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How To Connect Fire TV Stick To Wifi Without Remote

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Use Your Smartphone As A Hotspot And Another Device To Control The Fire TV Stick

How to Connect Fire TV Stick to Wifi Without Remote

If your TV doesnt support CEC, or if for some reason you have it turned off on your Fire TV Stick, then you may be wondering why you cant just use your phone as the remote for your Fire TV Stick. After all, theres a Fire TV app for your smartphone, and at home you could use your phone as a remote anytime, even using the voice controls! Unfortunately, theres a catch. Your smartphone doesnt talk directly to the Fire TV Stickinstead, they both have to be on the same WiFi network. And remember, your Fire TV Stick is already set to work on your;home WiFi network which, presumably, you did not bring with you on your trip. And with no way to interface with your Fire TV Stick to change its network connection to that of your local WiFi, they wont be able to talk with one another, so the smartphone remote control wont work.

But there is a clever way to get it to work. Heres what you do.

  • Set up a smartphone or other device as a wireless hotspot. When you enable the hotspot, set your SSID and network password to be the same as they are on your home network, the one that the Fire TV Stick is attuned to.
  • Install and run the ;on a second device. This can be a tablet, your second phone, or a borrowed phone. Youll only need it for a minute.
  • On the second device, connect to the wireless hotspot you created in step 1.
  • Now your second device and the Fire TV Stick are connected to the same WiFi network, and can see one another!
  • Turn off the hotspot.
  • Connect Firestick To Wi

    Another possibility is to connect your Firestick to Wi-Fi using Echo or Echo Dot.

    You can use an Echo or Echo Dot instead of a second smartphone or a tablet.

    Once you have modified the initial configuration of the network using a tablet or smartphone, you can use Echo or Echo Dot to connect it to the new network using voice commands.

    Once you have connected the system to the new Wi-Fi, you can also use either of the devices to browse and stream media using voice commands.

    How The Fire TV Stick Functions

    The Amazon Fire TV Stick Rivals Other Prevalent Gushing Gadgets Like the Roku and Chromecast. How Does the Amazon Fire TV Stick Work?

    Your Fire Stick Connects to Your HDMI TV by Means of USB Port, Associates Through Wi-Fi, and Comes Outfitted with a Bluetooth Remote. Basically, Plug Your Fire Stick in and You Will Be Coordinated Through the Arrangement Procedure and Sign into Your Amazon Account.

    The FireStick Is a Focal Archive for All Your Substance. In this article how to connect firestick to wifi without remote smarting below. Once Signed On, You Will Approach Any Music and Recordings Acquired Through Your Amazon Account. Like you Can See Any Photos Transferred to Your Amazon Cloud Administration.

    Different Administrations Like HBO Now, Espn, and Hulu Can Likewise Be Gotten to with Your Fire TV Stick at an Expense. Be That as It May, Even with the Charge, You Get the Benefit of Having the Option to Pick Your Favored Administrations as Opposed to Being Integrated with a Link Bundle.

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    How To Connect Firestick To New Wifi Without Remote

    Watching your favourite shows online can be a great way of spending time with your family. If you are just about to binge-watch or call for leisure time, you can simply configure the Firestick and start enjoying it. The Amazon Firestick is an advanced gadget that can easily get connected to all the smart home devices and use them accordingly.

    However, if you have just purchased a new Firestick for your home it can get difficult for you to configure the device using simple steps. But, it will require the remote for you to configure. In case you have lost the remote, you will have to take up the long route. Without having a guide on How to Connect Firestick to New WiFi Without Remote, you wont be able to do all the things along.

    So, if you are seeking such options, this is the exact guide for you. Do read below to know more about the steps below.

    Does Your Samsung TV Support Amazon Fire Stick

    How to Change Wi

    This is very simple, if your Samsung TV has HDMI, then it is already compatible with Fire Stick. Also, you need to have Internet for streaming content, so you need to have a reliable Wi-Fi network.

    You also need to have an Amazon account, if you buy the Amazon Fire Stick on Amazon, it would be signed in to your account by default.

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    How To Connect Your Amazon Firestick To Wifi

    1. Connect the;Fire Stick;to TV and power.2. Go to;Settings;at the top.3. Select;Network.4. Select your home Wi-Fi network.5. Enter the network password.6. Select;Connect.


    Connect the Amazon Fire Stick to your TV.;The Amazon Fire Stick connects directly to an HDMI port on the back of your TV. Turn on your TV and make sure you have the correct source input is selected.

    Connect the Fire Stick to power.;Make sure the Fire Stick’s micro-USB power cord is plugged into the Fire Stick and the other end of the USB cord is attached to the included power adapter and plugged into an open power outlet. If your TV has an open USB port, you can plug it into the TV directly instead of using the included adapter.

    • Use the included adapter and plug the Fire Stick directly into a power outlet on the wall if you see a message saying the Fire Stick is getting insufficient power.

    Select;Settings.;Use the directional buttons on the;remote;to go to the very top of the Home screen, then select “Settings” which is at the far-right of the options at the very top of the screen.

    • Press the Home button on the controller to go to the Home menu if you aren’t already on the main Home screen. It’s the button with the outline of a house on it.

    Select your preferred network.;As soon as you see the name of your home network in the list of nearby networks, use the directional buttons on the remote to highlight it in yellow, and then press the Select button in the center of the remote to select it.

    The System Will Check If The TV Is Synced With You Once You Log In

    If you have children, you can enable parental controls.

    After youve completed the preceding steps, youll proceed to the next step.

    You can set a limit on what your children can see after enabling the parent controls.

    Alternatively, you can disable it, as it does not have a PIN for video playback and also conducts transactions.

    • You can enable parental controls to limit what your children can see.
    • You can also disable it, which allows you to watch videos without a PIN

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    Sofabaton U1 Universal Remote Control

    This one is another very popular universal remote control. The sofabaton U1 comes with multi pair function. You can pair multiple devices inside the Sofabaton U1 and use the slider on the front to switch between all the devices. The best part about this one is that you can configure Bluetooth and IR devices at the same time and switch between them using the slider easily.

    Inside the Sofabaton app, you can configure individual buttons as macros to run certain commands when clicked.

    How To Pair Amazon Fire Stick Remote

    How to Connect Firestick to WIFI Internet without Remote (Easy Method)

    Second, you need to pair the remote with the TV. To do this, do the following:

    • Use the batteries that come in the box to insert them into the back of the Fire Stick remote
    • Then the remote control should automatically pair with the TV
    • If not, just press and hold the home button
    • The remote control should then pair with the Fire Stick
    • Use Play/Pause to continue setting. This will include selecting your language and pressing OK

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    Use Second Phone To Connect Firestick Without Remote

    Now at some point, if you didnt enable the above CEC option or the TV you are using isnt supported than at this time it is totally useless for you. So to avoid this problem we have another option of using a smartphone to control Firestick.

    1. First, take your first phone and then go to the Hotspot section, and now here you need to input the SSID & the password same as you used in the old WiFi network.

    2. After renaming now just turn on Hotspot and your FireTV as well.

    3. Right-after booting your TV will be automatically connected to that Hotspot so at this time connect your second phone with the same WiFi.

    4. Here you will be connected to the same IP address so now open Play Store or Apple Store and then just download Firestick Remote application.

    5. Now you will be able to control Firestick directly from the second mobile. At this time go to Settings and navigate to Network Settings. From here find the new WiFi that you want to connect to and enter the password.

    Thats it everything is done now so you can now turn off the hotspot as we dont need it anymore. But please note that for this you must remember the old WiFi SSID and the password. If any of this information is wrong it will not connect to it so you have to check out my third method.

    What Can You Do With Amazon Fire TV Stick

    Once you complete;how to connect Fire TV Stick;steps and the connection is established you will be able to do so much with it. It is a perfect way to entertain yourself so do not worry. But if you are facing any problem and the Fire TV Stick is not working then do not worry as these issues can be easily resolved. If you need a quick response and want the problem to be resolved immediately then do not panic as the Firestick technicians can help you with the problem. So, that you can resume watching your favorite TV shows back again.

    Here are some of the most amazing things that you can do with the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

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    Connect Firestick To Wifi Without Remote

    A smartphone can always rescue under challenging situations. One can forget the remote control, but never a smartphone. Right?

    Thats why Amazon offers an excellent, handy Fire TV app that you can install on your smartphone to use Firestick on the TV.

    However, a hidden clause says that a Firestick can only be connected to WiFi and not to the Internet on your smartphone.

    You dont need one, but two smartphones or smartphones and a tablet to solve this problem.

    The idea is to connect both the Amazon Fire tv stick and the smartphone to the same WiFi connection. Moreover, you need to follow the following simple steps to connect Amazon Firestick to WiFi without remote:

    How Do I Download A Remote To My Firestick

    How to Change Wi

    This app is available on both Android as well as iOS devices so to download them just open App Store or Play Store. Now in the search box type Amazon Fire TV and open the first result you see, at this time click Install on Play Store and Get button in iOS. The app will start downloading and it will be able to use in just a few seconds.

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    If You Have Other Firestick Remotes

    If your friends use Firestick too, you can use their remote to control your firestick as well. Almost all firestick remote works with other firesticks. You only need to pair the remote to your device. To do this, simultaneously press and hold the menu button, back and left buttons, which will reboot your firestick and it will pair to the new remote.

    From here, you can connect to new Wi-Fi using the remote and then, unpair the remote and connect the firestick to your phone app. The cross-device compatibility becomes very helpful in situations like losing the remote. You can do virtually anything in your firestick with your smartphone app, and also use your TV with other connections using splitters. You can even control the firestick with any normal TV remotes that are HDMI-CEC enabled, but thats a rare case. If you have USB, you can convert to HDMI for this. If unsupported, you can learn how to choose the right TV for your home here.

    One: Using Fire TV App On Another Mobile

    Connect Amazon Fire TV Stick to WiFi without Remote | Lost Firestick Remote | Remote Damaged

    You will need two smartphones for this method; it can be two Android smartphones or two iOS devices. It can also be an Android device and an iPhone. The trick is to use one of the devices as a hotspot .

    So, on one of the devices, configure the hotspot with the same SSID and password on your home network. Then, on the other device, launch your App Store and install the . Follow the steps below if youve done these prerequisites.

    • Connect Fire TV Stick app to the new hotspot.
    • Now connect your Firestick to the TV, it will automatically connect to the hotspot, too.
    • At this point, both your Firestick and the second device can now see each other because theyre on the same network.
    • From the mobile app, you can now operate and control your Firestick device remotely.
    • Now, if the device you used in creating a hotspot wasnt yours, you should change/reset the Firestick network connection settings to that of the router at the place you are staying . After that, you can turn off the hotspot and hand the phone back to the owner. But if the device is yours, you can still leave everything as it is.

    Note: if youre at home, you dont have to go through all these processes. Simply follow the steps below:

    • Connect the smartphone to the same home network where your Firestick is connected
    • Once the app sees your Firestick, open the settings menu, and change the WiFi settings to the new one.

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    Use Another Fire TV Remote

    Since Fire TV is now available almost everywhere, it wont be difficult finding another remote for your work. You can simply go for the store or else purchase another remote online. We also have an in-depth article on the 13 Best remote replacements for Firestick. You can give that a read to explore some really fun alternatives. Having a remote will surely reduce the difficulties of configuring the WiFi module.

    However, if it takes longer for the remote to arrive at your home, you can simply take the help of any other remote from your friends or the family to get one. Simply press the home button once and then you will be able to get the pairing confirmation message. It takes around 20-40 seconds for the complete setup. Once the setup is done, you will be able to control the application as per your needs.

    Smartphone At Your Rescue

    A smartphone is literally a savior in times like these. Chances of forgetting a remote are high, but you cant forget your phone. Do you? Amazon offers an app for all the smartphone users to use Firestick on their TV. But here is a catch! Firestick can only be connected to WiFi and not to the internet on your phone. There are chances that you have connected Firestick to your home network, which is difficult to change at this time. So for solving this problem, you need two smartphones or a smartphone and tablet.

    For a smartphone to work as remote, it is essential to have both Firestick and the smartphone connected to the same WiFi connection. Follow this procedure step-by-step to connect Firestick to WiFi:

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    How To Control A Fire TV Stick Without A Remote

    By: Author Jonah Matthes

    The Fire TV Stick is an incredibly handy device. In the streaming-stick world, the other competitors cant really compete with the backend of Amazon, which allows all the apps you want as well as direct access to Amazons streaming video library. The Fire TV Stick even comes with a handy remote, although you dont technically need it to control the device.

    Methods for Controlling a Fire TV Stick without a Remote Control:

  • Use the Amazon Fire TV App
  • Enable HDMI CEC and Use the TVs Remote
  • Use a Compatible Universal Remote Control
  • Use Voice Control from an Amazon Echo Device
  • Maybe you lost the remote for your Fire TV in a move or, more likely, your dog discovered just how satisfying that soft-touch coating is to destroy. If you dont have the remote that came with the Fire TV Stick, you can order but it may be easier to use one of these options to control the Fire TV Stick without the original, matching remote.

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