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How To Connect Samsung Phone To Lg TV

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Connect A Google Chromecast Device

How to Screen Share ‘Wirelessly to Smart LG TV w/ Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra

Your other option is to buy a device like . While this dongle may not be quite as compatible with your iPhone as an Apple TV, it still works well and is significantly less expensive if you need to buy a new device.

With the Chromecast connected, you can open your content app and find the casting button icon, which looks like a Wi-Fi signal and a TV together. This works just the same as AirPlay. If youre streaming from the web, youll want to use Chrome and probably pin the Cast button on the toolbar using your settings options.

How To Mirror Phone To TV With Mhl Cable

To mirror your phone to your TV via MHL cable, simply connect the HDMI end of the MHL cable to the TV and type C end to your Android smartphone. If you have an iPhone, you can get a lightning MHL cable and connect the lightning end to the iPhone and HDMI end to the TV. To supply power to the MHL cable, you can plug the USB into a good wall charger, in case the USB on the TV is too weak.

And thats it. The moment you connect all the cables, you should see your Android or iPhone screen on your TV. To disconnect, just unplug the cable and you are good to go.


  • Works with both Android and iOS
  • The Delay of Screen Mirroring is lower compared to other options


  • Not all phones support MHL. But if you are using any latest flagship phone, you should be good to go.

Why Use Usb To Connect Phones Tablets And TVs

With the ease and prevalence of casting to mirror a phone screen wirelessly, you might be curious why you should use a USB to TV connection for your phone.

If you hook a phone to your TV with a hardwired connection, you benefit from a low-latency signal.

For instance, if you plan to mirror your phone to a television for gaming, you’ll want a USB connection rather than a wireless configuration. This vastly reduces lag. The same goes for watching movies on a TV over a USB cable from the phone.

Plus, for situations where you lack Wi-Fi or have a weak wireless signal, you’ll need a wired connection instead.

To connect your phone or tablet to a TV, you can use one of the following methods:

  • Lightning cable
  • How you connect your phone to the TV depends on your specific device and operating system. Although all methods are similar, the process differs for connecting an iPhone versus an Android device.

    Similarly, your connection method varies depending on your needs. Simply viewing photos on a compatible television requires your charging cable and mobile device. But for screen mirroring, you’ll need a USB adapter.

    Note that for USB connections between a phone and TV, the model of TV shouldn’t matter, however. The steps below outlining how to connect your phone to a TV apply to Samsung, LG, and many other manufacturers. Better still, the same steps can be used to connect a phone to non-smart TV.

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    Connect With Mhl Cable For Samsung Dex

    1. You can just use the MHL cable aka HDMI to USB-C cable to connect the TV to phone. This will start screen mirroring the connected phone to your TV.

    2. To turn on the DeX, swipe down the notification panel where you shall view a notification from Samsung DeX. Tap to start Samsung DeX.

    3. You will get another notification saying Use your phone as a touchpad. Tap on it to start using your phone as a touchpad if you dont have a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

    You can also get Samsungs own Dex Cable and use it as a MHL cable for Samsung Dex.

    Just Tap To Mirror On Your TV

    How To Connect Samsung Soundbar To LG TV?

    Tap View function is a new feature in 2020. Just tap the TV with your Samsung phone and it will be mirrored.

    Settings to be prepared in advance

    Check if the TVs Smart View function is turned on .

    How to set up Tap View on your phone

    Step 1. On your phone, open the mobile SmartThings app, and tap Menu icon .

    Step 2. Tap Settings icon, and then swipe to Tap view, Tap sound. Tap the switch to turn it on.

    Step 3. Bring your phone closer to the TV, and then tap the Allow phone presence detection notification when it appears on your phone screen.

    To use Tap View, update your SmartThings app to version 1.745 or higher. It is available to download from Google play Store or Apple App store.

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    Can I Connect My Android Phone To My TV

    There are two ways to connect your Android device to a television. One option is to use a wired connection through an HDMI cable. Youll need to know what type of port your Android phone has, whether its USB-C or Micro USB. Youll also need to determine whether youll need a special adapter to use HDMI. Youll need to get these before you connect your device.

    To connect your Android phone to your TV, youll need an HDMI cable and an MHL adapter. Make sure your device supports MHL. If not, youll need to use a Micro USB to HDMI cable to connect your phone to the television. For other options, try a Type-C cable. If youve got an old phone, youll need a cable with a micro-HDMI connector.

    An HDMI cable is the easiest way to connect your Android device to your television. Connect your phones charging port to the HDMI input on the TV. Then, adjust the cable so that its pointing at the proper position for your TVs display. If youre using a USB-C connector phone, you can use an HDMI cable with a USB-C port on one end.

    How To Connect A Phone To Lg TV Using Bluetooth

    Of all the TV brands in the market today, LG outstands with most of its models supporting Bluetooth 5.0 and above.

    Considering that all mobile devices support Bluetooth functionality, you can connect an LG TV with a mobile phone. How do you do that?

    Step 1: Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device

    To begin, you need to turn on the Bluetooth functionality on your phone.

    Move to the home screen and swipe down to display the notification screen. On this screen, please search for the Bluetooth icon and tap it.

    Similarly, you can navigate to the mobile settings, search for Bluetooth, and toggle the button to turn it on.

    Step 2: Enable Bluetooth on your LG device

    The Bluetooth functionality is turned off by default. Thus, you need to turn it on first. How do you do that?

    First, navigate to LG settings by clicking the gear icon on the remote or moving to the home screen and clicking on settings.

    If you have logged in to the sound menu, you can exit it by selecting sound out on the menu. After exiting the sound menu, a list of the devices connected to the LG tv will be displayed.

    Step 3: Pair the devices

    Please search for your mobile device name and select it on the Bluetooth device list displayed on the screen.

    After selecting it, a prompt asking you if to start the pairing device will be shown. Start the pairing process and follow the guidelines to establish a communication path between the two devices.

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    How Do I Pair My Phone With My TV

    If you are wondering how to pair your Samsung phone with an LG television, youre not alone. Several other devices use the same method. You can even use your phone as a virtual PC! However, youll need a USB cable and an adapter if youre connecting via USB. Read on for more information. If youre using Android, you may need to enable USB port sharing in the phones settings.

    First, connect your Samsung phone to the same wireless network as your LG TV. Then, find the QR code of your LG TV on the TVs screen and scan it with your phone. Then, your Samsung phone will mirror your TVs screen. Once youve done that, you can use other apps on the LG TV. If the phone does not automatically recognize the QR code, youll need to download an application for this purpose.

    To enable the screen-mirroring feature, youll need a Samsung Galaxy S8 and an LG TV that supports Miracast. Using the LG TV, open the Screen Share application on your phone. Afterward, open the notification panel and look for Smart View. Then, tap on Smart View in your phones settings. Once the screen mirroring option appears on your phone, youre ready to connect your phone to your LG television.

    How Do I Connect My Android Phone To My Lg TV

    Connect Android To LG Smart TV (2021)

    You can connect your smartphone to your LG Smart TV using several methods. You can use Miracast, Apple AirPlay, and HTC Connect. For the best experience, make sure your phone is equipped with the screen-mirroring feature. To connect your phone to your LG TV, select the Screen Share option from the home screen or device list. The LG TV should be on the left and the HTC Android on the right. Once the process is complete, your smartphone should appear on the screen of the TV.

    Once the LG Smart TV has a free download of the LG Screen Share app, you can connect your phone to it. To do so, you must ensure that your phone is equipped with the Screen Share app. Once you have installed it, the app will automatically detect compatible televisions in your Wi-Fi network and connect to them. Once connected, you can choose what to show on your LG TV. You can select photos, music, or videos from your phone. You can even share your content with different people.

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    How To Mirror iPhone Screen Using Third

    If your LG TV was manufactured before 2019, you might need to use third-party apps like AirBeamTV to mirror your iPhone screen. Lets look at how to mirror a screen with AirBeamTV.

  • Download and install the AirBeamTV app on your iPhone.
  • Launch the app and select your TV from the list displayed.
  • Press Start Mirroring for your iPhone screen to appear on the TV.
  • Youve now used a third-party app to display your iPhone screen on your LG TV.

    Connecting Phone To TV Using Usb With Mhl

    MHL is one of the most common solutions for connecting a phone to a HDMI TV with a micro-USB cable. This technology allows MHL-compatible devices such as smartphones and tablets to connect to televisions and projectors.

    You can browse a list of MHL-enabled devices on the official MHL website.

    To use Mobile High-Definition Link, you will need

    • MHL-enabled phone
    • USB to HDMI MHL adapter or cable

    Although this is the general setup, the specific cable you’ll need varies. Google MHL cable to find a list of compatible cables.

    To connect your phone to a TV using a USB cable and MHL, first hook up your phone via an MHL adapter. The adapter will require power either from a USB port on the cable or an external source.

    Although MHL initially required a power connection, MHL 2.0 makes this non-essential. Still, since MHL does draw power from the mobile device, it’s wise to connect a power cable.

    Next, connect your phone to your television with the MHL cable. After that, you should see your phone screen on your TV it’s plug-and-play.

    Overall, Mobile High-Definition Link is one of the best solutions for connecting an Android phone to a TV using a USB cable.

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    How To Mirror From Your Samsung Smartphone To Your TV

    Imagine showing off your incredible photos on a bigger screen by connecting a Samsung mobile device to a Samsung Smart TV. Check out how easy you can mirror your favorite photos, videos, presentations, and games on a large screen to make them look bigger and better.

    Before you try out below recommendations as to your solution, be sure to check if your device’s software and related apps are updated with latest version. Please check how to update your mobile device’s software in following order.

    Step 1. Go to Settings> Software update.

    Step 2. Tap on .

    Step 3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

    How To Wirelessly Display Your Samsung Galaxy S8 To The Lg B6 Oled 4k Smart TV Using Miracast

    Ultra HD USB 3.1 Type C Phone To HDMI TV/HDTV Video Cable For Samsung ...

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 supports most wireless display and casting technologies including Miracast, Google Cast, and DLNA.

    If you want to wirelessly display the Samsung Galaxy S8‘s screen to the LG B6 OLED 4K HDR Smart TV – 65″ Class, you can use Miracast or DLNA both of which are supported by the TV. Here we look at how to connect the Samsung Galaxy S8 to the LG B6 OLED 4K HDR Smart TV – 65″ Class using Miracast.

    First make sure that the Listening Mode is turned on in the Screen Share menu on the LG TV.

    To start the Miracast display process, you can swipe from the top of the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 to open the quick select menu. From there you can select the LG TV as the device you want to cast to. Once selected, the Miracast connection process will start.

    You should then be able to see the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 on the LG B6 OLED 4K HDR Smart TV – 65″ Class.

    Once connected, you can see the LG TV in the Samsung Connect quick view and the Samsung Connect App itself. From there, you can start and stop the Miracast connection.

    The Samsung Galaxy S8‘ is able to easily use Miracast technology to wirelessly display its screen to the LG B6 OLED 4K HDR Smart TV – 65″ Class.

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    Screen Mirroring From Pc To An Lg Smart TV

    In addition to smartphones, you can also mirror a PC or laptop to an LG TV using the Screen Share App.

  • Open the Screen Share app on your LG TV.

  • On your PC, go to Settings> Devices.

  • Select Bluetooth and Other Devices> Add Bluetooth or Other Device.

  • In the dialog box that appears, select Add a Device .

  • Then, select LG TV and wait for confirmation.

  • Once your connection is confirmed, make sure the projection mode is set to Duplicate so that you will get an exact mirror of your PC screen on the LG TV.

  • Once the PC steps are complete, everything visible on your PC screen is mirrored on the LG Smart TV.

  • To end a screen mirroring session, select the Disconnect prompt in the small black rectangular box on the very top of the PC screen, change to a different function on the TV, or turn the TV off.

  • LG Screen Share can also be done by connecting the PC to an LG TV using an HDMI cable.

    How Do I Pair My Samsung Phone To My Lg TV

    When pairing a phone with a television, it is important to know how the phone is hooked up to the TV. Many Samsung models support screen mirroring, but there are also a few other ways to connect the phone to the TV. To pair your phone with your television, use a smartphone to TV adapter or a USB cable. Both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

    In order to mirror your Android device to your TV, make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then, find the QR code on the television, and scan it. The phone will then mirror the screen of the connected device. To use the phones screen mirroring function, your LG television must be on the same Wi-Fi network as your phone. Once youve completed the pairing process, you can start using the LG television as your remote control.

    Connecting your phone to your television can be tricky, but if you have the right cable, its simple to connect the two. The USB port is commonly found on TVs and most smartphones. To connect your phone to your TV, youll need a USB cable. The USB cable is usually connected with the TVs HDMI port. When using the USB port, ensure that it has the correct USB settings. Some phones only support USB for firmware updates.

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    Connect With Dex Proprietary Hardware

    Samsung also offers proprietary hardware for DeX like DeX Pad and DeX Station. This makes the process even more seamless. Just place your phone on DeX pad or Station and start using it instantly. You can also connect wireless or wired keyboard and mouse to DeX Pad and Station, so you also can start using them instantly without connecting to your phone.

    The only difference between DeX pad and station is that you can use a phone as a touchpad while using the pad, but that isnt the case with Station.


    • Works on any TV with attached proprietary hardware
    • Ability to use the phone in desktop layout
    • Works even with DRM supported apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Bank Apps, etc.


    • Works only on flagship Samsung phones

    How To Mirror iPad Screen Using Chromecast

    Galaxy Note 20: How to Connect Screen Mirror Wirelessly to LG Smart TV

    Chromecast is a feature developed by Google that allows you to cast content from your device to your TV screen wirelessly. You can use a Chromecast to mirror content from your iPhone to your TV, as shown below.

  • Insert your Chromecast dongle into your LG TV.
  • Download and install the on your iPad.
  • Tap the Chromecast app that will now be available on supported apps.
  • Pick your TV from the list that appears to begin the process.
  • Youre now mirroring your iPad screen on your LG TV using Chromecast.

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