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What Size TV To Get

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How To Measure The Right TV Screen Size For Your Room

What Size TV Should I Get?

According to the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers , your TV should occupy at least a 30-degree arc in your field of vision. THX, meanwhile, recommends a 40-degree arc for a theatrical viewing experience. However, both of these measurements are based on a resolution of 1080p, which means you should be able to get even closer than a 40-degree viewing angle with a 4K screen.

So lets say a 4K TV should be around the appropriate size to take up 40 degrees of your field of view from the distance you want to sit, and work with that.

First, I calculated the proper ratios of distance to screen size. Then, because I havent done trigonometry in years , I compared my numbers with guidelines from RTings and Toms Guides.

According to my math, the ideal screen size ratio is about 1.4. Hey, I was right!

What does this mean for you? It means that the distance between you and a 4K TV should be about 1.4 times the diagonal measurement of the TV. Yes, that still sounds a little complicated, so let’s put it into an easy-to-read chart:

Based on our calculations, if your couch is between six and seven feet from where you plan to place your TV, a screen up to 55 inches should be perfect. If your couch is seven to eight feet away, you can comfortably go up to 65 inches.

Remember Its Not Only The TV TV In Bedroom Ideas

Once youve purchased the TV and brought it home, youll need to carefully install it to add value to the aesthetics of your living space.

You must locate the ideal location and determine how you will install it will it be placed on a stand, or will it be wall-mounted?

Wall mounts will save some space, while TV stands will make it easier to store all TV accessories, soundbars and consoles. The best of both worlds is to mount the TV on a wall and place a TV table right below it.

What Are The Best TV Mounts

The best TV mount for most people is the Echogear Full Motion TV Wall Mount EGLF2. This dual-arm articulated TV mount is a great balance of flexibility and cost. It has one of the farthest extending arms on our list and a wide range of motion , so you can find your ultimate viewing angle. It supports TVs up to 90 inches and has the strength to hold those large TVs solidly. It also has important extras, such as post-installation level adjustments.

If price is no object and you just want the best TV mount available, thats the Sanus Advanced Full-Motion Premium TV Mount BLF328. This beast of a TV mount is also a dual-arm articulated mount, but it ups its game by extending 28 inches. It has the same tilt angle as the EGLF2 but a slightly more limited swivel. What really sets it apart is its looks its as refined as the slick OLED or QLED TV youll want to attach to it.

If you cant spring for those premium options, take a look at our budget pick and the bestseller on Amazon the Mounting Dream Tilt TV Wall Mount MD2268-LK. This is a different style tilt only but if you dont need to extend and swivel the TV, it will keep your TV securely on the wall and allows for some angling to adjust the screen and manage glare. Even though it doesnt cost much, it can hold a lot of weight and will fit a variety of TV sizes.

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How Big Is Too Big For A TV

According to the THX standard, a 50 TV is optimally viewed from 6 to 7 feet away. A 60 TV is optimal at almost 8 feet. 70 is recommended at almost 10 feet and 80 and up even further. You start getting any bigger with your TV screen size and you might not have the space for your couch to go back far enough.

Calculate How Far You Should Sit From Your TV

What Size TV Should I Get? Our TV Screen Size Guide Shows You

80″ TV39.9°40°70″ TV35.3°36°60″ TV30.5°30°80″ TV39.9°40°70″ TV35.3°36°60″ TV30.5°30°

If you already have a TV, then enter the TV size to find out how far you should place your seating. If you are looking for a TV, then enter the distance from your seating position to the TV to determine which size TV you should purchase.

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What Are The Benefits Of ‘voice Control’

Some will also work with voice control. With an assistant like Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant, you can search for and play content with a basic command. No more trawling through different apps to find what you want to watch!

Most voice control TVs work with a special remote. You press down the button, speak your command into it and voila! You can change the channel, the settings and pump up the volume.

If you want to link your smart home up to your TV thats possible too. Check which models will work with your smart devices by talking to an expert instore or through ShopLive.

What Size Samsung TV Do You Need For Your Room

Choosing the right TV size for your room depends on two important factors: your budget and the size of the room. While your budget may be the deciding factor, the size of your TV should depend on how far you sit from the screen and how immersive you want your viewing experience to be. Once you’ve found the right match for your room, visit our website to see all of our Samsung TVs with sizes ranging from 32 inches and up

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To What Extent Does The Distance Between The Seat And The Television Influence Viewing Quality

The more area of the field of view a TV picture takes up, the more immersive it becomes. So, ideally, you should sit as close as possible. But you can also sit too close, if you exceed the maximum resolution, i.e. if you can see the pixel structure of the TV. If even the finest details in the picture are perceived just as sharply as soon as you sit a little further away, you have sat too close. The real resolution of the image is the angle between two transmitted pixels. It is said that humans can differentiate them in about one arc minute . Tests have shown that the ideal distance with Full HD is about three times the image height. However, these tests were made with PC-generated fonts, but video material is always softened so that no moirés are visible. As a rule of thumb, we actually recommend our readers with a Blu-ray and Full HD screen to maintain a seat distance thats triple the image height and have tried this ourselves in many long tests. For DVD content, you should sit almost twice as far away because of the lower resolution, and for analog TV or DVB-T, even further. In reality, however, this is not a question of pure resolution of source technology and screen the real resolution always moves below it. It cannot exceed the native resolution of the screen and the source, but can be massively lower. And so, you better sit further away.

Roland Seibt, deputy editor-in-chief of the Video Homevision magazine

How To Calculate The Best Size TV For Your Room

Review- What Size TV should I get?

Measure the distance between where you plan to mount the TV and where you plan to sit. For a 1080p TV, many industry experts such as Amazon and Crutchfield give a range of 1.5-2.5 times your screen size, though there are almost as many formulas as there are experts.

For example, if you have a 42-inch TV with 1080p resolution, you can sit 84 inches away for a comfortable and immersive experience. If you want to be safe and split the difference, you end up with a factor of 2:1, which is easy to remember. Just double the screen size for a comfortable viewing distance range.

Let’s say you have a big room, a big couch, and a big coffee table between you and the television, resulting in a comfortable viewing distance of 10 feet . You then would take 120 and divide by two, to get 60 inches.

And 4K resolution is even easier to figure out, since the size of the screen matches the recommended distance. For a 42-inch TV with 4K resolution, the optimal viewing distance is 42 inches . A 65-inch 4K TV would have an optimal distance of 65 inches. You can sit farther away, but may lose the ability to distinguish some of the finer details offered by 4K.

And as larger screen sizes become more affordable, you’ll want to take these guidelines to heart. Whether you’re trying to fit a 75-inch or 55-inch TV into your home, remember that the goal is to see the picture, not the pixels.

TV size
85 inches 170 inches

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How Much Space Do I Have

If youve only got a little wall space, a whopping great screen just isnt going to work. And if youve got a lot of space best to make the most of it, right? So you might be asking, what size TV for my room?

To check how much space you have, youll need to get out your measuring tape. Screen size is measured diagonally from the bottom left corner of the TV to the top right corner. Check how much space you have and go from there!

Mounting Your TV: Viewing Height

If you havent checked out the proper screen size and viewing distance for your home, be sure to do that first.

Now lets concentrate on the ideal height. We stress ideal here because not every home has ideal mounting options, as well cover below.

Most action on a TV happens in the center third of the screen–so thats the part of the screen youd ideally have at eye level.

The most ergonomic view is to have the middle of the TV screen at eye level, according to Geek Squad installer Brandi Jorgensen. But in most cases where there are multiple people watching TV, it isnt practical to have the screen height to one set of eyes only. Because of this, you want to consider a comfortable range for the entire gang.

MORE: Best 4K TVs – Ultra High Definition Televisions

There are several factors that go into eye-level, of course: your height, the height of your seat cushion, the distance of the screen from your seat and the height of your TV screen. A math formula would make you crazy, so conducting your own research will do the trick. Grab a measuring tape and measure your eye height from the floor. Say its 40 inches.

Most action on a TV happens in the center third of the screenso thats the part of the screen youd ideally have at eye level. If the height of your TV is 30 inches, the middle 10 inches are what you’re generally fixated on. This is approximately 10 inches from the bottom edge of your screen, depending on how much plastic framing is around the visible screen.

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Tips For Buying TV In The Store

The phenomenon is well known: An already quite large TV looks even one size bigger inside the four walls of your home. The reason for this is that without an accurate frame of reference, TVs tend to look smaller when displayed in stores as they usually have a much larger floor area. Therefore, people end up purchasing much larger sets than what is suitable for their home, especially when you consider factors like seat distance.

Of course, people still prefer to buy a larger screen than what is appropriate for their home over buying a TV that is one screen size smaller. While they could get used to a larger screen much quicker and easier, a smaller one will simply appear too small and bothersome after a short time. Moreover, with the development of HD televisions with high resolution, buying a larger unit than previously intended is no longer that much of an issue, especially since more and more television stations and cable network operators are broadcasting their programs in HD anyway. Hence, a somewhat smaller viewing distance should not be that much of a problem anymore.

What Size TV Is Right For Me

What Size TV For Bedroom Reddit Stand Viewing Distance ...

Choosing what new TV to buy can be a tough decision. Not only do you need to decide on what size you want, but you also have to wade through all of the jargon and acronyms that make up a TV models name these days. However, by looking into screen resolutions and TV displays, determining the size of the room you want to christen with a TV, and setting out a budget for how much money you can part with, youll often find there are plenty of models to choose from once you narrow down the parameters. However, if youre after something in particular, such as a gaming TV, an OLED model, or if youre simply looking for the cheapest TV available, a bit more research can always ensure you can settle in on the couch with your favourite show for a relaxing night in.

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How To Find The Biggest TV Thatll Fit In Your Entertainment Center

Weâve taken the guesswork out of all of it by providing calculators and a TV widths database of.

  • The max TV screen size thatâll fit in your furniture based on your furnitureâs opening width and stand width
  • An up-to-date database of 350 TV widths and leg/stand widths. These are frustratingly not searchable or not found on retailerâs websites! These two widths are important to know to find the correct TV size to fit in a limited opening area and stand width of your TV furniture.

People often ask in the Q& As on retailerâs websites how wide the TV legs/stands are, but information often is DIFFERENT by respondent.

Sometimes, manufacturerâs reps say to call them, rather than just provide the stand width.

Or, often provide missing or incorrect even in the manufacturerâs own spec sheets. Just look at this, how could they not know the stand width when theyâve already manufactured it and are selling it?!

Weâve taken a 3-step approach to getting you the right leg/stand widths AND provided them in an easy to search way across ALL manufacturers and the top retailers!

Finding Leg/stand Widhts For TV Brands

I wondered if there were other BRANDS that has different leg/stand widths that could accommodate my furnitures sizings?

I got curious and spent time figuring it out.

We know for example that HDTVs have a 16:9 ratio , with about a 1 bezel .

Heres how it works, you dont actually have to do this yourself, Ive made it easier with a calculator, just demonstrating the concept first:

That determines the total diagonal screen size. Then we subtract 1 for the bezel , and round to arrive at the max screen size class thats right for you!

You can figure this out for your furniture, and find TVs that match your calculations, on the next page too!

Never before have we been able to search or filter TVs by Screen Width or Leg/Stand Width to find the right fit for our furniture, despite many buyers publicly stating their frustration and need for this!

This creates friction in being able to confidently buy a TV.

Rather than make a mess with a guess, order then return, deal with return S& H or an open box fee, weve figured out the leg/stand widths, added them to the current TV models, and provided it in a searchable store format.

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Perfecting Proximity: Finding The Optimal TV Viewing Distance

Is bigger always better? Theres always been a sense of pride and accomplishment when purchasing a 50 or larger screen. While larger screens can help you see the image better, its possible they may be overkill when used in smaller rooms. When shopping for a new TV on sale, it may make sense to buy a smaller TV that better fits your room for the best viewing experience.

The key to a great viewing experience is to figure out the exact distance you should sit from TV. The better you do this, the better the picture will look and the less youll strain your eyes. Different types of TVs should be viewed from different distances, depending on their size and specific technology. But if you can figure out the right distance for your set, youre sure to enjoy watching for the long haul.

Why TV Placement is Important

Just because you can afford an 80 TV doesnt mean its a good use of your money. A larger TV only improves your watching experience if you have enough space in your home to mount it and sit far enough away. If youre cramped up close, youll have to deal with:

For the sake of both your eyes and your watching experience, dont cut corners on placing your TV. Unless you get this right, it doesnt matter how much you pay for the screen.

Finding the Right Distance for Your TV

Other Essentials for TV Placement

Theres a lot that goes into placing your television besides how far you are from it. Make sure you consider:

Most Popular TV Screen Sizes

What size TV is best for you?

November 10, 2016 By Kenny

TVs come in all different sizes, but there are some TV screen sizes that are more common than others. When shopping for a TV, you may see a lot more options in these sizes. These TV screen sizes range from moderate to extremely large. Which size you choose will depend on your budget, your room, and your personal preference for TV size.

First, its important to know how TV screen size is measured. The advertised screen size of a TV is the length of the TV measured diagonally. This means a 32 inch TV is actually 27.9 inches in width and 15.7 inches in height, making the screen a total of 439.6 square inches.

Additionally, remember that a flat-screen HDTV has more actual viewing room than older TVs. Thats because flat-screen TVs today are shaped differently than old TVs. Todays TVs are longer, creating a more rectangular shape. Older TVs, on the other hand, were closer to a perfect square, with the width and height being almost the same.

Now, lets examine some of the most common and popular TV screen sizes for todays modern flat screen HDTVs.

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