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How To Use TV Remote For Firestick

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How To Pair Alexa Remote With Fire TV/firestick


It is pretty straightforward to connect the Alexa Voice Remote to your Fire TV. You dont need to do anything other than inserting the batteries, as the remote that came along with your Firestick device will automatically pair itself with your TV. However, if that doesnt happen, then press the Home button on your Firestick remote for at least 10-20 seconds and try again.

Still, if you are unable to pair the remote with your TV, then you can try the following troubleshooting tips:

Pair Firestick Remote Guide

1. To turn on your Fire TV/Stick, unplug and plug back in your device.

2. From the home screen, press and hold down the Home Button on your remote for up to 20 seconds.

3. A message will prompt in the bottom right corner of the screen acknowledging the pairing is complete.

4. If it does not, press and hold the Home button again for up to 20 seconds.

5. Repeat this process until the remote is paired. This may take up to 10 tries.

The process shown above is a guide to pairing the original Amazon Fire TV remote.

While this is a great remote that usually works flawlessly, there are many other remotes compatible with the Firestick & Fire TV.

TROYPOINT has created a list ofReplacement Remotes for Fire TV/Stickthat all work just as good if not better than the original.

This Is Why You Need To Pair It Manually

  • What you need to unplug the fires stick from the power outlet and that too at least for one minute.
  • After that, you are required to remove the batteries and then put them back in. If you have another set of batteries, then there is a need that you need to replace them.
  • Then you need to plug the firestick back into the power outlet.
  • As you see that your device is starting up, you need to press and hold down the home button on the remote to start the pairing mode. The home button is the one that has a house icon on it.
  • After that wait for the lights to start blinking. The light from the top of the device will change from a slow to a rapid blinking.
  • If you have the second generation Alexa voice remotes, you will see an amber light that will blink rapidly when the remote enters the discovery mode.
  • You will see that your remote will be paired when you see the menu screen. If you have the 2nd generation Alexa voice remote, then the remote light is going to provide you with three flashes when it is paired.

One of the best things about the amazon firestick is that you can easily pair it with a third-party remote. You can easily add up to at least 7 remotes to the firestick. If you see that you have reached your limit, then you need to unpair at least one of them.

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How To Pair A Second Remote With Firestick

Open the Settings menu at the top of the screen.

Select Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.

Then select Amazon Fire TV Remotes, and then Add New Remote.

Press and hold the Home button on your new remote for 10 seconds.

Using your existing remote, select the name of your new remote from your TV screen.

You will see an on-screen message when it has been successfully paired.

Resetting A Fire TV Stick Remote Controller

FireStick Remote Not Working? Here is How You Can Fix It!!!

The remote used for the firestick can be reset by unplugging your device for about a minute. Now you will have to hold the remote for about 12 seconds after you press the menu, left, and the button for the back.

Plugin your Firestick and take out the batteries, then wait for a minute again. Click on the button for the home tab after you have inserted the batteries.

  • 1 Minute after unplugging the device, plug it back in again.
  • You must then click the menu, left, and button for the back for about twelve sec on the remote.
  • Your remote has a button for the left direction on the leftward portion.
  • You will see a circle with an arrow points leftwards on the back button and three lines that indicate the menu.
  • Remove your remotes batteries after five seconds. It might be a good time to replace your other batteries.
  • Once the 60 seconds have elapsed, reconnect your Fire Stick to the outlet.
  • The batteries need to be inserted next.
  • In order to finish, click on the remotes home button.

Whenever you reset the device, Amazon recommends standing about a distance of 10 feet.

Note. Pairing your remote with Fire TV may take some time.

Also, you can hold on to the button for Home. You should hold it for about ten seconds. This might help if the device still doesnt pair after a few minutes.

To connect a brand new remote or replace an old one, you will need to manually search for remote code and enter it. To do so, follow these steps:

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Use Amazon Fire TV App Without Wi

What if you dont have a Wi-Fi network at home. In that case, your smartphone and FireStick can not be connected to the same network then the above method will not work at all. But you can always use Mobile Hotspot as Wi-Fi. But keep in mind to use Amazon Fire TV App without Wi-Fi you will need two smartphones. First for Tethering and second for installing the app. You will have to start with the first smartphone which you want to use as a Tethering device.

Open settings go to Wi-Fi and network and then Hotspot and Tethering. You will find Wi-Fi Hotspot. Under Hotspot, the setting renames the Wi-Fi network exactly the same as the Wi-Fi network it was previously connected to. Not just name but also change the password to make it the same as the password of the last Wi-Fi network that was connected to FireStick.

If you will do that your FireStick will not able to be distinguished as a different network. It will take it as the same old Wi-Fi network. After changing the name and password. Turn on the Wi-Fi Tethering. Once Wi-Fi tethering is turned on Restart your TV. After restarting, Fire TV will be automatically connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Now you can complete the remaining process on the second smartphone on which you want to install the Fire TV app. Connect that smartphone to the Wi-FI network that you have just created in the first smartphone. Once Wi-Fi is connected install the Amazon Fire TV app . After downloading the app login into your Amazon account.

How To Use A Firestick Without A Remote

The Amazon Firestick is an excellent way to watch your favorite shows and movies and easily plugs into your TV HDMI port. It provides variety for you and all the members of your household. That said, like every other remote in your house, you could lose it. That can be very frustrating. But the best thing about the Firestick is that you can use it even without your remote control. Here are some of the ways of using a Firestick without a remote control.

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How To Install Apps On Fire TV Stick

Installing apps on the Fire TV Stick is pretty easy, thanks to Alexa. Sure, you could spend your time clicking around the interface, selecting the magnifying glass and typing in an app’s name, but you don’t have to.

Instead of clicking around the on-screen keyboard , just talk to Alexa.

1. While holding down the microphone button on the remote, say, “Alexa, search for the app.”

2. Then, select the result you want to open.

3. Click Get

You’ve installed an app! Click Open to proceed!

Logitech Harmony Smart Control

Use TV remote to control Firestick / Kodi !

The Logitech Harmony Smart Control Remotes are perfect for controlling smart devices, and especially your Fire Stick. Theyre compatible with Apple iPhone, iPod touch, iPod or Android device . Theyre also able to control up to 15 components, depending on the model.

This remote stood out to me for a lot of reasons. One is the fact that its compatible with more than 5,000 brands and 225,000 devices.

Not only does it control your TV, DVD player, Firestick and Cable box, but it can also control most gaming consoles, your ecobee thermostat, and supposedly even your computer.

Secondly, it can sync with both Google Home and Alexa Echo devices. So for instance, you can ask Alexa to turn on your TV, switch to Netflix, Play, Pause, etc.

Thirdly, it communicates with devices in three different ways. It uses your standard IR , WiFi, and Bluetooth technology. One way or another, its going to get the signal across.

Last, but not least the price. It was pretty affordable compared to comparable remotes.

There were many other remotes that I considered, but it wasnt clear in their description for me that they would work with Firestick and my Fios box. So, if I couldnt find this in the description or the reviews I passed on it.

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Fire TV & Firestick Remote Not Working How To Pair Troubleshoot And Fix It

Sometimes a nap may be all you need to get refreshed. But, what if that doesnt work? What if your stress doesnt let you sleep or take a rest. A favorite movie does quite a good job in such a situation. But, repeating the same movies on your pen drive, again and again, is a bad idea. What about the streaming services? Yes, they are full of HD quality videos. And the best part, new content is always available. But, you may not enjoy those full HD videos on your big screen smart tv.

Have you heard about firestick? Yes, it can do this miracle for you. It can bring all your streaming services with tons of movies to your big screen so that you can get relieved from your stress in seconds.

What Is An Amazon Fire Stick

Quick Links

  • What Else Should I Know About my Fire Stick?
  • The Amazon Fire TV Stick, known colloquially as a Fire Stick, is a small streaming device manufactured by Amazon that allows you to watch videos streamed over your internet connection to your television. Though it wasnt the first Amazon Fire TV device, its by far the most popular, and competes directly with the likes of Roku and Google Chromecast in the budget streaming device market. The device plugs into the back of your television through HDMI , and connects to your home WiFi connection in order to deliver media straight to your television using apps, just like your smartphone. Its powered through the included microUSB cable, plugged into the back of your television or into an AC adapter, and it takes up very little space behind your television. The remote was recently updated, and can now control your televisions power and volume, in addition to the typical play/pause and navigation options on the remote.

    Attention All Video Streamers: Here’s a few facts for you about the potential dangers of streaming online while unprotected:

  • Your ISP has a direct window into everything you view and stream on the web
  • Your ISP is now LEGALLY allowed to sell that information about what you view
  • Most ISPs don’t want to deal with lawsuits directly, so oftentimes they will pass along your viewing information to protect themselves, further compromising your privacy.
  • Learn How To Install a VPN on Your Fire TV Stick
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    How To Factory Reset Firestick With A Remote

    Follow these steps for the simplest reset method:

  • Find the settings menu on the Firestick home screen and select it. You can also access settings by pressing the home button on the remote for five or more seconds.
  • Select your device in these setting options. Newer devices are named my Fire TV, and older ones are just called device/system.
  • Scroll to the Factory Reset option and select it. Enter your pin and follow the onscreen instructions to finish the process.
  • Do not unplug the device and wait for the process to be completed. It will usually take a few minutes, and the progress will be displayed on the TV screen.
  • You can also perform a reset by pressing the back button and the right part of the directional buttons. Pressing them simultaneously will alert the Firestick, and it will send a pop-up message on the screen. You must confirm the reset by following the on-screen instructions.

    There are also a couple of other ways to reset your Firestick device. However, the next sections focus on ways to reset without a remote or an internet connection.

    Firestick Remote Not Working At All

    Amazon Firestick Remote Not Working (How To Fix 2021)

    Firestick remotes can stop working for a variety of reasons. Whether you just purchased a new one or have been using one for a while, theres no guarantee they will always work perfectly. Fortunately, there are often easy fixes for most issues.

    Below are some of the most common problems, along with instructions on how to fix them:

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    Use Cec Remote Control

    Some hotels provide HDMI CEC in their hotel rooms. So, if you have authorized CEC with your Firestick, you can use your Hotels CEC remote to control your Firestick. But, first, enable HDMI CEC setting using the following steps.

    • Open the Firestick Home Screen and go to settings.
    • Open the Display and Sounds menu and select HDMI CEC Device Control, then press the middle button.
    • When your TV prompts you, press the Yes button.

    Following the above steps will ensure that you can use your Fire TV stick on any TV with HDMI-CEC and control it using its CEC remote. If you have, go to settings, select network, and choose your hotels Wi-Fi network or home network from the options. Next, choose connect, and that will connect the device to the Wi-Fi network immediately.

    Pair An Additional Remote Apart From The Present One

    Did you find your present remote old enough and bought a new one, but still attached to the old one. And you want to use both the remotes. Firestick is ready to handle that situation. In fact, the firestick/fire tv device can handle multiple remotes paired to it. To be precise, a firestick can be controlled from seven remotes at a time.

    If you follow the below steps youll be able to pair both the remotes to the firestick.

    i) Get to the Home screen

    ii) can you see the settings icon on the right of the menu bar

    iii) Select the Controllers & Bluetooth Devices

    iv) Click Amazon Fire TV Remotes

    v) Select Add New Remote

    vi) Now your firestick device will start searching for the new remote. Meanwhile on the new remote hold the Home button for 10 sec.

    vii) On the old remote approve the pairing by pressing the middle button.

    Done, the additional remote has now been paired.

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    Troubleshooting Tips: Firestick Voice Remote

    • Turn off the power for your Firestick/Fire TV, wait for a minute or so and reconnect the power.
    • Due to its excellent capabilities, Fire TV remote consumes quite a lot of power and drains quickly. Check if you are using batteries with a full charge. If not, replace them with another pair of brand new batteries.
    • Make sure if have inserted the batteries correctly. For example, you could have inserted the + end of the battery to the marking by mistake.
    • Remove the batteries from the Firestick Remote and insert them again.

    Unfortunately, if any of the above tips dont work, then you can contact the Amazon support for a replacement of the device.

    What Are The Best Universal Remote Attachment For Firestick Remote

    Use any smart TV remote to control your Firestick !

    You can use firestick remote universal attachments to extend the features of the firestick remote, and thus use amazon firestick remote on TV. Some of the best universal remote attachment for Firestick remotes are

    • Sideclick Remote

    Sideclick firestick attachment remote allows you to attach your firestick remote control and can control both your firestick and TV using the attachment remote control. Very slim sideclick remote so that you can use this universal remote at very comfort. After attaching, it looks like a single remote control.

    You can simply learn from original TV remote to copy the commands. Control all basic functions of TV, soundbar, receiver, blue-ray etc. Now take all your TV, soundbars, blue-ray remotes to your showcase and use this sideclick remote attached with firestick remote. Thus save money for spending batteries for your all other remotes and replace with all those remotes. Now it is easy to control your TV with firestick remote.

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    Sofabaton F2 Universal Remote Attachment

    This is actually a device that clips onto your existing Firestick remote to expand its functionality.

    The SofaBaton F2 gives you 11 extra buttons and does allow you to control your cable box, DVD player, TV and even your soundbar.

    One of the reasons I considered this option is how easy and seamless it is to program. It features IR learning technology, which basically programs itself.

    I will say that I worry that the design of this remote may be cheap and flawed though. I dont have a good reason to think that other than examining the pictures.

    How To Turn On Your TV Using The Fire TV Remote

    16 April 2021

    All hail our CEC overlords. All hail Alexa. All hail Amazon Fire TV!

    The Amazon Fire TV Remote also known as the Alexa Voice Remote is found on every iteration of Fire TV, from the Fire TV Stick Lite at the low end the to the Fire TV Cube on the high end. And while it is not necessarily the world’s best remote control, it has gotten better . And it does have one traditional trick up its sleeve. You can use your Amazon Fire TV remote to turn turn on your television.

    Provided, of course, that your TV has support for CEC. That’s short for Consumer Electronics Control, and the short version is that it allows a device connected via HDMI to control aspects of of your television. Various brands have named CEC various awful things like Sony’s Bravia Link or Sharp’s Aquos Link or Insignia’s INlink but they all do the same thing. They let components do things to your TV like turn it off and on, or control the volume. Or they let your TV remote control a Blu-Ray player.

    And CEC allows Amazon Fire TV to do things like turn your TV off and on, or change inputs, or raise and lower the volume.

    But if you’re like me and really don’t want to have to actually talk to your Amazon Fire TV Cube to turn things on, you’re in luck. You can use the remote. Yes, the same remote that doesn’t have anything that looks like a power button.

    And that just makes being able to get to all those sweet free movies and shows available on Amazon Fire TV even easier.

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