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How To Add Airplay To Samsung TV

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Samsung TV Airplay Audio Not Working

iPhone SE (2020): How to AirPlay (Mirror) to Samsung Smart TV (Nothing Additional Needed)

Of course, when it comes to using AirPlay, one of the most important features is that it is able to flawlessly display a picture for the videos you are wanting to mirror. As important as the picture may be, it is just as essential that the picture is accompanied by proper sound. If you are watching a new movie, are in the middle of a game, or are sitting around watching family videos, what do you do if the audio on AirPlay all the sudden stops working?

If your Samsung TV AirPlay audio is not working, be sure that sound mirroring is turned on so that you can easily relay the sound from your device to your TV. To do this, navigate to Settings>Sound>Expert Settings>Enable Sound Mirroring> then enable Bluetooth in your device and select your TV name from the searched list.

If the audio on your Samsung TV is still not working while you are using AirPlay, it could be that your smart device is muted. For a phone, be sure that the volume is turned up and you do not have the device on silent . For a computer, simply be sure that the Mute key has not been turned on and then turn the volume up within the keyboard.

Connect Mac To Samsung TV Hdmi And Thunderbolt Port

To use this method, youll need a Thunderbolt adapter.

  • Plug one end of the adapter into your computer.
  • Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the TV screens HDMI port.
  • The other terminal of your HDMI cable connects to the Thunderbolt adapter.
  • To stream audio by connecting MacBook to Samsung TV with Thunderbolt, follow these same steps.

    Whats The Difference Between Screen Mirroring And Screen Casting

    We mentioned that AirPlay allows you to mirror your screen to your selected smart TV, so you may be wondering what the difference between mirroring and casting really is.;

    Screen mirroring, as the name suggests, is a feature that allows you to mirror whats on your phone to a larger screen. This feature doesnt allow you to undertake any other function such as navigating to a different app or checking your messages without that also being shown on the screen youre mirroring to.;

    Screen casting, however, means that you can share content in real-time including images, video and audio via the internet. When youre casting, only the content that youre sharing will appear on the screen, so youll be able to control a movie from your phone but still use your phone to do other things without interrupting the video on the screen you’re casting to.

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    Troubleshooting Airplay On Apple TV

    ;If you have trouble connecting your Apple TV, follow these directions

  • Turn ON Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your iOS system.
  • Turn ON Bluetooth on your Apple TV.
  • Restart your Apple TV. You will see the LED light glow. If the Apple TV light starts blinking instead, you might need to factory reset your Apple TV.
  • Select the control panel from your iOS system and pick Apple TV mirroring.
  • The Require Device Verification setting will need to be turned ON for your Apple TV.
  • If it couldnt connect, you can try the following:;

  • Update all of your Apple TV and iOS devices to the latest operating systems.
  • Then restart your iOS device and Apple TV while keeping Bluetooth and Wi-Fi ON.
  • Activate AirPlay in your Apple TV, and then enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in your iPad or iOS device.
  • Keeping your Wi-Fi ON, disable your Wi-Fi network in your device
  • You need to forget the home network from your iPad.
  • If you are signing in to the same iCloud account on both systems, there wont be any security to prevent unidentified people from connecting to your TV.

    If you are not signed in to the same iCloud account, you will have to enter a 4-digit PIN that Apple TV creates.

    What About Homekit Scenes And Automation

    [Update: Availability details] Samsung Smart TVs adding ...

    Yes, HomeKit-enabled TVs are also available for use in scenes and automation. By including your TV in scenes, your movie night scene can dim your HomeKit light bulbs, close your blinds, and switch your TV over to the appropriate input, all with a tap or shout.

    With automation, you can have your TV turn on every morning at sunrise and have it turn off at bedtime automatically. You can also set your TV to play a song from Apple Music at a specific time or when another accessory detects motion or a change in your environment.

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    Use Airplay On Your Mac

    • Open up the video youd like to cast to your TV.
    • Select the device youd like to cast your video to from the drop-down options.

    In YouTube, the devices you can use AirPlay with will be listed in the bottom right-hand corner, near the AirPlay button.

    • Your Mac may ask you for the code displayed on your TV. Enter it into the pop-up window.
    • When you want to stop casting, click on the same AirPlay button you clicked on earlier to start AirPlay. Then click Turn off AirPlay from the drop-down menu.

    This is what youll see on your Mac screen after sending a video from QuickTime Player to a TV via AirPlay.

    Buy An Apple TV Streaming Box

    If your TV doesnt have AirPlay support built-in, youre stuck buying an official;Apple TV 4K streaming box. Maybe stuck isnt the right word. These boxes have fantastic interfaces; they support 4K HDR video; and they work with a mess of streaming apps .

    Yes, other versions of the Apple TV are cheaper than the Apple TV 4Kand theyll work just fine with AirPlay. We specifically suggest buying the Apple TV 4K ;because its future-proofed for 4K streaming, and its a bit faster than the other Apple TV products .

    While its hard to justify a $140-$170 price tag if youre just trying to mirror YouTube videos from your phone to your TV,; Apple isnt handing out any other options.;The company has made an incredible effort to crack down on third-party AirPlay support, and not a single third-party AirPlay receiver on the market actually works.

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    What Samsung TVs Support Airplay

    Its easier than ever to play music and videos from your iPhone, iPad and Mac straight to your Samsung Smart TV thanks to AirPlay 2 being available on select 2018, 2019, and 2020 Samsung models. These include:;

    • 2021 8K and 4K QLED TVs
    • 2021 Frame and Serif TV
    • 2021 Crystal UHD TVs
    • 2020 Frame and Serif TV
    • 2020 Crystal UHD TVs
    • 2019 Frame and Serif TV
    • 2019 4K UHD TV
    • 2018 4K UHD TV
    • 2018 Smart Full HDTV N5300

    Of course, this list is constantly updating as newer, more powerful models come to market. If you have one of these TVs, especially some 2018 and 2019 models, its worth checking that your firmware is updated. You can do this via the settings option, because in 2019, Samsung released a new firmware update to allow Apple TV to be enjoyed across more Samsung smart TVs.;

    And if your TV isnt listed above, that doesnt mean you can’t take advantage of AirPlay 2. You can use devices such as Roku streaming sticks, Apple TV or the to stream your favourite videos and music to your TV.

    Airplay 2 And Homekit For Smart TVs: Everything You Need To Know

    How to Use Apple Airplay on Samsung TV

    At CES 2019, Apple and television manufacturers announced that they would be bringing AirPlay 2 and HomeKit to the big screen. However, despite all of the commotion and increased availability, there is still a lot of confusion regarding what they can and cannot do. Can the best HomeKit TVs turn on your smart light bulbs? Can you ask Siri to play a particular movie without the need for an Apple TV? Are AirPlay 2 and HomeKit TVs the same? Before upgrading your living room entertainment set up, here’s everything you need to know about AirPlay 2 and HomeKit TVs.

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    Samsung TV Airplay Not Playing Video

    One of the most essential features of AirPlay is its ability to mirror the same videos found on your iOS device directly to the screen. Although music is also something that is easily played as well, many Samsung TV owners use this feature for its visual abilities rather than just its sound properties. If you find that the AirPlay on your Samsung TV will not play the video you are trying to mirror, read below for a few solutions.

    If your Samsung TV AirPlay is not playing videos, one of the first and most simplistic problems is that many users do not have their smart devices and TV connected to the same WiFi network. Therefore, you need to check that the network of your smart device mirrors that of which your Samsung TV is using. To do this, go to your WiFi settings within your smart device as well as within the TV itself to ensure they match.

    You can find how to navigate to the WiFi settings on your Samsung TV by referring back to the section Samsung TV AirPlay Settings Not Available. If this is not the problem, be sure that your TV is updated with the latest firmware. The steps for this can be found under the previous section Samsung TV AirPlay Not Working Black Screen.

    How To Mirror Your Entire iPhone Screen From The Control Center

    1. Swipe down from the top-right of your iPhone’s screen to bring up the Control Center. For older iPhone models with a home button, the Control Center is accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.;

    2. Tap “Screen Mirroring” beside an icon of two overlapping rectangles.

    3. Select your Samsung TV from the list of available devices.;

    4. If a passcode appears on your Samsung TV, enter it into the pop-up on your iPhone.;

    5. Your entire iPhone screen should then begin mirroring onto your Samsung TV. When you play a video on your iPhone, your TV should automatically format it to full-screen.;

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    How To Use Airplay On Samsung TV: Getting Started

    If youre ready to start sharing your content via AirPlay then you are going to need to make sure that the wi-fi is enabled on your Samsung Smart TV and connected to the same network as your Apple device. Once that step is done, the rest is easy.;

    From an iPhone or iPad

    Find the video or music you want to share with your screen.

    Tap the AirPlay icon which youll find on the bottom of the screen. It looks like a TV with a small triangle in the bottom. Most well-known apps such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime video support AirPlay so wont need to hunt around for it.;

    Select your compatible Samsung TV, and youre done! Youll be able to view your content on your big screen. If you see a code displayed, though, you will need to input this before your video or audio starts to play on screen.;

    If you want to adjust any of the settings, swipe down on your iPhone or iPad from the upper edge of the screen, and youll find the control centre which will allow you to adjust the volume as well as options such as play, pause, fast forward and rewind.

    You can also stop casting by either closing the video or music app down or by tapping on the AirPlay app and uncheck the TV from the list.;

    From a Mac

    Make sure that your Mac and TV are on the same network.

    Youll find the AirPlay status in the menu bar of your Mac, so choose your TV and select.;

    Its that easy. To end casting, click the AirPlay icon and turn it off.;

    How to share photos

    Final Thoughts On Airplay

    Apply AirPlay 2 screen mirror iPad to Samsung TV

    Using peer-to-peer AirPlay, its easy to link your iOS device to your TV.

    Give a presentation at the workplace or on a customer visit by wirelessly connecting your iOS device to your TV.

    Or throw up a film for the children on a road trip by linking your TV and iOS device to your cars screen.

    There are, still, certain drawbacks. Peer-to-peer AirPlay does not work for YouTube streams, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Showtime.

    Everything else will operate as long as there are no internet connections.

    But the best part is that Peer-to-Peer functions with any material that is already saved on your Mac or iOS device, such as downloaded files, photographs, presentations, or songs.

    So download and transfer material before entering Peer-to-Peer AirPlay for a smooth viewing experience.

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    How To Get Airplay Code For Samsung TV

    Whether you are using an iPhone, an iPad, or a Mac, you will be able to mirror just about anything from those devices straight to your Samsung TV. This technology is extremely useful, but it does require a few steps to get going. When you open the AirPlay on your Samsung TV, it is going to give you a code that you have to input to transfer to your devices so that they connect and can thus, be mirrored.

    To get the AirPlay code to appear on your Samsung TV from an iPhone or iPad, find the video or music that you want to share with your screen. You will then tap the AirPlay icon which is found at the bottom of your screen . You will then select your specific Samsung TV to mirror the picture and you should then be connected and see the image mirrored.

    If you are using a Mac to connect to AirPlay on your Samsung TV, go to the menu bar of your Mac where you will find the AirPlay status. From here, select your specific TV and wait for the device to connect. Once they have connected, your work is done and your Mac should be perfectly mirrored within the picture of your Samsung TV.

    Connect Mac To Samsung Smart TV Wirelessly With Airbeam

    AirBeam is another app that you can use when connecting Mac to Samsung TV. It offers many of the same capabilities as JustStream and MirrorMeister. However, users must download separate apps for every major TV brand or streaming device. There is a paid option to bundle nine individual apps into a single purchase. That still requires users to install nine different applications onto their macOS and remember the correct app for every device where they cast.

    If you only plan on connecting Mac to Samsung Smart TV, then AirBeam is a fine choice, with 4K-resolution enabled streaming and a user-friendly interface. For those with separate devices at home, work, and school, AirBeam may be more trouble than its worth.

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    Use Airplay On Your iPhone

    These instructions are specifically for an iPhone, but the steps are similar for an iPad or an iPod touch. The biggest differences in the procedure depend on what app youre playing video from. Youll have to follow one of two sets of steps:

    • If you see an AirPlay button which looks like a rectangle with an arrow pointing up at the bottom when you open up the app or a video in the app, tap on that to use AirPlay. For example, in the YouTube app for iPad, there will be an AirPlay button in the bottom right corner of the video.
    • If you dont see an AirPlay button, then youll need to select the apps option for casting, sharing, or playing content on a different device, and then tap the AirPlay option. For example, in the YouTube app for iPhone, you would tap the cast button at the top of the screen and then tap AirPlay & Bluetooth devices. In Photos, tap the share button . Then, scroll down and tap AirPlay.

    YouTube will display a pop-up list of casting options, including AirPlay.This is what your iPhone screen will look like when casting to a TV with AirPlay.

    • To stop casting, open up the AirPlay window in the same way you accessed it above and tap iPhone on the list of devices. This will return your feed from the TV back to your iPhone. In Photos, youll have to tap the AirPlay icon in the top right corner and then My Device.

    Connect Using An External Cable

    Samsung Smart TV: How to Turn Built-In AirPlay ON/OFF

    Mobile devices can use a cable to connect directly to a TV in order to display content played on the mobile device. Cable connections vary based on the mobile device output and TV input requirements.

    To connect your Android phone or tablet to your TV, you’ll need a cable to mirror the display of your mobile device content onto your TV. Most newer Android phones and tablets will use a connection Type C or Type D . Most newer TVs will use HDMI connections while older TVs may use VGA.

    When using compatible connections to watch Netflix, you may notice a difference in how streamed and downloaded titles display.

  • in the upper or lower right corner of the screen.

  • Select the device you would like to watch your TV show or movie on.

  • Select a TV show or movie to watch and press Play.

  • If you encounter issues with 2nd Screen, see our Troubleshoot Netflix 2nd Screen article.

  • You can now fast forward, rewind, pause, or change the audio or subtitle settings from your mobile device.

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    Screen Mirroring Vs Casting

    As technology becomes more advanced, so does the vocabulary associated with it. We all now frequently use terms like screen mirroring or casting and it gets really confusing. What do they all mean? All you really need to know is that both allow you to stream videos, photos, and other content from your phone to your smart TV. But if you want a more in-depth definition, we have it for you right here.

    What is screen mirroring?

    The answer is in the name: screen mirroring. This feature lets you mirror whats on your phones screen to a bigger screen, like a smart TV. Exactly whats showing on your phone will appear on the TV, whether its a video, a photo, or a Settings menu. Whenever you do something on your phone , that action will also be shown on the other screen.

    On Galaxy devices the screen mirroring feature is called Smart View. You can easily mirror your screen;with Smart View by just tapping the Smart View icon and doing a few simple steps.

    For iPhones, the screen mirroring feature is called AirPlay, and it does the same exact thing – mirror images, videos, or other media. Using AirPlay is similar but a little different from using Smart View.

    No matter which one you have, it’s a great way to share videos, photos, or other things on your phone right on your smart TV.

    Galaxy Smart View interface

    Apple AirPlay interface

    What is casting?

    If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can;cast to your TV using AirPlay.

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