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What Is The Best And Cheapest Way To Watch TV

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What’s The Cheapest Way To Watch Football On TV

The Cheapest Way to Watch HBO (Legally) | How To Get HBO Online

At the time of writing, BT TV works out to be the cheapest monthly cost of watching all the upcoming Premier League games. BT is also known for running some great introductory promotions at the start of a new Premier League season, such as three months for £1 a month.

However, the downside is that BT contracts are 24 months, meaning the total cost will actually be the highest.

Virgin Media is a close second this year, offering some great-value bundle deals that combine its lightning-fast broadband with a comprehensive sports and entertainment package.

Watch TV Shows On Your TV Streamed Via Media Player

The option that has become the standard at our house for watching TV, movies via Netflix and a variety of other sources is a software called PlayOn. PlayOn is basically a media streaming software that will pull the video streams from sites like,, network websites, MLB.TV, Netflix, Amazon Video and others and allow you to stream them over the home network, to a network media player attached to your TV.

PlayOn also has the ability to stream and record your favorite shows, and can even record streams of entire series from websites where you have memberships, like Netflix and Amazon.

So what do you need to set up a Playon media center?

We’ve been using our Playon media setup for years now, and it works great. In fact we just watched all the seasons of Walking Dead in the past few months using this setup. I highly recommend it. It works well because using this setup we don’t need to have a computer directly connected to the TV, and we can use our regular Logitech Harmony remote to navigate shows, pause and play, etc on the console.

Other Media Hubs

Other options include popular media hubs:

How To Get Free TV Channels Without Cable Or Satellite

Cable TV is one of the most expensive ways to watch local TV channels and national channels. Depending on where you live, package prices start between $60 and $75. Depending on what channels you want to watch, cable television can go as high as $100 a month.

If you want to cut the ties with cable, there are some fabulous options on the market. Lets explore some of the alternatives.

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Find Free Shows And Movies With Streaming Sticks

People who own an or Roku streaming stick know they are great to get Netflix, Amazon Video, Disney+, Hulu and more on their TVs. But, they also know they are great for finding a wide selection of free television shows and movies.

You can access services that offer free TV shows and movies on both streaming sticks. The Roku Channel, Pluto TV, Tubi, and Filmrise are just a small sample of the channels you can view with either for the streaming sticks. You can also access YouTube videos from them, too.

If you dont have an or Roku stick, then seriously consider one.

The good news is you can access Amazon Video from the Roku stick, and you can watch the Roku Channel from the Fire TV stick. And, dont overlook the limited free trials you can score through the streaming sticks for premium movie channels. However, be sure to set a reminder so you know when to cancel the service and avoid any fees.

Rent From The Library

Roku Streaming Stick review: The best cheap way to make a TV smart ...

While the library provides amazing streaming content through Hoopla and Kanopy, its still pretty great for physical media, too. Whats more, it tends to fill in the gaps that streaming services are often missing. At the time of writing, Netflix only has 49 movies and TV shows that were released before 1970. The library can be a great resource for these classic movies you might struggle to find through streaming services.

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What Is The Cheapest Way To Get Local Channels

Long before live TV services came on the scene, cutting the cord meant getting rid of cable or satellite TV and relying on a TV antenna. Nielsen estimated that by late 2021, an estimated 18.6 million households in the U.S. were using a TV antenna to get free over-the-air channels.

With the right TV antenna thats best suited for your household and geographic region, you can get local ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and PBS stations for free. Popular sub-channels such as MeTV and INSP are also available in a number of markets.

Read more about TV antennas here to get started with free channels.

The Cheapest Streaming Services For Cord

Long gone are the days of running to the bathroom or for a snack between commercial breaks. With so many streaming services, cable feels like an obsolete inconvenience as more people cut the cord to save money, watch TV whenever they want, and ditch ad breaks.

Donât want to wait until next week to watch that season finale? Well, for most streaming shows, you donât have to! Stuck on the couch after slipping on ice on a wintry day? Why not binge-watch that new show everyoneâs talking about?

But that begs the question: What are the best and cheapest streaming services for cord-cutters? You didnât get rid of cable to have to subscribe to every streaming service out there, so weâve found some of the cheapest TV streaming services you can subscribe to without having to get a side hustle to afford!

Note that prices and availability may vary by location and are accurate as of this writing.

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Which Is The Best For You

If you want to save money, then the best way to do so is subscribe to the cheapest internet subscription you can and get a Netflix and/or Hulu subscription. You’re done. However, if you find you would miss live TV, then the cheapest option is adding Sling TV to that. Yet, even signing up for Hulu Plus Live TV and internet will cost less than a premium cable subscription and yield a similar number of channels. Not to mention the copious amount of on-demand content Hulu includes — which now also incorporates Disney Plus and ESPN Plus.

Unless you’re a sports fan who needs a local RSN or cares about streaming lag, the main potential downside to cutting the cord is one of convenience — especially if you’re a channel flipper — as you’ll now need to navigate apps rather than use the channel buttons on your remote. If you’re happy with your cable subscription then you may not need to even worry about cutting the cord, and saving money may be as easy as cutting out some of the packages you don’t use. You could always supplement it with a Hulu or Netflix subscription, too.

While the leap to cutting the cord may seem intimidating, it can still offer a cable TV experience if you want that, as well as saving you some decent money in the process. For more insight on money-saving home entertainment tips, check out our articles on rotating your streaming services, the best antennas and a media player comparison.

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What About The Philo App

Watch BEFORE You Buy a New TV! (2021/2022 TV Buying Guide)

You can download Philos app from Google Play or the App Store. It allows you to watch TV on the go, as well as providing you with access to the recordings on your DVR.

You can also use your app as a remote control through Philo Connect, which allows you to browse saved shows and search for content without interrupting playback on your TV. Although this feature is currently only available on Android devices, Philo has plans to extend the service to iOS.

PhiloVisit Site

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Need Easy Extra $350+/month For Free

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Especially if you want any premium channels, like HBO or ESPN, which are often an extra cost in addition to the regular prices you pay.

Thats why people across the nation are cutting the cord and switching to streaming services that give you tons of channels and content to watch without the hefty bills attached to them.

Often, you can find streaming services for much lower costs that include many or all of the same channels you had with cable plus some premium channels.

ESPN is one premium channel that people often want but cant get with cable unless they spend extra money each month.

Until now.

Were going to show you how you can ditch cable for good, get hundreds of channels to watch, and have ESPN included in your bundle probably for much less than you were paying for cable!

Directv Stream Cash Back

  • Only valid for new DIRECTV STREAM subscribers.
  • Only valid once per household.
  • You must pay and maintain service for at least one month to be eligible.
  • Purchase must be completed on the DIRECTV STREAM website.
  • Youll receive gift card 4-6 weeks after purchase .
  • Cannot be combined with any other promotion and wont be eligible if you try to use a coupon code or cash back from another site.

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Internet And TV Packages

If you’re looking for more Internet + TV packages, here are some other options.

  • Verizon Fios: The great thing about Verizon Fios is their fibre-optic network. The advantage of fibre-optic is that they’re able to carry much more data than traditional copper or coaxial cable, theoretically making their internet speeds faster. Their connections also have symmetrical speed, which means the speed is the same whether you’re downloading or uploading. This can be useful for people who upload a lot of data online.

In practice however, Fios’s commercial internet speeds are comparable to other internet providers such as Comcast’s Xfinity and Cox Communications, who use coaxial cable.

Fios has three ‘double play’ packages, which refers to their internet and TV bundle. At the lowest tier they provide 50 Mbps internet, and the ‘Fios TV Local’ plan which includes 15+ channels, with 5+ of them being in HD for $49.99/month. The plan includes most of the major networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and PBS. The overall package is quite basic, but the upside is that there is no annual contract.


  • Xfinity: Like Verizon’s Fios, Comcast’s Xfinity also provides internet, and TV services, however Xfinity uses coaxial cable for their internet connection. This doesn’t necessarily mean their internet speeds are slower – their advertized standalone internet package speeds can go up to 2000 Mbps, which is a lot faster than Fios’s 500 Mbps.
  • Consider A Service With Multiple Streams

    Samsung UE42F5500 Review

    In any family, its unlikely that everyone will always want to watch the same show at the same time. If this sounds familiar, make sure you choose a streaming service that allows you to view multiple streams through a single account at any given time. Otherwise, one member of your household will need to stop watching before another can start using the service.

    Although the number of streams available for simultaneous viewing will depend on the plan you choose, services such as Netflix and Disney Plus allow you to watch up to 4 streams concurrently.

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    Option : Subscribe To A Live TV Streaming Service

    If youre cutting the cord from traditional cable but still want to watch most of your favorite TV channels, youre likely considering a live TV streaming service.

    Many but not all of these services offer at least some of your local channels with your subscription.

    YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV both tout access to some local channels included with their subscriptions, but the cost may be prohibitive for some. YouTube TV starts at $65 per month and Hulu + Live TV is now $70 per month.

    This isnt the cheapest solution, but it may end up being the most effective for you.

    I searched my ZIP code on YouTube TVs site and found that it carries my local ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and PBS channels and more.

    But not all live TV streaming services will be this thorough.

    Sling TV, which is a popular live TV streaming choice because of its $35 monthly fee, offers access only to NBC and FOX affiliates in select markets.

    And value service Philo, which offers more than 60 channels for just $25, does not carry local channels at all.

    Determine What Parts Of Cable TV To Replace

    Before you can find a path to travel to watch TV without cable, you need to explore any hesitations you have before you cut the cord.

    Doing this will help you determine what parts of cable TV you enjoy, making it easier to find proper replacements.

    Focus first on the content that you enjoy from cable.

    Do you prefer movies or shows? What genres did you like?

    Are there any specific shows or channels that you favor and want to continue to follow?

    Next, consider your attitude toward live TV channels.

    Was it important for you to view events live, or are you OK with using your DVR to record shows and watch them when you want?

    If youre the type of person to watch live sports, this is probably a significant pain point.

    The same is true if you enjoy watching local news channels as well.

    Also, consider how much you enjoy the experience of watching TV outside of the content.

    Very few people think about the experience and only focus on the content.

    Are you the type of person who likes to channel surf? Are cliffhangers something that you look forward to unraveling in the next episode?

    Do you want to be able to chat with your friends about whats currently airing?

    Answering these questions and exploring any reservations you have will give you the best chance to find a suitable replacement for cable TV.

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    Is An Indoor Or Outdoor Antenna A Viable Option

    If you have a TV in your house — that is, a screen that incorporates a tuner — you’re part-way to cutting the cord already. An affordable indoor antenna hooked up to your TV will let you watch free TV over the air from any channel you receive in your local broadcast area. Antennas cost as little as $10. See our comparison of indoor antennas here.

    You can also add a hardware DVR such as the Amazon Fire TV Recast or TiVo Edge for Antenna if you want. Then you can record those live TV antenna channels, play them back and skip commercials, just like on a standard cable TV DVR. Here’s CNET’s roundup of the best OTA DVRs for cord-cutters.

    A solid, lower-cost alternative to live TV streaming services is the combination of an antenna for live local channels and an on-demand service such as Netflix or Hulu. That way you’ll still be able to watch live programming and also have a choice of on-demand content.

    Amazon’s Fire TV Recast DVR is a cord-cutting antenna user’s friend.

    Find The Right Plan For You

    Top 5 Ways to Ditch Cable and KEEP Your Local Channels

    Once youve selected a streaming service, your task isnt necessarily complete, although youre nearly there. Before making any final decisions, you should compare all the plans offered by the company youve chosen, and then decide which is right for your family.

    At the more expensive end of the spectrum, most streaming services offer premium plans that allow you to stream high-definition content on multiple devices. If youre looking for a more affordable option, however, a basic plan could be a better choice. Although these plans will normally only allow you to stream via a single device and may be limited to standard-definition content, you may find it more than enough to suit your requirements.

    Alternatively, you could investigate free streaming options if your viewing needs are limited or your budget is tight. Netflix, for example, allows access to a selection of free content for both TV and movies.

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    Best Live TV Streaming Service For Cord Cutting In 2022

    Are you looking to cut cable but want to keep live sports, news and originals? YouTube TV, Hulu Plus Live TV or Sling TV could be the services for you.

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    Cutting the cable cord is a popular way to save money, but users may find they need to augment favorites such as Netflix with live broadcasts as well. Enter live TV streaming services. These cancel-anytime live TV bundles give you the ability to watch local and national news as well as live sports and events like the Emmys. All you need is a streaming device or smart TV.

    Stream your favorite TV shows on smart TV, Android TV, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV devices, game consoles or on mobile.

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