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How To Get Sling On My TV

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Can I Use My Sling TV Account To Sign In To Other TV Apps Like Watch Espn And Fx Now

Sling TV – What is Sling TV and How Does it Work? – Review

Yes, but not with every app and platform.

Apps like FX Now and Bravo allow you full access if you authenticate with Sling TV credentials, as long as the app is part of your Sling package. ;Here’s the .

Note that Watch ESPN is still subject to the single-stream restriction, so you can’t watch live TV via the Watch ESPN app on one device at the same time as you watch any live TV via the Sling TV app on a second device. And of course Sling Blue customers can’t authenticate Watch ESPN at all.

Sling TV Premium Channels

Sling also allows you to subscribe to premium channels, like Showtime , which includes eight total Showtime channels. The six Starz channels cost $9 per month. EPIX’s 4 channels cost $5 per month.

Other premium extras cost as low as $3 per month, including Lion Mountain TV and Watch It Scream! . You can even add karaoke, with the $7 per month Stingray Karaoke, which claims to have approximately 10,000 songs, in both English and Spanish.;

Which Vpn Provider Works The Best To Unblock Sling TV In Canada

As recently as a few years ago, I could have recommended nearly any reputable VPN provider, and you would likely have been satisfied with the results. However, things have changed.

Connecting to a VPN server located inside a different country gives your device an IP address located inside that country.

While that should make the rest of the internet, Sling TV included, see you as being located in the U.S. and allow you access to their streams, it doesnt always work that way.

Streaming providers have caught onto the VPN trick viewers use to make it appear as if they are located in the services streaming area. When a provider detects that an IP address belongs to a VPN service, they will usually shut down access to that service from that IP address.

When a VPN providers IP addresses are blocked, its up to them to quickly set up new VPN servers to supply fresh, unblocked IP addresses. Then, when those new IP addresses are blocked, the whole process begins again.

This virtual game of hide-and-seek requires a VPN provider that has the resources and willingness to hang in there and play to win.

Read the full NordVPN review here.

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How To Install Sling TV On Firestick/fire TV

One of the best parts about Sling TV is that its available for installation on Firestick/Fire TV devices.

Follow the short guide below for how to install the Sling TV app on Firestick.

1.;On the home screen of your Firestick/Fire TV, hover over the search icon on the left side of the menu.

2.;Type in;Sling TV;and click the first option that populates.

3. Click the Sling TV app under Apps & Games


5. Wait for the Sling TV app to install

6. Click Open if you prefer

7. Sling TV will launch

8. Thats it! When launching Sling TV you can either select Start 3 Days Free Trial or Explore Free Content.

9. Choose the Explore Free Content option to browse Sling prior to purchasing or starting a trial.

10.;Notice the two free content options available within Sling My TV and Guide.

What Are The Top

Welcome to Sling TV. Activate your offer!

As mentioned, theres plenty of overlapping content between both packages.

Choosing your preferred package takes some research into what the channels have on offer.

The Orange Plan from Sling TV includes 33 channels in your subscription, including access to the following top-rated channels:

  • AMC
  • Travel Channel

The Sling Blue subscription gives you around 48 channels.

The Blue plan doesnt include Disney or ESPN, but it boosts its offering with Fox News, The Discovery Channel, NBC Sports, MSNBC, The NFL Network, and NBC Sports, SYFY, and Nick Jr.

The Sling TV Blue plan includes access to local NBC and Fox affiliates in various markets.

If you decide to combine both the Orange and Blue plans, you get a total of 54 channels on the platform.

If we compare it to other streaming platforms like Hulu , its not as impressive.

However, for the price, we think its a good deal for cordcutters.

If you decide to commit to Sling TV and pay for two months upfront, Sling TV sends you an HD antenna or Roku Express device.

Paying for three months in advance gets you an antenna and an AirTV Player Bundle.

Unfortunately, there are no CBS broadcasts or PBS channels available through Sling TV.

However, theres an impressive range of TV shows, including top titles like:

  • Good Eats
  • Real Housewives series

If the base channel packages arent good enough, you can upgrade your package with add-ons, starting at $5 per month.

You have the option of adding the following to your account:

  • Showtime

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How Can I Watch Sling TV

You’ll need to subscribe at and set up an account, then install the app on a supported device.

Once you have the device and app installed, you’ll be able to sign in and start watching anywhere in the US that has stable internet connection, whether wired, Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Sling TV is currently available on the following devices.

How To Cast Sling TV In Vizio Smart TV Using Computer

You can use Sling tv on your phone as well as your computer and watch it on your computer. The complete process for doing this is shown below.

1 The first thing to do is go to the Sling tv website through your chrome browser and log in to your account.

2 Now connect your computer and your TV to the same wifi network.

3 Now play the movie you want to watch it.

4 Now click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser. Now go to Cast you will now be shown the name of your TV Now click on it and connect to it

Now the Movies you play are shown on your Vizio Smart TV.

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How To Get Sling TV On Firestick

Last updated By Patrick

This guide will show you how to set up and use Sling TV on FireStick. Sling TV is a live TV app that is available for Android, iOS and Web platforms.

Cable TV connection doesnt come for cheap. I have been spending nearly $100 every month on the various subscriptions for a while now. And, not to mention the expensive equipment I had to buy for the connection. Whats more disappointing is that all of it comes with a contract, which I cannot get off easily. I am glad that online TV streaming has more than just caught up; it has become very much mainstream. I can now watch all my favorite channels over the internet and pay just a fraction of what satellite subscription costs me.

If you are thinking about going the cord-cutting way, I would recommend you to consider Sling TV. The internet arm of Dish Network, Sling TV lets you watch live TV on a wide range of devices for the monthly price as low as $20. Sling TV brings to you all the popular channels either as part of the monthly packages or through a-la-carte subscriptions. While this service is largely about live TV, you will find dozens of on-demand materials here as well.

Sling TV does not require any special setup or equipment, does not bind you to a contract, and lets you stream your favorite channels with the push of a button. So, I would say Sling TV is every bit worth the price. In this article, we will learn how to install and use Sling TV on FireStick.

How To Install Sling TV On iPhone

How to Setup SlingTV with LG, Fire TV, and Chromecast

1.;Open the Apple App Store and select;Search;on the bottom menu

2.;Enter;Sling tv;within the search bar

3. Locate the Sling app and select GET


5. Wait a few seconds for the Sling app to install

6.;Click;Open to launch the Sling app

7. Sling TV will launch

8. Thats it! You have successfully installed Sling TV on your iPhone.

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How To Cast Sling TV In Vizio Smart TV

Sling tv is a device that supports Chromecast technology. The Vizio Smart TV also includes the Chromecast feature. So the Sling tv app can be easily molded for our Vizio TV. The process is as follows.

1 The first thing to do is download the Sling TV app from your iOS or Android device.

2 Now connect your Vizio TV and your phone to the same WIFI network.

3 After that, open the Sling TV app and log in to Sling TV with an account.

4 Now open a video of your choice and play it.

5 Now open it and click on the Cast Icon in the upper right corner of the video.

6 Now click on it and it will show you the devices next to it. Now select your Vizio Smart TV from it.

Now your video will be shown on your TV.

Airtv 2 And Airtv Mini

Sling TV also sells hardware products that can complement your service. The AirTV 2 is a $99.99 set-top box that connects to an over-the-air antenna. You can then use it to stream all the local over-the-air channels to your Sling TV screen. Unfortunately, this will not work if you use Sling TV on your Xbox Series S/X console, your PC, your Apple TV box, or your Samsung or LG smart TVs. You can also buy it on Amazon.

The AirTV Mini is basically an Android TV-based dongle for $79.99. However, when connecting it to your TV, its interface includes full integration with the Sling TV service. Its also available at Amazon.

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What Is Sling TV And Can It Replace Your Cable Subscription

Cameron Summerson is the Editor in Chief of;Review Geek;and serves as an Editorial Advisor for How-To Geek and LifeSavvy. Hes been covering technology for nearly a decade and has written over 4,000 articles and hundreds of product reviews in that time. Hes been published in print magazines and quoted as a smartphone expert in the New York Times. Read more…

If youve ever toyed around with the idea of moving to;a online streaming cable replacement, youve undoubtedly heard of Sling TV. But it;can be kind of confusing to figure out if Sling is a good fit for your lifestyle. Fear not, would-be cord-cutterweve got you covered. Heres everything you want to know about Sling TV.

Can I Get Sling TV On Fire Stick

How to Cancel Sling TV Subscription: Easy Tutorial to ...

Indeed you can! The Sling TV app is compatible with all Amazon Fire Sticks, of which there are three types available: the budget-friendly Fire TV Stick Lite, the mid-range Fire TV Stick with volume control, and the top-tier Fire Stick 4K, which provides a 4K Ultra HD streaming experience.

Youll need a Sling TV membership, and can register in two different ways: through the app once youve downloaded Sling TV on Fire Stick .

Alternatively, sign up via the website on your desktop or mobile device. Youll need to provide your email address, create a password, choose your core plan and then add any optional Extras, before finally entering your billing information.

Not sure if Sling TV is your ideal live-streaming TV service? Weve put together this guide on the Sling TV Price and Packages, along with any new money-saving offers, to help you decide.

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What Other Channels Are Not Available On Sling TV

Beyond local channels, a handful of popular channels aren’t available at all on Sling TV. They include:

  • Animal Planet
  • OWN
  • CBS Sports

Sling TV also lacks many regional sports networks that are probably found on your local cable service. These vary by locality, but typically they include channels that show professional baseball, basketball and hockey games in the regular season; for example, NESN in New England and MSG in New York.

How Does Sling TV Work

Simply put, Sling TV is an app-based TV service that;offers live television streaming and on-demand content over the internet. It allows you to watch live television programming or on-demand content;right;on your phone, tablet, computer, or television;at the click of the button. Better yet, it costs a fraction of the price of cable.

There are no contracts to sign, and right now they offer a 3-day free trial with 50+ channels to see if the service is right for you, or your family. Unlike cable providers, you wont have to pay for local channels, so you can watch local news, sports, and other programming for free.

However, youll need to buy an HD antenna. You can purchase one online for a one-time fee of around $30.

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How To Install Sling TV On Firestick

Now, I am going to show you how to get Sling TV on FireStick. Download and installation method is straightforward as Sling TV is available on Amazon Store. There will be no need to sideload the app.

STEP 1: Select the Search icon from the FireStick home-screen using your remote. The Search is on the top left corner.

STEP 2: Start typing in Sling TV . When you have typed in the first few letters, you will see Sling TV in the suggestions below. Select Sling TV using the remote and click it.

STEP 3: The Sling TV icon will appear on the next screen. Click it!

STEP 4: Now, click the button to start downloading and installing Sling TV on FireStick. It should not take more than a minute or two.

STEP 5: When the installation is concluded, you must see the Open button. Click this button to open the app right away. You could also open the app later from Your Apps & Games.

Thats how Sling TV FireStick is installed.

Spanish And International Plans

How to Use Sling TV (New)

Outside the main Blue and Orange Plans, Sling TV also offers separate Spanish and International programming plans. The Spanish plans start at $10 a month with over 20 channels in the main packages, with other plans also available. The International plans offer tons of channels from 23 different markets in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South America.

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Ology For Assessing A Vpn For Unblocking Sling TV

Unblocking Sling TV doesnt have to be difficult when you use the right VPN service provider. However, its not necessarily simple to find the right VPN service provider for the job, which is why its important to thoroughly assess a VPN before making the leap.

Here are the metrics I assessed when deciding upon which VPN to recommend for unblocking Sling TV:

Check out more information about my VPN testing methodology.

Use Airplay For Sling TV

If youre in the Apple ecosystem, you can send it to the big screen with the magic of AirPlay. Heres a look at how its done.

While Sling TV is available on several set-top boxes and mobile devices, including iOS with iPhone or iPad, there isnt a Sling TV app for the Apple TV. But, thanks to Apples proprietary AirPlay technology, you can shoot it over to the big screen.

Of course, it requires an Apple TV, and the company just lowered the price of Apple TV from $99 to $69 which will include the new HBO Now app exclusively for the first three months just in time for Game of Thrones.

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What Other Channels Are Available

Beyond the channels listed above as part of the Orange or Blue base packages, Sling TV also sells add-on mini-packages it calls Sling Extras.;

To get one, you’ll have to subscribe to either the base Orange or Blue package, then pay an additional monthly fee. Many Extra channels are restricted to either Orange or Blue subscribers. Here’s a few current Extra packages and the major channels they include.

  • Sports Extra:;NBA TV, NHL Network, more ESPN channels , NFL RedZone and Golf Channel , more
  • Comedy Extra: MTV, Logo, TV Land, CMT, more
  • Kids Extra: Boomerang, Nicktoons, Teen Nick, Disney Junior and Disney XD , more
  • News Extra: BBC World News, HLN, The Blaze, MSNBC and CNBC , more
  • Lifestyle Extra: VH1, Cooking Channel, Hallmark, DIY, FYI, Lifetime Movies, more

Sling also offers Heartland, Hollywood and Broadcast extra packages, as well as a wide array of foreign-language channel packages. Premium channels available on Sling include HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Stars, EPIX and CuriosityStream. Pricing varies from $5 to $15 extra per month.;

Lastly, customers can add the;Total TVDeal which includes eight extras for $20.

Does The Picture Look As Good As Cable

You can now watch Sling TV content on your Windows PC ...

Not quite, but it’s still very good. In our testing, Sling TV has came close to Verizon Fios’ HD channel quality at its best, but did look slightly softer. It did briefly drop in quality when moving to a new channel, and there were other occasional picture-quality drops, but on our high-speed connection it was mostly delivered at the highest quality with excellent stability. Picture quality on smaller screen devices was also quite good.

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