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What Shows Are On Apple TV Plus

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The Morning Show Season 3 Cast Speculation

Apple TV Plus Review- Pricing, Shows, & Is It Worth It?

The cast is led by Jennifer Aniston playing Alex Levy and Reese Witherspoon as former field reporter Bradley Jackson, who becomes Alexs co-host, so if the show does return then we can expect both of them to return.

Other actors we could expect to return with Aniston and Witherspoon include Billy Crudup, , Nestor Carbonell, Karen Pittman, Greta Lee and Desean Terry.

Additionally, The Good Wife star could return as journalist Laura Peterson.

It is unknown if Bel Powley would make a return considering her reduced role in the second run.

However, one person who would not return unless in flashbacks would be Steve Carrell as Mitch Kessler after the controversial figure was killed off in the second run.

Italian actress Valeria Golino could potentially return, however, like Kesslers lover, Paola Lambruschini.

Apple TV Shows And Movies Coming Soon

GreyhoundStatus: Premiering July 10

In this true life tale, Tom Hanks plays a Navy commander on his first war-time assignment defending a merchant ship convoy under attack by submarines in early 1942 during the Battle of the Atlantic, only months after the U.S. officially entered World War II.

Little VoiceStatus: Premiering July 10

A music-focused half hour series, executive produced by J.J. Abrams and featuring original music by Sara Bareilles, Little Voice will focus on a singer-songwriter trying to get her start in the world.

Ted LassoStatus: Premiering August 14

This comedy stars Jason Sudeikis as a small-time college football coach from Kansas hired to coach a professional soccer team in England, despite having no experience coaching soccer.

FoundationStatus: Scheduled for 2021

Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series is one of the most influential works in the world of sci-fi, the kind of content that will come with massive expectations and a high degree of difficulty. The Dark Knight writer David S. Goyer is an executive producer and showrunner.

Plus, Apple TV Plus has a ton of shows in various stages of development. Some have been given series orders, some have already begun production, while others have only inked their deals.

On the RocksStatus: Reportedly started production in Feb. 2019.

Untitled Brie Larson DramaStatus: Straight-to-series order.

Untitled Damien Chazelle DramaStatus: Straight-to-series order.

ShantaramStatus: 10 episodes ordered


Get Rolling With Otis

Watch Trailer Released October 8 1 season

Otis the tractor is here to help others in this animated kids series that takes place on Long Hill Dairy Farm. You may recognize Otis from the popular childrens book series of the same name.

Jon Stewart returns to television with a more serious tone. In each hour-long episode, The Problem with Jon Stewart examines global issues relating to current affairs and Stewarts advocacy work, and aims to raise conversations around possible solutions.

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Killers Of The Flower Moon

“Killers of the Flower Moon” is a high-profile movie coming to Apple TV+. Based on the David Grann book of the same name, “Killers of the Flower Moon” tells the story of the Osage Nation in 1920s Oklahoma, where the Native Americans were murdered one by one. Amid the rising death toll, the FBI took up the case and unraveled a conspiracy and one of the most monstrous crimes in American history, now known as the Reign of Terror.

Notable names: Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert DeNiro, Jesse Plemons, Brendan Fraser, Lily Gladstone, and Tantoo Cardinal will star, Martin Scorsese is the director.

Apple TV Plus Performance Great Picture Quality

Apple TV Plus: All the shows and movies so far
  • Excellent image quality
  • Dolby Vision/Atmos support

Whichever device Ive watched Apple TV Plus on, the picture has looked great. For this review, TV Plus has been viewed on Samsung Tizen TVs, Hisense Roku TV, Roku streaming device, Fire TV Cube and an iPad. Quality has been enjoyable across the board with some differences in brightness levels, depending on the device.

Apple Originals are available in 4K HDR, with support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

The Morning Show, Dickinson and For All Mankind demonstrate the greatest pop in terms of colours the crimson red dress Emily wears or the opening titles of The Morning Show stand out from memory, but theyre nevertheless reasonably naturalistic looking productions.

Blacks are deep in For All Mankind and light sources/HDR is used well to create a sense of depth. HDR seems to be subtly used to strengthen colours rather than radically embellish them. Dolby Vision HDR wasnt viewed for this review.

The digital sheen gives TV Plus productions a clean, sharp and detailed look. Whether its the natural landscapes in See and The Elephant Queen or the Manhattan/Los Angeles settings of The Morning Show, it all looks impressively refined.

Viewers would also benefit from a sound system as Atmos is supported in several titles. Action and music are frequently placed in rear speakers, creating a sense of space and distance. The opening titles of See are a great example of using the rear channels immersing the viewer.

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The Problem With Jon Stewart

Given his track record in the business, its a safe bet that any fan of Jon Stewart, former host of satirical news program The Daily Show, will flock to his new Apple TV+ late-night current affairs series. In each hour-long episode, released weekly and filmed in front of a live studio audience, Stewart will be focusing on a different issue that is part of the national conversation and that pertains to his own advocacy work. For those who want to listen on the go, every episode is also released alongside a companion podcast. The Problem with Jon Stewart premieres on September 30.

: Jon Stewart

Apple TV Channels And Other Content

Although theyre not technically part of the Apple TV Plus program, Apple TV Channels are a great way to get more out of your experience with the Apple TV app while waiting for more original content. It turns the service into something more like traditional cable TV, but without all the bloat.

The Apple TV Channels program is essentially an a la carte selection of TV channels and streaming services that you can subscribe to within the Apple TV app. This allows you to consolidate most of your streaming services into one place, with Apple getting a cut of every Apple TV subscription.

Its easy and convenient to subscribe with your Apple account from within the app, but your existing subscriptions outside of the app cannot be transferred over. You will need to cancel them and resubscribe through Apple TV.

However, there are a few other potential benefits to subscribing via Apple TV Channels, such as higher bitrate streams and media downloads. It also makes it easier to manage your Apple TV subscriptions from one place. Many subscriptions can also be shared with up to six family members, just like Apple TV Plus.

Heres a full list of confirmed Apple TV Channels:

  • Acorn TV
  • Up Faith & Family
  • Urban Movie Channel

Apple TV subscription fees will vary by channel but typically hover around $5 or more. Apple TV Channel availability may vary by region, and HBO Now is no longer accepting new subscribers after the launch of HBO Max earlier this year.

  • Hulu
  • Playstation Vue

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Visible: Out On Television

Watch Trailer Released February 14, 2020 1 season TV-MA

Described as a five-part documentary series, Visible looks at the portrayal and development of LGBTQ characters on television. It also examines the consequences of coming out in the television industry and how attitudes have evolved, albeit slowly.

Watch Trailer Read Related Book Released January 17, 2020 1 season TV-14

Little America is a half-hour anthology series that explores amazing tales of immigrants in America, spanning the gamut of human emotion and experience. Each episode is based on a true story from the Epic Magazine feature of the same name.

More episodes of Little America are on the way. Apple has officially announced that the show has been renewed for a second season.

Apple TV+: Complete List Of Shows

See on Apple TV Plus: Premiere Review

Apple TV+, Apple’s streaming video service, is fun of new original content you can’t find anywhere else, including a list of Apple TV+ shows that is getting quite large. While you can watch Apple TV+ on any device that has the Apple TV app, the best Apple TV is the best way to watch Apple TV+ if you can. If you’re looking for a new TV show to watch, here’s a complete list of all the Apple TV+ shows streaming right now.

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How Can I Watch It

Watch Apple TV+ on the Apple TV app, which is already on your favorite Apple devices. Just open the app, click or tap Apple TV+, and enjoy the shows and movies. You can also watch Apple TV+ on streaming platforms, popular smart TVs, and AirPlay-enabled TVs with the Apple TV app or watch online at

The Sky Is Everywhere

“The Sky is Everywhere,” produced by Apple partner A24, is based on the young adult novel of the same name. It tells the story of a high schooler named Lennie Walker who is coping with the sudden death of her older sister.

Notable names: Jason Segel, Cherry Jones, Jacques Colimon, and Ji-young Yoo will star.

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Apple TV Plus Devices: Here’s Where You Can Download The Apple TV App

Apple TV is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Make sure your firmware is updated so you can access it. The app is also available on Mac. It’s also available on third-generation Apple TV devices, Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD. You can also download it on Samsung Smart TVs from 2018 onwards, Amazon Fire TV, LG Smart TVs and Roku devices.

It’s coming to Vizio and Sony Smart TVs this summer, too.

You can watch the service in browsers for PC.

Apple TV Plus Cost: Here’s The Price Of The Service

Apple TV Plus shows to watch and skip from

Apple TV Plus costs just $4.99 / £4.99 / AU$7.99 per month and, if you buy an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or AppleTV, you’ll get a year’s subscription for free.

That’s even cheaper than Netflix‘s cheapest subscription, which costs $9 per month, as well as cheaper than Disney Plus, which costs $6.99 / AU$8.99 per month.

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The Best Apple TV Apps: Games Entertainment And 4k Essentials

The apps and games you need to download

Apples home invasion isnt just about HomeKit and the Siri-enabled HomePod. The company has been invading living rooms for years with the Apple TV, and the Apple TV 4K takes it up a notch by also acting as a smart home hub.

And dont forget about that App Store, which gives you access to a myriad of apps designed for tvOS, Apples TV operating system. These apps are built to play big and colorful on your shiny 4K TV. Theyre a window into the world from your living room, from entertainment to sports to news and weather and more.

It can be difficult to know where to get started with the Apple TVs App Store, so weve picked out some of our favourites for you to try out. And dont forget to check out our guides to the best 4K smart TVs and 4K projectors.

Pro tip: Dont forget to head to Settings on your Apple TV, then head to Apps and make sure Automatic Downloads is set to on. That way you can download apps onto your iPhone or iPad and have them install on your Apple TV.

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Billie Eilish: The Worlds A Little Blurry

Watch Trailer Released February 26 Documentary R

A documentary film depicting the meteoric rise of Billie Eilishs career. Recorded mostly in 2019, the film shows the artists triumphs and personal struggles as she crafts her debut album. An album so successful that it lands her five Grammy wins, at the age of eighteen.

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Bruce Springsteen’s Letter To You

Bruce Springsteen fans rejoice: on top of his new album, Letter To You, that’s coming at the end of the month, Apple TV+ will also be releasing a documentary of the same name, following his journey creating the record with the full E Street Band. Complete with final take performances of songs on the new album, this is the ultimate watch for both hardcore fans and music lovers alike. Available 23

Watch The Sound With Mark Ronson

Great 10 Best Apple TV Plus Shows To Watch

Watch Trailer Released July 30 6 episodes

Watch Season Two Trailer Released August 14, 2020 2 seasons TV-MA

Ted Lasso follows an American football coach who comes to England to lead a soccer team. However, this show is much richer than a typical fish-out-of-water story. Ted Lasso may not know about the intricacies of soccer but he employs his unyielding optimism to bring out the best in his players.

This heartwarming and funny comedy series has been widely received by audiences and earned much critical acclaim.

Ted Lasso Season Three

The third season of Ted Lasso is in development but a firm release date has not yet been announced.

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The Fight Before Christmas

“The Fight Before Christmas” is a documentary that tells the story of lawyer Jeremy Morris, who is obsessed with Christmas and planned the biggest community Christmas event in America. His Christmas plans hit a snag when the home owner’s association tells him his planned event violates neighborhood rules.

As the situation escalates, the film asks the question, who wins when different rights and interests collide? “The Fight Before Christmas” is set to premiere on November 26.

How Can I Watch Apple TV Plus

Once you have an Apple TV Plus subscription, how can you watch it? Apple TV Plus is available through the Apple TV app, which is available on all Apple devices. Subscribers can open the Apple TV app, click or tap Apple TV Plus and start watching the available TV shows and movies.

Apple TV Plus is also available on a number of streaming platforms, smart TVs and AirPlay-enabled TVs with the Apple TV app.

UPDATE : Per TV Tech, Comcast has also announced that it will be adding Apple TV Plus, as well as the Apple TV app, for its Xfinity and Sky customers to access on the company’s devices.

Here is the specific breakdown of what devices support Apple TV Plus:

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Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet

Mythic Quest is the biggest MMORPG ever to hit the gaming scene, and now, the development team is about to release an expansion titled Raven’s Banquet. The creative director is Ian Grimm is at odd with the lead engineer, Poppy Li , and head of monetization Brad Bakshi .

The first season is on Apple TV+ and the show has been renewed for a second season.

Apple TV Plus Prices And Bundles

Dickinson and 8 best Apple TV Plus shows currently ...

Apple TV Plus costs $4.99 per month and includes ad-free content in 4K, HDR, and Dolby Vision. You can stream Apple TV Plus on up to six devices simultaneously.

However, you can save money by purchasing an Apple One bundle, which packages Apple TV Plus with up to five more Apple services. There are three Apple One subscription tiers: Individual, Family, and Premier.

Apple One Individual includes Apple TV Plus, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and 50GB of iCloud storage. At $14.95 per month, that’s a $6 saving versus purchasing each service separately.

Apple One Family costs $19.95 per month, an $8 total saving. It can be shared with up to five people and comes with the same services as the Individual plan, although iCloud storage is bumped to 200GB.

Apple One Premier is $29.95 per month. Up to five people can share this plan, which includes 2TB of iCloud storage and adds Apple News Plus and Apple Fitness Plus. Opting for this bundle will net you a $25 overall saving.

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The Last Days Of Ptolemy Grey

“The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey” is an limited series starring Samuel L. Jackson, and it is based on the novel of the same name. Jackson will play titular character Ptolemy Grey. Grey is a 91-year-old recluse who has been all but forgotten and abandoned by his family, his friends, and himself.

As he is on the brink of sinking deeper into dementia, Ptolemy is given a chance to regain his memories when he meets 17-year-old Robyn at his nephew’s funeral. Robyn challenges Ptolemy to interact more with the world around him, giving him a better grasp on his disappearing consciousness. He’s then given a chance to take a drug that hastens his demise, but also clears his mind. Ptolemy uses his time and lucidity to solve his grand-nephew’s death, which involved a drive-by shooting.

Notable names: Samuel L. Jackson and Dominique Fishback will star.

Wolfboy And The Everything Factory

Watch Trailer Released September 24 1 season

In this charming animated series, William Wolf lets his imagination run wild. Along with his new Spryte friends, he might even have the power to change the world. William is voiced by Kassian Akhtar. The show is executive produced by Joseph-Gordon Levitt.

Watch Trailer Read Related Book Official Podcast Released September 24 1 season TV-MA

Based on the genre-defining novels by Isaac Asimov, Foundation is an epic sci-fi adventure. Hari Seldon predicts the downfall of the Galactic Empire and recruits a band of exiles to carry out his plan to save the future of humanity.

Watch Season Two Trailer Read Related Book Released November 1, 2019 2 seasons TV-MA

A drama exploring the power dynamics in the world of morning news broadcasts. The story opens with anchor Mitch Kessler facing sexual misconduct allegations. Newcomer Bradley Jackson aspires to replace Kessler in the prime-time slot, and clashes with longtime host Alex Levy . In the second season, the show unravels the ramifications further against a backdrop of the beginnings of the COVID-19 outbreak.

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