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Can I Plug My iPhone Into My TV

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How To Hook Up Your iPhone Or iPad To Your TV With Hdmi

How to Connect iPhone to TV

For this method, you need a TV with an HDMI port, an HDMI cable, and a Lightning Digital AV adapter so you can connect your iPhone or iPad. You can find an HDMI cable at any store that sells electronic accessories. Ill include a couple options for both the HDMI cable and Lightning AV adapter below with links. Once you have the cable and adapter you need, its the simple task of connecting the dots. First though, lets cover the gear you need.

One: Choose Your Method

  • AirPlay Screen Mirroring with Apple TV:

This is, in my opinion, the easiest way to watch your iPhone or iPad on your TV. Thats because if you already have your Apple TV set up, you dont need any new cables or programs to AirPlay your iPhone screen to your TV screen. Ill go over how to use AirPlay below.

  • HDMI with an AV Adapter:

If you already own an HDMI cable, this method could be the easiest for you. All you need on top of the HDMI cable is an AV adapter to plug into your iPhone or iPad. HDMI is the second easiest way to connect your iPhone or iPad to your TV, you just need the proper cables.

What Do I Need To Connect My iPhone Or iPad To My TV

There are a few different ways to connect your iPhone to your TV. Here, in short, is what youll need for each method described in this article. For more complete details, please see the corresponding sections below.

  • Connect via HDMI: HDMI-to-HDMI cable, Lightning Digital A/V adapter , open HDMI port on your TV
  • Connect via Apple TV: Wi-Fi connection
  • Connect via Chromecast: An open HDMI port on a Chromecast-compatible TV
  • Connect via Roku: iPhone, TV, Roku streaming device, Roku app
  • Connect via other apps: iPhone-compatible smart TV with AirPlay or AirPlay 2, or, for TVs without iPhone support, a DLNA-certified mirroring app .

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Daily Tip: How To Connect Your iPhone iPad Or Ipod To Your TV

Would you like to know how to connect your iPhone to your television set? This tip will show you how to use a composite AV cable. If you have always wanted to look at your pictures on your big screen but did not know how stay with us after the break.

We are going to show you how to connect a composite AV cable from your iPhone to your television set.

1- Plug the yellow video connector into the video input port on your TV or receiver.2- Plug the white and red audio connectors into the left and right analog audio input ports, respectively, on your TV or receiver.3- Plug the iPod Dock Connector into your iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Universal Dock.4- Plug the USB connector into your computer or a USB Power Adapter to keep your iPod, iPhone, or iPad charged.

How To Connect An iPhone To A TV Via Hdmi

Fix iPod Touch Wont Turn on

If you want to connect your iPhone to your TV with HDMI, you’ll need a few items. The first is a free HDMI port on your TV, which is relatively easy to come by. In a worst-case scenario, all you’ll need to do is temporally unplug something else.

Aside from a free HDMI port, you may need to buy a few accessories. The first is a spare HDMI cable, assuming you don’t already have one. You’ll also need Apple’s Lightning Digital AV Adapter. This will cost you around $50.

For newer iPad Pro models, you’ll need the Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter for around $70. There may be cheaper alternatives, but they aren’t guaranteed to work.

All you need to do is plug the adapter into your phone, plug an HDMI cable into the adapter, and then plug the other end of that cable into a free HDMI port on your TV. Using this method, streaming apps are limited to 1080p, so if you want 4K, you can’t use this method.

It’s also important to note that using this method introduces a slight delay between what your phone displays and what displays on the screen. If you’re only using your iPhone to watch Netflix or a similar app, this isn’t a problem. On the other hand, you won’t be able to play an iOS game on the big screen this way, as it’s far too laggy.

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How To Plug The Cable In

You can plug the 3.5mm straight into your iPod headphone jack, and the other end will plug into your stereo. This is not the best solution but it works.

For best results set your iPhone volume to about half. If its too quiet you may get some noise and hiss. If its too loud you may get some distortion.

When plugging into the back of the Stereo Amplifier, the normal input to use would be the AUX-IN, but you can use almost whatever input you want: CD-INPUT, TAPE-IN, TV-IN, DVD-IN or the AUX-IN.

Do not use the PHONO-IN as it is designed specifically for a record player and wont sound as good.

On this Pioneer receiver the AUX IN is called ANALOG AUX. This is where youd plug in your iPod dock.

Next Page: iPod Dock and wireless Airplay

How To Connect An iPhone To A TV Wirelessly

If you want to connect your iPhone to a TV wirelessly, the easiest way is to use AirPlay. However, you’ll need to check the TV and other home theater setup you’re using to make sure it’s compatible.

Apple’s own Apple TV is one of the easiest ways to add AirPlay to your TV, but it’s not the only way. Several TV manufacturers make TVs with support for AirPlay streaming built-in. These manufacturers include Samsung, Vizio, and TCL, among others.

If you don’t have an AirPlay supported TV and you don’t want to buy an Apple TV, you’re not out of luck. There are AirPlay receivers available that will let you stream to your TV wirelessly and cost less than an Apple TV. Take a look at our roundup of cheap AirPlay receivers for a few recommendations.

Once you’ve got your TV ready to stream AirPlay, the rest of the process is fairly easy. Most popular streaming apps include support for AirPlay. In any of these, choose what you want to watch, then tap the AirPlay icon at the top of the screen.

Depending on how many AirPlay-ready devices you have in your home, you may see a few options. Your TV should be easy to recognize.

Image Gallery

One caveat of this approach is that not every iOS app includes support for AirPlay. If you want to get one of these displayed on your TV, you’ll need to use one of the two methods below.

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How To Connect Your iPhone Or Ipod To Your Home Stereo

To connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your home stereo you just need a 3.5mm to RCA cable like this cable above. The two RCA connectors plug into the back of your stereo and the 3.5mm plugs into the headphone jack of your iPhone. Pretty much every stereo available has RCA inputs as the standard inputs on the back. If you want the best possible audio quality, then an Apple iPod dock will make it sound even better, but well get to that in a moment.

Plugging In The Ipod Dock

How to Connect Your iPhone or iPad to Your TV

This is an Apple iPod dock. It has a line out output on the back. . Using a line level out will give you the best possible sound quality, better than just using the headphone socket. This is because the line out has been designed to put out a signal that is perfectly matched to a home stereo that has a line in.

The headphone output on the iPod is not a true line out, it is a headphone level. This is different. A headphone output is expecting a pair of headphones and while it will still work fine, you may lose some high-end or low end or clarity using it as a line out instead of a headphone out. The dock gives you a proper line out which will be the exact voltage and impedance to match the line in on your stereo. This is important for the best sound quality.

Use exactly the same cable that I talked about above. The headphone jack and plugs into the line out from the dock, and the RCA connectors plug into the back of your stereo.

There are other advantages to the dock. The first one is obviously the better audio quality. But you can also leave the audio lead and charger cable plugged into the dock permanently, so that whenever your phone or iPod is plugged into the dock it will be charging at the same time that it is playing. The Apple iPod dock also has an infrared receiver on the front which will allow you to control your iPod via any Apple remote control! so you can play and pause your iPod using the Apple remote control.

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Connect With Apple Airplay

The easiest way to connect wirelessly is with Apple’s AirPlay feature, which comes built into your mobile device’s operating system. It allows you to mirror or cast content from your iPhone or iPad to your AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV, Apple TV, or certain Roku devices.

To use AirPlay, make sure your streaming device or smart TV is connected to the same home Wi-Fi network as your iPhone or iPad. Open the Control Center on your device by swiping down from the top right of the screen. Tap AirPlay Mirroring and select the appropriate destination. Whatever is on your mobile device’s screen will be mirrored onto your TV’s screen.

You can also send individual pictures and videos to your television by selecting the Share icon inside the Photos app. Tap AirPlay from the pop-up menu and choose a destination. And AirPlay works with third-party apps to stream mediaincluding music, podcasts, movies, TV shows, and morefrom your favorite streaming services to the television.

The Chromecast is different from other media streaming devices in that it uses Google’s Cast protocol over AirPlay. While your iPhone or iPad can’t be mirrored on the TV screen with a Chromecast like with an Apple TV, streaming media can be cast from your device to the TV directly from an app.

One warning regarding this method, though: in very crowded Wi-Fi environments, AirPlay video might break up or stutter. It should work fine in most homes, but if you have a problem, a cable might be your best choice.

What Is The Best Option

When it comes to connecting an iPhone to TV, the combination between Apple TV and Airplay offers much more than the Lightning HDMI adapter.

Apple TV has the following advantages:

  • Wireless Airplay is much more convenient than the HDMI cable solution.
  • Apple TV is better value for money compared to the adapter.
  • iPad, iPod and Macbook can also be connected to TV via Airplay.
  • You can control video playback from your sofa.
  • Native Apple TV apps allow you to access your media library or watch movies without even turning on your iPhone.
  • More and more features are likely to be added to Apple TV.

Of course there are some drawbacks to the Apple TV solutions as well:

  • Apple TV is more expensive than the Lightning HDMI adapter cable.
  • Apple TV is not really portable, recommended for home use only.
  • The video connection with the HDMI adapter cable is more stable than AirPlay, which requires a good high-speed wi-fi network to work properly.

So, before buying a $49 Digital AV HDMI Adapter, you should consider Apple TV as an alternative.

Except for some special cases , the Apple TV is the better option to connect your iPhone to TV compared to the Lightning Digital AV adapter solution.

*iPhone 5, iPad and iPad Mini. Older devices are equipped with a 30-pin connector and require the 30-pin Digital AV adapter** AirPlay support for Macs released in mid 2011 or later. Visit to get a

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Connecting The iPhone iPad Or Ipod Touch To A TV Display Projector With Hdmi

  • Be sure the iOS device is powered on
  • Connect the Lightning Digital AV Adapter to the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • Connect the HDMI cable to the Lightning AV adapter then also connect the HDMI cable to the TV, display, or projector you wish to export the iOS screen to
  • Toggle the settings on the TV or projector to the appropriate HDMI input, this differs between TV, displays, and projectors, but typically its within the Input options on displays
  • When the correct HDMI input is found, iOS will detect the secondary screen and immediately start projecting the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch display mirrored on the TV
  • You can now use iOS as usual, with the screen mirrored to the other display or TV. Play a video, game, run through a presentation, show a demonstration, play a slideshow, share pictures on a larger screen, whatever you want to do on the iOS device is now in full screen on the TV.

    Note if the device is oriented vertically, large black bars will appear on both sides of the mirrored iOS screen. Because of this, youll likely want to turn off orientation lock so that you can rotate the iPhone or iPad screen into horizontal position to better match the wider screen TV display. This is particularly important for watching movies and video from an iOS device connected to a TV:

    It also helps with apps that support the horizontal / widescreen format too, like Safari.

    Learn How You Can Connect Your iPhone To Your Smart TV Using Apple TV Hdmi Roku And More

    [Solved] How to Connect iPhone to TV with USB

    If you want to know how to stream from your iPhone to your TV, mirror your smartphone screen, or use your iPhone as a remote, weve rounded up the most common ways to connect your iPhone to your TV and how to do them.

    Jump to:

    Lets be real. Its been rough in the world latelywe all need a bit of a distraction sometimes, and that means knowing how to cast to a TV with your phone. Watching YouTube on your couple inch-wide phone isnt enough for times like this. Full HD is. So buckle up because were going to teach you how to connect your phone to your TV, both wirelessly and wired.

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    Use Airplay To Apple TV

    If youd prefer a wireless approach to streaming from your iPhone 6 to your TV, then you can use the Apple TV. The Apple TV is a set top box that can mirror your iPhones display and run apps like Netflix and YouTube. Connect the Apple TV to your TV, turn it on, and follow the on-screen instructions to set it up and connect to your WiFi network.

    On your iPhone, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to open the Control Center. Then, tap the Airplay button and select your Apple TV from the menu that appears. This will stream everything on your display to your TV. If youd prefer to stream specific content , then open that media on your phone, then tap the Airplay button .

    How To Connect An iPhone To The TV Via An Hdmi Cable

    The easiest method to connect an iPhone to the TV screen is by using HDMI cable coming from the phone and connecting to the televisions HDMI port. You shall also require an adapter for connecting that HDMI cable to the iOS device.

    You can also get the adapters from Apple. The price is as one could expect from Applecostly, though the product is of high-quality.

    Apple constantly endorses to buy its products instead of getting cheap replicas. However, an adapter coming from Amazon or any other third-party can also get the job done and may even save you a handful of bucks. You just have to ensure if it is supported by HDCP .

    Bonus Info: HDCP is one anti-pirating system used by a long list of streaming service providers. In case, the adapter is not compatible with this protocol, you may not be able to display content from quite a few streaming services, such as HBO® NOW and Netflix.

    Furthermore, we are adding the easy steps how you can connect an iPhone to the TV using an HDMI cable:

    • Connect the one side of an HDMI cable with the TV set.
    • Connect the other sides end with the adapter.
    • Plug-in the adapter in the lightning port of the iOS device you desire to connect.
    • If the iOS device is in the need to be charged while you are using it, just plug-in the one end of the Dock Connector to USB cord or the Lightning port to the USB or in the other port present on the adapter then plug the other sides end in the power source.
    • Do not forget to switch the input of your TV into HDMI.

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    Using A Plug And Play Cable To Connect Your iPhone To Your TV

    If you have a TV that allows you to connect a USB to your phone you can get a Plug and Play cable that has an HDMI side, a USB connection and also the Lighting side for your iPhone, instead of having to buy two different cables. But bear in mind that certain HDMI cables will not support paid subscriptions and apps.

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