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How To Mount TV Over Fireplace

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Is It Ok To Mount A TV Above A Fireplace

How to Mount a TV Above a Fireplace and Hide Wires

Whenever possible, avoid hanging your TV above a fireplace. Not only is a TV over a fireplace prone to overheating if the fireplace is in use, but the height of the fireplace mantel also requires you to hang your TV very high. This makes for a very uncomfortable and neck-straining angle when watching TV. If you can, hang your TV in another location.

  • If possible, do not hang your TV over a fireplace.
  • A TV hung over a fireplace is exposed to damaging heat and soot when the fireplace is used.
  • Hanging a TV over a fireplace places it very high on the wall, which makes for an uncomfortable viewing angle.
  • If you do hang your TV over a fireplace, do not use the fireplace to heat your homeyou may damage your TV in the process.

If you must hang your TV above the fireplace for any reason, its best not to use the fireplace to heat your home. The heat and soot from a gas or wood-burning fireplace can severely damage or even destroy your TV.

Mounting On Stone Or Brick

If you have an older home, theres a good chance that you are going to end up mounting your television on stone or brick. This can seem a little scary, as youre not only looking at drilling into a surface that feels a little less familiar but youre also going to be dealing with the potential issue of stability. While itd be nice to say that theres never a problem when drilling into stone or brick, the truth is that youll quickly find that user error could be your worst enemy.

The good news is that its fairly easy to drill into stone or brick as long as you have the right tools. Youll largely be mounting your television in the same way you would on drywall, with one major caveat you absolutely have to make sure that you are drilling into either the stone or the brick rather than the mortar. If you drill into a mortar, youre going to set your television up for a fall in the future. Make sure that you clearly mark where you need to drill so that you dont accidentally drill in a spot thats going to lead to costly damage.;

Mounting A TV Above A Fireplace: The Heated Debate

The coziest time of the year is approaching once again. The air is crisp and the time is right to change up the aesthetics of your living and entertainment spaces with a fireplace. Youre beginning to wonder if you should mount a TV above that fireplace

Some believe the cinematic experience truly comes together over the gentle sounds of crackling flames and the soft ornamental beauty of a dancing fire. Others arent so sure its such a practical choice, citing the heat limitations of modern screens and the impact on their safety and functionality. But, is it really necessary to sacrifice the classic, cozy traditions of gathering by a fireplace for the modern comforts of television?

Can you mount a TV above a fireplace? In short: yes, its entirely possible to mount a TV over a fireplace especially if your fireplace features Cool Touch tech for added protection. Having a TV above the fireplace not only looks good, but it can transform your space to feel even sleeker and inviting to everyone who steps inside.

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The Importance Of Caution

Many don’t consider the effects of high-temperature air on electronics when mounting a television or other electronic device above a fireplace. However, caution is key. The high-temperature air is just as damaging to the electronic components as water or humidity. Improper installation and improper planning can lead to damage, combustion, and even bodily harm. To keep the television usable and safe, caution and strict adherence to guidelines and clearances must be maintained.;

Many don’t consider the effects of high-temperature air on electronics when mounting a television or other electronic device above a fireplace.;

Your fireplace manual will have its specific clearances listed for combustible materials and electronics, but the manual or warranty information from your television is also essential. However, as a common standard, older LCD and Plasma TVs have a higher heat resistance of around 120 degrees Fahrenheit before damage occurs. Newer LED and OLED models can start to experience degradation at as low as 90 degrees, more severe damage occurring above 110 degrees.;

You might be asking why this is important. Simply put, if the television gets too warm, it can not only destroy the device, it can also release toxic fumes, catch on fire, or explode. All of this can be easily avoided by erring on the side of caution.;

But I Have To Anyway What Can I Do To Make The Best Of It

Clinton CT mount tv above fireplace

In an ideal world, you would place your television in another room purpose-built for enjoying TV and maybe make music the focus of your main living area. But everyones space is unique and comes with different limitations, and some spaces might not give you an alternative to mounting your TV over the fireplace. Or you might just like the look of it, regardless of the issues it poses. Fortunately, weve got a few suggestions for making the best of it.

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Pros And Cons Of Mounting A TV Over A Fireplace

There is no need to get caught up in reasons why not to mount a TV above a fireplace modern technology has made this design choice much safer. Once homeowners could break free of the bulky, boxy, old-timey TVs, there was no going back. This design style has been practically set in stone with the advent of the plasma screen.

Before you commit to the decision, carefully consider the following TV-over-fireplace pros and cons:


  • Creates a complete entertainment and lounging area: Mounting your TV above your fireplace allows you to enjoy the quaint aesthetic of a crackling fire against the modern comforts of technological entertainment.
  • Saves space: Having the TV and fireplace in the same spot streamlines the interior design.
  • Combines multiple aesthetically-pleasing design elements: Not all fireplaces have to produce a high level of heat output. Choosing the right fireplace can help improve the visual qualities of your entertainment area with low risk.


  • Viewing angle can be uncomfortable: People may need to adjust their viewing angle to see the screen if its not at eye level. Viewing distance may be another factor of concern.
  • TV may be at risk of irreparable damage: If you cannot control the fireplaces heat output, and it does not have cool touch technology, the TV may get too hot and sustain damage. Heat rises, after all.

How To Mount A TV Over A Brick Fireplace

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The very first time I envisioned our living room, I knew I wanted our flat screen mounted to the brick fireplace. I wanted one focal point, and placing the television elsewhere would have meant two conflicting focal points.

The problem is that our home was built in 1986 . This meant the cable and electrical ;receptacles were placed on another wallnot mounted into the fireplace like most modern homes. After consulting with electricians, I was told there was no way to mount an electrical outlet into the brick fireplace. So, my wheels began to spin until I came up with a solution. ;I want to share with you how we mounted our flatscreen tv onto our brick fireplace.

**For your convenience, I had included affiliate links to all of the products I used in this project. That just means I may get a small commission;from the purchase of the product, without you having to pay a dime more.As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases **

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How To Hide TV Wires On The Fireplace

Televisions have become a popular way to watch television. The futuristic, sleek look of a plasma TV makes a stylish addition to any home. Some plasma television owners have purchased wall mounts to hang their televisions on the walls of a house. Some even hang them over the fireplace, which presents a challenge: how to disguise the hanging wires.

Tips and Warnings
  • Electronics stores sell hidden wire devices that can be hung on walls without large holes.

How To Wire A TV To The Fireplace

How to Install TV Over Fireplace Pull Down TV Mount- AEON-50300 tv mount

In years past, there has been competition for attention in a living space. Is the fireplace the focal point of the room, or is the television? Now you can have the best of both worlds when choosing a fireplace TV installation. Installing a TV over a fireplace means that the two items can stand front and center in the room. The trickiest part of installing a home television is where and how to run the wiring. However, the surface mount lines make it easy for anyone to wire a television to the fireplace.

  • Connect the wiring to your flat-screen TV after installing your TV mount base, but before you mount your TV to the wall above the fireplace. A flat-screen TV has many of its inputs under and behind the TV. These inputs are difficult to access if the TV is already on the wall. When you are ready to run your television wires, make sure the television is off the wall to make the job run more efficiently.
  • Find the TV inputs for each of your TV components and plug them into your TV in the appropriate location.
  • Determine the route you want your cables to run from your TV to its components. For example, cables can run from your TV up to your fireplace mantel, up the fireplace, and then down to the TV component cabinet.
  • Surface-mounted cut channels to size so you can hide your cables as you run them from your TV to your TV components. Surface mount channels are long tubes that adhere to your wall and run from your TV to your components.;

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TV Mounts To Brick & Stone

Brick fireplaces look amazing from the interior though they pose more technical challenges if you wish to mount a TV to it. The goal here is to prevent the TV from crashing to the ground due to an unstable mount.

Therefore, the most important step is to make sure you drill into the actual brick or stone, and not the mortar. Mortar is not strong enough to support the weight of a TV, even as lightweight as they are produced these days.

Aside from staying clear of mortar, the installation isnt too complicated so long as you make sure you have the right equipment to drill into the brick and the mount is level.

Find Out How To Hang A TV Over A Fireplace And Hide The Cords

It all started with a TV The television has been a thorn in my side since the moment we moved into our house!; Ive tried 3 different;walls in our living room, but nothing ever felt right.

I really didnt want to put it over the fireplace because I love being able to change up the mantel and wanted to have artwork.; So I was SUPER excited when I found out there was a TV that could serve both purposes: form and function!!

Last year Samsung released The Frame TV and I;knew it would be perfect for our living room.; It looks like artwork when you arent watching TV!

Thats a TV over the fireplace!!

Some of the features that I love are:

  • It hangs like a real frame-flush against the wall.
  • It comes with a good selection of artwork or you can upload your own photos.
  • It has a motion sensor. The Motion Sensor detects movement and turns the screen on.; When you leave, it turns off to save energy!
  • Theres one, nearly One Invisible Connection, that can connect all my devices without any messy tangled wires. The small cable comes out of the TV and theres a box that you connect everything else too!

Heres where the television was before I moved it over the fireplace.

The only problem with hanging the TV over the mantel was the cord situation.; Im a freak when it comes to seeing cords-I HATE them.;

Since I was putting the TV over the fireplace, I didnt want to mess with the wallI wasnt sure what I would find.; So decided to create a facade.

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How To Mount TV Over Fireplace

Flat-screen televisions have become very popular. Many people have them in their homes, and mounting them on the wall is a great space saver. A popular place to hang your game is above the fireplace. Putting the game together can be a bit tricky, but if youre on hand and can find someone to help, you should be able to complete the job in just one afternoon.

  • Measure your flat-screen TV and the wall space above your fireplace to make sure you have enough room to hang the flat screen.
  • Turn on your fireplace if its gas or starting a wood-burning fireplace. Glue a thermometer to the wall directly above the fireplace where the TV will hang. Run your fireplace for several hours. Ensure you know the temperature on the thermometer. It should be less than 100 degrees Fahrenheit for the safety of your flat-screen TV. The warmer temperature could shorten the life of the assembly.
  • Buy a wall mount. Read your games owners manual to determine the size you need. Look for the Video Electronics Standards Association number, which tells you how far apart the holes are for mounting your game. Purchase a bracket that is compatible with your VESA number. The amount you purchase should also be compatible with the size and weight of your device.
  • Find the wall nails above your fireplace. Run the stud finder on the wall until it points to a stud. Pencil an X on each post.
Tips and Warnings

Secure The Wall Mount With Toggle Bolts

Wethersfield CT mount tv above fireplace

Do not use a hollow wall anchor or plastic wall fastener to secure a TV mount to your wall. You need something that will handle much more weight to keep your TV from falling. A toggle bolt in drywall can hold 50 pounds per-bolt. In comparison, plastic wall anchors can only hold 15 pounds per anchor.

  • Plastic wall anchors are not sufficient for a TV wall mountthey can only hold 15 pounds each.
  • This butterfly toggle bolt is a great choice for securing a wall mount where there are no studs.
  • Each toggle bolt you use can support up to 50 pounds . An installation with 4 toggle anchors holds up to 200 pounds .

As an alternative to toggle bolts, use molly bolts. These non-pointed molly bolts can also hold up to 50 pounds per bolt. Once inserted into the wall and tightened, both toggle bolts and molly bolts brace against the back of the drywall to distribute force. This allows them to hold heavier weights.

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The Mantel Is Just Too High

The height of a fireplace mantel can certainly interfere with your home entertainment setup and overall enjoyment. Its something you must seriously consider before hanging a television over the fireplace. And if you already know how high to mount tv above the fireplace, youre probably no stranger to neck pain, eye strain, and even headaches. A lack of focus on what youre watching is also a common complaint, caused by being forced to look up when watching TV. It’s just not a natural position for long periods of time.;

Watching television is meant to be a fun and relaxing experience, not a cause for discomfort and frustration, yet it is the latter for many whose TV is too high on the wall. However, MantelMount has put the fun and comfort back into home entertainment. Their revolutionary pull-down TV mounts have brought a movie theater-like experience to hundreds of thousands of homes across the United States.

The automotive pistons and state-of-the-art counterbalance technology allow anyone to easily pull their large flat-screen TV off the wall, put it down to eye-level, and then swivel it left or right. Within seconds youll be perfecting the TV viewing angle to find your sweet spot, and then you can lie back and enjoy the show. Its that simple.

How To Mount A TV To A Stone Fireplace

Because decorating schemes often use a fireplace as a focal point. Homeowners may choose to hang a flat-screen TV over the fireplace such a position is possible, even if the area is made up of stone, provided you properly anchor the screws with cement anchors and ensure that these anchors are completely secure before hanging up the television. Failure to secure the anchors will cause them to loosen over time, leading to the television falling off the wall.;

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How To Hide Cables And Wires

Luckily, we already ;had an electrical outlet on;a wall directly next to our fireplace . ;We then ;had a cable company install a cable receptacle on the wall directly to the left of the brick fireplace. We essentially routed the cable and extension cord, with wire molding, directly along our fireplace and down into their proper outlets.

Because our fireplace is white, we used a white extension cord and wiremold which adequately disguises the wiring. ;If your fireplace is not white, use a color closest to that of your fireplace . This is the left side of our fireplace and the side we directed the cable down to the cable receptacle.

to direct wires towards the back of the tv.

I was able to hide the cable receptable behind a large, boutique mirror.

Then, for the power cord, use the white extension cord so that black power cord does not extend from behind the ;tv.

The extension cord runs all the way down the side of the fireplace and down to the electrical outlet .

And voila!!! You now have a wall mounted tv. I love the simplicity of one focal point in a room. This makes arranging your furniture so much easier and the overall design of the room much more sleek.

*** Tip: For those of you with a cable box to contend with, simply tuck the box behind the tv .***

And for you old timers out there claiming the heat of the fire will damage your television..ours has remained unharmed through several fires.

Now get out there and design some good vibes and please pin!!!

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