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How To Stream Movies From Phone To TV

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How to connect and watch your phone on your TV

Once you connect your iPhone to your TV with the option best for you, you can start viewing everything that you see on your phone on your TV you arent limited to just video, you can also mirror the screen, which is great for looking at pictures and even browsing websites.

Remember that for a better view you can turn your phone sideways, usually, videos do this automatically on both your phone and your TV, and even if your phone is horizontal, it will change to full landscape view on your TV.

The apps that only work horizontally wont change to sideways or vertically since they are not programmed to do so.

Remember: If you want to know how to connect your iPad to your TV you can use the same steps.

Using Airplay On iPhone To Apple TV

  • 1Connect your Apple TV device to your TV. The Apple TV device connects to your TV using an HDMI port. Make sure it is set up on the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone.
  • Read here to learn how to setup your Apple TV.
  • 2Open the App you want to cast video from. You can cast video from your camera roll to your TV. Other apps may support AirPlay casting to your TV, depending on the app developer.
  • The App Youll Need: Localcast

    As you probably know, you can use Google Photos to get photos and video from your phone to your TV with its built-in casting option. On Android, you can also use this to cast locally stored movies from your phone to your TV by jumping into the Device Folders menu, then finding your movie.

    The thing is, this is far from the ideal app for this sort of situation. Sure, itll work in a pinch, but in my experience, the video was very choppy, and Google Photos didnt support a lot of the common codecs youll see in ripped and downloaded movies. Thankfully, theres a much better option available for both iOS and Android: LocalCast.

    The app is freely available for both iOS and Android, though it does offer in-app purchases to remove ads and unlock more features. The free app itself is pretty powerful on its own though.

    So if youre looking to stream more than just locally-stored pictures and videos, you can step your casting game up with LocalCast. This is a super useful app that will allow you to cast any media on your device including pictures, videos, or musicas well as cloud content from Google Drive, Dropbox, and even Instagram . It also has network support for casting from network-attached storage, and a built-in web browser for casting videos from the web. This makes it a great choice for movies, because it doesnt matter where you have them stored.

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    How To Connect Phone To TV With Screencast

    To connect your smartphone to your smart TV you can use a screencast. However, you need to make sure that both devices are compatible with one another. The cast for Android-powered devices may not work with Apple products. Apple devices have different requirements for the screencast to a smart TV and can require additional adapters or equipment.

    · An Android smartphone with version 4.2 or higher can be connected to the TV with Miracast wireless display standard.· For Apple devices, Apple iOS smartphones can connect to the TV with Airplay.

    What Do I Need To Connect My iPhone Or iPad To My TV

    DirecTV Android App updated to version 2.5, enables voice search ...

    There are a few different ways to connect your iPhone to your TV. Here is what youll need for each method described in this article. For more complete details, please scroll down to the corresponding sections below.

  • Connect via HDMI: HDMI-to-HDMI cable, Lightning Digital A/V adapter , open HDMI port on your TV
  • Connect via Apple TV: Wi-Fi connection
  • Connect via Chromecast: An open HDMI port on a Chromecast-compatible TV
  • Connect via Roku: iPhone, TV, Roku streaming device, Roku app
  • Connect via other apps: iPhone-compatible smart TV with AirPlay or AirPlay 2, or, for TVs without iPhone support, a DLNA-certified mirroring app .
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    Connect Your Smart TV Or Streaming Device

    First things first: set up your smart TV or streaming device.

    If you chose the device route, switch your TV to the correct input for your device after youve plugged your device in. Then follow the instructions on your screen to get you to the homepage where all of your applications live.

    Don’t worry if you don’t see your favorite streaming service on your screen. Some devices require you to go to their “Store” or “Channels” app to download the streaming apps you’d like on your home screen.

    How To Watch Netflix On TV From iPhone Or Android

    If you have a Chromecast or smart TV, its easy to cast Netflix on the bigger screen from your phone. All you have to do is click the cast icon in the Netflix mobile app and then select the TV or Chromecast you want to connect to.

    That said, if you have a smart TV, you probably wont need to do this because most smart TVs already have the Netflix app.

    An alternative for those without a smart TV or Chromecast is to use an HDMI adapter to connect your phone to your TV. The HDMI adapter youll need will vary depending on what type of phone you have and the viewing quality youre aiming for This is how it generally works, but the process may differ slightly depending on the adapter you have.

    One thing to be aware of is that if youre watching downloaded titles, they will be mirrored on screen as they appear on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. For this reason, you may see black bars surrounding the video on your TV.

  • Connect the HDMI Cable to Your Phone

    Connect the HDMI cable to your phone, then place the other end in your TVs HDMI port. Then, plug the adapter into a power outlet and find the correct HDMI setting on your TV.

  • Open the Netflix App

    When you see your phone screen appear on the TV screen, open the Netflix app on your phone. Search for the Netflix show or movie you want to watch and start streaming.

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    How To Watch Netflix On TV With A Laptop

    If you have a Google Chromecast device connected to your TV or have a TV with Chromecast built in, you can cast Netflix to your TV screen from your Google Chrome browser, as long as the browser is up to date.

    If you dont have a Chromecast device or smart TV with Chromecast built in, an alternative is to use an external HDMI cable to connect your laptop to your TV.

    Once the cable is connected, you just have to tune into the correct HDMI setting on your TV. There may be a few different options so you may have to check a few to find the correct one.

    External HDMI cables are pretty easy to come by online and in stores just be sure to check the ports on your laptop and TV to be certain the cable youve picked is compatible before you buy it. Another thing to be aware of is that Autoplay is not supported with a cable connection.

    For now, were going to show you how to cast from your Chrome browser to your TV using either a separate Chromecast device or a Chromecast smart TV. Make sure your Chromecast device is plugged in before you start.

    If you have a Chromecast with Google TV Chromecasts latest and most advanced model you wont need to use an extra device like a phone to stream Netflix on your TV. You will be able to find Netflix on the user interface that comes up on your TV screen.

  • Open Netflix in Your Chrome Browser

    Open the Chrome browser on your laptop and log in to your Netflix account. Search for the movie or TV show you want to stream.

  • Choose The File And Tap Share

    Screen Mirror Android Phone to TV for Free Connect your phone to TV

    I’m going to choose a video to AirPlay on my TV. So I just went to my photos and tapped on a video to play for this example.

    Once you’ve chosen a video or photo, press on the Share button at the bottom left of your screen.

    Scroll down past your sharing options until you find AirPlay, and tap on that.

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    Digital Stores And Other Options

    David Nield

    Streaming is nice, but it doesnt give you permanent, ongoing access to your favorite movies and shows. If the streaming model isnt for you, you can pick from a variety of digital stores to save your own copies of these videos to your phone. With this option, you can keep your content forever, and you wont have the monthly expense of a subscription fee to worry about either.

    Google Play Movies & TV

    Googles digital movie and TV show store is well-stocked. As youd expect from Google, you can watch your stuff from pretty much any devicea web browser, iPhones, Android devices, smart TVs, and so on. Anything you purchase and watch will stream to your phone, Netflix-style, though you do have the option to cache downloads in advance if youre going to be without WiFi. You can also watch on other mobile apps, including Google TV, and the YouTube app. The interface of Google Play Movies & TV is simple and streamlined, but have everything you need.

    Google Play Movies & TV is available for Android and iOS.


    Its hard to find fault with the choice of content on Apples digital store. As iTunes, it was one of the very first to go online, but now the renamed app and platform houses all of your video content, including the shows and films you purchased in the past. Whether youre after a ratings-busting television show, live broadcasts, a recently released movie, or original and exclusive content, youll be able to find it on AppleTV.

    AppleTV is built into iOS.

    How To Cast Apps With Chromecast

    Theres a huge list of apps that support Chromecast , and once your dongle is installed and connected to Wi-Fi, the way you use it is the same in most apps that support it.

    1. Find the supported app you want to broadcast to your TV and open it.

    2. Select a video, photo or song that you want to move off your phone and open it.

    3. When it starts playing on your phone, tap the screen and look for the Chromecast icon. Its a rectangle with a Wi-Fi sign in the bottom left-hand corner. Tap it.

    4. Select the device you want to Chromecast to from the pop-up menu.

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    Show Photos On Apple TV Or An Airplay 2

  • In Photos on your iPhone, tap a photo, then tap .

  • , then choose your Apple TV or an AirPlay 2-enabled smart TV as the playback destination.

    If an AirPlay passcode appears on the TV screen, enter the passcode on your iPhone.

  • To stop streaming photos, tap near the top of the iPhone screen, then tap Turn off AirPlay.

    If You Dont Have A Smart TV At Home You Can Simply Mirror Your Smartphone To Your Television And Broadcast The Phones Content On The Bigger Screen Heres How You Can Do It

    10 Best Ways To Watch Movies For Free On iPhone And iPad

    Watching your favourite TV shows and movies on the big screen is always more fun. While cable TV comes with its ups and downs, smart TVs have made the experience more seamless. But in case, you dont have a smart TV at home you can simply mirror your smartphone to your television or cast the phones phones content on the bigger screen.

    Keep in mind that there is no one way for all TVs and smartphones and it will depend on what protocols your TV supports. If you have a really old TV, say more than 10 years, a streaming dongle will be the most convenient way.

    Most of the new Android TVs come with support for Cast. Some TVs come with support for Apples AirPlay technology as well. Some rely on their own technology and apps to allow screen mirroring. It would be best to check what functions are supported in the TVs settings to ensure that streaming is easier.

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    How To Mirror An Android Phone Or Tablet To Your TV

    Android phones and tablets can also screen mirror to a TV. To do so, you’ll need to be running Android 5.0 or later. You’ll also need a smart TV that has Chromecast built-in, or a streaming media device with Chromecast built-in, or simply one of Google’s Chromecast devices.

    There are two ways to mirror an Android phone or tablet: Using the quick settings panel and using the Google Home app .

    Using A Plug And Play Cable To Connect Your iPhone To Your TV

    If you have a TV that allows you to connect a USB to your phone you can get a Plug and Play cable that has an HDMI side, a USB connection and also the Lighting side for your iPhone, instead of having to buy two different cables. But bear in mind that certain HDMI cables will not support paid subscriptions and apps.

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    Connect To The TV With Airplay

    On Apple devices, youll be able to use AirPlay: Apples proprietary technology for casting audio and video wirelessly.

    Naturally, AirPlay is designed to work between Apple devices only, but if youre sending content from the best iPhone or the best iPad to your Apple TV, AirPlay will have you sorted. If both devices are connected to the same WiFi network, theyll automatically detect each other, and youll be able to select the AirPlay connection in your phones settings, the same way you would with Bluetooth for connecting to the best wireless headphones.

    How To Cast A Video To Your TV With Localcast

    How to connect an Android phone to a TV

    The interface is pretty straightforward on both iOS and Android, staying true to the respective design guidelines for each platform. The functionality is mostly the same between the two, and its pretty intuitive to useif youre familiar with your current operating system, then you shouldnt have any issues using LocalCast.

    Once you launch the app, use the cast button in the bottom right corner and choose your casting device. From there, just navigate the app normally and choose the movie youd like to watch.

    On iOS, all the navigation options are at the bottom of the interface on Android, everything is tucked into the menu on the left-hand side . Just find the category that suits what youre looking for, and stream away. When youre finished, just tap the cast icon again and disconnect from there.

    Aside from offering options to cast nearly any type of media from a variety of sources, LocalCast also has a very unique feature on Android that allows you to cast a video to the TV, and play the audio on the phone. With a pair of headphones, you can use this as a sort of private listening option. Its very cool.

    To use this feature, tap the Route audio to device option on the bottom. Once enabled, the audio will play on the device, though its noted that it may be slightly out of sync. To fix this, the app offers quick +/- 0.1 second audio syncing. Its pretty legit.

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    How To Play Video From iPhone To TV

    If you have an iPhone, you may not be able to play video from iPhone to TV using Apples built-in wireless display standard. Youll need a compatible Apple TV unit, like Apple TV 2 and up, which can cost $150 and up.

    Television owners who dont have an Apple TV or AirPlay 2-compatible televisions can turn to Screen Mirroring apps, which work similarly. Just make sure to update your device to the most current software for the latest compatibility. Then take the following steps to play video from iPhone to TV, or using your iPad.

    How Do I Connect My iPhone To My TV Without Hdmi

  • You can connect your iPhone to a TV using an AV cable, AirPlay, or screen mirroring.
  • To AirPlay or screen mirror your iPhone, you also need to have an Apple TV or AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV.
  • With AirPlay, you can stream content directly from video apps like Hulu and HBO Max.
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    How To Stream From Your Phone To TV

    How To Watch DStv On Your Android Phone For Free

    If you want your whole smartphone screen on your TV so any app you use can be seen by all, then youll want to do something called screen mirroring. Note that this will usually mimic your phones aspect ratio meaning that youll often have a portrait view of your phones screen.

    Note that if youre just looking to put the likes of Netflix, Disney Plus or Amazon Prime Video on the big screen, then screen mirroring isnt the ideal solution as it often includes latency and/or sound syncing issues. Instead, you should use a smart TVs built-in apps, or something like Chromecast but more on that later.

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