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How To Hang TV And Hide Wires

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Attach The Face Plates

How To Hide TV Wires In Wall By A Pro Installer

Once all the cables are through, attach the top and bottom face plates.

The choice of face plate will accommodate the electrical cord and, if necessary, the coaxial cable. Choose a wall plate with a flexible opening to run the wires and cables through as an option to a plate with a coaxial cable jack.

Our New Frame TV In The Bedroom

When deciding on the size, I opted for a 43 TV, thinking we would be mounting it over a dresser. I always think art should be about 2/3 the size of the piece of furniture below, or else it might look too dinky. Without the dresser, I think we could have gone up to the 50 size! But thats a-okayI still think its proportionate on this wall and looks really nice.

Oh, and heres the box in the laundry room. For now, we just have it sitting out on top of the wood and its been working great.

Using Hooks For Hiding Wall Mount TV Wires

A DIY hack for packing away all of those pesky wires hanging from your wall-mounted tv is to use plastic hooks or pegs, which are often found in hardware stores or online. All you have to do is attach the hooks to the back edge of your furniture and anchor the cords to them.

Once the cords are hooked in, they will hide behind the silhouette of your furniture seamlessly. Simply press each clip in place for around 30 seconds or so, and let the adhesive rest while adhered to your furniture for about half an hour, then it should be sticky enough to hold the weight of the wires.

This tip doesnt just work when you are hiding cables when mounting tv on the wall, but also when you need to arrange cords and cables at your work desk.

One downside of this solution is that it is temporary, since the hooks may need to be replaced from time to time. Also, this hack only works if you have a piece of furniture placed right below your wall-mounted tv. For those who do have a wall-mounted television, you already have a built-in solution for how to hide wires from a tv on the wall.

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Hiding The Box In The Laundry Room

On the opposite side of this wall is our laundry room. If you remember from this post, I ended up tiling above our washer and dryer and we even put a butcher block counter on top to make a little work table up there. We did some measuring and realized that we could drill through the wall and into the laundry room to place the box on the butcher block on top of the washer and dryer! And the best part? We didnt even have to mess with the tile because our hole would be hidden behind the appliances. Success.

How Much Does It Cost To Get TV Wires Chased Into The Wall

A Simple Way To Hide Hanging Cords Family Handyman

Youre looking at an average cost of around £100 to £180 to get wires chased into the wall. Find out more in our TV set up cost guide. Costs will vary depending on the type of wall, but a professional can get the job done and dusted in a day and can also ensure that the wires meet building and fire regulations.

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Wondering How To Hide TV Wires

Your flat-screen TV might have crystal-clear 4K picture quality, but if the TV wires are showing, the whole setup is going to look a little sloppy. Fortunately, its not hard to hide these cords from view.

Whether youre sick of wires ruining the look of a sleek entertainment center or tired of seeing the mess hanging down from your wall-mounted TV, there are easy ways to keep these cords out of sight and out of mind.

Keep reading to find out how to hide TV wires and cords with five methods that will make you say, Why didnt I think of that? Youll learn these smart ways to conceal your cords:

  • Attach Cords to the Back of the TV Stand
  • Install Cord Concealing Covers
  • Use a TV Cord Hiding Kit
  • How To Hide TV Wires In Or On The Wall

    As the certified OG’s of selling top-notch TV mounts on Amazon, we’ve seen our fair share of awesome DIY TV setups. On the other hand, seeing ugly dangling TV cables in reviews started giving us big-time heartburn. It felt like we just ate a pair of Arby’s Mega Meat Stacks for breakfast. See exhibit A:

    After a half-bottle of Tums had no effect, we decided to design some cable management options for your freshly mounted TV. Everyone deserves an HGTV style finish without having to watch Tarik and Christina awkwardly interact for even one second. I’m pretty sure those 2 are actually poorly programmed androids, and watching them makes me uncomfy. So with that in mind, we launched the best 5 DIY options we could find for hiding your TV wires on or behind the wall.

    For Game Of Thrones fans out there, on-wall tunnels are like a castle-forged steel sword, and behind-the-wall options are Valyrian steel. Both good, but one is significantly better. Here’s the basic difference:

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    Conceal Your Power Strip

    The power strip is the source of so many things, but cord clutter is often the main attraction of this show. Try lifting the strip off the ground to keep all those plugs out of sight. Most power strips have holes on the back so you can even hang them on the wall with just a few screws or nails. If your entertainment center has legs for days, installing the power strip just below the base bridges the gap between the furniture and the wall. Another option is a wall-mounted power strip that plugs right into the outlet.

    Hiding TV Wires And Cables

    How To Hide Your TV Wires in 30 Minutes – DIY

    Perhaps the biggest frustration with TVâs is the mess the connecting cables can create. There are honestly few things worse than mounting a TV on a wall just to leave a bundle of cables dangling down to the power socket and to your AV equipment. I know Iâm biased but depending how far you want to take it a little effort can go a long way to tidying your TV wires. I know more and more things are moving wireless nowadays, but even so you will still need to worry about the TV power cable when mounting your TV on the wall.Fortunately, certain brands and models of TV are making this far easier for you like Samsung and their âOne Connectâ, which all your HDMI, optical, Ethernet,USB, optical and audio cables connect as well as traditional TV aerial cables and from there a single cable can be installed up to your TV, plus a power cable. Even still you will still have to worry about tidying your cables.

    In this blog Iâm going to share with you some techniques I use for creating a seamless appearance for our TV wall mounting installations and hopefully help you create the perfect result too.

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    Make Diy Fabric Cord Covers

    Yuriy Boyko/Shutterstock

    If youre pretty crafty and have your TV mounted on a stand or entertainment center, this is an easy way to cover up your TV wires without the need to buy a special kit.

    All you need is some fabric close in color to your wall or the stand it will be on, some Velcro and cable ties, and a pair of scissors. It only takes about 20 minutes to camouflage your wires with this method.

    Items Needed

    • Fabric glue


  • Gather the TV wires and cords you want to hide in a bundle, then use the cable ties to bind them securely. Place a cable tie about every 6 inches or so down the bundle of wires to keep them neatly contained.
  • Measure the length of cable that will need to be covered by your fabric sleeve. Start from the back of the TV and measure down the length of the wires to the outlet where the TV plugs in. Measure the width the fabric should be, making sure to leave a little extra room so the cables are wrapped loosely. This will help prevent them from overheating.
  • Cut your fabric to the measured size. Remember: Measure twice, cut once. Use a little fabric glue if the edges get frayed as you cut. If youre handy with the sewing machine, you can always hem the edges for a more finished look.
  • Place the fabric under the bundled cords and use the Velcro to secure it. You can now place or drape the bundle any way youd like to help conceal it even more. Keep the seam toward the wall for the best appearance.
  • Hide TV Wires And Cables With An Over

    Image courtesy of Walmart

    Another great method to hide cords is to use an over-the-wall TV wall mount wire concealer. Wires are hidden beneath a plastic raceway, which can be secured to the wall either by an adhesive or screw-in wall anchors. Simply run the wire along the raceway, snap the plastic cover into place, and your cords are out of sight and mind. To help blend in even further, you can paint the wire concealer, which usually comes in neutral colors, to match your wall.

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    Install A Raceway And Paint It The Same Color As The Wall

    Using a raceway is one of the most obvious solutions to organize and hide TV wires without cutting the wall. You can find many types of raceways online and in your local store as well. Most of them are made of plastic and have an adhesive strip on the back that allows easy and quick mounting on the wall using no screws. Note that there are specific models for corners.

    Most TV cable management raceways are white and if your wall has a different color it wont blend in. You can solve this by painting the raceway before installation. Acrylic, model, or enamel paint works great for plastic surfaces. Before painting, dont forget to clean the raceway with warm water and dish soap to remove any grease or dirt.

    This is the raceway I recommend because it is paintable and very easy to install due to the self-adhesive backing.

    Option #: Powered Cable Pass Through With Soundbar Module

    Hide Cables Easily For A Wall

    This is the pièce de résistance to in-wall cable hiding solutions. This bad boy routes AV cables and power from a TV like the previous model but also has a module for soundbar power. It’s perfect if you’ve got your soundbar mounted to the wall or TV. Have a SONOS PlayBar or Beam? Hiding the cables will help maximize it’s suave look.

    In addition to the circular saw drill attachment, it comes with a drywall saw that also works great for doing karate in the garage. Those pumpkins won’t stand a chance! Using the included template, you’ll use the saw to cut a rectangle hole in the wall behind the soundbar. Once the soundbar module is installed, you can plug it in right there and feed the sound wires up to the TV. It’ll make the soundbar look like it’s completely wireless, be ready for your friends to ask where you got it.

    And there you have it. The 5 best ways to hide your TV wires either on or behind the wall. If you’re not 100% sure what would work best for your setup, comment below or hit up our world-class customer support team. They’re available 7 days a week and due to the Minnesota winter weather we don’t want to go outside anyways.

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    Use A TV Stand That Does The Job For You

    Its not the cheapest but certainly a stylish way to hide TV wires without cutting the wall. Dont get me wrong, Im not saying that you should buy a new TV stand for the sole purpose of hiding the cords if you already have one. However, if you havent got a TV stand yet or want to replace the old one, it can be a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

    You can choose from many models on the market. I really like how easily the Ameriwood elevation TV stand solves the cable problem. It has three shelves where you can keep the cable box and other accessories while the snap-on back panel hides all the unsightly wires.

    Here you can check out the current price of the Ameriwood TV stand on Amazon.

    If you have your TV mounted on the wall and you dont need a new stand, you can buy some floating shelves with a back panel and mount them under your TV. If you cant find any model with a back panel you like, and youre not afraid of some DIY work, you can make the back panel yourself using some plywood and slats.

    Hide TV Wires Behind The Wall

    If cutting into your walls is an option, it is the best method to hide your TV wires. Not only will your cables be out of sight, but if you use an in-wall power extender with more than one outlet, you can plug more devices into the back of your TV.

    Plus, this method also lets you mount your TV flush against the wall. This is because most power extender kits are recessed, so your cables wont hit the back of your TV when you retract it back.

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    How To Install A Flat Panel TV On A Wall With No Wires Showing

    This article was co-authored by wikiHow staff writer, Hunter Rising. Hunter Rising is a wikiHow Staff Writer based in Los Angeles. He has more than three years of experience writing for and working with wikiHow. Hunter holds a BFA in Entertainment Design from the University of Wisconsin – Stout and a Minor in English Writing.There are 13 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 1,305,097 times.Learn more…

    Mounting a TV on your wall allows you to watch it comfortably without using an entertainment center, but the cables may look messy when they hang down. While its against electrical code to run your TVs power cable behind your wall, you can install an in-wall power extender that allows you to add a new outlet without any complicated wiring. Start by choosing a mount thats compatible with your TV and attach it to your wall. Once you have the mount in place, cut holes in your wall so you can run the wires between the power extender receptacles. After installing the extender, hang the TV on the mount and plug it in!

    How Much To Hide My TV Wires

    How To Hide TV Wires | DIY For Beginners
    • TV is already mounted – most times over a fireplace
    • Wires are hanging everwhere
    • No current electric outlet or power source is behind the TV
    • HDMI/AV cords currently being used are too short – components and power strip is hanging in the air

    What you pay for is the ADDITIONAL WORK to give you the PROFESSIONAL, FINISHED LOOK! Having the TV already mounted actually adds on an extra step in the process!

  • Disconnect the components
  • Unmount the TV
  • Create electric outletsabove the mantlean electrician will charge $175+ alone to make a single outlet
  • Reroute video wire
  • Run wires through the walls – wall studs, firebreaks, insulation, sewage pipes are factors
  • Remounting the TV
  • Reconnecting components
  • not relevant to the price you paid for the TV itselfENHANCEMENTThis single investment you make will totally transform the look of one of the spaces most used in your home and bring ongoing enjoyment for years to come!

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    How To Hide TV Wires Behind The Wall

    As your home AV experts, we recommend putting your cables behind the drywall. It isn’t hard to do and can turn your TV setup from an eyesore to a dime piece. Having cables exposed is like your late-night karaoke singing, and hiding them is like auto-tune. It just makes everything better.

    Once again, we like to give you options that best fit your setup. We have 3 in-wall cable management solutions. A cable pass through, a powered cable pass through, and a powered cable pass through with a soundbar module. All of these come with saw attachments for your drill to make the perfect sized hole, so don’t worry about messing up the drywall. Save that for your friend Todd when he rages at the TV while watching football. Don’t be like Todd.

    You might be thinking “why do I need a powered pass through when I could just put my TV power cable through the wall”. While we salute your ingenuity, putting a power cable through the wall is against fire code . That could get you in some hot water if your TV ever caused a fire. Your insurance company will probably harsh your stoke and refuse to cover it…which would mean heading back to your parent’s musty basement. So while you can do whatever you want, in the name of becoming a responsible adult, we’d recommend against stringing your current power cables through the wall.

    Tip : Hide Cables Behind The Wall

    The DIY route isnt for everyone, and if youre not comfortable with getting your hands dirty and making a few holes, this might not be the option for you. What options do you have for a DIY project, should you be willing to try?

    The first option is to route the cables behind the wall using an in-wall wire hider. This step doesn’t require a licensed electrician, but you’ll need to get your hands dirty with some additional work and tools, such as a saw or drill with a cutting attachment. It should only take a few minutes to create the perfect setup. Cut two holes, one near the TV and one near the outlet, screw in the behind wall cable routers and make those cables disappear!

    Another option is to move the outlet closer to the TV. We definitely recommend hiring a licensed electrician here. We know many of you are crafty and more than capable of doing this yourself, but it’s best to play on the safe side. A trained electrician should be able to move an outlet in just a couple of hours!

    With these tips, we know youll soon be creating an incredible setup thats ! Be sure to post those photos on social media and tag HIDEit with #afterHIDEit to be entered into our AMAZING contest where your order could be free!

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