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What Shows Are On Apple TV

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Watch The Sound With Mark Ronson

SEE Official Trailer | Apple TV

Watch Trailer Released July 30 6 episodes

Watch Season Two Trailer Released August 14, 2020 2 seasons TV-MA

Ted Lasso follows an American football coach who comes to England to lead a soccer team. However, this show is much richer than a typical fish-out-of-water story. Ted Lasso may not know about the intricacies of soccer but he employs his unyielding optimism to bring out the best in his players.

This heartwarming and funny comedy series has been widely received by audiences and earned much critical acclaim.

Ted Lasso Season Three

The third season of Ted Lasso is in development but a firm release date has not yet been announced.

The Search For Wondla

Apple has inked a deal with Skydance Animation, which is headed up by John Lasseter. The first series from the partnership will be “The Search for WondLa,” a series based on the science fiction children’s book of the same name by Tony DiTerlizzi. The book follows the story of Eva Nine, a girl who spent most of her life living underground before being forced to flee outside and survive with a robot named Muthr, an alien named Rovander Kitt, and a water bear named Otto.

The Beastie Boys Story

The Beastie Boys Story is an amalgamation if you willa movie hybrid that’s one part documentary, one part concert film, and one part live, two-man play. The simple formula, which finds remaining Beastie Boys bandmates Adam Horovitz and Mike Diamond sharing the story of their lifelong friendship with the late Adam Yauch , and their rise, fall, and subsequent rise again as trend-setting icons in the music world. The scaled-down storytelling formula of the doc offers an off-the-cuff, intimate experience which shines a light on the ups and downs the group hit in their careerfrom their embarrassing early days as Def Jam’s hit party boy rap group to the experimental jam sessions that sparked an evolution that propelled the Beastie Boys to new heights, both creatively and spiritually. Directed by Spike Jonze, the film takes the formula of a Behind the Music episode and elevates it with humor and heart.

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Apple TV Plus Vs The Competition

Apple TV Plus enters into an increasingly crowded online streaming landscape. This includes the leader in the industry, Netflix, which has the advantage of having years of experience and an impressive catalog of both original and licensed content on offer.

While the service cant compare to Netflix on the sheer volume of content, it is significantly cheaper. The $4.99 subscription includes 4K and up to six simultaneous streams, while youll have to pay a full $18 a month for 4K content and four simultaneous streams on Netflix.

Read the full comparison: Netflix vs Apple TV Plus

is also a major Apple TV Plus competitor. It has worldwide reach as well, along with lots of great original shows that have won several Emmy awards. Its also typically bundled with , which is an incredibly popular service for online shoppers. It even offers 4K streaming for supported content, making it a solid alternative to Apple TV Plus.

For American users, Hulu can also be a solid alternative to fill your streaming needs. The base plan is slightly more expensive at $5.99 a month, but it includes ads. Youll have to bump that all the way up to $11.99 to get ad-free streams. One of the biggest advantages of Hulu is that its frequently bundled with other services, like the very attractive Disney Plus-Hulu-ESPN Plus bundle at $12.99 a month.

Q:How many people can stream on Apple TV Plus at the same time?A: Up to six people can stream simultaneously.

Where Is Apple TV Plus Available

The complete list of Apple TV+ shows and series: Latest ...

Apple TV Plus is available in 107 countries around the world. It is not available in every country that supports the Apple TV app, and doesnt include certain high-population countries like South Korea, Romania, Turkey, and others.

However, Apple has promised that each and every Apple Original will be subbed or dubbed in nearly 40 languages. There will also be closed captions on all titles for the hearing impaired.

Heres a full list of all 107 countries where Apple TV Plus is supported:

  • Anguilla
  • Zimbabwe

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The Year Earth Changed

Watch Trailer Released April 16 Documentary PG

The year of human quarantine allowed wildlife flourished in unexpected and profound ways and The Year Earth Changed explores 2020 from the perspective of the natural world. David Attenborough narrates this fascinating documentary film, featuring scenes such as the penguin takeover of Cape Town and the appearance of whales in Glacier Bay.

Watch Trailer Read Related Book Released March 12 Drama R

Tom Holland stars as Cherry, in this hard-hitting drama feature directed by the Russo brothers. After joining the army at a young age, Cherry falls into the depths of heroin addiction. He becomes a bank robber to service his cravings, with the film examining the real impact of the opoid crisis in America.

The Last Thing He Told Me

“The Last Thing He Told Me” is based on author Laura Dave’s novel of the same name. The show follows a woman who forms an unexpected relationship with her sixteen-year-old stepdaughter while trying to discover the truth behind why her husband has mysteriously vanished.

Notable names: Julia Roberts is set to star in the series.

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The Sky Is Everywhere

“The Sky is Everywhere,” produced by Apple partner A24, is based on the young adult novel of the same name. It tells the story of a high schooler named Lennie Walker who is coping with the sudden death of her older sister.

Notable names: Jason Segel, Cherry Jones, Jacques Colimon, and Ji-young Yoo will star.

Get Rolling With Otis

The Morning Show Season 1 Recap | Apple TV

Watch Trailer Released October 8 1 season

Otis the tractor is here to help others in this animated kids series that takes place on Long Hill Dairy Farm. You may recognize Otis from the popular childrens book series of the same name.

Jon Stewart returns to television with a more serious tone. In each hour-long episode, The Problem with Jon Stewart examines global issues relating to current affairs and Stewarts advocacy work, and aims to raise conversations around possible solutions.

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Mythic Quest: Ravens Banquet

A comedy series created by Its Always Sunny in Philadelphias Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day, Mythic Quest showed that Apple means business when it comes to sitcoms it’s truly terrific, and our only complaint is that this first season contained just nine short episodes . The second season has now landed, which is good news for fans of this great Apple sitcom.

Set in a fictional video game studio which produces a huge World of Warcraft-style MMORPG called Mythic Quest, the show stars McElhenney as the games creator, Ian Grimm, while the ‘Ravens Banquet’ from the title is the name of the long-awaited expansion to the game, which launches in the first episode of the show. This is a hilarious workplace comedy, mixed with a fairly solid lampooning of games industry from the minds behind Paddys Pub.

If you only watch one episode, check out episode 5 ‘A Dark Quiet Death’. It’s almost like an episode of Black Mirror…

‘the Shrink Next Door’

Based on the podcast of the same name, “The Shrink Next Door” is a dark comedy series starring Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd. Rudd plays Dr. Isaac Herschkopf, a real-life psychiatrist accused of exploiting his patient’s lives for personal gain, like Marty Markowitz, played by Will Ferrell. The eight-episode series will premiere on November 12. The 10-episode podcast is available in full from Wondery.

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The Problem With Jon Stewart

Given his track record in the business, its a safe bet that any fan of Jon Stewart, former host of satirical news program The Daily Show, will flock to his new Apple TV+ late-night current affairs series. In each hour-long episode, released weekly and filmed in front of a live studio audience, Stewart will be focusing on a different issue that is part of the national conversation and that pertains to his own advocacy work. For those who want to listen on the go, every episode is also released alongside a companion podcast. The Problem with Jon Stewart premieres on September 30.

: Jon Stewart

Apple TV Channels And Other Content

The Best Shows on Apple TV+

Although theyre not technically part of the Apple TV Plus program, Apple TV Channels are a great way to get more out of your experience with the Apple TV app while waiting for more original content. It turns the service into something more like traditional cable TV, but without all the bloat.

The Apple TV Channels program is essentially an a la carte selection of TV channels and streaming services that you can subscribe to within the Apple TV app. This allows you to consolidate most of your streaming services into one place, with Apple getting a cut of every Apple TV subscription.

Its easy and convenient to subscribe with your Apple account from within the app, but your existing subscriptions outside of the app cannot be transferred over. You will need to cancel them and resubscribe through Apple TV.

However, there are a few other potential benefits to subscribing via Apple TV Channels, such as higher bitrate streams and media downloads. It also makes it easier to manage your Apple TV subscriptions from one place. Many subscriptions can also be shared with up to six family members, just like Apple TV Plus.

Heres a full list of confirmed Apple TV Channels:

  • Acorn TV
  • Up Faith & Family
  • Urban Movie Channel

Apple TV subscription fees will vary by channel but typically hover around $5 or more. Apple TV Channel availability may vary by region, and HBO Now is no longer accepting new subscribers after the launch of HBO Max earlier this year.

  • Hulu
  • Playstation Vue

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The Year That Music Changed Everything

“1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything” is an immersive eight-part docuseries that explores the musicians and soundtracks that shaped the culture and politics of 1971. It provides a look at iconic artists like he Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, The Who, Joni Mitchell, Lou Reed, and more.

Visible: Out On Television

Watch Trailer Released February 14, 2020 1 season TV-MA

Described as a five-part documentary series, Visible looks at the portrayal and development of LGBTQ characters on television. It also examines the consequences of coming out in the television industry and how attitudes have evolved, albeit slowly.

Watch Trailer Read Related Book Released January 17, 2020 1 season TV-14

Little America is a half-hour anthology series that explores amazing tales of immigrants in America, spanning the gamut of human emotion and experience. Each episode is based on a true story from the Epic Magazine feature of the same name.

More episodes of Little America are on the way. Apple has officially announced that the show has been renewed for a second season.

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How To Get Apple TV Plus For Free

In order to help boost its newcomer streaming service, Apple initially offered a free year of Apple TV Plus to anyone who recently purchased an Apple device. This includes iPhones, iPads, Macs, iPods, and Apple TV set-top boxes.

However, the offer does not stand for new purchases now. Apple stopped offering a free year of Apple TV Plus as of July 1, 2021. From now on, youll get just three months of no-cost access before you have to consider a paid subscription. New Roku devices also include three free months of Apple TV Plus. Other new users can still get seven days of Apple TV Plus for free. Learn more about how to get Apple TV Plus for free at the link below.

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Find And Watch Itunes Movies And TV Shows

Invasion Official Trailer | Apple TV
  • Open iTunes Movies on Apple TV.

  • In the menu bar, navigate to any of the following categories:

  • Purchased: See the movies youve purchased on the iTunes Store, including purchases made on other iOS or iPadOS devices and purchases by Family Sharing members.

  • Top Movies or Top TV Shows: Browse the top items in the iTunes Store.

  • Wish List/Favorites: Find items youve added to your Wish List or Favorites but havent yet purchased or rented.

  • Genres: Browse by genre.

  • Recommended: Find recommendations based on your previous purchases.

  • Search: Enter a search term to find movies or TV shows.

  • Select an item to see ratings, descriptions, and purchase or rental information.

  • Do any of the following:

  • Watch a free preview: Select Preview.

  • Buy an item: Select Buy, then confirm that you want to buy it. For TV shows, you can buy an entire season or individual episodes.

  • Rent a movie: In some regions, you can rent movies. Select Rent, then confirm that you want to rent it.

    You have 30 days to begin watching a rented movie. After you start watching it, you can play it as many times as you want within 48 hours. During the rental period, you can download the rented movie on one device at any given time and also stream it on another. For example, you can start watching a movie downloaded on your iPhone, then finish watching it later on your Apple TV. Once your time is up, the movie is no longer available.

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    Acquisition Of Back Catalog Film And TV Content

    In mid-2020, Apple began discussions with film and television studios to license their previously released content as part of an effort to build a back catalog of non-original films and television shows for the streaming service. The shift was designed to help the service better compete against the large content libraries offered by competitors like Netflix. This represented a pivot for Apple, which had initially attempted to build the service entirely on original content, avoiding licensing fees to help keep monthly subscription fees low, and relying on its Apple TV Channels content partners to supply other content users wanted.

    Analysts believed that the addition of older, highly re-watchable content like popular sitcoms and well liked films would help to retain the slowly growing subscriber base, while Apple continues to develop original content. The shift was also an acknowledgement of poor growth, especially relative to competing services.

    The back catalog development was also seen as a move by Apple to attempt to persuade free trial users to transition into paid users as the first wave of one-year trials was scheduled to expire in November 2020.

    How Much Does Apple TV Plus Cost

    Apple TV Plus costs $5 a month, or $50 for an annual subscription. By comparison, Disney Plus is $8 a month, with a library of movies and shows that dwarfs Apples. And Netflix, the world’s biggest subscription streaming service that also won the most Emmys of any company Sunday, prices its most popular plan at $13 a month in the US it offers other tiers at $9 and $16 a month.

    Apple TV Plus talent gathers with CEO Tim Cook in the lobby of the Steve Jobs Theater.

    Apple is also including Apple TV Plus with its Apple Music student-discount plan, now offering both streaming services in the $5-a-month deal at no extra cost.

    Apple TV Plus is also available as part of a discount bundle of services called Apple One. Apple One ranges in price from $15 to $30 a month for different combinations of subscriptions. Apple TV Plus is included in all tiers of Apple One. Depending on the tier, Apple One bundles may also include Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple News Plus, storage service iCloud and the guided-workout service Apple Fitness Plus.

    Stay up-to-date on the latest news, reviews and advice on iPhones, iPads, Macs, services and software.

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    ‘the Problem With Jon Stewart’

    Jon Stewart earned his fame as the host of “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central for more than 15 years. His new Apple TV Plus show will see him taking on a different subject in current events during each hour-long episode, which include segments filmed in front of a live audience. The show premieres September 30 and will be accompanied by a podcast.

    Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster

    How to watch The Morning Show on Apple TV Plus, starting ...

    Tuesday, Dec. 21 on Netflix Self-proclaimed obese comedian Jim Gaffigan returns for his brand of self-deprecating, observational humor in his latest Netflix comedy special, this time talking about every comic’s dream, the pandemic! Gaffigan jokes about missing restaurants, compares the latest wave of COVID to Netflix saving a show from cancellation, and wonders why we let kids go to school on iPads, the same device they play Minecraft on . He’s just up there talking ’bout stuff that will make you turn to the withered person next to you and say, “Ha, he sure is right about that.” –Tim Surette

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    How Does Apple TV Plus Compare With Netflix Disney Plus And Other Subscription Video Services

    Apple TV Plus is a subscription streaming service to watch the company’s original series and movies exclusively. Like Netflix, it doesn’t have ads.

    Unlike Netflix, it doesn’t have a big library of licensed shows or movies, nor will it release full seasons of its shows all at once in a binge-able bunch . Most Apple TV Plus series premiere a small cluster of episodes, often three, followed by one new episode every week. Full seasons of some series drop all at the same time, though.

    Apple TV Plus is available in more than 100 countries and is also part of Apple’s family-sharing feature, which allows you to add up to five family members to share a plan. Apple originals are available in 4K, HDR and Dolby Vision, and most titles also offer Dolby Atmos sound, according to this Apple support page.

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