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How To Stream Pureflix On TV

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How To Chromecast Pureflix On TV

PureFlix streaming service 2020 update

by Admin | Aug 28, 2021

PureFlix is an Online streaming platform like Netflix, Hulu, etc. They have content related to Christian movies, TV shows, and Documentaries in it. The main aim of PureFlix is to create an impact on the culture of Christianity through the entertainment medium. All their content is family-friendly and can be viewed with all your family members. It does not have any strong language or sexual violence in it. They are available to stream with a subscription of $12.99 monthly or you can subscribe to the annual subscription plan costs $99.99. Here the ways to chromecast PureFlix on TV.

What Devices Work With Pure Flix

Pure Flix offers incredibly wide device support for its size, including every major TV-connected streaming device, iOS and Android devices, and even the Xbox One.

At present, you can stream Pure Flix on the following devices or operating systems:

  • TV streaming media players: Apple TV , Amazon Fire TV Cube or Fire TV Stick , Android TV boxes , Roku , Chromecast
  • Smart TVs: Samsung Smart TVs , Sony Bravia Smart TVs , LG Smart TVs
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Android devices , iOS devices , Amazon Kindle Fire tablets
  • Game consoles: Xbox One
  • Desktop browsers: All major and updated web browsers for Windows and Mac computers supported

Free 7-day Trial

How Does A Vpn Work

A VPN such as my number 1 recommendation ExpressVPN works by sending your internet traffic through a connection point located in another region.

This helps websites think youre in another region, giving you full access to that countrys content.

In this instance, by choosing to connect to the USA or Canada, the Pure Flix website will think youre in those regions and will give you unrestricted access to Pure Flix from anywhere in the world.

This is an amazing trick that can be used with most of the popular streaming platforms around the world, such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and Amazon Prime.

Originally VPNs were designed to act as an extra layer of security for you while you surf the web. While this is still the case today, they are more versatile than ever. Ill discuss this further in a moment.

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How Much Does It Cost To Subscribe To Pure Flix

Since PureFlix offers exclusive entertainment content, it is available on a subscription basis. You can access the content offered by heading over to and signing up for an account. From here, you can then purchase a PureFlix membership plan: monthly plan for $10.99 or annual plan for $99.99.

Pure Flix Device Support: Amazon Fire TV Roku Apple TV And More

How to Watch Christian Movies from Pure Flix on a Fire TV ...

When Pure Flix launched around 2015, it had one clear mission: offer family-friendly, faith-based contentclear of adult themes. The service also focused on accessibility, and as such, Pure Flix device support is incredibly strong for a niche brand. Heres everything you need to know about Pure Flix device support in 2021.

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S To Stream Pure Flix Anywhere

To stream Pure Flix from anywhere around the world, follow my easy step by step guide and youll be watching in a matter of minutes.

  • Go to the ExpressVPN site and click Get ExpressVPN, then proceed to the package selection page .
  • Enter your email address and payment information, confirming your purchase by clicking Join Now.
  • Click on Selected Location;and choose a connection in either the USA or Canada, then click the Connect button.
  • Visit the Pure Flix website or use the app, log in, and enjoy streaming all the new content you now have access to.
  • Watch Pure Flix in any country using ExpressVPN.

    30-day money back guarantee

    How Do I Sign Up For Pure Flix

    Pure Flix is the great Family Friendly ultra clean alternative to Netflix. I have not been paid to write this review, I just really enjoy Pure Flix, if you are like me, you will too. I was blown away by all the various films and series available. Plus they give you a month to try it out, they know you will like it.

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    Can You Watch Pure Flix On Amazon Prime

    You can download the Pure Flix app right now from Apple or Android to start watching thousands of faith and family friendly movies and TV shows; again, you can watch right now with a free trial subscription. con can be accessed on a variety of devices, including Xbox, Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire, among others.

    Watch On The Pure Flix App

    Pure Flix Streaming Movies for the Summer

    Before we get into the many ways you can enjoy Pure Flix content on your TV, lets explore how you can also watch content directly on the Pure Flix app via tablets and mobile devices. The app can be downloaded from the Apple or Android app stores.; View all of the devices available to start watching here.;

    With the app, you can access thousands of TV shows and movies and you get a free trial! Pure Flix content can also be streamed directly through your computer.

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    Want To Watch Pure Flix On Your TV Here Are 5 Easy Options

    Topics:TechnologyPure Flix Digital

    Pure Flix is an uplifting alternative to Netflix and network television, and you can stream Pure Flix right from your computer or tablet with the Pure Flix app or watch a movie or series on your TV. To watch great Christian movies, check out these easy options available within the United States and Canada.


    Pure Flix Plans And Pricing

    Often called the Christian Netflix, Pure Flix is also priced similarly to its more worldly rival. Pure Flix comes in at $12.99 per month or similar to a Netflix Standard subscription option, although the annual subscription is equivalent to paying $6.95 per month.


    A Pure Flix subscription comes with access to over 1,200 titles, including a wide range of faith-based movies and TV shows. Pure Flix focuses on family-friendly media, so you wont find any sexual content and no adult themes and language. The service even carries Spanish-language programming and educational videos geared toward homeschooling families.

    You can get a 1-month free trial from Pure Flix. The service even gives you extra free months if you get other family and friends to sign up, as well.

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    How To Chromecast Pureflix Using Smartphone

    1: Go to App store or play store and install PureFlix on your Smartphone.

    2:;Open PureFlix app.

    3:;Play any video on your device by clicking on the watch now button on the application.

    4:;Tap on the Cast Icon;on the right top corner of the application.

    5:;It shows all the available casting device.

    6:;Choose the Chromecast connected TV and tap on it.

    7:;Now the video will start to play on your TV.

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    Stream Pure Flix Outside America With Getflix Smart Vpn

    My Completely Honest Review of Pure Flix  It Figures

    Another solution that you can use to unblock geo-located services like Pure Flix from outside the US is Smart VPN. This technology adds an extra security level to your browsing by changing your IP, redirecting your entire traffic via a dedicated US-based server and encrypting your data. By doing so, you may not only access Pure Flix from anywhere in the world but also stay safe online even if you use public Wi-Fi spots.

    Smart VPN is a great solution for travelers who need to access their banking apps or send confidential emails over unprotected networks widely available in public areas like airports, hotels, cafes, libraries, etc. A secure Internet connection and encryption of data makes your online activities both secure and anonymous. Join Getflix, become our regular subscriber and use the safest way to use the Internet wherever you are.

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    Can I Use The Vpn For Something Else

    As I mentioned briefly earlier in the article, VPNs were originally designed as a security tool. Businesses, individuals, and even governments use VPNs to help protect themselves against data leaks and to help stop hackers in their tracks.

    They also help you browse the internet more anonymously, your IP address is changed and your location virtually changed, then protected by strong encryption.

    VPNs can also be used to bypass censorship in countries with strict internet policies. This is useful in countries such as China, Malaysia, and the Middle East, where restrictions are always tight.

    If youre looking at a VPN purely for online streaming, then youll be pleased to know that most of the popular streaming platforms can be unblocked using the VPNs Ive mentioned above.

    Unblocking most Netflix libraries, accessing Disney+, Hulu, Peacock TV, HBO Max, and more.

    Can I Watch Pureflix On My TV

    Once you have selected Apps, click on the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner to search for the PureFlix app. Once you have clicked the magnifying glass icon, an on-screen keyboard should appear on your TV screen. Using the on-screen keyboard, type in PureFlix and select Done. Select the PureFlix app.

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    How To Watch Pure Flix Outside The Us

    If you are interested in Christian content and feel-goo family entertainment but travel or live outside the US, you need to use Smart DNS to avoid being detected as coming from outside America. with Getflix for a 14-day free trial and register your IP in our usersâ data base. Next, set up your device to stream geo-restricted services and youâre ready to watch Pure Flix. The service is available for many operating systems and devices. Detailed setup instructions can be found here.

    If you want to access Pure Flix on all your home network devices, you can do it as well. Simply configure your home router and all devices connected to your local Wi-Fi network will have access to Pure Flix and other geo-located channels supported by Getflix. As your original IP is not changed, you can also have access to all your favorite local website without any loss of connection speed.

    If you need any help configuring our service, contact us for help or head to our Knowledge Base where you can find a lot of helpful articles. Our support is always there to assist you.

    Nhtc And Dish Are On A Mission To Bring Customers The Best Value Service And Technology In High

    What is PureFlix Review

    With a best-in-class combination of value, service, and technology, NHTC and DISH Internet and TV can empower you to have more efficient, easy, and enjoyable interactions with the technology you use mostwherever you do business.

    Prices are current as of August 17, 2021 and are subject to change without notice. Please consult providers websites directly for the most up-to-date information. Note: not all streaming services are available for commercial use, consult providers websites.

    *This function is only available with recorded programming on DVR.**Dependent upon package selection.

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    How To Watch On A Samsung Smart TV

    Samsung Smart TV – On Most 2017 to 2020 Models

    Note: Earlier year models of Samsung TVs are not compatible due to limitations in the TVs’ software.

    As long as you have a supported 2017 – 2020 model you can install the Pure Flix app on your Samsung Smart TV by doing the following:

  • Using your TV remote, select “Apps” in the left-hand section of the Smart Hub.
  • Once you have selected Apps, click on the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner to search for the Pure Flix app.
  • Once you have clicked the magnifying glass icon, an on-screen keyboard should appear on your TV screen.
  • Using the on-screen keyboard, type in “PureFlix” and select Done.
  • Select the Pure Flix app.
  • What Is Pure Flix

    Pure Flix is a Christian online streaming platform that brings you all the best Christian movies and TV shows that are full of Christian values. Its perfect for the entire family and has exclusive content you wont find on any other platform.

    In a recent review, MoneySavingMom said, Pure Flix is definitely a good alternative to Netflix if youre looking for clean and wholesome shows/movies.

    Its currently only available in the USA and Canada, which is why youll need ExpressVPN to access it in other locations.

    The prices are reasonable, you can pay monthly for $12.99 , or you can pay $75 for the year.

    Pure Flix offers a 7-day free trial, so you can try before you buy.

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    Love The Idea But The Application Needs Work Love The Variety Of Movies And TV Shows

    Love the variety! Cant find a similar product for a better price!However, the site is getting more aggravating to watch. It seems very jumpy when Im trying to find something to watch; then, once I find it, it often doesnt have a visible play button/arrow until I click on the picture a few times and change orientation. Thats happened to me for awhile now; but the newest irritation is the movie pauses the picture in spots or drags. It seems to pick right back up again without pushing any buttons, but its aggravating to watch a movie and have it temporarily freeze even if its only a few seconds. Granted, I just had this happen to me for the first time , so I know there wasnt anything wrong with the movie all the other times I saw it, but idk if this is happening now to only this movie or if its all across all movies/shows. I stream several other platforms and never have trouble. I dont plan to call your support line because several people have reported similar problems, so Im sure you need to adjust your platform. Im looking forward to seeing this repair soon! I truly love & support what youre doing, but I cant find a benefit in continuing to pay for issues that seem to be affecting others and have been affecting viewers for several months at least. God Bless you & your efforts! I look forward to seeing the issues repaired!

    How To Watch With A Microsoft Xbox One

    How To Watch Pure Flix on a Roku
  • Start on the Xbox One dashboard and go all the way to the right on the Xbox One dashboard using the left analog stick or the directional pad.
  • Select Search in the lower right-hand side of the screen.
  • Using the on-screen keyboard search for Pure Flix.
  • Please select the Pure Flix app when it appears in the search results at the top of your screen.
  • On the screen for the Pure Flix app, select Get on the right-hand side of your screen.
  • Once installed, use the on-screen keyboard to sign in with your email and password matched to your Pure Flix membership
  • Find via the;Pure Flix app;found in the App Store.

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    How To Chromecast Pureflix Using Web Browser

    1: Open the Chrome browser in your Desktop.

    2:;Search for;;in your browser

    3:;Click Chrome menu icon on the top right of the browser.

    4:;Select Cast option from the menu .

    5:;A pop up will display all the available casting device.

    6:;Click on your Chromecast device from the list to start casting and in source click on cast tab to share the current tab or cast desktop to cast the entire screen.

    7:;Now you can view PureFlix from your desktop on your TV screen.

    Start watching your favorite movies and TV shows on PureFlix on your Big screen. Lets know how you enjoyed watching PureFlix with your family on your TV in the comment section below.

    How To Watch On An Android TV

    Android Enabled TVs, Android Boxes

    Note: Must have access to Google Play Store

    You can install the Pure Flix app on your Supported Android Box by doing the following:

  • Go to the Home screen on your Device.
  • Go to the Google Play Store on your device.
  • In the Google Play Store search for Pure Flix.
  • After the download has finished click Open.
  • When the Pure Flix app has opened sign in with the email address and password you have associated with your Pure Flix account. You can now start enjoying all the great content that Pure Flix has to offer!

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    Watch Pure Flix On Third


    This method also works for Roku TV.

    • Select Streaming Channels from the home page.
    • Select Search Channels and search for Pure Flix.

    Amazon Firestick/Fire TV

    • Press the Home button and select the Search icon.
    • Type the word pureflix and search for it.
    • Scroll down to the Apps&Games section and select the Pure Flix app.
    • Select the cloud-like download button there.

    Apple TV

    Once you connect your TV with Apple TV, on the home screen look for its App Store and open it. Now, using the search options search for PureFlix.

    Select the app and then select the option.

    After successfully downloading and installation, open the app, and log in.


    This is to cast your smartphone screen on your TV, connect Chromecast with your TV and make sure your smartphone and Chromecast both are connected with the same WiFi signal.

    Some Other Casting Methods

    Pure Flix Streaming Review

    You can use your Laptop/PC to watch Pure Flix on TV too. One way of doing it is to use the Google Chrome application and the other is by using an HDMI cable.

    Using Google Chrome Browser

    Windows 10 and Chromecast is necessary for this.

    • Connect TV and Windows 10 laptop/PC with the same WiFi network.
    • Open Chrome, and click on the three-dot menu on the top right side, and look for cast option.
    • Click on the cast and you will see the list of available Chromecast devices, choose yours.
    • There are three cast options, you can choose between them as per your need by clicking on the option.

    Cast Tab:- With this you can cast only a particular tab tour TV, it is by-default available.

    Cast Desktop:- You can cast your entre display of laptop/PC screen with this option.

    And, Cast File:- In cast file mode you can stream video or audio file. You have to select the file which you want to play on your TV screen.

    Using an HDMI Cable

    Connect your TV and your Laptop/PC using HDMI cable first. Then open Pure Flix on any of the web-browsers.

    Now click on the notifications option on your Laptop/PC and select the Project option from there. There will be different options there for casting like Half Screen, Full Screen, etc.

    Select any of the options you want, depending upon your selection the screen of your Laptop/PC will be mirrored on your TV screen.

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