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How To Hang TV Above Fireplace

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Heat + Electronics = Bad

Can you install a TV above a Fireplace? (Fact or Fiction?)

Electronics dont care for heat, and they care for smoke even less. Have you ever seen the windows inside the car of a cigarette smoker? Unless the smoking driver is an equally habitual window washer, those windows are covered with a hazy film of filth. Exposed to the smoke of burning wood, a similar film can build up on the components inside a television cabinet.

You may not see the particulate when you have a fire, but it is there . If you burn wood even with the flue open there will be a small amount of smoke and particulate emitted. And once that particulate builds up, so does the heat generated by the TV. Look at a wood-burning stove as an example. The heat generated by this is enough to melt candles placed several feet above the mantle after all, generating heat is what its designed to do. Think about what that same heat can do to all the sensitive components inside a television.

To ensure we arent just blowing smoke, we spoke to Brian Sevigny, owner of Portland, Oregon-based A/V installation service Digital Connex. He told us he gets asked to install TVs over fireplaces frequently. When we asked him if he encouraged or discouraged the practice, he was quick to jump in. Discourage, Sevigny said firmly, primarily because of the heat and the smoke.

How To Position It

Because your fireplace spans up to several feet above the floor, mounting your TV above it means itll be much higher up than what youre used to. To reduce potential eye and neck strain, youll need to find an optimal spot for installation.

To ameliorate this, you can use a tilting or full motion TV mount, which provides the option to tilt your TV downwards at an angle thats comfortable for everyone. Check out our other blog post on the correct height to mount your TV for further details on how to find the perfect location.

TV And Video Monitor Heat Limitations

Unlike the cathode ray televisions of the past, which drew from 65 to 133 watts depending on size, current TV and video monitors produce relatively little heat.

The operable word is relative since screens keep getting larger. For a 50-inch screen, LED TVs can use as much as 100 watts. Plasma TVsno longer sold but still found on secondary marketscan draw as much as 300 watts. Enclosures are vented to allow the heat produced locally by the electronics to escape.

Subjecting the TV to additional heat can counteract the TV’s normal operations. Sample temperature ranges from a few major manufacturers demonstrate just how low the upper ends of these ranges can be:

  • Samsung LCD: 50 F to 104 F
  • Sony LCD: 32 F to 104 F
  • LG 4K LED: 32 F to 104 F

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Mounting A TV Above A Fireplace: The Heated Debate

The coziest time of the year is approaching once again. The air is crisp and the time is right to change up the aesthetics of your living and entertainment spaces with a fireplace. Youre beginning to wonder if you should mount a TV above that fireplace

Some believe the cinematic experience truly comes together over the gentle sounds of crackling flames and the soft ornamental beauty of a dancing fire. Others arent so sure its such a practical choice, citing the heat limitations of modern screens and the impact on their safety and functionality. But, is it really necessary to sacrifice the classic, cozy traditions of gathering by a fireplace for the modern comforts of television?

Can you mount a TV above a fireplace? In short: yes, its entirely possible to mount a TV over a fireplace especially if your fireplace features Cool Touch tech for added protection. Having a TV above the fireplace not only looks good, but it can transform your space to feel even sleeker and inviting to everyone who steps inside.

It Could Give You Neck Strain

How to Hang A TV Over A Fireplace

Kicking back on the sofa and watching your TV while the fireplace flickers might look comfortable. But it might not be as relaxing as you think!

The best height to position your TV is at eye-level. If you hang it above your fireplace, it will be much higher than this. This means you will have to keep your head tilted upwards to watch, which could cause tension and straining.

If you try and position it lower, the TV might be getting too close to the fire, risking heat damage. If you put it higher, you will need to sit further back to be comfortable which may only be possible if your room is the size of a cinema!

One possible solution to this is to choose a widescreen effect fire. These are wider than they are tall a letterbox shape. This might allow you to position the TV slightly lower.

Pictured: Celsi Electriflame VR Metz Electric Fire

To experience it for yourself first, sit on your sofa and stick a piece of paper to the wall where the TV would go. Does it feel comfortable? Could you relax in that position? If not, it might not be an ideal place to hang it.

Verdict: Above the fireplace might not be the most comfortable place to position your TV make sure you are happy with it before fitting it. A widescreen fire can help you keep it lower on the wall.

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How To Mount A Flat Screen TV To A Stone Fireplace Wall

TVs are wonderful because you can hang them on the wall. They dont need to sit on a surface and take up a lot of space in your room. Adding a flat-screen TV to a room with a fireplace can add to the coziness of an already cozy room. Rock walls are ideal places where you can mount a flat-screen TV because they are sturdy and can support the TVs weight.

  • Buy a TV mount that can support the weight of your flat-screen TV. Make sure the dimensions of your television will fit into the mountain.
  • Measure your TV, and then mark the area where you position yourself on the wall. You can draw a guide on the wall with chalk. This way, you can center the TV and place it in the correct area above the fireplace.
  • Hold the mountain in front of the square on the rock you want the TV to hang. Mark the points on the rock where the screws will secure the bracket to the stone. Check if your marks are level using a carpenters level.
  • Drill 1-inch holes in the stone at the points you marked. Use a drill with a bit of a sharp diamond drill called the correct size for the screws supplied with the wall bracket.
  • Secure the bracket to the rock wall by inserting the screws into the holes with an electric screwdriver. Make sure the screws are tight enough that the mount does not move.
  • Check if the assembly is simple. Use a level to make sure the mount is even and flat.
  • Place the TV on the stand. Every frame is different. Follow the directions that came with the mount while positioning the TV on it.

Place Your TV Perpendicular To The Fireplace:

So far, weve talked about locations that keep the TV on the same wall as your fireplace. Here is an option that places the TV on perpendicular wall.

As you can see in the photo, the fireplace and TV are around 90 degrees apart. And even though they are on different walls, the TV and fireplace arent competing with one another.

A sectional works particularly well in this setup because functionally, it allows you to enjoy the fireplace and have a comfortable view of the TV, and aesthetically, it unifies the two focal points. In place of a sectional, you could get a similar effect using two sofas with one facing the TV and the other facing the fireplace.

Based on the amount of space you have around your TV and your personal preferences, you can place your TV over media furniture or skip media furniture altogether.

If you dont have glare from windows or indoor light sources, a fixed-position mount will help you position your TV at the ideal viewing height. If you want a mount with more functionality, a full-motion mount will help you address unwanted glare on your screen and allow you to point your TV to where you are seated in order to get the best viewing experience.

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What To Consider When Mounting A TV Above A Fireplace

Written byRyan Hagberg on January 8, 2019

While there may be a large debate about mounting a TV above the fireplace, it might be the only option you have in your space for a TV. Or, maybe you just prefer the aesthetic of TV placement over a fireplace. Whatever your reasoning, heres what you need to consider when mounting a TV over a fireplace along with our easy 3-step instructions for how to install a TV mount.

How To Mount A TV Over A Brick Fireplace

Install TV above fireplace pt 2- install mount

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The very first time I envisioned our living room, I knew I wanted our flat screen mounted to the brick fireplace. I wanted one focal point, and placing the television elsewhere would have meant two conflicting focal points.

The problem is that our home was built in 1986 . This meant the cable and electrical receptacles were placed on another wallnot mounted into the fireplace like most modern homes. After consulting with electricians, I was told there was no way to mount an electrical outlet into the brick fireplace. So, my wheels began to spin until I came up with a solution. I want to share with you how we mounted our flatscreen tv onto our brick fireplace.

**For your convenience, I had included affiliate links to all of the products I used in this project. That just means I may get a small commission from the purchase of the product, without you having to pay a dime more.As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases **

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Where Are The Studs And Electrical Sources

When determining what kind of mount you will need for above your fireplace, you should consider the locations of the studs. Not all of the studs in your wall are going to be perfectly centered for your mounting brackets. Consider a TV mount that allows you to shift your TV left or right after installation so that you can position the TV perfectly centered above your fireplace, even if the bracket isnt.

Many new house builds include an electrical box above the fireplace to provide power for a TV. Because, of course, a TV needs electricity to function, you will also need to choose a wall plate that allows you to position the TV mount in a way that it does not interfere with the electrical box or outlet.

We are really just outlining the potential problem with mounting a TV over the fireplace the simple solution is to use an open style wall plate that allows for the panel or outlet to fit neatly within the bracket in close proximity to where the power is on the back of the TV.

Heat And Electronics Shouldnt Mix

Its true — heat and electronics dont mix! This is probably the most common concern when it comes to TVs and fireplaces, and it is a fair one, considering all the delicate wiring within flat-screen TVs, one should be careful and know how to hide TV wires. While todays TVs produce relatively little heat on their own. Flat-screen TVs like ones from Samsung and SONY produce negligible heat of their own. The heat from the fireplaces still poses a significant threat to the TV. Thats why MantelMount was designed with in-built smart heat-sensing handles. These heat-sensing handles turn red when they detect a temperature of 110F or more. MantelMount also comes with paintable covers to hide wall hardware so you can keep all the wiring tidy and safe, all while looking elegant.

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Six Degrees Of Separation From A Beautiful Picture

On this issue, there is no debate. We review many TVs every year, and the viewing angle on LED/LCD TVs remains a problem, even among top-tier TVs.

An LCD screen is essentially made up of many tiny, shuttered windows. These windows open and close to let the TVs backlight through, thus creating an image. The problem with these windows is that they have a minimum viewing angle. Suppose you move too far left, right, up, or down and you start seeing a fraction of the produced light. The result is a washed-out, lifeless picture hardly what you had in mind when you laid out hard-earned cash for a new television.

The good news here is that you have some options to mitigate this problem. The first is to buy a tilting wall mount with enough down angle to give you a more direct view of the screen. Even mounts will drop the TV down closer to your eye level . Either option will improve both color saturation and contrast.

The second option is to purchase an OLED TV , which has a nearly infinite viewing angle and will look amazing no matter how high you place the TV. There are plenty of other reasons why OLED wins in an OLED vs. LED TV battle. If an OLED TV isnt an option for you, consider an LED TV that uses an IPS LCD panel.

Wood Fires May Affect The TV

Tips for Hanging a Flat Screen TV Over a Fireplace

With its crackle and smoke, an authentic wood fire is charming and romantic. But intense heat and smoke are bad for TVs that are mounted above them.

Wood fires can put out as much as 60,000 BTUs and can reach temperatures high enough to ignite creosote in the flue and start chimney fires. Since heat rises, any heat not vented up the chimney cascades over the front of the mantel and upward. If the heat doesn’t affect the TV, the smoke might.

At the same time, heat rising from a fireplace quickly dissipates. Heat measured directly above the top lip of the fireplace box will be different from heat even a foot or two above that location. The only way to know if the area where you intend to mount the TV is too hot is by taking temperature readings.

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How To Mount TV On Stone Fireplace: Things You Need

Wall mounting kit

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Tips & Warnings
  • If youre hanging a plasma TV, recommends that you make sure the fireplace doesnt go above 90 degrees Fahrenheit before hanging it there.
  • Glue a thermometer to the intended location of the television, build a fire, and let it roar for a while. If the temperature exceeds 90 degrees, choose a different location.

New Information New Approach

The frustrating aspect to all of this is that despite the introduction of full-motion pull down TV mounts, the number of articles claiming that a TV should never be placed above a fireplace continue to proliferate. With the possible exception of an aesthetics issue, a high-quality, full-motion mount renders all of the objections moot. Should you decide to mount a TV above a fireplace or high on any wall, even without a fireplace remember that the vast majority of articles strongly recommending against it are not taking full-motion mounts into consideration.

Now, armed with this information, the next time you have a customer who is considering mounting their TV above their fireplace but is concerned by articles stating its a bad idea, you will be able to explain that it is a fine idea, and wont be forced to find an alternative location. You can tell them that putting their TV above their fireplace is a fine idea, and you know just the way they can do it.

Click here to see examples of TVs mounted above fireplaces.

Spencer Greenwald is the vice president of marketing and e-commerce at MantelMount.

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Dont Use A Fixed Mount

When youre mounting a TV above a brick fireplace, you might think making it stationary is the best way to protect it, but this dramatically cuts down on the viewing experience. To watch TV from anywhere in the room, you will want a motorized or tilting wall mount. This allows you to alter the TV angle to get a perfect view and ideal picture quality.

Choosing a tilting mount is especially important if you have an LED TV. These tend to have a limited viewing angle, so adjustments are frequently needed. You might prefer to invest in an OLED TV, which works better at most any angle.

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