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How Much To Install TV Wall Mount

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Cost To Mount TV Over Fireplace

How to Mount a TV to the Wall: Simple and Safe Steps

The cost to install a television over a fireplace will range from $225 to $700, depending on the complexity of the installation, the material of the fireplace, and other factors. Installing a television over the fireplace may require extra labor or a mason or other contractor for installation, such as if you have a brick fireplace. There will also be more work to run and conceal wires around the fireplace, which will incur an additional charge compared to a standard wall bracket, as well. Although popular, it is not recommended to install a television over a working fireplace as the heat can damage the wiring and the television itself.

What Hanging A TV Entails

In order to hang a TV from a wall, you will need a number of tools and items. These will include:

  • A suitable mounting bracket.
  • A tape measure.
  • A screwdriver set you may need a slotted set as well as the Philips cross-head type.
  • A pencil for marking the wall.
  • A spirit level, to ensure that your TV is mounted straight and squarely.
  • Screws and suitable wall plugs these are usually supplied with your chosen TV bracket assembly.
  • An electric drill with a series of masonry bits.

You will need to drill into a brick or stone-based wall in order to securely fix the TV mount. It is possible to flat-mount a smaller TV onto a plasterboard wall by using the right fixings, but this is not recommended, and this article will detail the work required to mount a TV to a solid brick wall.

You will need to find a suitable bracket for your TV. Generally, flat-screen TVs up to a size of 47 can be fitted to an arm-type bracket which allows for a great deal of movement of the TV as well as tilt and swing. TVs which are larger than this usually require flat, static brackets which only allow for a few degrees of tilt and no positional change.

Flat-screen TVs have fittings on the back of them that comply to Video Electronics Standards Association standards in the form of a series of holes set in a particular pattern and at set distances, and conforming to similar holes in brackets. This means that a bracket will likely fit your TV, but check before you buy.

Select A Corner TV Mount

Once you have verified the dimensions and weight of your TV, you can begin your search for the perfect TV mount. If you already have a corner TV mount that is compatible with your screen, you can skip to the next step. We recommend searching for reviews of various corner TV mounts that are filtered to align with the specifications for your TV. Different corner TV mounts offer various benefits and features. Important considerations to keep in mind when you are in the selection process is what angle you ideally want your TV to be in. Its also important to note that some varieties can be pushed in when not in use2 . Researching at this stage allows you to narrow down what features are must-haves for your preferences and space. If youre interested in a corner-mounted TV that can extend away from the wall and tilt to diminish glare, our Mount-It Articulating Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket may be your perfect fit. Our Mount-It Articulating TV Wall Mount Corner Bracket is another corner mount that may fit your needs. It has a continuous tilt feature that allows you to adjust for glare and neck comfort, as well as a cable arrangement feature that keeps your mounted TV looking clean and professional3 .;

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Can A Tasker Mount My TV Even If I Dont Have A TV Mounting System

In most cases, no. The service is limited to installing the mounting system and attaching your TV to it. Ideally, you should already have the TV, wall mounting system and a sturdy wall ready for your TV wall installation. But if you dont know which TV wall mounting system to purchase, you may find some Taskers willing to advise you and assist you in purchasing one, but this can cost extra. ;

Finding A Spot For Mounting

Cost to Wall Mount a TV

Before drilling any holes, your hired specialist begins the TV wall mounting service by helping you find the right spot for mounting. You determine which room and which wall to place the mount, while the specialist can find the perfect viewing height. They may suggest a different spot for the TV to have the best wireless signal to the internet if its a smart TV. Should you need recommendations about designing your interior so that everything looks balanced, you may book another expert beforehand. ;

Once youve agreed on the height on the wall, your specialist checks with a stud finder if there are any wires or pipes behind the wall. After theyve determined that theres no risk of cutting wires or puncturing pipes, they mark off the spots on the wall where holes can be drilled. ;

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Our Pick: Sanus Vmpl50a

After all of our research and testing, we selected the Sanus VMPL50A-B1 as the best tilting TV mount. This UL-approved mount is designed for TVs ranging in size from 32 to 70 inches, and it can hold up to 130 pounds, which is more than enough for any TV.1 This Sanus model has one of the thinnest profiles of the tested mounts, holding the back of the TV about 1¾ inches off the wall. Yet, when tilted, it still gives you room to get a hand behind the TV for wiring purposes. In our tests, installation was quick and easy, and we found that the mount was fully adjustable once we had the TV in place, both side to side and, with two bolts, to correct the level. The VMPL50A-B1 is compatible with 22 VESA patterns and comes with 10 bolt sizes, the largest selection of any mount we tested.

The VMPL50A-B1 can tilt 9 degrees forward and 10 degrees backward. This range was similar to what we saw from the other tested tilt mounts, most of which could tilt forward and backward anywhere from 7 to 10 degrees. Depending on the size of the TV, this range can give you an extra couple of inches to squeeze your hand in to plug in a new component. Some mounts offer a little more tilt than the VMPL50A-B1, but a degree or two doesnt make a huge usability difference. One thing we particularly like is that the VMPL50A-B1 has a nice range of tilt both up and down , and you can adjust it with just one hand on the TV.

Also Great: Echogear Eglf2

If the full-motion Sanus VLF728-B2 is not in the budget, or you dont need its extreme capabilities, the EchoGear EGLF2 is a nice, inexpensive alternative. It has none of the finesse, capabilities, or polish of the VLF728-B2, but considering the vast cost difference, this is not surprising. Still, compared with the other full-motion mounts in its price range, the EGLF2 is UL-approved, offers smooth action on the arm, and gives at least some attention to aesthetics. It also holds the back of a TV less than 2½ inches off the wall, closer than most mounts in its price range are capable of. The EGLF2 is compatible with TVs sized between 42 and 86 inches and weighing up to 125 pounds, and it supports nine VESA patterns.

The EchoGear EGLF2 can extend a TV 22 inches from the wall. Although thats 6 inches less than the Sanus VLF728-B2 can stretch, its more than what you can get from most $100 full-motion mounts, which top out at around 20 inches. The movement of the arms is smooth, in contrast with the stiff arms of the similarly priced Mounting Dream MD2298, which we also tested.

The EGLF2 also has a tilt feature and post-level adjustment. As with the VLF728-B2, both adjustments are easy to reach and fairly simple to use.

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What Do You Need Installed

The extent of your project will play a big factor in the final cost of your TV installation project. The most common addition to any TV installation is the wiring that comes with. You can either choose to hide your wires or let them fall from the mount. In some cases, a new outlet is necessary to support the location of your TV. This will add to the project cost, but will make concealing any wiring easier and it will look better.

Is It Safe To Wall Mount A 55 Inch TV

How to Mount a TV on a Wall & Cable Plate Installation

If youre unsure of what size of a wall mount to use for mounting your TV, a 55 inch TV wall mount is a safe bet for a number reasons. For starters, its versatile. Its a relatively sturdy, durable size that can easily adjusted, and some models can expand in size from 26 inches to up to as large as 84 inches.

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Will My Wall Type Affect The Project Cost

The type of walls in your house can affect the cost of any work done. Brick, concrete and stone all present more laborespecially if you want in-wall A/V cord installation. Your living room wall may be easy or difficult for TV wall mount installation, so getting some professional advice is worthwhile. In general, harder wall surfaces cost more for TV mounting services than a softer surface such as drywall. However, no matter the wall type or associated cost, all mounted TVs can be very heavy. Even if you usually like to handle small projects yourself, this is a job for the pros.

General Advice When Mounting A TV

TV mounting brackets are usually sold as a kit, which includes the actual bracket, instructions, and all of the fittings that you will need to attach the bracket to the wall, and the TV to the bracket. The wall fittings will include the recommended screws and wall plugs for a brick wall, and you should not deviate from using these.

Most brackets come complete with a wall-drilling guide, so use this to mark out the drilling holes with a pencil directly on the wall. Or, even better, attach the drilling guide to the wall with a little masking tape and drill through it. Use your tape measure to find out the recommended height for your TV to be at eye level from where ever its being viewed from.

Next, drill the pilot holes into the wall. These holes ought to be slightly smaller than the bolts youll be using. Once youve finished drilling the pilot holes, you need to drill the actual holes. Be aware that these holes shouldnt be thicker than the plug. The recommended sizes are usually mentioned in the fitting instructions, so stick to these sizes.

You can now place your mounting bracket on the wall and start to tighten the screws to about three-quarters of the way in. Ensure the bracket is level before tightening any of the screws. You can use a spirit level thats included in the box or your own personal spirit level. When the bracket is level, you can tighten the screws all the way.

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Attach The Wall Mount To The Back Of Your TV

Once you have your TV and TV mount ready, you can start the mounting process. To begin, you will want to read through the instructions that came with your TV. There should be specific directions on how to use mounting hardware with your television. Many flat-screen TVs will have four points on their back that you can attach the TV mounting system to. You may need to remove four bolts or screws that will attach the wall mounting bracket to the TV4 .;

TV Wall Mounting Prices Including Fixed Wall Bracket From 105+vat

39% off on Ellies Low Profile Tilt & Swivel TV Bracket ...

Because there are so many prices to quote and so manyvariables that can affect your TV wall mounting price. We have done everythingpossible to simplify this process with our TV wall mounting packages. Here aresome typical prices for our installations. It is worth noting also that we area VAT registered company based in the South East of the UK, all of these pricescontain a fixed TV wall mounting bracket but do not include extra-long AVcables and the moving of mains electrical points.

TV wall mounting installation, fixed wall mount & nocable management. £105+VAT

TV wall mounting installation, fixed wall mount & cablesmanaged within trunking £130+VAT

TV wall mounting installation, fixed wall mount & cablesrouted behind plasterboard – £155+VAT

TV wall mounting installation, fixed wall mount & cableschased into wall – £225+VAT

In the price lists below you can see the difference inpricing between our Bronze, Silver, Silver+ and Gold TV wall mounting packagestogether with different mounting brackets and prices for different sized TVâs.

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How To Hire A Handyman

A handyman is often capable of installing a TV on your wall. However, it is always best to hire a handyman that is experienced. A flat screen TV is a substantial investment and needs to be handled with care. Here are some questions you may ask:

  • Do you carry insurance?
  • Is there electrical work involved?
  • Can I contact past clients?

Some are insured while others are not. There are also limitations as to what a handyman is qualified to do. If there is any electrical work required, an electrician will also need to be hired. Be sure to check with past clients, especially those who have used the handyman for installing a flat screen on a wall.

How to Create an Accurate Estimate

Take your time and consider different areas for the placement of your new TV. Once you decide, look for accessible plugins. You do not want to be running extension cords. After reading the manual and understanding what is involved, check with a handyman service, a TV wall mounting service and the store where your TV was purchased. Many times you can receive a reasonable installation price and guarantee from the stores service team. Depending on what you desire, the cost can vary between $200 and $1,000.

Research Your TVs Dimensions And Weight

Whether you want to purchase a new flat screen or are looking to mount an existing TV you already own, its important to make sure you have its specific measurements so you can buy the right mounting hardware. The last thing you want is to find out that your TV has been paired with an incorrect TV mount that is not rated to hold it. Thankfully, preventing this problem is easy! All you need to do is determine the dimensions and weight of your television and then choose the right corner TV bracket to support it. If you are looking to corner mount a flat-screen TV that weighs more than 125 pounds, you will want to opt for a TV mount with a dual-arm bracket. For flat-screen TVs that weigh less than 125 pounds, wall mounting using a single-arm bracket is an optimal solution1 .

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Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

For all that we liked about the Sanus VMPL50A-B1, its not without its downsides. None of them, though, offset the mounts positives.

The low profile of the VMPL50A-B1 is one of this mounts primary benefits, but this also means you have limited room to run wiring behind it. Its true that tilting the TV forward opens things up a bit. But if you have a TV with rear-facing inputs, there is a chance that you will have to remove the TV from the wall if you need to change any wiring.

We also found that, once installed, the Sanuss monitor brackets sat very close to the wall. So when we were removing the television, we had to be extra careful not to press the brackets back against the wall and mar it.

How To Mount A TV On Drywall: A Step

How to install a TV wall mount

There arent many things more exciting than unpackaging that fresh new flat screen out of the boxexcept when you realize that you have the responsibility of hanging it up on the wall. Although having a flat screen hung on the wall is a great space saver and looks much sleeker than those boxy and outdated TV stands and cabinets, they can be tricky to hang up correctly.

To avoid hearing a loud crash in the middle of the night , youll need to follow these TV mounting instructions carefully in order to keep your television right where you want it.

Heres our informative, step-by-step guide on how to mount a TV to drywall on your own.

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Figure Out What Mounting Kit You Need

Mounting kits arent universal, which means that youll need to purchase the one that is right for both your television brand and for the weight of your flat screen. If youre unsure of what weight or model it is, refer to your manual.

Certain brands have mounting kits that have custom dimensions for their televisions, but you can also buy kits that have weight ranges that will fit a variety of television brands. If you don’t want to buy a kit, you’ll typically need to have the following tools;on hand:

  • Drill
  • TV bracket

TV Wall Mounts Cost Guide

Homewyse Cost Guides estimate approximate cost ranges for basic work in typical conditions. The estimates should only be used for preliminary planning. Homewyse estimates are NOT substitutes for quotes from qualified vendors. Homewyse strongly recommends that you contact reputable professionals for an accurate assessment of work required and costs for your project – before making any decisions or commitments.

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