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How Do I Know If My TV Has Chromecast

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Isnt The Google Chromecast Ultra Irrelevant For 4k TV Owners

Mirror Your Computer to Your TV With Chromecast

Why buy a Google Chromecast Ultra to watch 4K TV through Netflix and YouTube when most TVs have the Netflix and YouTube app already installed?

Your Google Chromecast Ultra doesnt limit you to Netflix and YouTube. In fact, if a subscription or free service has an app, then you can add the app to your Chromecast and watch whatever you like in 4K. Want to watch Rick & Morty in 4K, then get the Adult Swim app from Google Play. Want to see the blood hit the canvas in UFC, then download a sports TV app and watch the fights in 4K through your Chromecast Ultra.

Do you love your Chromecast? Is your Internet connection strong enough to support 4K TV? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.

Make Your Meetings Bigger

Image: Google

We hate to bring up video meetings, but if you’re tired of staring at them on a small screen, make them more like entertainment and bring them to your TV. You can cast your meetings while still using your computer for your camera, microphone, and audio. Just download the Meet app, open your meeting using Google Calendar or the Meet app, and select Cast this meeting. You’ll be able to choose the Cast device you want to use in the Cast tab. To stop casting, select the three-dot menu and click Stop Casting Meeting.

The Right TV Is Needed

Youre also going to need a TV that is 4K compatible. Luckily, modern 4K UHD TVs also comes with the required USB and HDMI ports. The HDMI port should support HDCP 2.2. It also needs to be capable of 60 FPS . If youre using a soundbar or AVR, then they too will need HDCP 2.2 support and compatibility.

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How Does Gaming Work On The Chromecast Platform

Chromecast is a very unique and innovative platform for gaming with a number of interesting possibilities:

  • Multi-player gaming in your home
  • Online Multi-player gaming

Your mobile device acts as a controller with a second screen which can be used in unique ways when playing multi-player games in your living room, such as displaying information or stats which your opponents should not see.

The games themselves can be rendered using a couple of techniques depending on how the game developer choses to implement them:

The game app on your mobile device renders the game on your TV

If it is a cloud based game, the game can be rendered/streamed using online gaming servers or as a temporary web app running on your TV and your phone simply acts as the controller.

Best TV With Chromecast Built

Google Chromecast: Stream Video from Your Computer to Your ...

Chromecast has no doubt changed the way we consume content on our televisions today. It was launched a few years ago, as a small, cheap accessory for TV with Chromecast, and was undoubtedly one of Googles most popular hardware products in recent memory. The product is amazing for streaming content from services like Netflix and YouTube from your Android device.


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Chromecast has seen an evolution now, and customers wont have to use the same old-gen hardware on their televisions. Users can get the standard Chromecast, or the HDR and 4K capable Chromecast Ultra, which appears to be the preferred choice for most new buyers.

But getting a new Chromecast only applies to televisions that dont offer the feature by default. Thanks to the advancements made by modern day manufacturers, a handful of televisions today come with Chromecast functionality by default. And so, without further ado, here are nine of the best TVs with Chromecast built-in and ready:

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What Is Chromecast Built

Chromecast built-in delivers multi-screen and audio experiences by connecting the devices you already know and love to your TV or audio device.

Casting is as simple as pressing a button from your favorite app. Watch your favorites on the TV while switching to another app. Listen to your top tunes while taking a phone call or sending a text, all without interrupting whats playing on the speakers.

With Chromecast built-in, your phone is your personalized remote control that you can use to browse, play, pause, and even make playlists.;Cast from Android tablets and smartphones, iPhones, iPads, Mac, Windows and Chromebooks to your TV or speakers.

How To Set Up Chromecast

Before you get started setting up your Chromecast, youllneed to make sure that you have a compatible phone or tablet, a TV with an HDMIport, and a reliable WiFi connection.

Chromecast works with most mobile devices that come with Android 5.0 or higher and iOS 11.0 and higher. You can also use your Chromecast with a computer or laptop, but you can no longer set it up this way. So, youll need your phone or tablet for this setup process. Once you meet all of these requirements, you can follow these steps below.

  • Plug your Chromecast into your TVs HDMI port and into a power supply. First, plug the USB cable into your Chromecast, and then plug your Chromecast into an HDMI port on your TV. If there is a number next to the HDMI port, write it down . Next, connect the other end of the USB cable to a wall outlet.
  • Turn on your TV and press the input or source button on your remote until you see the Chromecast welcome screen. You will know youre on the right channel when you see the Set me up prompt on your TV screen.
  • If youre using an Android device, you can find the app in the , or in the Apple App Store if youre using an iPhone or an iPad.
  • Open the Google Home App and follow the on-screen instructions. First, tap Get Started. Then, sign in to a Google account or create one if you dont have one already. You will also be asked to allow Google Home to access your location.
  • If you see a code on your TV, click Yes. A four-digit code should pop up on your phone and TV screen.
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    History Depends On What You’re Talking About

    Tim Fisher has more than 30 years’ of professional technology experience. He’s been writing about tech for more than two decades and serves as the VP and General Manager of Lifewire.

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    • Chromecast doesnt track what youve previously watched.
    • What’s currently playing is visible to other devices on your network.
    • Use Chrome incognito and a guest network to hide all history.

    This article explains how Chromecast history works, whether someone can see what you were watching after youre done, or if other devices can see what youre currently watching. We also cover how to keep your Chromecast watch history as private as possible.

    Can You See History On Chromecast

    How to Setup the Google Chromecast

    The Chromecast itself doesnt store a historical log or record of whats been played on the device. Simply put: There isnt a menu you can look through to see viewing history on Chromecast.

    Theres no need to worry someone can see what you were doing on the Chromecast after you’re done using it. For example, if youre casting a video from the Chrome browser to your bedroom TV, and then shut off the video and disconnect it from the Chromecast, someone who uses the Chromecast after you wont be able to see what you were watching.;

    However, its important to remember that depending on the device you used to do the casting, the history might be available on that device. If someone goes through your computer and looks through the Chrome history , its abundantly clear which website you were visiting when you did the casting.;There are some tips below for fixing that.

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    Chromecast Vs Apple TV

    In what world would your options be between a $149 streaming device and a $29.99-49.99 streaming device? This one. This is one of the rare situations where we would recommend a Chromecast, though with a heavy caveat. No streaming device is worth $149, let alone one that cant do 4K.;

    Thankfully in a battle between Apple TV and Chromecast you can save $100 and get all the same great features you want from Apple TV. Chromecast has a powerful remote, great voice search, support for HBO Max, Ultra HD 4K picture, and a simple set up.

    You know how Apple fans always say it just works? about Apple products? Experience what it just works truly means by setting up your new Chromecast with Google TV in just ten minutes. Its no contest. Apple should be embarrassed by how overpriced its streaming devices are. Particularly when other companies like Google, Amazon, and Roku are eating their lunch.


    Which Is Better A Smart TV Or Chromecast

    Both smart TVs and Chromecast have their strengths and weaknesses.

    Most smart TVs have access to all the apps you could want, without the need for extra equipment. But it is more expensive than a Chromecast.

    A Chromecast is the best option when you are on a budget and cannot afford to buy a new TV. But you must have another device that will cast to the Chromecast. This device can be a smartphone, tablet, or computer that can access the Google Chrome browser.

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    Using Roku To Cast To TV

    If, for some reason, you dont have a Chromecast, you can always use another set-top box, or another streaming device to cast to TV. One of such devices that has found mainstream popularity with the general populace is Roku TV, which has its own application and even has its own set top box, which you can use as a substitute for the Chromecast. They are relatively cheap too, and have tons of functionality, so you should look into that if you want to cast to TV without Chromecast. Anyways, if you do buy one, youll start with firstly installing it on your TV, smart or not. Then, connect your PC to the Roku device, and the connection for casting your PC screen will be established. Now you can stream to your TV without Chromecast using Roku TV.

    Smart TV Vs Chromecast 14 Easy Answers

    Chromecast with Google TV: The one thing I wish I could ...

    If youre wondering if a smart TV or Chromecast is your best option, read on.

    They may have similar functions, but the difference lies in how they exactly work. Lets take a look at the similarities and differences of the two devices so you can decide which one works best for you.

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    Casting A Chrome Tab With Your Cell Phone

    While it is possible to use Android phones and tablets to cast a Chrome tab, it is not an option if you have an iPhone. However, you can still Cast from Youtube, which we will explain in the next section of the article.;

    Casting a Chrome Tab with your phone, you will need the Chromecast App, an enabled device, and a connection to the same wifi network just like when casting from a computer. Weve provided instructions for Android.;

    • To cast a Chrome Tab to an android device:;
  • Open the Google Home App
  • Select the device you wish to cast to
  • Select Cast My Screen
  • Select Cast Screen
  • When casting a Chrome tab, the open tab will still be displayed on your phone, so it is important to remember that if you navigate away from Google Chrome, this will mirror the same action on your TV.;

    Work On Your Watchlist

    If you own a Chromecast with Google TV, you’ll see a Watchlist entry next to movies and TV shows as you browse around in the app select this to add a title to your own personalized list of favorites, which can be found under the Library tab on the device.

    This watchlist actually follows you around apps and websites, as long as you’re signed into Google: you can try searching for a TV show or film through the Google search engine on the web, for example, and you should see a Watchlist option appear on the right.

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    Critical Reception And Future Development

    The Chromecast has been very successful since it went on the market in July 2013. Initially, it sold out very quickly, and the availability of a limited Netflix promotion ran out within a few hours of launch the device wound up on backorder for up to three months for some purchasers. By the end of 2013, Chromecast was readily available from retailers.

    Reviewers praised the device for being one of the cheapest streaming options, for ease of setup, for working quite well via its supported apps and for its unobtrusive form factor that allows it to hide behind your TV in most cases. It does require a power cable, however, which can make it a slightly awkward addition to your home entertainment system, perhaps especially as these devices have become smaller and sleeker and eventually disappear into the smart TV.

    The strength of your WiFi network can also affect Chromecast’s streaming picture quality. Some users experience a lag of a few seconds between casting media and when it actually plays. And if you don’t have a compatible client device running a supported OS and a compatible router, you’re out of luck entirely.

    Originally Published: Jan 29, 2014

    What Channels Are Free On Chromecast

    How To Set up Chromecast – Google Chromecast Setup – How To Use Cast Connect to Wifi & TV

    Chromecast does not offer channels, but it can link compatible web or smartphone apps for casting on your screen.

    Here are some popular apps to use with Chromecast.;

    • The most popular free app you can cast with Chromecast is YouTube, which is also owned by Google.
    • You can access Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and more.
    • If you are into music, you can also cast your Google Play Music playlist to your Chromecast.
    • If you want to showcase to friends your photos from a recent trip, you can upload them to Google Photos and cast them to the screen with Chromecast.
    • If you like movies, Movies Anywhere is a free-to-download app that aggregates movies from different sources. While the app is free to download, you need to pay for the individual titles you want to watch. These movies will then be available in the app forever after paying for it.

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    How To Do A Factory Rest On Your Chromecast

    If youre to come across some problems while using your Chromecast, especially if the LED indicator is stuck in orange, you should perform a factory reset. Its a straightforward process that requires a few simple steps in the Home app:

  • Open the Google Home app.
  • At the top right, find the three dots and tap.
  • Go to Factory Reset and tap on it.
  • Sometimes, users find it easier to do a factory reset right on the Chromecast device. If you have the 1st generation Chromecast, youll need to leave the device plugged into a TV and hold the power button down for as long as 25 seconds.

    On a 2nd generation device, youll just have to hold the button until it changes the color. When the LED indicator changes from red/orange to blinking white, the reboot sequence will start. Afterward, your device will be fully restored and ready to cast great content.

    Google TV: Its Not Android TV But It Is

    Before we get into this, lets be clear: Google TV is;not replacing Android TV. In fact, Google TV is simply an interface that lives on top of Android TV. In that sense, this new Chromecast actually doubles as an Android TV streamer.

    That means the Chromecast with Google TV has access to the and all the Android TV apps and games one can find there. It also has access to Google Play Movies & TV, which, somewhat confusingly, is also getting a rebrand to Google TV.

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    However, Google understands that you stream media from multiple platforms. Google TV caters to that by organizing media from multiple sources all in one spot. Whats more, you can even save shows or movies you find and access them all later via Google TVs Watchlist. This syncs with Google Search, allowing you to find content on your phone or computer, add it to your Watchlist, and then see that sync up on your TV.

    In a nutshell, Google TV is all about delivering media content. The new Chromecast suggests new content based on your current viewing habits and aggregates content from different providers in one easy-to-understand hub.

    You can find more info related to Google TV here.

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    Why Do Some People Say The Chromecast Will Not Stream 4k TV

    There are two reasons why people think that Chromecast wont play 4K. Firstly, they buy the 2018 Chromecast thinking that the newer version must be the best. Whilst its true that the 2018 is a pretty sophisticated piece of kit, it doesnt stream 4K like the 2016 Chromecast Ultra.

    The second reason is because people dont have enough Internet bandwidth. If you want HD streaming, your Internet speed needs to starts at 5mbps. If you want 4K streaming, your Internet speed should Start at 25mbps.

    How Does Chromecast Work

    Do Smart TVs Have Chromecast Built In?? â Smart TV

    A Chromecast doesn’t work without a mobile device, such as your smartphone or tablet. The first step is to connect your device to the Chromecast via the Google Cast app. With the apps on your smartphone or tablet, you search for what you want to view. For example, choose your favorite series on Netflix and tap the Cast icon to continue watching on your TV. With Google Chrome, you can cast internet pages to your television. Do you have an Android smartphone or tablet? Then you can duplicate the screen of your mobile device on your TV. You can easily take the compact Chromecast with you. This is useful if you want to watch your own series on holiday or in a hotel.

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