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Is Sister Wives Still On TV

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Robyn Brown A Hypocrite

First Look: New Season of Sister Wives!

If you follow the Sister Wives series, you will have noticed that the fourth wife of Kody, Robyn, is not exactly a fan-favorite in the show. Robyn seems to have made some controversial comments about the finale of the shows fifteenth season, and fans are not exactly happy about it. Robyn, in a tweet claimed that she was keeping her kids in her thoughts when she changed her mind on returning to Utah.

As to whether there will be a sixteenth season of the Sister Wives series, little is known because TLC is known to make the big announcements just weeks before a new season begins. However, there have been rumors making their way round the internet about a possible slip as to whether there will be a new season. Based on these reports, the Sister Wives will not be returning until February 2022.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Is Back In Flagstaff Home

In a social media post,;Sister Wives;star Christine Brown of herself in her Flagstaff home. Im back home and resuming my daily walk. I step outside and yep, probably shouldnt go walking with an ominous storm just waiting, Christine said. Actually, Im doing it. When you walk through a storm..wait, thats a song. Cool! she added. Its clear to see that Christine is happy to be back in Flagstaff. However, fans are confused as she was reportedly selling her house.

Due to this, some fans took Christines comment section to ask if the rumors about her Flagstaff home being listed for sale are true. However, others quickly mentioned how Christine barely interacts with the fans in the comment section. She wont answer you. I have never seen her answer any questions fans ask her like Meri and Janelle do, one fan said. Another fan agreed said that her silence has something to do with her contract with TLC. Keep in mind she has a contract with TLC. There are things she cant say because of the show, the fan said.

Sister Wives: Renewed Or Canceled For Season 15

When Kody Brown said his thank you to the viewers for tuning in this season he also said something else. He suggested he hopes to see you all soon. Then corrected himself. He said he hopes you all see them soon.

This sounded like he hoped another Sister Wives season would materialize. So, it doesnt sound like its something on paper yet. But at least it sounds like Kody is willing to have the cameras in tow for another season.

The ratings is what canceled Sister Wives back when Season11 finished up. Kody took a huge pay cut to keep his family on the air. But that was only because the ratings tanked.

Fans worried that the ratings would tank this season. Thats because TLC took Sister Wives out of their early time slot and pushed the show up to 10 pm. Instead, TLC ran 90 Days Fiance: Before the 90 Days ahead of Sister Wives.

While some called it the reality show kiss of death, it appears they were wrong. It seems the fans stayed up to watch the show. But Kody Brown and company may have picked up even more viewers. Those tuned into TLC for the 90 Day Fiance series may have stuck around to watch the Browns.

The ratings were good, as the show stayed within the top ten TV shows on a list of 150 Sunday night shows. They hovered around the number eight spot on the list, not moving too far away from that spot during the season.

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Sister Wives: Kody Brown Comes Out Of Social Media Hibernation To Defend Himself Against A Critic

Kody Brown of Sister Wives has come out of his social media hibernation, and his first post was a response to one of his critics.

Kody tweeted frequently during this season of Sister Wives, but until now, he hasnt made a post since April 11, only a retweet about guns.

Now, Kody has taken to social media once again, this time to defend himself against a troll who came at him over his actions this season when it came to the coronavirus pandemic.

This season on Sister Wives, viewers watched Kody Brown, his four wives and their 18 children navigate the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 was still in its early stages during filming, so the Browns were taking extra precautions, like most of the rest of the world.

One precaution that Kody took this season was changing his clothes when he switched between each of his wives houses in Flagstaff.

What Does Kody Brown Do For A Living

Sister Wives: Kody & His Wives

In the pilot episode of the first season, Sister Wives‘ Kody Brown hinted towards working in the internet ad sales field. According to Bustle, the reality TV show star decided to leave his job and fully focus on the family’s brand. Soon after that, in 2012, he wrote a book which went on to become a New York bestseller, titled;Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage.;

Brown had listed everything, from the pros and cons to the idea of living in a polygamic relationship in the book. He also wrote about the perceptions of “;distrust, prejudice, even fear” according to the book’s description. The book currently has over 850 reviews and a 4-star rating on Amazon.;

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Mykelti Padrons Instagram Live Event Appears To Confirm A New Season

Mykelti took to;;to speak to fans about what is going on with her life. She also answered a series of questions about;Sister Wives. Eagle-eyed fans were quick to pick up on a bit of a slip. Mykelti seems to have confirmed that a new season of;Sister Wives;is, in fact, forthcoming.;

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During the event, Mykelti mentioned that the family filmed baby Avalons birth but that she couldnt answer too many questions because;Sister Wives;will feature the delivery. Fans were quick to point out that Mykelti seemed to confirm another season of the show. TLC has not featured;Mykeltis pregnancy;during season 15. Sister Wives;is currently working with footage from 2020, just as the Coronavirus pandemic took hold in the United States.;

Meri Hinted She Was Manipulated

Meri, 50, has been active on Instagram and has been sharing cryptic posts that some fans said might be aimed at Kody.

In a July 8 post, she insinuated she was fully manipulated.

Ever had those days, those weeks, those months, when things just keep HAPPENING?;she wrote. Doesnt matter how much you work, how much you push, how much you try, something else comes up.

Sometimes you have to just learn something, she continued. Sometimes youre being fully manipulated and you know it. Dont worry. Power stance is ON! Im BRAVE, Im STRONG, Im COURAGEOUS, and I WILL do this!

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Sister Wives: That Was Just Plain Awful

None of the four Sister Wives ladies have escaped insults from their shared husband. Sure, wives everywhere hear insults from their husbands. This is nothing rare, it happens every day. But this usually happens in the privacy of their own home or behind closed doors.

Most wives dont have to worry about an awful insult from their husband making headline news. Or mortifying them in front of millions of people.

24 years strong. Happy Anniversary baby!

Janelle Brown

Kody Brown insulted his four wives in separate incidences. Hes done this on-screen, online, and in a book, that they penned years ago. Its hard to judge who got the worst of it through the years. But what Kody Brown offered up in the book about Christine Brown has to be near the top.

Kody seems to respect Janelle the most. Or at least this seems to be the consensus of the Sister Wives followers. Above, Janelle wishes him a happy anniversary. The throwback pic comes from a few years ago. Janelle posted it to celebrate her and Kodys 25 years together now they near their 30th.

Sister Wives: Kody Receives Tons Of Criticism During Season Finale

âSister Wivesâ: Is Kody Still Important To 4 Wives?

Sister Wives;star Kody Brown raised a lot of eyebrows during the season finale. Apparently, he refused to go with his daughter Ysabel Brown for her major back surgery in New Jersey. He even told his family that nobody should go with her to avoid getting the virus. However, Kodys suggestion made a lot of fans furious.

Fans from Reddit also shared their thoughts about how horrible the season finale is. I cant hardly watch this episode because Kody is so ridiculous. The things he has said and suggested about Ysabels surgery are despicable. He is a POS, one fan said. Critics even started calling him Hot garbage. Meanwhile, Christine Brown called his suggestions Stupid.

Do you think TLC will renew or cancel Sister Wives?

Come back to;Entertainment Chronicle;for all your TLC updates and news.

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All Involved Were Handsomely Paid

Of course, all this controversy is worth courting when the cast is breaking the bank for it. Cafe Mom;estimated the family has been taking home around $50,000 per episode, based on salaries of other reality TV stars. It’s possible those earnings, in addition to other revenue flows, have led to Kody Brown’s estimated net worth of eight hundred thousand dollars. And since those per-episode numbers probably increase as the show gets older, it’s a built-in incentive for the cast to put on the most highly-rated show possible.

So is it possible they’re only doing this for the money? It’s definitely possible. For years prior to their big TLC breakthrough, the family was struggling to stay afloat, declaring bankruptcy three different times. Film and television producer Laurie Allen described the setup in a 2011 segment with Jane Velez-Mitchell on her CNN show, Issues. “These people are scamming every which way,” Allen asserted, commenting on the Brown family’s financial situation leading up to the Sister Wives breakthrough. “They’ve been in all kinds of trouble They’ve all filed bankruptcy. They rotate the wives around, one files one year, a couple years later another would shift the debt around. They shift the debt around; they’re living off food stamps. They’ve been in all sorts of financial trouble. And then this show comes along.”

Has ‘sister Wives’ Been Renewed For Season 16 At Tlc

The Sister Wives Season 15 finale airs Sunday night on TLC, which will lead viewers to wonder if the show will be renewed for the 16th season. TLC has not announced anything, but there has been a hint that cameras will continue to follow Kody Bown and his four wives for another year. The most recent episodes of Season 15 have shown the Brown family in turmoil, as the sister wives have clashed over the family’s future in Arizona.

Unlike other networks, TLC usually doesn’t announce when a show has been picked up until weeks before new episodes will premiere. The Season 15 premiere date was not announced until Jan. 21, just weeks before the episode aired on Feb. 14. The show racked up so many seasons in just 10 years because TLC aired two seasons a year between 2011 and 2016. Since Season 12 debuted in January 2018, TLC has only aired one season a year. Therefore, Season 16 would likely not air until January or February 2022.

View this post on Instagram

Last week, Kody and Christine Brown’s daughter Mykelti Padron appeared to accidentally confirm a Season 16 is in the works. During an Instagram Live session, Padron took questions from fans, notes Cheat Sheet. She told fans that TLC did film the birth of her daughter, Avalon, earlier this month. However, Sister Wives Season 15 has not featured Padron’s pregnancy. The action seen in the season was filmed in 2020, during the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

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What Sister Wives Members Will Be Returning

If a new season is in the works, fans can expect Kody and his four wives to be in the show.

The familys 18 children would also be expected to appear, especially Christine and Kodys daughter, Ysabel as she underwent scoliosis surgery in early October.;

Kody was slammed for ditching the teen during the procedure and rumor has it that he has not seen Christine since April.

One fan on Reddit assumed that Kody was with Robyn during the surgery and that is why he was unable to attend.

They said: Leave the rest of the family? Meri is on her own and has been in Utah.;

Janelle doesn’t need him around cause she has one kid that’s a teen minor and another that’s a young adult.

What help does she need at this point? It’s so obvious he’s staying for Robyn and her kids.

Was Meris New Look Symbolic

sister wives fans still feel season 14 is heavily

Earlier this week, Meri shared a pic, debuting a shorter haircut and a big smile. In the pic, she wore a sleeveless top, which is rare for the TLC star.

Perhaps Meris haircut helped symbolize a fresh start for the 50-year-old. As Coco Chanel said, A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.

Just a little on the shorter side. I dont hate it.??? Meri captioned the pic, which looked to be taken from inside her bed and breakfast, Lizzies Heritage Inn.

Meri has been spending plenty of time in Parowan, Utah lately to take over the innkeeper position that her mom, Bonnie Ahlstrom, took care of before her passing.

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What Did Meri Say On Social Media About Kody

Meri jabbed at her ex on social media saying: “be someone who makes you happy.”

Earlier this month she posted in her Instagram stories: “You just never know what someone is dealing with behind closed doors.

“No matter how happy someone looks, how loud their laugh is, how big their smile is, there can still be a level of hurt that is indescribable.

“So be kind. Even when others are not, choose to be kind.”

The Photo Caused Confusion: Who Is Ariella Mae Brown

Now, this photo stirred up a lot of confusion for;Sister Wives;fans. As we also reported, fans were a bit puzzled by this photo. Many couldnt even put a name with the little face in the photo. Some fans were quick to point out her name was near the bottom of the caption on the photo.

There was even one individual who questioned if Ariella was one of Meri Browns grandchildren. While Meri agreed with the fan that grandchildren were beautiful things to have. She clarified that Ariella Mae was NOT one of her grandchildren.

Ariella Mae Brown was brought into the world by Robyn and Kody Brown. But, Kody is spiritually married to Christine, Janelle, and Meri. Likewise, all four of his wives are sister wives. So, that means Ariella technically has four different mothers.

Things actually got a little heated in the comments of Meris post when one individual referred to Ariella as Meris step-daughter. Meri was QUICK to shut that chatter down. And, she was clearly a little offended by it.

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Sister Wives Production Was Halted By The Covid

As with basically every other show on TV in 2020, TLC couldn’t film new episodes of Sister Wives due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic situation could also be the reason why TLC has not made any official statement regarding the status of the show. In April, the parents of the show spoke to US Weekly about how the family has tried to implement social distancing.

I really think it would have been easier to deal with being quarantined if we were all under one roof because were having to be so separate, Janelle said . Since were staying so distant from each other we need to make phone calls and find other ways to stay in touch as much as possible, Robyn added. Im talking to my family more because I have the time and because were all worried right now.”

Sister Wives ratings are actually not too bad the April 12 episode ranked third in Original Cable Telecasts that night, after 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days and Real Housewives of Atlanta. If Sister Wives is canceled, it probably wont be due only to the ratings.

Why Did Some Fans Think Sister Wives Was Cancelled

‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Escapes Family Drama! WHAT HAPPEND?

Even before Season 15 ended, some fans thought TLC would officially end sister Wives After keeping the family on his network for over a decade. While those rumors didnt turn out to be true, fans wondered sister Wives There was good reason for his theory. The first clue that TLC was losing faith in the series was the end of the most recent season. Fans were not treated to the much-talked-about and highly-watched tell-all episode. Season 14 also failed to bring the tell-all drama. Viewers largely assumed it was due to coronavirus restrictions, though.

Season 15s failure to wrap up on a high note seemed more ominous. However, it was not really necessary to tell everyone. When season 15 ended, fans were already ahead of the game. The footage from the season was out of date, and by the time the April finale came to an end, fans noticed that Cody was less and less present with most of his wives.

Thanks guys for joining us on Sunday! #sister Wives

Janelle Brown

In fact, he seemed completely absent from the lives of three of his four wives for much of the past year. Looks like my Utah has run out. Christine was running along, and Cody didnt make any public indications that he really cared. While season 16 is in full swing, fans still dont know in which state theyll find Codys weddings. In fact, they do not know if there are still four marriages. There is reason to believe that Cody may be having more relationship troubles than ever before.

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