote weren’t paired, or that your Fire Stick and remote became unpaired over time due to a glitch. When that happens, repairing the remote usually takes care of the problem.

    When you buy a replacement remote, you always have to pair it before you can use it.

    Here’s how to pair a Fire Stick remote:

  • Plug in your Fire Stick and make sure that it’s on.

  • Wait for the Fire TV to boot up.

  • Hold your remote near your Fire Stick.

  • Press and hold the Home button on your Fire TV remote.

  • Continue holding the Home button for at least 10 seconds.

  • Release the Home button, and see if the remote works.

  • If the remote still doesn’t work, try holding down the Home button again. It sometimes takes several attempts for this process to work.

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    How To Pair A Firestick Remote When You Lost The Old One

    If you don’t have a working, paired remote, you can use your phone as a remote to connect your new Firestick remote instead:

    1. Open the Firestick app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android.

    2. Select your Fire TV device or select Add device if you don’t see that option then enter your account login information.

    3. Enter your PIN to start using your phone as a remote.

    4. Using your phone or tablet, select Home then hit Settings.

    5. Choose Controllers and Bluetooth Devices.

    6. Go to Amazon Fire TV Remotes and select Add New Remote.

    7. Press and hold the Home button on your new Firestick remote until it’s recognized.

    8. On your phone or tablet, press Select. Your new remote should then appear in your list.

    How To Use Your TV Remote To Control The Fire Stick And Pair The New Remote

    Firestick Remote Not Working?

    If you want to use your TV remote to pair the new replacement remote, you can do so just as easily as you do with your Fire Stick remote.

    First, restart the Fire Stick and hold down the HOME button while it boots up.

    Then use your TV remote paired with the Firestick to navigate through Settings to Controllers and Bluetooth Devices to remove the old remote from the device listing.

    You can unpair the remote with the Fire Stick App as well.

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