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What Is The Thinnest TV

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Item Reliability: How Solid And Sturdy A Thinnest 32 Inch TV Is Ought To Be A Sign Of How Long It Will Turn Out For You

The thinnest TV ever! LG OLED AI TV

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Best TV 202: Our Top Picks For Smart TVs

The best TVs in 2022 for all budgets

2022 was a huge year for the best TVs. Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony and more all vied to claim the top stop in home entertainment but with so much choice, how do you narrow down the best TV you can buy in 2022?

Its a tough task, especially with how often new tech is debuted. The likes of Samsung and LG announced major display upgrades at CES 2022, meaning more top TVs are likely just around the corner. Even without brand new releases in the mix, though, theres still the question of 4K or 8K, with 16K TVs even on the horizon, too.

Buying a new TV can feel confusing to say the least, which is why weve pieced together this authoritative guide. Well help walk you through the best televisions currently on the market, suitable for any room, and for all your viewing needs. Should you only be interested in gaming screens, however, we suggest you check out our best gaming TVs guide instead.

Given how budgets are often the most challenging hurdle of TV buying, weve tested a wide mix of the best smart TVs, from mid-range to premium options. Marrying together good quality and affordability can be difficult, even more so when you want to purchase tech from one of the top three manufacturers. Although many households wont be able to afford more premium end options, like LG C1 OLED, that doesnt mean you cant find a great budget deal.

What Can Smart TVs Do

Smart TVs are internet-connected televisions. That means you can use them to browse through your favorite streaming apps as well as do a few other things such as control smart home devices or browse the internet. A TV that does not have smart capabilities is referred to as a dumb TV because it requires a set-top box or streaming stick to use streaming apps.

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The Resident Season 5 Episode 5 Review: The Thinnest Veil

Are your jaws off the ground yet, or are you all still processing those last five minutes?

The season continues to surprise us by taking us in unexpected directions. But a beautifully well done The Resident Season 5 Episode 5 has transported us intot he unknown in the most shocking manner of the series to date.

Did The Resident just advance the storyline by roughly five years this early into the season?

It’s hard to think about anything other than that final scene, but we’ll try to get into everything else.

The Resident has always excelled at their Halloween installments, which have become a staple for the series. Of course, this one was no exception, incorporating everything from the spooky, horror-themed notes, a little fun, humor, cute costumes, fascinating cases, and honoring the dead.

The Resident always knows how to balance it all, and this particular themed hour was more touching than usual in the wake of Nic’s death.

One can appreciate the hour acknowledging the pagan, religious, and cultural parts of this time of year. It centered on honoring the dead, whether it was Dumb Supper as was the case here, or All Saints/Souls Day or Día de Los Muertos, it’s refreshing when series explore this time of year from other angles.

It’s a running theme of many series within the past two years, exploring grief in all of its forms. Once again, Czuchry knocked it out of the park.

It’s the little, seemingly mundane things that get you the most after a loss.

He respected Bell.

Lg Gx Gallery Design Oled TV


The LG GX Series is the companys answer to Samsungs The Frame, as its also meant to act as a digital art frame in addition to acting as a smart TV. The GX is thinner than The Frame it measures in at less than an inch thick, or 0.9 inches to be exact and looks absolutely incredible when mounted flush to a wall. However, the GX lacks access to the works of art available in the Samsung Art Store. That being said, the GX boasts seriously impressive picture quality. The OLED display looks incredibly crisp while the a9 3rd generation 4K processor helps produce images and sound thats some of the best in its class.

As we discussed with the LG WX, a TV this thin just cant sound that great, and the GX is no exception. If you really want a full viewing experience, we highly recommend pairing this ultra-thin TV with a sound bar.

The Bottom Line: While The Frame from Samsung has more to offer in terms of displaying artwork, the LG GX offers an even thinner frame and incredible picture quality thanks to LG OLED display technology. While its not nearly as thin as the Wallpaper OLED TV, it does offer major savings on price.

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When Should I Buy A Smart TV

With all technology, there’s always something new around the corner such as 8K. Simply put, you should buy a smart TV when you need one.

If your existing TV has failed or you want to upgrade, check out our guides for more information on what would work best for you.

Almost every new set aside from small TVs will be 4K resolution too, and come with some form of HDR capability, if not support for dynamic HDR formats like Dolby Vision and HDR10+.

It’s worth considering whether you also want to go for a QLED or OLED TV too.

While new TVs are launched quite regularly amongst the main brands, it’s often worth hanging back and buying last year’s models. They’re usually available for a lower price and the improvements are typically incremental rather than substantial.

As ever, it’s worth looking at the differences between a new model and the version it’s replacing. The introduction of Samsung’s Ultra Viewing Angle technology was a big boon for its high-end QLEDs as is the implementation of Mini LED on new Samsung TVs but other updates aren’t nearly as notable.

Lg Oled Wallpaper TVs

While many brands have dabbled in making super-thin TVs, LG considers it a specialty. And at CES 2017 it showed off a display that no one had been able to create thus far an incredible 2.5mm Wallpaper prototype that was simply the thinnest any manufacturer has been able to produce so far.

Of course, this particular prototype was mostly for showing off. LG did promise a more marketable version of the concept with its OLED W7 models, which clocked it at a still-very-impressive 3.85mm, another record that no one else has been able to beat.

Of course, as we mentioned, these incredible designs tend to go through changes when the time comes for mass production and shipping, and ultra-thin models tend to be available for only short periods before companies focus on models with broader appeal and more durability. Thats why you cant find the 3.85mm TV in stores anymore, but you can get close if youre willing to spend a lot. The LG 65-inch WX model model is available at around only 5mm, while this LG 65-inch GX is about 20mm: Still very thin, but large enough to comfortably set up in a traditional entertainment system.

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Breguet Classique Tourbillon Extra

Giving Arnold & Son a run for its money was Breguet, which unveiled the Classique Tourbillon Extra-Thin Automatic 5377 at Baselworld 2014. Tucked inside its 7 mm thick case is Calibre 581DR movement, which is 3 mm thick and fortified by a high energy barrel . That movement also delivers an impressively high frequency of 4-Hz, and includes a peripheral winding motor in addition to automatic winding. Throw in a dial design thats as avant-garde as it is elegant and you have yourself a classic, indeed. Breguet was founded by Abraham-Louis Breguet in Paris, France, and has been a subsidiary of the Swiss Swatch Group since 1999.

Release: 2014Price: around $137,000

Lg Has Slimmed Its New Flexible TV Screen To The Thickness Of A Credit Card

LG W7 OLED: the thinnest television ever at CES 2017?

After many years of technological advancements to reduce their power consumption, organic light-emitting diode screens are finally emerging as a higher-performing alternative to LCD TVs that people could at least imagine owning. LG has been selling super-pricey OLED TVs since 2013. The first model in the U.S. was a 55-inch HD screen that cost $15,000, but prices have been dropping fast: LGs latest 55-inch, 4K-resolution model lists for $2,500.

OLEDs boast rich color and stratospheric contrast levels, but they havent yet delivered the truly sci-fi aspect promised for over a decade: paper-thin screens that can stick to the wall like wallpaper. Now, LG has come awfully close with a new flexible TV screen only the thickness of a credit card.

There are a few cheats. The W7 needs to hang on a steel mounting plate that takes the total thickness to three millimeters and requires the screen, for now at least, to lie flat on a wall. The W7 screen is attached by a cable to a box about the size of a soundbar that provides all the video processing and smart TV functions, as well as a Dolby Atmos surround-sound system. The W7 is still far from a TV that you can roll up and carry under your arm, but it bestows bragging rights to having what appears to be the thinnest TV out there. LG promises everything else, too, saying that the W7 will perform as well as its best OLED models in aspects like high dynamic range and color quality .

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Rado True Thinline Automatic

While Bulgari and Piagets ultra-thin tourbillon watches are certainly a sight to behold, its mostly a look, but dont touch situation given their exorbitant price tags. At the more consumer-friendly end of the spectrum is the Rado True Thinline Automatic. Awash with high-tech ceramic and powered by self-winding mechanical movement, the piece offers a case thats 40 mm in diameter and 4.9 mm thick. That makes it a slim and sturdy stunner you can actually afford. Not only is this one of the slimmest timepieces around, but its also a great minimalist watch.

Thickness: 4.9 mmPrice: around $2,100

The Thinnest TVs For Sale In 2021

As of December 2021, the thinnest TVs for sale are:

Like we said, there arent a ton of TVs available yet in this product category yet. At the moment, LG and Samsung are the two front runners when it comes to ultra-thin display technology. Both brands have some incredible products in this category right now, although none of these products are particularly affordable. In addition, both Samsung and LG have some insanely cool display technology in the works for the near future.

In the past few years, weve seen TV companies like Sony, LG and Samsung debut ultra-thin TVs or flexible rolling screens at consumer trade shows like CES. However, most of these models were never widely available, and so we arent including them here.

For now, you can find the thinnest TVs for sale in 2021 below. Keep reading for a preview of some thin TVs coming later in 2021.

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The Worlds Thinnest Televisions

Youve probably noticed how amazingly thin todays TVs can get, but are you curious to know just how thin a TV can be? Are there TVs you can put on up the wall like a poster? How thin can a display get before its just not functional?

Fortunately for all of us, the top TV manufacturers in the world have made great efforts to find out, especially with the dawn of OLED screens. These super-thin TVs make a great impression at CES and add some wow factor that brands capitalize on, although they can be difficult to find in the wild . But that doesnt make them any less cool! So lets take a look at the slimmest of them all, starting with the king of this particular field LG.

The Technology Behind A Slim TV

LG unveils " lightest, thinnest, most beautiful TV on the ...

To understand how TVs can be so thin, first consider their most basic operating component, the pixel. In the case of an LCD, a pixel consists of a tiny aperture covered by color filters as well as a layer containing liquid crystal structures. Light passes through the hole, is dimmed or blocked completely by the liquid crystal, and then is colored by the appropriate filter. Commands, such as those relating to brightness levels and which filter to activate, are sent by a graphics processing unit across a thin-film transistor, which is just a bunch of super-thin, essentially see-through wires pressed onto a transparent plastic sheet. All the components that actually affect the backlight are designed to be as thin as possible, and the display itself has always been the thinnest part of a panel. It’s taken advanced lighting technology to compress high-quality LEDs to the point where they barely add any thickness, either, resulting in the newest ultra-slim LCD TVs.

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The 10 Best Ultra Thin TVs Of 2022

Thanks to massive improvements in display technology, you can find nowadays many impressive TVs that are ultra-thin. These are ideal for taking up less space in the living room while providing an extra stylish look for any area. If you wish to invest in the thinnest and slimmest TVs available right now, youve come to the right place. This article contains a great selection of televisions with various features and screen sizes. The only thing they have in common is the thickness of fewer than three inches.

Opting for a very thin TV can be a smart idea, especially if you plan on mounting the device on the wall. The reduced thickness will create a more elegant visual effect thats easier to integrate into the rooms overall design. Although its safe to say that you need to spend a lot of money for an ultra-thin TV, there are a few models that can also fit smaller budgets. This article aims to provide you with a balanced list of the best ultra-thin televisions currently on the market. Check it out down below.

With a very competitive value-per-cost ratio and decent thinness, the TCL 55-inch 6-Series is worth a shot. This Smart TV offers 4K image quality through its QLED Quantum Dot display. Its packed with THX Certified Game Mode while arriving with optimized voice control features to enhance user control. There are four HDMI inputs provided while the Mini-LED technology delivers excellent picture clarity.

For Gamers: Best TV For Video Games

Buy a gaming TV if:

  • You want low input lag: The lower the TVs input lag, the less time between when something happens in the game and when you see it on your screen.
  • You want the latest gaming-friendly HDMI 2.1 features: The newest HDMI 2.1 specification includes a number of gaming-friendly features like automatic low-latency mode, variable refresh rate, and the bandwidth to pass a 4K 120 Hz signal. While many TVs might support one or two HDMI 2.1 features, only a select few currently support the higher bandwidth.

Buy another type of TV if:

  • You dont play video games: Other TVs can deliver great performance for movie- and TV-watching for a lower price.

Why we like it: In addition to being our favorite overall performer for movies, the LG C1 OLED TV supports all the HDMI 2.1 features you could want for gaming, including 4K 120 Hz inputs, ALLM, VRR, and HGIG. In addition, it has one of the lowest input lags weve measured on a TV, its game mode offers accurate colors, and it has superior viewing angles and pixel-response times compared with LCD TVs. It supports AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync for PC gamers, too. Unlike almost every other HDMI 2.1 display out there, the C1 supports HDMI 2.1 on every HDMI input , not just one or two.

Available sizes: 48, 55, 65, 77, and 83 inchesHDMI ports: four

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Oled Smart TVs Are The Thinnest

Why are OLED televisions so much thinner than an LED or QLED model? Well the reason lies in its technology. As you may have read, the term OLED is the acronym for organic English light-emitting diodes. Or what is the same: each pixel of this type of screen is characterized by being illuminated autonomously.

With this, purer blacks are achieved. More than anything because lighting a pixel independently does not affect the other pixels around it. And the other great advantage is that it does not need a light panel to provide more light. Therefore, the OLED screens on the one hand are thinner than an LED panel due to the technology it incorporates.

In addition, it is not necessary to add a layer of lights behind the OLED panel to illuminate the pixels, making them also much thinner and lighter. If you take a Smart TV with this technology, and an LED model, you will notice a difference in weight and thickness that is quite remarkable.

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