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What To Put Under TV On Wall

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How To Install The Infrared Receiver To The TV

How To Wall Mount A Sound Bar Under TV

The infrared receiver has double stick tape on the back. You simply remove the backing and stick it to the front of the TV. On the other end of the cord, is the jack that goes to the cable box. For my TV, we put the cord through the wall with the other TV cords and then through the hole in the back of the cabinet to the cable box.

Once installed, it is simple plug and play. Unplug the power from the cable box then plug the IR receiver into the IR IN port. Plug in the power for the box. Then click on the remote in the direction of the TV where the attached receiver is to change the channel and turn the TV on and off.

There are many types of these receivers sold, make sure to read what TVs they work with so you get the right one.

Here is a link to the IR receiver I used: Infrared Resources External Universal IR Receiver Extender

See more about this inexpensive little gadget in this post. It will able you to hide your cable box forever and keep the doors closed even when watching and changing the channels on the TV. Once installed, all you need is a remote control that you point towards the dot/infrared receiver to use the TV.

What Types Of Flat Screen TV Console Tables Are There

There are about five or six types of console tables in the market at the moment. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Traditional Styles

Traditional flat screen TV console tables are usually made using wood. They can either be dark wood finishes or medium wood finishes. Traditional designs are richly ornamented. They feature unique patterns and accents that make them very beautiful. The tables are also going to deliver a stately more formal appearance.

Transitional Designs

A transitional table design will be a mix of traditional and contemporary. Although it will have a more relaxed and casual appearance, it still retains the ornamental attributes of traditional console table designs. Transitional designs are designed to be more functional and comfortable.

Modern Designs

Modern flat screen TV console tables will often be linear. Sometimes there will be curves on the edges but its not that common. They are made using lighter wood finishes and sometimes may have metal accents. Contemporary console tables come in three major categories. You can choose between retro designs, urban finishes, and art décor.

Stylish Ways To Decorate With A TV

A TV mounted over the fireplace is a classic living room setup. Here, the wires run through the wall behind the TV, so no electrical components are visible. Adding style to the TV wall, a narrow mantel below the screen holds a collection of seashells, while built-in shelves on either side sport a mustard yellow paint job for a bright pop of color.

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Surround It With Storage

Surrounding your television with built in storage solves two problems at once you create a convenient spot for some of your most prized possessions and you can frame your TV with shelves that are just the right size.

Although this TV appears to be the only feature on this wall, two doors on either side of it open up to reveal walls full of shelving.

See more photos of this TV wall, here. Design and photography by Sigmar.

This custom shelving unit that wraps around the corner has a spot thats just the right size for the TV and sound bar to be mounted in.

See more photos of this apartment, here. Designed by The Apartment Creative Agency.

Square shelves surround the TV and bring in pops of color to this all white shelving unit.

See more photos of this house, here. Designed by . Photography by Dion Robeson.

With cabinets on one side, drawers below, and open shelving on the other side and above, this TV is completely surrounded by storage solutions.

See more photos of this apartment, here. Designed by Allen + Killcoyne Architects.

The built in shelving unit in this house has a spot right in the middle thats just the right size for the TV.

See more photos of this house, here. Designed by Pitsou Kedem Architects.

Hide TV Cords Behind Other Objects

What to Put Under the TV on the Wall? [12 Ideas]

This one is a basic trick that you can implement in a few minutes, and costs nothing. It works best if you have a surface under the TV, and the distance is not too large between the two items.

Place some home decoration items, picture frames, plants or books under the TV and position them so that they cover the cords. Make sure you dont just put the items randomly below the TV. They should look natural and blend in the environment. Thats all.

Hiding TV wires not only makes a room look better but also makes it much safer. However, theres so much more you can do to make your home a safer place. Weve collected the most important easy-to-implement home safety measures you should know in this article.

Weve also created a useful home safety checklist that you can download free at the end of this article.


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Black And White TV Wall Mount Idea

Wall-mounted TV always looks good with minimalist furniture, just like the one in the above picture. The wall-mounted TV complements the furniture very well. It floats along with the floating TV table and shelves.

The TV teams up with the shelves to create a spectacular focal point in this living room. The plain brown wall would look so tedious if the shelves and TV were not there. The black matte table creates a great harmony with the white shelves.

Since the frame of the TV is black, it does need a back panel that accentuates it very well. Therefore, a white back panel is just perfect because it contrasts with the brown wall and black TV frame.

Consider A Marble Slab Background

Previously on this list, it was suggested that you hang your TV on a wooden slab for a rustic look. But when you dont want to go with a rustic vibe, yet still want a sweet background for your mounted TV, look into making a background out of another material like they did in Prastitis. The background for this TV is made out of a gorgeous slab of gold and white marble, making the room look luxurious and refined.

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Ditch The Dated Entertainment Center

The goal here is to blend your TV into the decor. For example, integrating your TV into a gorgeous built-in is great! Theres nothing wrong with drawing attention to a media center if its a really beautiful piece of design.

But big, bulky entertainment centers are usually *not* beautiful pieces of design they are meant to be practical, but often just do not look good.

Anything from the 80s or 90s, is probably not going to look super amazing.

Yellow oak? Probably not great. Giant laminate entertainment units? Another solid nope. Units with a million little cubby holes, cabinets and shelves? Also no. Units that look like hutches that are meant for TVs? Uh uh.

Need some visuals? Basically, if you have anything that looks like this:

Its time to retire these bad boys and get something new.

Set Up A Room Divider

How to hang TV on wall arm mount review

Another way to hide your television when its not in use? Using a room divider or screen. You can set the screen in front of your TV set-up, creating an attractive solution to hiding your TV and any of its additional wires and electronics when its not in use. Since they tend to be lightweight, screens and folding room dividers are easy to move and fold up when you do want to watch the TV.

For this arrangement, we like the idea of tucking the TV and the cabinet it sits on in the corner of the room, which will give the room divider a more natural look when its set up. And the screen itself is also multipurpose, as it can be used in other areas of your home as well!

This is perfect for

Studio apartments or multi-purpose rooms, where you want your TV accessible but dont want it to be a focal point in the space. Its a simple solution for covering your TV without installing a permanent fixture or hanging things on wallsmaking this a great option for a rental space.

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How To Decorate Around A TV

February 10, 2021 by Ashley Mayes

Im sharing tips for how to decorate around a TV so that the TV isnt the walls focal point. Ideas, such as: adding a shelf for under a wall-mounted TV, what to put under the mounted TV, decorating ideas above the TV and more!

Styling around a wall-mounted TV or just a TV sitting on a console is so hard, am I right?! Heck ya, I know Im right. Seriously, though, TVs are just big black boxes that most of us have to have in our lives to function, relax and zone out .

We want to be able to see the TV but not have it be a focal point of our space. We want to be able to have the convenience of it out and in a room but not always be looking at it. Or at least, thats how I feel about it.

Other than knowing that I had to run the tv wires behind the walls, I hadnt give much thought to styling around the TV until a few years ago.

When I revealed our Mid-Century Master Bedroom, I felt like I nailed the wall-mounted TV styling in that space. My style has since changed a bit, but it was in that space that I felt like I figured out how to create symmetry around the TV.

Instead of just having this big black box on the wall, the decorating on the dresser under the TV helped guide the eye.

It really is true that the more you hone your skill, the better you get with styling. I recently styled our coffee table in the living room and it took a bunch of tries but finally feels good.

Utilize Wallpaper As A Backdrop

If you dont want to think about how to creatively decorate the wall behind your TV, but you also dont want to settle for a boring blank wall, add some wallpaper on the wall behind the TV! This creates a decorative accent wall so you have no need for additional art or TV wall decor.

This simple yet bold approach to TV wall design adds personality to the whole space and saves you the headache of hanging any other art or shelves on the wall. The simple black and white wallpaper above compliments the TV and console, creating a cohesive look.

This is perfect for

All spaces and styles of homes, since wallpaper comes in all sorts of prints, patterns, and color schemes. And you dont have to skip this if youre in a rental! Just use peel-and-stick wallpaper, or hang a large wall mural behind your TV for a similar effect.

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Conceal TV Wires Behind Wall Trim

Its not the easiest and quickest way to hide your TV cords, but its certainly an eye-catching one. It can be a great solution when you want to hide TV wires over a fireplace.

Its major disadvantage is that the cables are not so easy to access under the trim work if you need to remove or add one in the future. Thats why I only recommend this method if youre willing to spend some time disassembling the trim work each time you add or remove a new device to your TV set .

So, the basic idea is to hide the cords in a channel formed by two slats and covered with a third one. Youll need to make both horizontal and vertical channels.

Before you start the execution, I suggest that you plan and design the trim work on paper, and test the length of the wires. You can paint the slats any color you like, but do that before mounting them on the wall . For more detailed instructions, visit this website.

How To Decorate A Buffet Below A Wall Mounted TV

What to Put Under the TV on the Wall? [12 Ideas]

After the buffet was delivered, I searched for weeks for just the right decorative accessories to place along the top. Many were too tall, big, dinky or looked out of place. I finally found something just right when I brought this carved wood tray home. Moss balls I already had added the finishing touch.

My house is along the shores of a lake that has big pine trees and nature all around. I like to add a little of the outside to become part of my homes decor. It keeps the inside and outside of my house in harmony.

I placed two pieces of driftwood I found along the lake shore on the buffet after I brought them inside. I only placed them there until I figured out a way to use them and then I realized I had just found a way. 🙂 Serendipity at its best.

A faux plant in a short planter fills the space without getting in the way when we swivel the TV back and forth between the living room and kitchen.

I also make use of Google Chromecast to help decorate my living room. I use it to watch Netflix and Amazon Prime, but when we are not watching, Chromecast becomes framed photos and art that changes every few minutes.

I am very happy, not only the styling of the buffet, but also the quality of the piece and the craftsmanship. When I found the buffet online at Hygge Home, I also saw many other pieces I would love for every room in my house.

You can see even more over on Hygge Home.

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What To Put Under The TV On The Wall

A wall-mounted TV saves a lot of space, but what do you put under it? Thats the number one problem of anyone who has ever hung a TV. We aim to solve it here and now.

This happens every time. When you hang a TV on a wall and theres nothing under it, the wall looks lopsided. Been there, done that. And if you dont think this through before drilling the holes of the mount brackets, youll get to go through an emergency decorating session.

Theres a lot to consider too. Placing furniture seems like the obvious choice. But mounting a flat-screen on the wall comes as a solution for small spaces, in the first place where do you find space for another piece of furniture?

And then, how about those dangling cables? Whats up with the web of eyesores? You need to solve that too.

Weve found the solutions to all of these problems and alternatives to them. Hopefully, these will find you at the right time.

What’s Inside?

  • FAQ
  • What To Put Under A Mounted TV

    Written bySANUS on March 9, 2020

    A mounted TV provides a lot of versatility. When your TV is placed on the wall, youre no longer required to use a piece of furniture for your TV to set on, and this opens up a lot of possibilities when it comes to styling the area surrounding your TV.

    On one hand, having a lot of options is a great thing, and on the other hand, it can be, well, a little overwhelming. But, by answering a few key questions, you can narrow down your choices and hone in on what will work best for your space and style whether thats using a media console, forgoing furniture altogether or landing somewhere in between.

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    Warm And Cheer The Room Up

    Many people find it hard to decide whether they use a fireplace or TV for the focal point of the living room. They have to choose one of them because if both the fireplace and TV are installed at the same spot, the TV will be damaged.

    Donât fret! You can make both of them create a spectacular focal point as long as you replace your wood-burning or gas-burning fireplace with an electric one. An electric fireplace will warm your room up without putting the TV at risk because the heat produced by an electric fireplace is merely 5,000 BTUâs or less.

    Donât you think that the fireplace and TV in the above picture look great? They work together to create a great focal point which can grab peopleâs attention effectively and make them amazed.


    • If you are thinking about investing on an electric fire place and going to install a wall-mounted TV above it, make sure that you purchase the one whose heat is expelled from the bottom.

    Where’s Your TV Mounted

    Let’s Put This TV On The Wall – Super Simple

    A good place to start when deciding what to put under a mounted TV is taking a look at the room where your TV is mounted or where youre planning to mount your TV.

    Really, what youre first evaluating is how much space you have around your TV. If your TVs in an open space like a great room or a sizeable family room or living room, not only will you have space to accommodate a piece of media furniture but you may want to use a media console to help anchor your TV.

    If you have an especially large wall, media furniture can provide the appropriate scale and balance that prevents your TV from looking like an island floating on your wall.

    Conversely, if your TV is in a smaller living room or den, eliminating furniture under your TV could save you some precious space. And if your TV is on a wall that has lots of architectural features or is cut up by windows, removing furniture can help maintain the overall flow and aesthetics of your space.

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