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How To Make Any Remote Work With Your TV

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How to Fix Any TV Remote Not Working Power Button or other Buttons, Not Responsive, Ghosting

The main goal from everybody at One For All is to bring you and your family the ultimate home comfort. We strive to make your life a little easier by creating products that will enhance your television-viewing-experienceour universal remote controls being one of them. So, do you wish to create this experience for yourself? Choose one of our universal remote controls on our website that fits your needs best. Regardless which remote control, whether it be one of our universal remotes or replacement remotes, you choose, your television-viewing-life just got a little better!

Building The Development Environment

If you are already familiar with arduinos IDE and installed IRremote Library then you can proceed to Step 4.

First of all, you need to download Arduino IDE from its official website here.

After installing the IDE, you need to download and install IRremote Library.

Extract the .zip files in arduinos library folder. Restart the IDE to make it work.

Verify The Functionality Of The Remote Control

Proceed as follows to check if the remote control is functioning correctly:

2.1 Change the batteries

Place new batteries in the remote, preferably alkaline non-rechargeable batteries.

2.2 Does the LED light on the TV light up when pressing the button on the remote control? No, the LED does not light up: the remote control is not working correctly. Proceed with step 2.3. Yes. The remote control is working correctly; if the TV still does not respond to the remote control proceed to step 3.

2.3 Camera test

Test the remote control with a digital camera or the camera on a Smart Device. Infrared light cannot be seen by the human eye, but it is visible when looking through the preview screen of a camera or a smart device.

Note: the following steps are not possible with an iPhone/ iPad camera! Those have an IR filter.

Switch the camera ON Point the infrared LED light of the remote control to the lens of the camera Press a button on the remote control A white light should be visible on the preview screen of the camera when a button is pressed on the remote control.

If the light is visible, the remote control is producing a signal. Proceed to step 3. If the light is not visible, the remote control is not working. Proceed to step 4.

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How To Pair A Dish Remote To Your TV

ArchRead more August 20, 2019

Using the DISH universal remote controller has many benefits for your entire multimedia corner. It is a very simple-to-use and a versatile tool that helps you control a multitude of devices from a single spot. However, it all starts with pairing your DISH remote to the TV, so heres how to do it.

How To Fix A Roku Remote That’s Not Working

Samsung TV & Bose setup on Cable Remote review

Need to know how to fix a Roku remote that’s not working? Well, we’ve got some helpful tips on how you can solve the problem. And the good news is that there many be an easy solution, so you can be back and streaming in no time. The days convoluted remote controls are over, thanks to Roku and similar streaming brands.

These convenient clickers used to have dozens of buttons, perhaps 10 of which ever came in handy, and the devices could grow to almost a foot in length. With a small profile and just a handful of buttons, by contrast, Roku remote controls are simple, straightforward gadgets which is part of why the Roku Streaming Stick Plus is the best streaming device. But all great gadgets get bugs, and if your Roku remote has stopped working, we’ve got the information you need to fix it.

If your Roku remote has stopped syncing, your first step to try and solve the issue is swapping in new batteries which is the answer many have used to solve it.;

If that doesn’t work, there are a few other methods you can try before you hurl the stick into the nearest recycling bin. And if these tips don’t work, you can replace it with another one from Roku or turn a device you already own into your new Roku remote. Read on to find out how to do all of those fixes.

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Infrared Remote Controls: The Process

Pushing a button on a remote control sets in motion a series of events that causes the controlled device to carry out a command. The process works something like this:

  • You push the “volume up”button on your remote control, causing it to touch the contact beneath it and complete the “volume up” circuit on the circuit board. The integrated circuit detects this.
  • The integrated circuit sends the binary “volume up” command to the LED at the front of the remote.
  • The LED sends out a series of light pulses that corresponds to the binary “volume up” command.
  • One example of remote-control codes is the Sony Control-S protocol, which is used for Sony TVs and includes the following 7-bit binary commands :

    Volume Up = 001 0010

    Volume Down = 001 0011

    The remote signal includes more than the command for “volume up,” though. It carries several chunks of information to the receiving device, including:

    • a “start” command
    • the command code for “volume up”
    • the device address
    • a “stop” command

    So when you press the “volume up” button on a Sony TV remote, it sends out a series of pulses that looks something like this:

    While infrared remotes are the dominant technology in home-theater applications, there are other niche-specific remotes that work on radio waves instead of light waves. If you have a garage-door opener, for instance, you have an RF remote.

    Amazon Fire TV Remote

    Image Gallery

    If you only want a remote app for your Amazon Fire TV device, you should check out the official app.

    Like the Android TV remote app, it can control the device using a combination of touchpad and voice controls. Additionally, there’s a handy text entry tool; it will save you from painstakingly typing every web address or YouTube search query using the Fire TV’s on-screen keyboard.

    The Amazon Fire TV Remote app displays all your Fire TV apps in a single list for quick launching.

    If you have multiple Fire TV devices in your household, don’t worry. The remote app makes it easy to jump between the different units.

    Amazon Fire TV Remote for Android | iOS

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    Control Your Pc With Any TV Or Dvd Remote

    I always wanted to control my PC in a different way. I had an Arduino lying around I uploaded the code to display received IR codes on serial monitor, and started to work with the VB side in a complex if..else..elseif statements.

    Controlling a PC with remote gives us freedom of wireless, and it is a cheap way too. It is still in development stage, I will notify if I make any changes to the code.

    let’s code …

    Sure Smart Home And TV Universal Remote

    How to Program Any Universal Remote to Work With Amazon FIRE TV Stick

    Sure Universal TV Remote or formerly called;as;SureMote came out a little bit later than the others but is already one of the best universal remote available for most Android devices. It utilizes Android phones built-in;infrared blaster;to control multiple home devices including DVD players,;AV receivers, and consoles.

    The app;comes with a lot of features that are not available on any other remote control app, and;in my opinion,;this is the best app among;the best TV remote app for Android; simply because of its simplistic interface as well as great functionality.

    It has won a lot of different awards and recognition, including the overall Grand Award and Gold Award in Advertising and Marketing at the prestigious Asia Smartphone Apps Contest 2016 in Hong Kong as well as being the first smartphone remote control app that is integrated with .

    There is a;pretty;good reason behind it, of course.;It is a very reliable remote app that simply works with a lot of different appliances;and devices. Sure, TVs are supported well on this app but, if you need something more, this is the app;that;you ought;to;get.

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    Step Three: Choose An Hdmi Port

    Enabling CEC is not quite enough.; In fact, you might have noticed that the CEC function was already turned on when you finally found it on your TV.; So this last step is the most important.

    There will probably be another option within this same CEC portion of your TV menu that will allow you to turn on CEC for specific HDMI ports.; I went ahead and turned it on for all of the ports, but you can just turn it on for the port that houses the device you want to control.;

    And thats it!; After youve enabled CEC on your TV and turned it on for the appropriate HDMI port, you can ditch the tiny Fire TV Stick remote that keeps getting lost in the couch cushions and just use your TVs remote control.; Its that simple.

    But Stephanie, my TV is pretty old.; I doubt I have the CEC function.

    If your TV is new enough to have an HDMI port, I would highly suggest giving this a try anyway.

    The TV in our living room is a flat screen, but it is pretty old .; I was extremely skeptical that it would have the CEC function, but I decided to take a look anyway.; Sure enough, it had a crazy name like AquosLink and never mentioned CEC, but it was there!

    So there you have it!; I am excited to start saving a bunch of remote-hunting time now that Ive figured out this neat little trick.

    But now, Im curiouswas I just late to the party?; Does everyone know about this already?; Leave me a comment below and let me know!

  • Bev
  • Use Voice Commands To Control Your TV Without Touching A Remote

    Recently, I have been approached by several clients with various physical disabilities with the same question, How can I independently control my TV when I cant physically access the remote?

    This is a complex question with numerous possible solutions.; Because Im not in the novel-writing business, Im going to keep it short and sweet.; In this article, Im going to tell you about one easy, inexpensive solution that Ive found that relies on equipment that many people already own, a smart TV and an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

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    Universal Remote Instructions Manual

    This options may seem obvious, but it is still important to mention. If you have the remotes instructions or programming manual handy, it is the quickest way to get it up and running. The programming instructions will display groups of codes for various branded devices, such as Sony, Magnavox, and Apex DVD players, to RCA, Panasonic, and Vizio TVs. Just follow the code-entering instructions, and your remote should be ready in no time.

    Aside from entering codes, the instructions will provide help on programming your universal remote without them. This scenario covers anything not listed in the manual. It also comes in handy if the listed codes do not work for the intended device, which does occasionally happen since the codes are based on brand, not model.

    If you dont have the physical copy of the manual, you can probably find it for free online. Simply search the manufacturer of the remote control and look for a digital version of the manual. Then, you can either bookmark it for future reference or print it out if you prefer a paper copy.

    Why Is My TV Not Responding To The Remote

    Control your LEDs with your TV remote?!

    Perform a reset Unplug the TVs power plug from the wall socket and wait for one minute after the LED light has switched OFF. After one minute only reconnect the power plug. Switch the TV back ON with the remote control. If the TV does not respond, press the button/joystick on the TV to switch the TV ON.

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    How To Program A Direct TV Remote To A Dynex TV:

    Configuring a Direct TV Remote to a Dynex TV is definitely possible. The configuration may take some studying but following the steps may help you easily set up your Direct TV Remote to the Dynex TV.

    While configuration, you have to remember one crucial thing which is to use the Emerson brand code when selecting the GE universal remote codes for Dynex TV.

    ;;;; Step #1: Start by pressing the Menu button on your remote. This should pull up the remote functions on the TV.

    ;;;; Step #2: In this step, you will have to navigate to the Program Remote option in the menu. To do that, select the Parental, Favs and Setup, there you will find an option for System Setup.

    Upon selecting this, you will see the Remote button on the menu and finally the Program Remote option. The navigation tree goes as follows, Parental, Favs, and Setup System Setup Remote Program remote.

    ;;;; Step #3: Here, you will have to toggle the switch at the top of the remote to TV. This indicates that you are connecting your remote to a TV. Once done, press and hold the Mute and Select buttons on your remote control until the green LED flashes twice at the top of the remote.

    On the screen, you will be asked to put in a code. Enter the code 10463 and the green light should flash twice to show that the remote has completed programming.

    Once off, press the Setup button on your remote to set the working code and your remote should be working fine with your TV.

    Universal Remote For Rca

    Image Gallery

    The two TV remote apps we have looked at so far both focus on controlling a specific device. But what if you want a remote control app that can manage multiple devices? You need a universal remote app.

    In that case, you should check out the Universal Remote For RCA on Android. It will work with your TV, DVD player, Blu-Ray player, and several streaming devices.

    Be warned that the setup process can take some time; you may need to cycle through many different RCA TV types before you find one that works.

    RCA Universal Remote for Android

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    Consumer Electronics Infrared Protocols

    Different manufacturers of infrared remote controls use different protocols to transmit the infrared commands. The RC-5protocol that has its origins within Philips, uses, for instance, a total of 14 bits for each button press. The bit pattern is modulated onto a carrier frequency that, again, can be different for different manufacturers and standards, in the case of RC-5, the carrier is 36;kHz. Other consumer infrared protocols include the various versions of SIRCS used by Sony, the RC-6 from Philips, the Ruwido R-Step, and the NEC TC101 protocol.

    Programming Rca Universal Remote:

    How To Test TV Remote Sensor Not Working-Test Your TV Remote Control Sensor With Cell Phone Camera

    ;;;; Step #1: First of all, you will have to search for the one for all universal remote codes given by your TV manufacturer. These codes can be found in your instruction manual or by going to the Thompson TV website. Here you will find all the remote codes and the ones that are appropriate for your TV brand.

    ;;;; Step #2: Now press and hold the Code Search button on your universal remote as this will start searching for the code. Then press and hold the TV button on your RCA remote until the button starts flashing.

    This indicates that the TV is ready to pair. Enter the three-digit code for your TV using the number pad and then release the Code Search button. This should set your remote right up and you can now press the Power Button to check if it turns on.

    The process is complete and you can test the buttons, if the remote does not work as expected, repeat the process with other codes.

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    How To Program A Universal TV Remote:

    If you lost your original remote that came with your TV, you can easily get a universal remote instead. Having to control your remote directly from the TV is a hassle so why not use a universal remote that can control not only your TV but also other devices as well.

    Now, depending on the model of your universal remote, the setup process can be different; it does not require any extra tools, all it takes is a little time and for you to read the instructions.

    Types Of Universal Remote Technologies:

    Universal remotes like all other remotes use an infra-red blaster at the top of the remote. So, the signal transmitted is the same and all that remains is configuring the remote control.

    Universal remotes are of two categories, multibrand and learning. These two are quite similar yet different altogether. The features of a multi-brand universal remote are also present in a learning remote.

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    Inside A TV Remote Control

    If you are like most Americans, you probably pick up a TV remote control at least once or twice a day. Let’s look inside and see how they work. Here is the remote we will be dissecting today:

    The remote control’s job is to wait for you to press a key, and then to translate that key-press into infrared light signals that are received by the TV. When you take off the back cover of the control you can see that there is really just 1 part visible: a printed circuit board that contains the electronics and the battery contacts.

    The components that you see here are typical for most remotes. You can see an integrated circuit labeled “TA11835”. The chip is packaged in what is known as an 18 pin Dual Inline Package, or a DIP. To the right of the chip you can see a diode, a transistor , a resonator , two resistors and a capacitor . Next to the battery contacts there is a resistor and a capacitor . In this circuit, the chip can detect when a key is pressed. It then translates the key into a sequence something like morse code, with a different sequence for each different key. The chip sends that signal out to the transistor to amplify the signal and make it stronger.

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