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How To View Photos On Samsung Smart TV

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Samsung Smart TV: How to display photos

When it comes to viewing images on your VIZIO TV, its as simple as the other options. You have two options: you can either access your VIZIO Internet Apps, which includes Flickr and Plex, or you can access your Roku built-in, which has photo apps for Flickr, Shutterfly, Google Photos and SmugMug. You can find other app options in the .

To view images via your built-in Roku:

  • Open the app and log in to your account.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions for displaying your photos.
  • To download a photo app to your VIZIO Internet Apps:

  • Press the;V;button on the remote.
  • Select;Connected TV Store.
  • Navigate through the list of apps and press;OK;on the desired app.
  • Select;Install App,;which is often located in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  • Once the app is downloaded, select it and log in to access and view your images.
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    Follow These Steps If You Have A Tcl TV

    If youve got a TCL TV, you might have a built-in Roku that you can access quickly and easily. Roku isnt just good for streaming movies and shows; its also a great tool for viewing your images on your TV too.

    This works because Roku comes with photo apps like Flickr, Shutterfly, Google Photos and SmugMug that allow you to view your photos directly on your TV. It also has other apps in its photo apps channel that you can choose from if you arent a fan of the more popular options.

    Its simple to use these apps to view photos on your TCL TV. Heres how:

  • Open the app and log in to your account.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions for displaying photos
  • You can also use the Play on Roku app to display your photos on your TCL TV. Before you start, you must install the latest version of the;Roku mobile app;on your compatible mobile device. You must also make sure to connect your phone or tablet to the;same wireless network;as your Roku device.

    To use Play on Roku to view your images:

  • Open the Roku mobile app on your phone or tablet.
  • If you have not already done so, connect your Roku device to the mobile app.
  • Select the;Devices;icon;from the navigation bar.
  • Select your Roku device.
  • Once your Roku device is connected, launch;Play on Roku;by selecting the;Media;icon.
  • Select either;Music,;, or;Videos;to begin choosing what to share from your mobile device. When prompted, grant access to your media library, allowing the Roku mobile app to share your content.
  • Working With An Lg TV Heres What To Do

    If youre using an LG TV, you have a built-in LG webOS SmartShare app that you can use to display photos on your TV screen. This built-in app makes it really simple to share photos on your TV screen. All you have to do is launch it and choose the images you want to display.

    To view photos with the SmartShare app:

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    Stream Images Using Plex

    You will obviously need Plex set up as a media server to make this one work but if you already use the media center, you can use it to stream your images as well as movies and TV. There is an app dedicated to your photos and videos accessible from the Plex home page.

    Set your image folder up to be shared in Plex and open the media center on your TV. Select Photos from the Home page and you can view them all as you require.

    How To Install And Set Up The Samsung Smart View App On Smartphone

    Top 3 maneiras de espelhar Samsung S9 para Samsung TV

    Note: The procedure is using the Samsung Smart view is same on both Android and iPhone.

    Step 1: Download the Smart view app from your respective Smartphone store, if you are Apple users then App store and for Android users the Play store.

    Step 2:;;Tap on Connect to TV button.

    Step 3:;Once the Smart view app finds the Samsung SmartTV on the network, it will appear on the app screen. Just tap on that to connect the TV.

    Step 4: As you tap to connect the Samsung SmarTV from Android, iPhone or PC, a notification will prompt on the TV, asking for access. Select ALLOW to access device.

    Step 5: I hope you have successfully connected to the TV, now select the media content which you want to share and view on the TV.

    Note: Be sure that the TV is turned on and both TV and Mobile are on the same network. If there is no WIFi connectivity, you can use the smartphone WiFi direct to connect the SmartTV.

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    How Do I Put Art On My Samsung TV

    Adjust Art Mode Settings

  • Open the SmartThings or Smart View app and select the Frame TV.
  • Tap the Art Mode button located in the upper right corner. Then tap Settings. Brightness Adjust the brightness of the image when displayed full screen. Color Tone Adjust the color tone of the image when displayed full screen.
  • Flip Through Photos In The Cloud

    Many smartphone users take advantage of cloud backup, which automatically uploads all photos and videos to an online account ;just in case the phone is lost, stolen;or damaged.

    If you have a smart TV , you could install the same app on your television to view all your images there.

    You will need to log into the same cloud account on your TV as your phone such as Google Photos, Microsoft’s OneDrive, Amazon Photos;or Dropbox.

    With Apples iCloud, youll need an Apple TV box, or you can use a cable or wirelessly stream content, per below.

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    Samsung TV: How Do I Play Media Files In Usb Devices

    Newer TV models have a USB port to play media files stored in USB devices.;;;Before connecting your device to the TV, please back up your files to prevent them from damage or loss of data.;

    Please plug a USB storage device into a USB port at the back of your TV or the Mini One Connect of your TV

    In QLED, SUHD and Full HD TVs, a pop-up message appears and lets you move easily to the multimedia content list on the device.;

    Then, you can select an item to play from the list.;

    Press the Source button on your remote

    Then select;USB Device USB

    Press the;HOME;button on your remote, navigate to;and choose;USB Device;/ Connected Device

    Select the media file you want to playPress the Enter button to show the control panel

    If you want to play another media saved in your USB device, press;Return;button on your remote and it will return to the;MY CONTENT;page.;


    QLED and SUHD TVs support MSC USB devices only. MSC is a class designation for mass storage devices. Types of MSC devices include external hard drives, flash card readers, and digital cameras. ;

    These kinds of devices must be connected directly to the USB port.;The TV may not be able to recognize a USB device or read the files on;the device if it is connected with a USB extension cable.;

    When connecting an external hard drive, use the USB port. We recommend that you use an external hard drive with its own power adapter.

    How To Display Images With Firetv

    Samsung Smart TV | How To: get the best picture from your Samsung Smart TV

    Amazons FireTV doesnt have access to Google Photos, unfortunately. But it does have its own easy to use options. If you like the idea of photos of nature displaying on your television, Amazon already has everything you need in place. All you need to do is turn on the screensaver option and accept all defaults.

    But if you want more control, and would rather make your own custom album of artwork or family photos, you just need to download the Amazon Photos iOS or Android app. Or .; Amazon Photos offers unlimited storage for Prime users or 5 GBs of space for everyone else.

    Once you log in, upload the photos you prefer and create a folder for them. On your FireTV, go to screen saver settings and change the source to your album. Customize any other settings you want, such as timing, and youre all ready to enjoy art on your TV.

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    Use A Usb Drive To View Photos On Your TV

    If you have a spare USB drive or external hard drive, its a simple matter of copying them to the drive and connecting the drive to your TV. As long as your TV has a USB port that is. Connect your drive, turn on the TV and select USB as the source. Some TVs will automatically detect the new media while some will not. Navigate the drive using your TV remote and view the images as you like.

    Cables To Connect Your Photos

    You still have options if you dont have a smart TV or prefer a non-wireless solution.

    If youre an Android user,;plug your phone into the TVs USB port, using your USB-C charging cable. Make sure the phone is unlocked, and the images should appear on your screen as thumbnail images. Use your remote to scroll through them all.;

    For iPhone, youll need a Digital AV Adapter and HDMI cable, sold separately for about $49, which connects your Apple device to your TVs HDMI port .

    For any kind of phone, you can copy photos and videos to a PC or Mac,;then load up a USB flash drive, which could be plugged into many TVs .

    Lastly, you can connect your laptop directly to an available HDMI port on your TV.

    Follow Marc on Twitter: . Email him or subscribe to his Tech It Out podcast at .

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    Screen Mirroring With Samsung Smart View

    The Samsung Smart View app is another way to mirror content from your Samsung smartphone to your Samsung TV. As of October 2020, Samsung no longer supports this app, as it’s focusing on the SmartThings app and ecosystem.

    While new users can’t download Smart View after October 2020, those who have the app can still use it to mirror their phone’s screen to their TV. Optionally, use a casting dongle, such as Chromecast, with Smart View.

    On some Samsung TVs, you may need to turn on screen mirroring by going to >Screen mirroring or Network >screen mirroring.

  • Make sure your Samsung smartphone and Samsung Smart TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

    If you use a Chromecast, make sure it’s connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Samsung smartphone.

  • From your phone, drag down the Notifications bar to view the app shortcuts menu.

  • Swipe to find and tap Smart View.

  • Choose your Samsung TV. You’ll see your Samsung smartphone’s or tablet’s screen appear on the TV.

    If this is your first time setting up screen mirroring with Smart View, select Allow with the TV remote when the TV asks you to confirm the connection.

  • When you’re finished, tap Smart View on your phone to disconnect and stop mirroring.

  • How To Cast iPhone To Samsung TV With Mirrormeister App

    Samsung smart tv

    No cables, no small screens. Just one app

    Some Samsung TVs support AirPlay function and some not. You can use the Apple AirPlay function to cast your iPhone to Samsung TV. You can follow Apples official guide to set it up. However, if your TV doesnt support AirPlay or you just dont want to hassle with cables and extra hardware, you can count on our free screen mirroring app.

    MirrorMeister is the most easy-to-use Samsung screen mirroring app. With it, you can stream movies, sport, music, presentations, share photos on your TV, and much more. Download the app and try it for free today!

    Screen mirror movies on the big screen.

    MirrorMeister is compatible with Samsung TVs. But it also works for other popular Smart TV brands and streaming devices, like Roku, , and Amazon Firestick. So if you ever buy a new TV, you can just keep using MirrorMeister.

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    Cast Content To Your Samsung TV

    Another way to view the contents of your Samsung phone on your Samsung TV is with screen casting via a Chromecast device and the Google Home app. To do this:

  • Plug in the Chromecast device and power on the TV.

  • Set the TV’s input to HDMI.

  • From the Google Home app, select;Add;>;Set up Device,;and then follow the prompts to set up your Chromecast.

  • Select and open a Chromecast-compatible app on your phone and then tap the Cast button.

  • Enjoy your casted content on your TV.

  • Press The TV Source Button On The Remote Control

    Step 2: Navigate and choose screen reflection.

    Your smart TV will display a screen like the following screenshot, which means it is waiting for a device connection. So, connect your cell phone to the TV in two minutes. If not, the scanning time will end.

    Step 3: Open the Settings on your Samsung phone

    Step 4: screen reflection on the phone

    Slide down and select screen reflection. Then tap and choose the TV you want to connect to. And your mobile will show on the TV screen.

    Part 2: Playing Photo Slideshow on Smart TV

    Step 1: Turn on the smart TV and place your Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge near the TV.

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    How To Use The Smart View On TV Connected Through Windows 10 Pc Or Smartphone

    Playing Media from Device

    Step 1: From your Samsung SmartTV remote;control, press the home button to access the Home Screen. Or if your remote has source selection key, you can use it directly.

    Step 2: From the TV input source selection, select the connected mobile device as Source.

    Step 3:;Now browse your media content on your mobile to view and play it on your TV.

    How To Connect A Pc To A Samsung Smart Hub

    How to Stream Videos To Your TV Using the Samsung Smart View App

    You can stream music, pictures and videos from your PC to your Samsung Smart TV through the Samsung Smart Hub, provided that both devices are connected to the same network. Although Samsung provides an AllShare application you can install on your computer to make it a DLNA server, it’s easier to enable the DNLA server capability that’s built into Windows Media Player. Once you’ve shared content on your PC, you can authorize the PC to play media on the TV and browse your content through the Smart Hub.

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    What Is Screen Mirroring

    Screen mirroring;is also referred to as screen sharing. Screen mirroring is when you display the content of a mobile device screen onto a TV screen.

    There are two ways to do this:

    • Wired connection screen sharing
    • Wireless connection screen sharing

    While using a wired setup offers a reliable connection, you can also successfully screen share with a wireless setup and get rid of the need for cables.

    What Is Oled TV The Differences Between Oled And Qled TV

    The Samsung 48JU7500 model can be operated using our TVs remote control, pressing the Menu button and selecting the top icon, Menu.

    In the settings menu that appears, click on the first Image tab with a pointer. Now we are faced with the menu where we will adjust the image settings. The fine adjustments were going to make here are for optimizing the picture quality of your television, but we need to add that these settings cannot be exact settings because everyones viewing pleasure will be different.

    The movie must be selected on the Picture Mode tab in the picture settings. So, well adjust our settings in Movie Mode. Then make the settings as follows.

    Today, we have explained how to change picture size on Samsung tv to fit the screen for you. Please contact us for further questions and technical support.

    600 Hollister Rd

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    Samsung Art Work Collection

    If you have a Samsung Frame TV, you can purchase original artworks and decorate your room. As you know, when you set your TV to the Art Mode, it looks like a real painting. The best thing is that you dont have to settle for one picture. Instead, you can change it every week if you want.

    The Samsung Art Collection is carefully chosen for you by famous curators. It consists of more than 100 high-quality photos, organized in different categories. You can find anything, from landscapes to architecture. In fact, many world-famous photographers display their work here.

    Also, this may be the most convenient way to get art to your home. After all, true masterpieces are unobtainable. However, Samsung has found a way to connect you with artists and photographers. For a small monthly fee, you can download as many photos as you want from the Samsung Art Collection.

    Connect Your Mobile To The TV

    How to Use Smart View on Samsung Smart TV

    Tap and open the notification bar on your Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge. Then select Quick Connect. You can select the TV and choose Register TV.

    Note: If your phone recognizes the registered TV when you are watching a video, you can tap the pop-up icon on the Screen Sharing device.

    If your smart TV turns off and registers with Quick Connect, it automatically turns on and reflects your phones screen.

    Once you successfully mirror the Android screen on smart TV, you can share all kinds of files on your smartphone. Apart from showing files, you can also enjoy Android games on a large screen.

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    How To Make Your TV Display Art

    Josh Hendrickson;has worked in IT for nearly a decade, including four years spent repairing and servicing computers for Microsoft. Hes also a smarthome enthusiast who built his own smart mirror with just a frame, some electronics, a Raspberry Pi, and open-source code. Read more…

    Samsungs Frame TV is beautiful and expensive. When its not in use, it displays works of art. But if you have smart TV already, you can accomplish something similar with an app or Chromecast. Heres how.

    Of course, your TV will use more power if its displaying images instead of powered off. Thats the point of Samsungs Frame TV, too: Rather than showing an empty black screen or a garish home screen, you can display art or photos instead.;Whether its a Roku, Chromecast, or Fire TV, you can approximate the Frame TV experience.

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