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How To Stream Oculus Quest To TV Without Chromecast

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Nvidia Shield Pro Review

How to Cast Quest 2 to a TV, WITHOUT Chromecast. FIVE ways!

Nvidia Shield Pro is a powerful Android TV box with Chromecast Ultra hardware built into it. Unlike the Google Chromecasts above, the Nvidia Shield is a fully-powered Android operating system. You can download applications to it, play console video games with Nvidia GeForce Now, and more.

For Oculus casting, the Nvidia Shield will show up in your Oculus app the same as a regular Chromecast device. The Shield Pro has a Chromecast Ultra built into it, which means 4K streaming and low latency. If you are already planning to spend the money on the Ultra, a little more will give you the best Android TV box available.

The Shield Pro has access to the full Google Play Store. From there, you can install apps like Netflix, Kodi, Plex, and Spotify. The Nvidia Shield Pro comes with a 16 GB hard drive, 3 GB of RAM, and USB 3.0 ports. It features voice search, motion-activated, backlit buttons and a built-in lost remote locator. You can control the device hands-free with Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Can I Cast To Smart TV Without Chromecast

As long as your phone is running Android 4.2 or higher, casting its screen to most smart TVs isnt a problem even without the need for Chromecast or any external devices. It is ideal if your Android device and TV have the same manufacturer .

Wired Quest / Quest 2 Streaming: What You Need

If you dont have the funds to get extra equipment, maybe you just want to plug it in and stream games that way instead. For games that dont require moving around much this is totally doable. Now, if you plug it in normally then it will just open up as a file location that you can drag and drop screenshots or movies to and from, but theres a way around that.

All you really need to do this correctly are a long USB-C cord to connect the headset to your PC and a long audio auxiliary 3.5mm cable. This second aux cord is crucial if you want audio. Id recommend at least 10 feet for each cord like the ones I linked, or longer, depending on the size of your room. For this method youll obviously be tethered to your PC as explained.

Then you need to go Scroll down and find the right .zip file for your OS and unpack it all into a folder somewhere on your PC. Alternatively, you can use the built-in ScrCpy function within SideQuest.

Finally, the only other crucial part of the puzzle for this method is youll need access to the same Oculus mobile app that you paired your Quest with during the setup process.

Other than that you need a webcam and Streamlabs OBS. For OBS setup and configuration refer to my previous VR livestreaming guide Im not going to rehash all of that here. The same setup process applies.

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Wireless Chromecast Quest / Quest 2 Streaming: How To Do It

Here is what your stream can look like:

Make Sure Your Quest Is Ready

In order to do this streaming method, the setup process is a lot different than the first method. For starters, you need to make sure your Quest is;not;in developer mode. You should also verify that your Chromecast device is setup and functioning properly before moving ahead.

Make sure all three devices are setup on the same WiFi network I recommend 5GHz instead of just 2.4GHz if possible. Its also best to just reboot the Quest, your phone, and the Chromecast as well before getting started.

Plug Everything In

This is where this setup gets a little confusing. Basically you need to plug your Chromecast Ultra into the HDCP Stripper In side, then plug the Out of the Stripper into your capture card In side, then plug that into your PC. In the case of the El Gato HD60 S, thats a USB cord.

So in my case Ive got the Stripper and my my capture card plugged into the wall for power too.; Its kind of a lot of cords, but it is what it is.

Cast The Quest

In the Oculus app tap the cast icon in the top right corner, select the name of your Chromecast device in the list of options, and select video quality. Normal always works great for me. Then click Cast.

Since I use the El Gato HD60 S, I have an app on my PC called Game Capture HD which is the window that the footage appears inside from the Chromecast input.

Sync Video and Audio

Setup Audio

Arrange Everything In OBS

How To Launch Oculus Quest On TV

How to Cast Oculus Quest Games to your TV or Mobile Display

Do you want to project the image of Oculus Quest to a TV, with simple steps we can achieve that goal, this option is a good idea if you have a meeting with friends at home, so viewers can see with all the environment in which the user interacts.

In addition to this, these options are also valid for projecting the image in a video-bin, to make the screen even bigger, like a cinema.

With another device like the oculus rift if the users image can be projected on the monitor, but as the oculus quest is a separate device, it must be connected via wifi.

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What Types Of Instavr Customers Can See The Most Value From This

The reasons for publishing to Gear VR are varied, as are the benefits to streaming using Chromecast. Lets just look at a few of the use cases and discuss the ROI of using the combined Gear VR + Oculus app + television + Chromecast.

Tradeshow ;Gear VRs are tremendously valuable at tradeshows and conferences. Theyre easy to transport and easy to use, plus a lot more affordable than HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. To generate foot traffic to your booth, its great to stream what users are seeing on their headsets to a television. It would give potential users of your VR app a preview of why they should spend time in line waiting to experience your InstaVR-published app in a headset.

Sales Presentation; If doing a sales presentation to a group, it may not be feasible to pass around a Gear VR headset to everyone. But using the new Chromecast feature allows all present to get an idea of what your virtual environment is like. This is also particularly valuable if people in your audience may get motion sickness from wearing ;a headset.

Educational Presentations ;Educational institutions have financial limitations that often prohibit them from purchasing too many Gear VR headsets. If youve created an education VR app say, a virtual tour of the Taj Mahal you can quickly and succinctly present your app with not everyone needing a headset.

Casting Oculus Quest To An Old TV

In modern and smart TVs, casting an Oculus Quest is easy and quick. But, some of us may have an old TV that does not have these smart features. And sadly, for those, making oculus quest cast to tv without Chromecast or similar devices is not possible. Purchasing options like Chromecast or Amazon Fire Stick is the best option to go for.; Even though this will cost a little bit additional money, but this investment can give your old TV a rebirth.

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Cast To TV With Apple TV

If you are an Apple fan and like to stay connected to the Apple ecosystem, then the Apple TV maybe your best alternative to a Google Chromecast.

Apple TV allows casting to the TV from Apples content providers and many other streaming services. Although you will have to pay a subscription fee for most services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc.

Apple TV also supports audio streaming via Apple Music. The device also comes with built-in support for AirPlay.


Which Is Better Android TV Or Smart TV

Oculus How to Cast to TV – Watch Oculus Quest 2 on TV Screen with Chromecast or PC Computer

Android TVs have the same features as Smart TVs, they can connect to the internet and many come with built-in apps, however, this is where the similarities stop. Android TVs can connect to the Google Play Store, and like Android smartphones, can download and update apps as they become live in the store.

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Do Any Roku Devices Support Casting From Oculus Quest

One of the features of Oculus Quest is the ability to cast what the user is seeing in VR to another device like a phone or a TV via Google Chromecast. I want to add this to another TV in my house and am trying to decide between upgrading my old Roku to the Roku Ultra or buying a new Google Chromecast. I’d rather stick with Roku, but really need the ability to support casting . Anyone know if this is or will be supported with the Ultra?

Games On Cbs: Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime subscribers can watch a live stream of their local CBS station via the Prime Paramount+ channel . You can try both Amazon Prime and the Paramount+ Channel at no cost with a free trial right here:

Once youre signed up for the Prime Paramount+ Channel, you can watch in-market NFL CBS games live on the Amazon Video app, which is available on your Roku, Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick, Apple TV, Chromecast, any device with Android TV , Xbox One or Series X/S, PlayStation 4 or 5, various smart TVs, Xiaomi, Echo Show or Echo Spot, iPhone, Android phone, iPad or Android tablet.

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Casting Oculus Headsets To A Chromecast Device

Originally, you could only cast Oculus Quest video to a compatible Chromecast device. This meant an official Chromecast or an Nvidia Shield. In 2020, a software update enabled the use of all compatible hardware with Chromecast capability built in. Android TV boxes can now be used for Oculus Quest casting.

Regular Chromecast devices offer 1080p casting with some latency. Chromecast Ultra hardware offers 4K casting with latency under 1 second.

Below, we have different options for your price range.

How Vr Works On Phone

Oculus Quest Cast To FireStick

Understanding Smartphone VR To experience VR, all you need to do is slip your smartphone into a VR headset, and run the apps or games you want. Here, the smartphone acts as both, the display and the processing unit. With smartphone hardware only getting more powerful, the experience is bound to get better.

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How To Stop Casting

If the gameplay becomes too intense you can always stop casting to your TV. If you are stopping it directly from your headset you just need to bring up your menu, select the “Share” button and then choose the option “Stop Casting.”

If you started casting from your mobile app you can go back to the casting screen by clicking on the rectangle with the lines coming off it in the upper right-hand corner. Next, simply select the button at the bottom of the screen to stop casting.

What You Need To Have

In get to forged your Oculus Quest to your TV, you need a couple of matters. Naturally you require an Oculus Quest 2, Quest 1, Rift S, or the Go possibly functions! 2nd, you need to have a Television set with a Chromecast linked to it. This can be either the standard Chromecast or the Chromecast Ultra. And last of all, you will need a smartphone that is jogging the Oculus app on the identical WiFi network.

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Sony X900h Smart TV Review

The Sony X900 smart TV has awesome picture quality and runs its smart platform off Android TV hardware. It is an Nvidia Shield built in to your smart TV. And as of a software update in early 2020, the Oculus Quest can cast to any Android TV device. Casting latency is not as good as Chromecast Ultra devices, but still well serviceable.

The Sony X900H Smart TV has glorious 4K video rich with real-world texture. It is powered by a 4K HDR X1 processor and comes with a hard drive, built-in RAM, and everything else you need.

The X900H smart TV is equipped with Google Assistant and voice control to control your smart home devices. You can easily search for movies or shows with your voice. It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa. You can stream smart camera feeds, play music, and launch video apps.

If you have an Oculus Quest and need a new Smart TV, the Sony X900H will let your cast your headset to the TV. The X900H comes in a few different size options, which you can view in the Amazon listing below.

Oculus Quest Cast To TV Without Chromecast


VR is the latest and most updated way of gaming. It takes us into a whole new world and lets us surround ourselves with characters and visuals from games. It is great fun, but even more when shared with friends and family.

Thats why Oculus gives the feature to connect the Oculus Quest to home TVs. Chromecast is a modern method, but what if you wanted to make an oculus quest cast to tv without Chromecast? Lets dive in to know about some other techniques.


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What Is Best TV Operating System

If youre in the market for a smart TV, chances are youll come across both Android and Web OS televisions. Android TV is developed by Google and can be found on many devices, including smart TVs, streaming sticks, set-top boxes, and more. Web OS, on the other hand, is a Linux-based operating system made by LG.22

Stage : Take Pleasure In Your Oculus On The TV

Youre done! The means to forged the Oculus Quest to the Television is good if you have folks all-around that never want to view you flail around and alternatively see what you are basically performing. Like several VR headset homeowners, you most likely want to display off what the components is capable of. The most effective way to do that is to stream it to a Television so that its distinct how your actions interact with the activity or expertise.;

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How To Cast Oculus Quest To A TV Using Your Phone

1. Make sure that your phone is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Oculus Quest headset.

2. Turn on the Oculus Quest headset and the TV.;

3. Start the Oculus app on your phone.;

4. Tap the Cast icon at the top right of the screen it’s the one shaped like a headset with Wi-Fi waves.

5. If this is your first time using the casting feature, you might need to grant permission to your local Wi-Fi network.

6. The app should have selected your headset in the top “Cast From” section. If there’s more than one headset listed, be sure you select your headset.;

7. In the “Cast To” section, tap your TV or Chromecast device. If it doesn’t appear, make sure your TV is on, the Chromecast is enabled, and then tap “Tap to search for other devices.”

8. At the bottom of the screen, tap “Start.” The Quest’s display will be cast to the TV.;

How Do I Start Broadcasting From Oculus Quest

17 Exciting Things You Can Do With the Oculus Quest

Once your Oculus Quest is running on version 10.0 you can start linking games directly from your Virtual Reality case. You dont need your phone to enter Chromecast or ChromeCast TV. If you want to start the broadcast follow these steps:

-Go to the Menu or the Oculus Quest home screen in your VR helmet.

-Select the Sharing option.

-Select the service you wish to broadcast.

-Select Follow or Next.

-Depending on the service you are transmitting to, select Start Casting or Start Linking on your device.

-Link Oculus Quest for Phone

-If you only thought the Oculus Quest could only be linked to television, youre wrong! You can also choose to link it through your phone. This is a good option if you dont have a ChromeCast service supported by your TV.

-The steps for linking are the same as for TV. Simply select This Phone instead of a ChromeCast service. The more specific steps for completing the pairing are as follows:

-Open the Oculus application on your phone.

-Select the Linking icon located at the top-right. .

-Select your Oculus Quest .

-Select the This phone option in the Link to.

-Finally, select Start.

To transmit what the user is viewing, both devices must be connected to a wifi connection.

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Hisense H5500 Android Smart TV Review

The Hisense H5500 is another smart TV with Android built in to its smart platform. It is another way to activate casting from your Oculus Quest 2 or 1 without any additional hardware. The Hisense H5500 isnt a slick as the Sony in terms of looks, but you will save on the price. It comes in 32, 40, and 43 inches.

With this smart TV, you can stream over 500,000 movies and shows from popular apps like YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix. You can also watch sports, live news, and much more. It comes with an in-built Google Assistant for access to entertainment and control of your smart home devices with your voice.

The Hisense H55 also Bluetooth audio support, so you can stream audio to a wireless speaker or headphones.

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