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How To Add Apple TV Remote To iPhone

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iPhone Not Connecting To Apple TV

iPhone 13/13 Pro: How to Add Apple TV Remote to the Control Center

This issue has been reported by Trisha:

iPhone Apple TV remote app not working. Stuck on connecting. What can I do?

Ive also found similar reports on Reddit:

Anybody having issues with iPhone refusing to connect to Apple TV or just straight up failing to recognize its there?

While some of the complains come from users running iOS 15.2 beta versions on their devices, others confirm the same issue occurring on the public iOS 15.1.1 release.

Use Same Wifi Network

First of all, make sure that your iPhone is connected to the same WiFi network that the Apple TV is connected to:

  • On iPhone: Open Settings and tap on Wi-Fi. Check the name of the network that is currently used.
  • On Apple TV: Open Settings and go for Network. Does it show the same WiFi network as your iOS device?

Use iPhone To Control Apple TV

Navigate and Select Apps/Content

1. Bring up the control center on your device and then tap the Apple TV Remote icon.

2. To navigate apps and content, just swipe left, right, or up/down in the touch area . Now, the highlighted app or content will slightly expand on your Apple TV.

3. To navigate lists, you can swipe up or down a few times in the touch area to scroll quickly.

4. To select an item: Simply swipe to highlight the item and then tap in the touch area.

The touchpad feels very responsive and allows you to navigate up, down, left, and right. Moreover, it also lets you select a specific item by just tapping it. Mimicking the five-way button on the remote, the touchpad makes the process of navigating, and selecting apps as well as content smooth sailing.

Use the App Keyboard with Apple TV Remote on iPhone

  • When the on-screen keyboard shows on your Apple TV, you should see a keyboard in the Apple TV Remote on your iPhone.
  • Now, if you enter text on the iOS keyboard, the text on your Apple TV screen will update as you type.

View Additional Menu Options Using Apple TV Remote on iPhone

Use the Apple TV Remote to highlight an item. After that, touch and hold the touchpad in the Apple TV Remote on your iPhone. If the highlighted item has additional options, they will pop up in a menu on your Apple TV.

Go Back to the Home Screen or Previous Screen

Access Your Cable Services Channel Guide

Back 10 Seconds

Forward 10 Seconds

Play/Pause Content


View Open Apps

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How To Pair iPhone With Apple TV With Hdmi Adapter

HDMI, High-Definition Multimedia Interface, a reliable cable that can help you transmit digital video from a source to a big screen like a TV cable box or projector, is also an effective tool for pairing with Apple devices. Check out the steps below to see how to pair iPhone with Apple TV with an HDMI Adapter. Before everything else, you will need to get an HDMI adapter that can connect to your iPhone’s charging port.

  • – Connect one end of the HDMI adapter to your iPhone’s charging port, and connect the other to the HDMI cable.
  • – Connect the end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI port of your Apple TV. HDMI ports are usually on the back of the Apple TV.
  • – Turn on Apple TV. Select the input source as “HDMI.” Your iPhone is now connected and paired with Apple TV.

If You Face Issues Setting Up Apple TV Remote On Your Ios Device Try The Following:

Consomac : L
  • Ensure that your Apple TV is turned on and connected to your television and Wi-Fi network.
  • Ensure that your iPhone or iPad and Apple TV are on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • To check on iPhone, go to Settings Wi-Fi.
  • To check on Apple TV, go to Settings Network.
  • Try restarting both devices Apple TV and iOS device. If you lost the Apple TV remote, you could restart by unplugging it from power and then plugging it back in.
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    Easy Setup On Multiple Devices On The Same Network

    Prerequisite: First check your Apple TV and iPhone or iPad connected to the same WiFi network.

    Compatible with Apple TV 4th generation

    #1 if apple tv remote The app is not installed on your iPhone or iPad, please search the App Store and install it first.

    #2 when weopen remote appon iPhone/iPad, you will receive a notice on your Apple TV on your WiFi. To pair the TV,Enter code display on TV screen.

    #3 Once you are done. There are no more control buttons in the app, but we can use them more efficiently on the physical TV remote.

    First ismenu buttonPlay/Tap video or song, Siri icon to search Apple TV using your voice.


    UsI can’t control the volume of Apple TV using the Apple TV iOS app.

    Touch panel: Just before the Menu button, the space works as a TouchPad. You can click on the application using the TouchPad interface.

    Siri: To use Siri on the Apple TV remote iOS app, press and hold an icon until you see the wave of Siri activation on the TV screen.

    Activate screen saver: Press the menu button twice.

    move home screen: Double-tap the app switcher icon at the bottom right corner of the iPhone/iPad screen.

    Activate sleep mode: Press and hold the App Switcher icon continuously until it shows Sleep now? on the TV screen.

    playing now: Playback control by Play or Forward.

    Play a game: Tap the game icon in the top center of the app. Called game control image. All game control features are the same as you use on the TV remote.

    How To Set Up Apple TV Remote In Ios Control Center

  • Turn on your Apple TV and the TV/monitor connected to it, and make sure your iOS device and Apple TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Launch the Settings app on your iOS device.
  • Select Control Center from the options list.
  • Tap Customize Controls.
  • In the More Controls list, tap the entry called Apple TV Remote.
  • Next, launch the Control Center on your iOS device in the following manner: On iPad, double-tap the Home button on iPhone 8 or earlier, swipe up from the bottom of the screen or on iPhone X, swipe down from the upper right “ear”.
  • Tap the Apple TV button that now appears in the Control Center grid of options.
  • In the Remote overlay that appears, choose the Apple TV that you want to connect to from the list.
  • Enter the four-digit passcode that appears on your Apple TV’s display to connect.
  • The touch interface that appears on your iPhone or iPad screen will replicate the function of the original Apple TV Remote. If your Apple TV is set up to stream audio to an AirPlay/Bluetooth speaker or headset, you can use the volume buttons on your iOS device to adjust the output volume. Otherwise, you’ll have to continue to adjust sound levels using the dedicated remote, your television, or any hi-fi equipment your Apple TV is connected to. With that in mind, here’s a quick breakdown of the touchscreen controls that are available to you.

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    How To Use The Apple TV Remote Feature

    Once youve connected your iPhone or iPad to your Apple TV, the devices will remain paired until you manually disconnect them.

    However, keep in mind that both the device that you use as a remote, as well as the Apple TV need to be connected to the same WiFi network. Once you connect your phone or tablet to the WiFi, you only have to start the Remote app.

    Heres how to do it:

  • Open the Control Center just like above
  • Select the Apple TV Remote symbol from the features menu. If youve added it by following the steps above, it will be at the very bottom of the screen
  • Adding Apple TV Remote Summary

    iPhone 12/12 Pro: How to Add/Remove Apple TV Remote to Control Center

    iPhone users can easily control their Apple TV using their phone or tablet as a virtual remote. If the user connected their iPhone when setting up the Apple TV player then they shouldnt need to do anything to enable the virtual remote. Instead, an Apple TV Remote button will automatically show up in the iPhones Control Center when connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the streaming player. By opening the Control Center and tapping on the remote button, the iPhone can be used to control the Apple TV player without the need for a physical remote.

    For those that have issues with finding or using the Apple TV Remote on an iPhone, it can manually be added to the Control Center through the phones settings menu. In some cases, a restart of either or both devices might be needed. If issues still persist, it is worth double-checking that both the iPhone and the Apple TV player are running the most up-to-date software versions, and that both devices are actually connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

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    How To Set Up The Apple TV Remote App

    Before you do anything else, make sure you’re on the same Wi-Fi network as the Apple TV you wish to control.

  • the Apple TV Remote app from the App Store.
  • Turn on your Apple TV.
  • Open the Apple TV Remote app.
  • Tap the Add Apple TV button.
  • Tap on an Apple TV with which you’d like to pair the Remote app.
  • Enter the pairing code displayed on your Apple TV.
  • With that, you’re all set. You can use your iPhone to control your friend’s Apple TV, or set up a secondary iPhone or iPad to do the same.

    Use A Home Theater Remote

    You can use a home theater remote, like a network-based remote for home-control systems or an infrared remote , to control your Apple TV.

    To set up your home theater remote to control your Apple TV:

  • Add your Apple TV to the Home app and make sure that you assign it to a room.
  • Add the remote to the Home app on an iOS or iPadOS device and make sure that you assign it to a room.
  • After you add the remote to the Home app, you can use it to control any Apple TV that you have in your home.

    To learn different ways you can use your remote to control your Apple TV, go to Settings > Remotes and Devices and select Learn Remote.

    If you have issues with your remote or want to learn more about using your remote to control Apple TV, contact the manufacturer or visit their website.

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    How To Control Your Apple TV Using Control Center

    Now that your iPhone or iPad and Apple TV can communicate with each other, you can use the phone as a remote. A virtual remote control that looks similar to the one that comes with the Apple TV appears on the screen.

    Here’s what each of the buttons on the virtual remote control does:

    • Control Pad:The space at the top controls what you select on the Apple TV screen. Swipe left and right, or up and down, to move onscreen menus and options. Tap that space to choose options.
    • Back 10 Seconds:The round button with the curved arrow facing left jumps back 10 seconds in audio and video that’s playing onscreen.
    • Forward 10 Seconds:The button with the curved arrow facing right skips ahead 10 seconds in audio and video.
    • Menu:The Menu button works differently in different contexts. Generally, it works like a Back button.
    • Play/Pause:The Play/Pause button plays audio and video, or pauses it.
    • Home: The button that looks like a TV displays the home screen on your Apple TV .
    • Siri:The button shaped like a microphone activates Siri on the Apple TV to let you do voice searches. Tap and hold it, then speak into your iPhone.
    • Search: The magnifying glass button doesn’t have a counterpart on the physical Apple TV remote. It opens a search screen where you can look for movies and TV shows in the Apple TV app.

    How To Add The Apple TV Remote To Control Center

    How To Add Apple TV Remote To Control Center On An iPhone!

    To control your Apple TV from Control Center on your iPhone or iPad, add the Remote feature to Control Center.

  • Open Settings.

  • Select Customize Controls.

  • In the More Controls section, tap the + icon next to Apple TV Remote.

  • The Remote app appears in Control Center when you access it by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

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    Add Apple TV To Control Center On iPhone

    Note that in the iOS 13 and higher, the Apple TV Remote is already added to the control center. If you dont find the Apple TV Remote icon in the control center or using the older versions of iOS, you can manually add the TV Remote to the control center on your device.

    1. First off, open the Settings app on your iPhone and then tap Control Center.

    2. Now, tap the + button to the left of the Apple TV Remote.

    Apple TV Remote Interface

    • It has a large Touch Area, where you can swipe left, right, up, or down to navigate and select through the apps, contents, and lists on Apple TV.
    • The volume buttons can be used to control the volume of the device.
    • Touching and holding the Menu button would help you return to the home screen.
    • Tap the mic button to activate Siri.
    • Search button to carry the search process on Apple TV.

    If youve got a long or complicated Wi-Fi password, you can use a Bluetooth keyboard or even a MacBook keyboard to type in the password.

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    Choose Which Apple TV To Control

    What if you have more than one Apple TV connected to the Apple TV Remote app on your iPhone? Bother not, the remote app lets you switch between the connected Apple TVs without any hassle. To do so, just tap the dropdown menu at the top of the screen and then choose the preferred devices from the list.

    How To Use Control Center’s Apple TV Remote In Ios

    How to Use iPhone or iPad as an Apple TV Remote

    In iOS 11 and later, it’s possible to add an Apple TV Remote interface to the Control Center that will allow you to quickly navigate and control playback on your 4K Apple TV or fourth-generation Apple TV using your iPhone or iPad. It’s a great solution if you just can’t get on with Apple’s Siri Remote, and doesn’t require you to install an app. In this article, we’ll show you how to set up the Apple TV Remote on your iOS device and explain how to use it once you’ve done so.

    Before continuing, make sure that your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is updated to the latest version of iOS: Open the Settings app, tap General -> About, and look for the version number. If you need to update, tap back to Settings, select Software Update, and follow the onscreen instructions, then meet us back here when installation is complete.

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    How To Set Up Your iPhone As An Apple TV Remote With Home Sharing

    1. On your Apple TV, open Settings.

    2. Scroll down and click on Accounts .

    3. Scroll down and click on “Home Sharing.”

    4. When setting up an Apple TV, hooking it up to your Apple account is usually a required step. If you have not connected your Apple TV to an account, though, when you click on “Home Sharing” it will ask you to enter your Apple ID and password and then click on “Sign In.”

    5. If your iPhone doesn’t already have the Apple TV Remote app, go to the App Store and download it.

    6. Open the Remote app. It should show “Add Apple TV.” Click on the Apple TV and if they’re both on the same Apple account, it should connect automatically using Home Sharing.

    Use Your iPhone As A Handy Remote Control For Apple TV

    Well, thats how you can use your iPhone to control the Apple TV. As you can see, the iPhone remote app can do pretty much everything the Siri Remote and Apple TV Remote can do, including searching for content, launching Siri, adjusting the volume, and more. So, what do you prefer using? The Apple TV Remote, or the iPhone remote app? Let us know in the comments. Also, did you know you can use your iPhone to color balance your Apple TV? Check it out, and get even better looking content on your TV!

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    How To Control Your Apple TV With Your iPhone

    If you’ve lost or broken your Apple TV remote, or if you just prefer, you can use your iPhone as a remote for your Apple TV. The latest version of iOS will automatically add Apple TV with Airplay 2 once they are configured to do so. There are just a few quick steps to set up your iPhone as a remote for your Apple TV:

  • First, make sure your iPhone has the latest version of iOS and is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV. In order for your iPhone to automatically set up the remote, you’ll first need to add your Apple TV to the Home app.
  • If you’ve already added your TV to the Home app and then updated your iOS, the remote will automatically be added to your Control Center. If you were already on the latest version of iOS and then added your TV to the Home app, you may need to add the remote manually. To do so, go to Settings -> Control Center -> Customize Controls and tap the green + next to Apple TV Remote.
  • Now open your Control Center and you will see the remote. Tap it to open it.
  • That’s all about it. If you have the third-generation Apple TV or an older iPhone that can’t use the latest version of iOS, you can still use it as a remote with theApple TV Remote App.

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