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How To Watch Live TV On Your Phone

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Best Live TV Apps On Android For Free

How to watch free live tv on your android phone

Are Cable TV and Netflix subscription too expensive for you? Does your family happen to be keeping the Netflix password secret from you? Fret not as we guide you in your journey of never paying for a TV subscription by being able to watch live TV on Android.

Heres the deal:

Not everyone is fortunate enough to afford a premium subscription. Most of the subscription plans that let you watch TV series have a monthly fee of $10. That fee is quite expensive, especially if you are the only one paying for it. And if you compute the annual pay you do for these subscriptions, you will see that you can save a huge chunk of your money if you stop subscribing.

If you are one of those people that want to save money, then this article is for you. We listed the best live TV app for Android that can be downloaded for free. These apps allow you to watch live TV on Android for free. So read on to know more!

But you need to know that phones are limited in terms of their aural capabilities.

So why not get a speaker while youre at it? Trust us, youll never regret getting one when you start viewing those exciting scenes on your cellphone!

If you are into Android apps, then you should definitely check out our Apps page to try out some cool new Apps. Cool applications like the ones in this article can be found on that page.

So without further ado, lets jump right into it!

Watch Quality Live TV Channels Online For Free

You are only one-click away from streaming FREE and QUALITY live TV channels! Ok maybe two clicks at the most

There is no need to install tons of Apps or buy a media streaming player/Android TV box. Simply click on the links below and enjoy live TV.

All the links are legal . Unlike many other websites, our links do not have annoying ad pop-ups or request you to sign up or install an App unless you want to.Please note, all the links below work on a PC but some links might not work on a mobile device. Also some links wont work if your browsers ad-blocker is ON.

Like our list? Please share it with your friends and family and dont forget to BOOKMARK this page on your PC/mobile devices and come back often!

*Cutmybills.ca provides links to third-party websites with video, television and movie content found publicly available on the Internet only. These links are provided solely as a convenience to you and not as an endorsement by Cutmybills.ca of the contents of such third-party websites. Cutmybills.ca is in no way affiliated with the third-party websites.; All users agree that all access and use of contents from third-party websites is at their own risk.

General App Related Questions

  • How do I see the schedule of a channel?

    To see the schedule of a channel you should select a channel in Live TV section and then select ‘Schedule’ option. You can see the schedule for the next 3 days and previous 7 days.

  • Who can set programmes for record?

    Only Tata Sky+ HD subscribers can set recording on their set top boxes using the record option from the app.

  • How do I set a programme for remote recording?
  • In Live TV section, select the programme from a channel you want to record.
  • On the programme de tails page, you will get an option to set it for record.
  • On selecting the record option, you will get a confirmation stating the programme has been successfully set for recording on your Tata Sky + HD box.
  • How do I set a reminder for a programme?

    Reminders can be set for future programmes only.

    To set a reminder for a programme, tap on the programme name. You will be able to see the set reminder button. Press the button to set a reminder. You will receive a notification on your device when its time for the programme.

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    What Youll Need To Access TV Apps

    First of all, youll need to register to use any of these apps, so ensure that youre happy to provide your email address and name where necessary.

    Watching TV on your phone is also quite a demanding function for your device, so youll either need a stable internet connection or a good amount of data to spare. You wont be able to just tune in like you would with a TV set.

    We also advise having your battery life as high as possible – youll be sure to see it drain quickly when watching the telly.

    If youre looking for the best SIM-only deals to support your TV watching when youre out and about, make sure you take a look at our top picks.;And if you’re keen, here’s how you can watch TV on your PC or laptop.

    Access From Your Mobile

    Do You Enjoy Watching TV On Your iPhone? Some Canadians Do ...

    While connected to your home network on your phone, browse to whatsmyip.com and make a note of your public IP address. Now test your connection by disconnecting from your home network and switching to your mobile broadband Internet connection. Type into your web browser, where is the public IP address you just made a note of.

    If everything has been set up correctly you’ll be prompted for a username and password. Enter ‘admin’ for both and tap the blue Login button.

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    Best Live TV Streaming Services To Drop Cable For Good

    Sorry, most are only based in US

    On-demand streaming services have given plenty of people the excuse to cut the cable cord, but no amount of bottomless Friends episodes can fill the gap left by live TV coverage. Whether its the news as it happens, or a major sports event, theres still a huge demand for live TV.;

    The good news is that the options for live TV streaming are now numerous. Weve rounded up seven of the best live TV streaming services we could find that may finally make you drop that pricey cable subscription.

    Note: Most of these services are only available in the United States. While it may be possible to work around these geographical restrictions using a VPN or Smart DNS service, youll be violating the terms of service and we strongly recommend against this practice.

    Live TV App Never Be Bored Again

    Now you know how to watch live TV on Android. Some of the channels looked amazing on a smartphone while others lacked that high definition shine we are used to. In the end, it is free live TV on Android and nothing can beat a free service. We used an HDMI cable to connect the smartphone to an HDTV and enjoyed watching foreign TV on a big screen. LiveNow! is an incredible app and will provide you with quality entertainment for a long time.

    Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions, or just want to share your opinion with other people!

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    Select Your Favorite Channel

    Select the channel which fancies your mood and simply give it a tap. We are aware that some channels are not available in some regions, so if something is not working simply move on to another one. With around 500 plus channels there is no shortage of great content.

    After you clicked on a channel, the video will start buffering. The buffering is usually short on WiFi but can take longer depending on your internet speed and signal strength. Some channels take a little longer than others to initialize so be patient.

    Other Android TV Apps You Need To Install

    Watch Live TV On Your Phone!

    These apps will help you watch free live TV on Android TV. Remember, if you live outside an app’s region, a high-quality paid VPN could be your new best friend.

    There are plenty of other Android TV apps worth downloading, many of them that we consider essential. Be sure to explore everything that Android TV has to offer.

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    Using An Hdmi Cable To Connect Your iPhone To Your TV

    This might be the cheapest way for you to use your apps and see your favorite content on a bigger screen, and the good news its itll also support both sound and video and is really simple. If you have an iPad, this method might be useful for you as well although you may need a different type of adapter .

    Download TV Shows To iPhone In 3 Ways

    1) When you open your favorite TV show, you will get a “Download” button by side of the video window. Click and select the resolution you want and download the show.

    2) Or you can directly drag and drop the show URL to the main interface. And the program will start to download the show.

    3) You also can copy the TV show link address, and then click the “Paste URL” button on the main interface. The show will be downloaded immediately.

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    App : Sling TV: Best For Options

    Sling TV is the best choice if price is your highest priority. While Sling TV isn’t without its faults, it does offer the lowest pricing and the widest selection of plans, packages, and add-on channels. This makes it easy to pay the lowest price to get the exact channel lineup you want.

    Sling TV starts at only $25/month, unmatched by any other app on our list . It has two base-tier plans to choose from, and they’re both $25. In fact, the most expensive plan is the same price as the base plan for other apps on our list. However, things can get pretty complicated fast.

    Sling TV has two base-tier plans: Sling Orange and Sling Blue. Sling Orange has one set of channels, and Sling Blue has a different channel lineup and doesn’t include the channels in Sling Orange. So if one of your must-have channels is on the Orange tier and another is on the Blue tier, you’ll have to purchase both base tier plans for $40 a month. And that’s before you start talking add-ons.

    Sling TV is also the only app that charges for access to the cloud DVR service. You must spend an additional $5 on top of the monthly fee to access the DVR, which has one huge limitation â you can’t record any Disney-owned channels, including ABC, Disney Channel, and ESPN.

    Which Apps Have Live TV

    Elgato EyeTV Mobile Review

    Best TV streaming service

    • YouTube TV. Learn more. on YouTube.
    • Hulu + Live TV. Learn more. on Hulu.com.
    • Hulu + Live TV. Learn more. on Hulu.com.
    • Disney+ Learn more. on Disney+
    • Sling TV. Learn more. on Sling TV.
    • AT&T TV. Learn more. on AT&T TV.
    • Apple TV+ Learn more. on Apple.
    • FuboTV. Learn more. on FuboTV.

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    Viki: Free TV Drama & Movies

    Viki is the best TV application for Android in the event that you like to watch remote substance. This application is by all accounts made for South Koreans as a top priority first however does include some substance suitable for US viewers. I exceedingly prescribe the Korean cleansers which accompany subtitles; there are some truly sentimental stories there.

    This application was prescribed by a female associate of mine and I truly enjoyed the nature of features. Its a free TV application for Android so it doesnt generally hurt much to attempt.

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    • Top 5 Apps for a Cozy Quarantine

    Los Angeles

    Benefits Of Watching Television On Your Own Schedule

    There are numerous advantages to watching TV anywhere, anytime and from any device. You can use primetime hours for doing the things that you want instead of following your TV programming schedule. Certain cable providers even allow video subscribers to watch live channels on mobile devices. You can move from room to room in your house with your device in hand, or you can start a show in one room, and finish it on another device in another room. If you are watching TV on your mobile device and then you receive a phone call, you can continue your programming on a different device without further interruption. Whether you wish to stream new live content or enjoy the greatest hits, advanced technology and services allow you to transform everyday happenings into more exciting and entertaining experiences. With such flexibility, your whole family will be happy with the different viewing options available. In addition, your friends will be delighted to learn of their entertainment choices at your house or apartment. Youll have fun watching programs on an array of devices, and the viewing process will become a fun and dynamic event. Once youve become less reliant on your TV set for entertainment, and have adapted to benefit from watching TV anywhere, youll have more time for the important things in your life.

    Looking to watch free TV, movies and more? Learn more about Watchathon Week, Xfinity’s yearly week-long watching event full of free content!

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    These Free Live TV Apps Lets You Cut The Cable Subscription Fee And Watch TV Programs

    One of the best aspects of using a smartphone or tablet is that they are portable entertainment boxes you can take wherever you go. As well as gaming, emailing, browsing the Internet, taking photos, and a whole lot more, you can also watch live TV channels or keep up with the news on the go with Live TV apps. Many streaming services offer apps to watch live tv online form smartphones.

    How To Watch Hulu With A Gaming Console

    How To Stream Live TV On Your Phone (4 FREE Apps)

    Video game consoles can be used for a lot more than just playing games. They can play Hulu on your TV, too. To do so, you can set up your Microsoft Xbox 360 or Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, or Sony PlayStation 3 and 4 and find the Hulu app before streaming content.

    Although this isnt the best option to watch Hulu on your TV, it comes in handy if you own one and dont want to get an Apple TV or a Chromecast. The only hassle is having to type anything from your controller.

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    How To Watch Live TV On Android

    ;Android is one of the best mobile device operating systems in existence. And, as it it happens, it’s one of the best streaming platforms, too. See, your Android tablet or phone is capable of streaming all kinds of amazing content, from on-demand shows and movies to live TV. Yes, you can watch live TV on Android and you don’t need cable to do it. Below, we’ll lay out the different types of services that you can use to watch live TV on Android, and we’ll run through the specific services that you may want to try out. Here’s how to watch live TV on Android.

    Here are a few of our favorite ways to stream live TV on Android:


    Access Your Dvr Recordings

  • Be;sure youre connected to a Wi-Fi® network and make sure your show has finished recording.
  • Open the DIRECTV App and tap Watch Your DVR.
  • Choose On DVR and play any fully recorded show or movie from your DVR playlist.
  • Select the down arrow to start downloading the show or movie to your device.
  • Tap My downloads and choose the show you want to watch.
  • Quick tip:

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    Watch Hulu On Your TV Via Chromecast

    Google Chromecast is a small device that lets you quickly set up Hulu in a tap or click of a button, and the video youre watching will be instantly cast onto your TV.

  • Plug your Chromecast into a wall socket or TV USB port to power it up
  • Plug it into an HDMI port on your TV using an HDMI cable
  • Connect your smartphone or tablet to Chromecast in the Google Home app
  • Start watching Hulu from your tablet or smartphone
  • Tap the streaming button at the upper-right side of your devices screen
  • Select the right HDMI source from your TV
  • Enjoy your movie
  • The Tools Of The Trade

    How to Watch Live TV on Your iPhone Using Channels Without ...

    You’ll need a TV tuner card or USB stick plugged into your PC — this can be terrestrial , cable or satellite , depending on what signal you have.

    In order to stream the signal over the Internet you’ll need to download a free media centre app called MediaPortal, along with a free plug-in called iPiMP. Make sure you download version of iPiMP from the Downloads list.

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    Stream Nfl Games Away From Home

    Watch live games every Sunday with the NFL SUNDAY TICKET Appexclusively from DIRECTV. NFL SUNDAY TICKET subscription sold separately.

    • Which devices does the DIRECTV App support?DIRECTV customers can download the free DIRECTV® App onto these devices to watch their favorite entertainment:1. iPhone® SE or later running iOS 11 or above2. iPad® Air2 or later running iOS 11 or above3. Any phone or tablet running Android® 6.0 API 23 software or above
    • What devices are supported by the NFL SUNDAY TICKET app?Dont miss any of the NFL Sunday actioneven when youre on the go.NFL SUNDAY TICKET subscribers can download the free NFL SUNDAY TICKET app. Review our comprehensive list of supported mobile devices, gaming consoles and web browsers.
    • How do I download a program to a mobile device with the DIRECTV App?To download a program to your mobile device with the DIRECTV App, your device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your HD DVR.1. Open the DIRECTV App2. Tap Watch on Phone/Tablet3. Select Watch Your DVR4. Tap On DVR which will display your DVR playlist5. Select a program and . The program is then prepared on your HD DVR to view on your mobile device. A status bar displays download progress and changes to a play button once download is complete.

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