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What Do You Get With Sling TV

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What’s The Deal With The Cloud Dvr

what channel you get on sling tv

With its Sling now includes 10 hours of DVR storage with its plans. On most devices you can pay an extra $5 per month to get 50 hours of storage.

The service is designed to mimic the functionality of the physical digital video recorder box available from many cable and satellite services, allowing you to record and play back recorded shows and skip commercials on certain channels.

Is Sling For You

Many cable packages brag about how you can get hundreds of channels, but how many do you watch?

I kept a time journal one week and discovered that outside of the basic cable, I only watched three channels: ESPN, History, and Discovery. I only watch ESPN for live sports and History/Discovery when I am bored and channel surfing. We watch no appointment TV, which is when you set aside time to watch a show live.

That meant 99% of our television watching was basic cable or something off Netflix or .

In essence, Im paying $85 a month for ESPN. Thats crazy.

With Sling, you only pay $35 to watch ESPN.

If you have TV watching habits like me, you need to give their 7-day trial a shot. Or you should just cancel cable and see if you even notice!

Besides illegal streaming, SlingTV is easily one of the best alternatives to cable television service.

For a limited time, Sling TV will give you a free Air TV Mini when you sign up for a month of Sling TV. This turns any TV with an HDMI port into a TV that can run Sling and other internet services

The best part, you can give it a whirl for free for 7 days. I know lots of people who tried it, while keeping their cable, just to see. Some of them decided they preferred cable. Many realized their TV watching habits didnt justify paying for cable.

Some of the best reasons to use Sling include:

What Sling TV Channels Can I Watch In My Area

No need to pay an additional fee, with Sling TV you’ll be able to get local coverage for your area across ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, Univision and Telemundo. Local news channels will be available with Sling Blue or when you opt for both Sling Blue and Orange, as Blue is the package that offers access to news-based channels.

With Sling Blue, you can watch live local programming from both NBC and Fox across the US. You can find out more about watching Sling TV channels in your area on Sling TV’s website.

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Does Sling TV Include Dvr

Sling TV does offer cloud DVR functionality with all three of its base packages. Each comes with 50 hours of storage.

You can pay an additional $5 per month to upgrade to 200 hours of storage.

The amount of storage is nowhere near the unlimited allotment given to YouTube TV subscribers, but it still is a marked improvement from the 10 hours that Sling TV provided before its latest upgrade.

The functionality of Slings cloud DVR is good. You can record multiple shows, movies or sporting events at the same time. And, unlike Hulu + Live TV, youre able to fast forward right through the ads in the content youve saved on the DVR.


Which Sports Channels Does Sling TV Have

Best Sling TV Deals 2020: All the Offers You Can Get When ...

Sling TV is one of the few services that offers NFL RedZone! Get the Sports Extra for $15 per month to enjoy the best channel in the world .

Slings sports channels are a little slim, so its not the best option for sports fans. We would recommend fuboTV or YouTube TV if youre looking for a live TV streaming service with lots of sports channels.

If youre sold on the low price or only want a few sports channels, stick with Sling.

Sling Orange includes the following sports channels:

  • ESPN

Sling Blue includes the following sports channels:

  • NFL Network

Sling Orange + Blue includes the following sports channels:

  • ESPN
  • Stadium
  • TNT

To make sure you get all of the channels you and the family want , take advantage of that free trial.

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A Closer Look At Sling TV

Sling TV is a digital media player that gives you access to many of the best cable and broadcasting channels. For a small monthly fee of $30 per month, you can access even more digital content than your cable provider provides.

Unlike cable, you wont have to sign a contract or rent a cable box. Instead, youll need to purchase a Sling TV device and hook it up to your flatscreen. Once its installed, youll gain access to dozens of media outlets and can access your favorite shows.

How Can I Watch Sling TV

You’ll need to subscribe at and set up an account, then install the app on a supported device.

Once you have the device and app installed, you’ll be able to sign in and start watching anywhere in the US that has stable internet connection, whether wired, Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Sling TV is currently available on the following devices.

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Sling TV Local Channels: Can You Get Fox Abc Nbc Or Cbs

Home » TV » Streaming » Sling TV Review: Best Budget Live Streaming Service or Waste of Money? » Sling TV Local Channels: Can You Get FOX, ABC, NBC, or CBS?


If youre thinking about cutting the cord in favor of using streaming services, one of the things you might be wondering is how you can watch local channels without cable.

For many people, antennas are a solid option, but they dont work for everyone. And frankly, some people just dont like the hassle of using an antenna or of switching back and forth between inputs for antenna channels and streaming.

One of the most popular cable TV alternatives for streaming live TV is Sling TV. With Sling TV, you get many of the most popular cable channels, from ESPN to CNN to HGTV and more, streaming live to your device.

But what about your locals? Which Sling TV local channels can you expect to get when you sign up?

Read on to learn more about streaming local channels with Sling TV.

Can Sling Replace Your Existing TV Service

Get Sling TV For Free!

Ah, now thats the question, isnt it? Unfortunately, it isnt one I cant answer for you, because it really depends on what you like to watch and how important certain featureslike DVRare to you.

Looking at channels, the best thing I can tell you to do is something Im sure you already know: compare it to what you have now. Missing anything? If so, how important are those channels to you? Thats what youre going to have to think about.

Looking to the horizon, we know DVR service is on the wayits already in testing. Within the next few months, it will hopefully be available to everyone. So really, even if Sling wont work for you right now, it may in the futurejust keep it in mind.

Of course, its also worth mentioning that Sling isnt the be-all-end-all when it comes to streaming TV. There are other services out therePlayStation Vue, DirecTV Now, and Hulu are all in on the streaming thing, and they each have pros and cons compared to both Sling and your traditional cable service. Well be taking a closer look at each of those in the coming weeks, which should help you make a more informed decision.

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Benefits Of Choosing Sling

The main benefit of using Sling is that you can cancel at any time. Unlike cable, youre not signing any contract. This way, if you want to take a break for the month, you can unsub without consequences.

However, you are restricted to the channels they offer per subscription. Luckily, SlingTV is much cheaper than standard cable. Youd be getting access to all the popular networks for less of a charge.

Plus, you dont have to invest in an external box to stream your favorite shows. You can access SlingTV from any device. They even have recently added web browser support so you can virtually stream from anywhere that has wifi access.

Sling TV Channels Vs Hulu Live Channels

When it comes to Sling TV’s key competitors, Hulu and its Live TV package is likely the most similar in terms of its offering of both on-demand TV shows and movies, as well as the option to tune into live broadcasting.

While Sling TV offers 50 channels when bundling together both its Blue and Orange plans, Hulu + Live TV brings you over 75 channels to watch live. These include channels like The CW, VH1, and MTV, as well as some of the same channels as Sling TV, such as CBS, Fox, and ESPN.

More does come at a price, though, setting you back $64.99 a month for the Hulu + Live TV package. There is the option of a 7-day Hulu free trial, though, and it’s fair to say Hulu makes a big name for itself in terms of its quality entertainment, from Hulu originals like Palm Springs to The Handmaid’s Tale.

Meanwhile Sling TV sets you back $25 a month for its full selection of channels across its Blue and Orange plans, with the option to pay additional fees for content from the likes of Starz and Showtime. There is no Sling TV free trial currently in sight, that doesn’t mean Sling TV is void of a good deal. In fact, Sling TV deals are an almost permanent fixture, including its $10 offer for the first month of your Sling TV membership.

Really, it comes down to personal preference and what you want to watch, as well as your budget, with both Sling TV and Hulu offering fantastic cord-cutter options for those who still want to watch live TV.

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Can You Watch Cbs On Sling TV

No, Sling TV has never carried CBS in its channel lineup, and we dont expect them to add the channel in the foreseeable future. Other services like FuboTV and Hulu Live TV do let you stream CBS in many markets.

If you want this channel, check out our guide on how to watch CBS online with other streaming services.

Navigating Local Network Channels

How do i get sling tv on my smart tv, ALQURUMRESORT.COM

Local channels are the smaller, region-specific networks affiliated with one main broadcaster. For example, KCBS-TV in Los Angeles and KCNC-TV in Denver are the regional affiliates for CBS. Theyre called local channels because they broadcast content to one specific television market or city and give you access to live TV programming based on your area. So they mostly focus on regional news content and broadcast games from local sporting events.

Local channels provide over-the-air programming that you can access for free even without a cable subscription. But you typically need an over-the-air antenna for this, although some live TV streaming services also let you access them without one. On Sling TV, for instance, you can access local programming from FOX and NBC in select markets.

For FOX, the designated market areas include:

  • Atlanta

And the designated market areas for NBC are:

  • Boston
  • San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose
  • Washington, DC

Although the service doesnt fare too well when it comes to local channels, it stands out in other aspects such as Spanish-language programming. In fact, it even has a dedicated package for a Spanish-speaking audience called Sling TV Latino. Learn more about it in our Sling TV Latino guide.

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Sling TV Supported Devices

Sling TV is available on many devices. The one notable exception is Sling TV is not available on the Playstation 4 or 5 game consoles. Below is a list of all the supported devices right now, though this list is subject to change:

  • Xbox X and Xbox S

  • iOS computers

  • Chromecast and TVs containing built-in Chromecasts

How Do You Know Slingtv Is For You

If youre unsure which the package would be right for you, and then there are a few options you can try. Luckily, SlingTV often has promotions going on where you can get a trial version of their services. Some of their trails range from 3 to 7 days and allow you to experience what it would be like to have a monthly subscription.

However, Sling also announced its 2020 service optimizer. This tool asks you to input the channels you want, and it will help select which services youll need. It can be helpful if youre unsure which services to get.

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What Do You Mean By Packages

Okay, so we said that there are 2 Sling TV packages along with the add-on packages. What do we mean by this? Its relatively simple. Each of the basic packages contain some of the same networks but also a different set of other networks. If you combine them, you get everything Sling TV has to offer at a basic level.

Add-on packages are customizable for Sling Blue or Sling Orange and they include things like Sports Extra, Comedy Extra, Kids Extra, News Extra, and more. You can also pay for a cloud DVR so you can record your favorites if you have to miss them. And Sling TV offers subscriptions to popular premium channels like Starz, Showtime, and more.

Which Service Has A Bigger On

Review: Air TV 2 From Sling TV – Watch ABC, CBS, FOX, & NBC With Sling TV

Most live TV streaming services offer on-demand content from the channels in their lineups. If you see a TV show or movie in a channels programming lineup, you can probably watch it on-demand for some time after it airs. Both Hulu + Live TV and Sling TV offer such on-demand content. If there is a particular entertainment channel that you enjoy watching that is only available on one of these services, you should choose that service.

Hulu + Live TV has a huge advantage over Sling TV in that a subscription includes access to its extensive on-demand library of movies, TV shows, and original productions. At the time of publishing Hulus on-demand library of shows includes animations , comedies , dramas . FX shows on Hulu also get a special hub.

Some of Hulus original shows, such as Castle Rock, Casual, Catch-22, Harlots, Ramy, The Handmaids Tale, and the Veronica Mars reboot, are worth a watch, too. Just don’t expect the same number of quality options as you get with Netflix or Prime Video.

Winner: Hulu + Live TV

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How To Get The Best Sling TV Deal Online

If you want to take advantage of the new Sling TV deal, you can to get the $10 offer. The deal also includes FREE DVR Plus for your first month, which lets you record up to 200 hours of live TV to watch on-demand .

Get your first month of Sling TV for $10 here. Once you sign up, youll get instant access to the streaming service. Theres no bulky cable box or installation required.

Costs Savings Compared To Cable

According to a PwC study, traditional TV subscriptions have dropped by 10% in the past two years alone, with one-third of users switching to streaming services. This is likely because of the overall savings of streaming services versus cable.

I know we just threw a lot of numbers at you, but lets break it all down.

Lets say you purchased the orange and blue plan for $45. Then you purchased every extra above for $35. Lets do the math

Even if you purchased everything listed above, you still would only pay a combined fee of $80 per month! Thats still less than cable!

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Sling TV Channels App Packages Price And Plans

Sling TV lets you watch live TV at a much lower price than cable and satellite packages. This is your chance to cut the cord and still get many of the channels you want to watch, all while saving a ton of money. Right now, Sling TV is just $10 for the first month for new subscribers. And a new and improved Sling app is now available on Android TV and the AirTV Mini, in addition to Fire TV and Roku.

Sling is one of the best cable TV alternatives and allows users to watch live sports, news and hit TV shows and movies. The service also offers premium add-ons like Showtime. Sling TV seals the deal with an affordable prices, customizable plans and compatibility with most major streaming devices.

In addition to live TV, Sling has a Cloud DVR feature that lets viewers record 50 hours of their favorite shows to watch later. The service also offers some ability to rewind a show and watch older programs on demand. Sling TV packages include some local networks, ESPN and a bundle of favorites like AMC, Food Network, HGTV, Lifetime and the Disney Channel, as well as RedZone from the NFL Network.

Sling TV isn’t the only OTT service for those looking to cut the cord, though, as Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV, Fubo TV, AT& T TV Now and Philo TV all stream live TV, though their channel lineups, features and prices vary.

Is Sling TV’s cable TV alternative worth the money? Read on.

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