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How To Put TV Bracket On Wall

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Sound Too Complex Puls Is There To Make It Easy

Tilting TV Wall Mount Bracket 30″ – 63″ Installation Guide – #17-300-268

If you’re not sure you’re ready to take this on as a DIY project or you just dont have the energy, Puls professional TV installers are always there to make TV mounting as easy as possible for you. Our technicians have all the tools needed to quickly and efficiently mount your television exactly where you want it.;

Easy online scheduling allows you to make appointments when it’s convenient for your schedule, with appointment windows as early as the same day.;

You can trust the Puls team to perform a quality TV installation, plus extras like cord concealment, device configuration, sound bar install and more. We’re so confident in our services and products that we’ll even give you a 90-day guarantee on parts and labor.

We provide transparent, flat-fee pricing, so you know exactly how much the work will cost before scheduling your appointment. Convenient in-home payment is only made when the job is complete, and can be done with a credit or debit card, cash, or PayPal.

Book your TV mounting appointment today and a Puls expert will bring all the tools and equipment needed to you for a convenient, seamless installation. All you have to do is sit back, relax and get ready to enjoy many years of great entertainment.

Drill Holes For The Mounting Bracket And Attach To The Wall

Time to start drilling! During this step, it is vital to make sure that you are drilling into the studs and that you are using a wall level to make sure that the mounting bracket is even as you attach it. Some TV mounting brackets even have levels built in to help with this.; Using wall bolts, attach the mounting bracket to the wall and verify that it is level once attached6 .;

What Tools Do You Need To Mount A TV On The Wall

Have you been thinking about mounting your TV on the wall, but put it off because you weren’t really sure what was involved? Even though you know that mounting your TV will save some space, look better, and provide a more comfortable viewing experience, you may be hesitant to tackle this project.

If you’re somewhat handy and have done some home improvement projects in the past, you’re the perfect candidate to try a DIY TV mounting. So, what tools do you need to mount a TV on the wall? The answer to this question will vary a little depending on the wall material youre working with and the type of installation you’re doing.

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What Sort Of Wall

Once youve got your tools together, youll need to buy the wall-mount itself. Occasionally new TVs are supplied with wall-mounts , but in the vast majority of cases youll need to buy one separately.;

Youll have to choose between a few different mounting options. Theres fixed, which mounts the TV flush to the wall, with no gap and no movement of the screen. Tilt mounts, on the other hand, allow a few degrees of up or down movement, all the better to fire pictures straight at your seating position.;

Lastly, theres motion, which allows the screen to move on an arm to angle itself more fully towards the viewer very handy if your room tends to get a lot of natural light and you want to avoid reflection from the screen.

How To Mount A TV On A Plaster Wall Without Studs Using Toggles

What Style TV Mount Should I Use? (And Why)
  • Place your TV mount on the wall. You will be using this as a template for where to mark.
  • Use a level to make sure the mount is levelled properly.
  • With a pencil or marker, draw marks on the wall.
  • Put aside the TV mount.
  • Use a drill bit as large as the toggle when folded.
  • Drill the holes.
  • Place the folded strap toggle into the hole.
  • Unfold the toggle.
  • Slide the small plate up against the wall.
  • Pull back on the legs and press down on the plate. This will keep it from rotating.
  • Bend down the legs to break them off. You should hear a snapping sound.
  • Hang the TV mount on the wall, so the holes line up with the installed toggle straps.
  • Fasten the mount to the wall by screwing in the bolts. You may need to use some washers beforehand.
  • Install the back brackets on the TV.
  • With the help of a friend, pick up the TV and hang it on the mount.
  • * If you go with toggle bolts, you have to place all of them on the TV mount beforehand.

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    What Sort Of Wall Mount Do You Need

    There are three basic types of bracket to choose from: fixed, tilt and full motion. Which one you choose depends on where you plan to fix your TV and how much you think you’ll need to adjust it.

    • Fixed The most basic mounts fix your TV flush to wall. Once it’s mounted you won’t be able to move the TV at all.
    • Tilt These mounts let you angle the screen a few degrees up or down. This is useful if the TV is going to be high on the wall and you want to angle the screen down towards the viewer.
    • Full motion These mounts usually have a moveable arm that allows the TV to extend out from the wall and be angled towards the viewer. It’s handy if you need to put the mount in a corner where the TV wouldn’t be able to sit flush or you just want to have more flexibility in how you arrange your living room.

    To make the DIY a bit easier, you can buy mounts with built-in spirit levels. The last thing you want after going through all the effort is a wonky telly.

    Once you’ve chosen what type of wall mount will work best, you need to make sure it’s compatible with your TV. Thanks to VESA this is a simple process.

    Mount The TV To The Wall Bracket And Secure It

    Once your mounting bracket is securely attached to the studs on the wall, you are ready to Mount the TV. To do this, we recommend detaching the mounting brackets from the mount since you will need to securely attach your TV using bolts. To do this lay your TV flat and screw on the bracket. Once the bracket is attached to the TV, you then attached both the bracket and the TV back to the mount on the wall.;

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    Some Notes On Handling TVs

    Take it from a guy who has personally unboxed and set up dozens and dozens of TVs you need someone else to help you out. While smaller TVs can be handled by a single person, anything over 50 inches should be moved and lifted by two people. Even if the weight is manageable for a single person to lift, the size and shape of the TV make it unwieldy, and care has to be taken to prevent damaging the display. Mounting a broken TV will take all the fun out of it.

    When handling a TV, you’ll want to take extra care to protect the display panel. A large sheet of glass or plastic will naturally have some flex to it, but the underlying display technology usually doesn’t. Even a little bit of unwanted flexing or pressure on a panel can damage a TV beyond repair.

    To properly lift and carry a TV, you want to let the TV chassis do the work of supporting the display. Lift from the bottom of the set, supporting it at the side or top corners to keep the TV upright, in the same position it would be in normal use. This is the ideal position for the TV, because the chassis bears all of the weight and pressure. Try not to lean one way or the other, because the thinnest TVs can actually bend under their own weight enough to damage the display.

    When laying a TV down flat, lay it screen-side down on a large flat surface that’s covered with a clean, soft blanket or carpet. Any stray objects or debris can scratch the screen or bezel, so make sure it’s really clean!;

    Setting Out The TV Mounting Bracket On The Wall

    How to Mount a TV to the Wall: Simple and Safe Steps

    Measure the height you would like the TV bracket to be fixed. Check the manufacturers instructions as to the height which will correspond to the top and bottom of the TV compared to the various parts of the bracket.

    It is very disappointing, especially with a twist, tilt and turn bracket, to fit the bracket nicely then realise the TV ends up not in the right place or at the right height.

    The TV bracket must be at the correct height for the TV when it is fitted

    TV brackets can be checked for upright by marking their centre line

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    Attach The Bracket To Your TV

    There will be four different screw holes on the back of the TV. There are a bunch of different patterns that you may have, such as 400mm x 400mm or 600mm x 400mm, but most mounts are going to work with all of these.

    Assemble your brackets components, then attach the bracket to the TV using the correct provided screws and washers. There should be a number of different options available to fit different TV sizes.

    Its important to make sure to not strip the screws, so youll want to use a drill with a limit on it, which keeps you from stripping them. If you dont have a limit on your drill, just be extra careful when drilling.

    To drill in each screw and washer, be sure to push up on the bracket while you drill to tighten and secure the screws properly. Once youve drilled in your four screws, feel the fit of the bracket to make sure its fully secured. Once this is complete, you can get ready to hang the TV on the wall.

    How To Mount Your TV To The Wall And Hide The Cords

    Today Im going to show you how to mount your tv to the wall and hide the cords. We finally got around to mounting our TV on the wall this weekend. Mounting your tv to the wall and hiding all the cords is fairly straight-forward. Heres a step-by-step tutorial. Have fun!

    Its really not that hard to mount your TV on a wall . It only took us about an hour or so. So, remind me again why it took us year and a half?

    Oh rrrright. Because Im the President of the Procrastinators Club. I even added this project to my to-do list, and I still put it off another 5 months. Shame.

    To tackle this project you will need a few supplies. Some obvious, some not so much.Shopping list:

    Heres the eye-sore before we tackled this afternoon project:

    I absolutely loathe of power cords.

    Every time I walk to my bedroom, the laundry room, or the garage, Im greeted by that horrible disaster of cords. Ive got permanent hives and a twitch in my left eye just from seeing that monstrosity several times a day for a year and a half. Can you believe this nonsense?

    But check it out NOW! No more cords! All is right in the world.

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    How Can You Mount A TV On The Wall Without Studs

    Now that you have taken your new TV out of the box, how do you plan to mount it on the wall? Before you immerse yourself in watching your favorite movies and shows, youll need to find the right place to mount the TV. But, theres one tiny problem – you dont have any studs for the TV mount, or it could be the fact that your landlord insists no drilling is allowed. Theres no need to panic, though. Lets find out how to mount a TV on the wall without studs. Mounting a TV without studs can be tricky. Even though a drywall can support a TV up to 100 lbs, the device is still brittle and the mount can require additional support, or else the TV will land on the floor. Wall studs make up the frame for the TV that supports your walls. They provide a sturdy anchor point, ensuring that both the mount and TV stay in place.Another issue could be that the wall where you want to place the TV might not have studs. The good news is that a no-stud TV mount can still work, despite the hollow walls. Heres how you can mount a TV on the wall without studs:

    How To Fix A TV To A Plasterboard Wall

    Installing a swivel TV mount made easy...really easy ...

    Fixing a TV to plasterboard wall is easy. With GeeFix you can fix it once and fix it right.; Each packet contains 4;heavy duty hollow wall anchors.; Take a look at our video below to see how easy it is to fix a TV to a plasterboard wall.

    If you prefer to see a step-by-step image gallery showing how to install plasterboard TV fixings, take a look below.

    Drill a 1 hole centered on your desired location

    Assemble your GeeFix wall anchor system as shown above by threading the supplied blue pullcord through the round wall plug, the curved back plate, and back through the wall plug.

    While holding onto the pullcord, feed the curved back plate into the hole and center on the 1 hole

    While keeping light tension on the pullcord slide the wall plug into the 1 hole to align with the holes on the back plate

    While keeping firm tension on the pullcord, screw the large screw into the center hole until the GeeFix becomes firm, but do not overtighten. Keeping tension on the pullcord will keep the back plate in place during installation.

    Pull out the pullcord but do not discard. You can use the same pullcord on additional GeeFix installations.

    Insert the 2 smaller screws on either side of the large screw and tighten until the GeeFix is firmly secured but do not overtighten.

    Remove the center screw

    Now that your GeeFix system is installed, you can either use the center screw to fix your item, or use your own mounting hardware in its place.

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    What Tools Will You Need

    You’ve got your mount and your TV. Now, most of what you need you might have knocking around the house.;Here are the tools required:

    • Drill You’ll need the right drill bits: masonry ones if you’re mounting the TV onto brickwork and twist bits for anything else.
    • Screwdriver You’ll need at least one screwdriver to fix the bracket to the back of your TV.
    • Spirit level You might not need one of these if there’s one in your wall mount already, but it wouldn’t hurt to have one handy anyway. You could always download a spirit level app onto your phone if you don’t fancy buying one.
    • Stud finder The bolts in mounts go deep into your wall to make sure your TV is secure. Use this tool before you drill to make sure you drill into the wooden studs that support hollow walls. You won’t need this if you’re mounting your TV onto brickwork. Most stud finders will find pipes and wiring, too.
    • Tape measure You’ll need one of these to make sure the holes are the right distance apart and to measure how high you want the TV to be on the wall.
    • Spanner Depending on the mount you have, you may need to secure some of the bolts with a spanner.

    Using Toggle Bolts For Studless Walls

  • 1Position the TV mount and mark where you want to place the holes. Hold the mount against the spot on your wall that lines up with your viewing height you found before. Look at the holes on the top of the mount and choose 3 of them that are evenly spaced apart to make your marks. Then mark 2 end holes on the bottom of the mount for the bottom support screws. Remove the mount from the wall and check if your marks are level.XResearch source
  • Since you dont have studs to use for support, you need to use more screws to mount the TV to evenly distribute its weight.
  • 2Pre-drill 14;in holes into the drywall on the marks. Attach a 14;in to the end of your drill and make sure its tightened. Hold the drill against one of the marks you made so the bit is horizontal and drill through it. Continue drilling through the drywall at each of your marks.XResearch source
  • 3Slide 14 inch toggle bolts into each of the holes.XExpert SourceJason PhillipHandymanExpert Interview. 2 July 2020.Toggle bolts have a hinged wing on the end that holds the bolt securely against your drywall, and theyre hollow so you can screw things into them. Pinch the wings at the end of the toggle bolt and push them into the holes you drilled. Once the wings go through they will open and lie flush with the back of the drywall.XResearch source
  • You can buy toggle bolts from your local hardware store.
  • Toggles bolts are typically not included with the TV mount.
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    Find & Mark Your Studs

    Next, take your stud finder and a pencil to mark out the studs on the wall. The bolt holes will be slightly below where the top of the mount is. Scan across the wall at the height where your screw holes will be.

    Find and mark the studs with your pencil. Feel free to make a few marks to make sure everything is lined up as best as possible.

    DO NOT attempt this without using a decent stud finder. You will end up with far fewer holes in your wall, I promise. If you dont have a stud finder, heres a .

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