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How To Cast Xfinity Stream TV To Chromecast

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How To Cast Your Desktop With Google Chrome

How to stream with Google CHROMECAST

The functionality is exactly the same in Chrome and Edge, but its located in slightly different places. Well start with Chrome. First, click the three-dot menu icon in the top-right.

Select Cast from the menu.

From the casting menu, click the Sources drop-down and select Cast Desktop.

Now choose the device youd like to cast your Windows desktop to.

Thats it! To stop casting, click the Google Cast icon in the toolbar and select the device again.

Access From The Bluecurve TV Web App

  • Sign in to using the Chrome browser on a computer.
  • Select a program to watch.
  • Hover your mouse over the player to see the controls.
  • A hollowed out cast icon is shown to the left of the Mini-Player button, and next to the Search field at the top right of any page .
  • Click the cast icon, and a list of available devices is shown. Click the device you want to stream to.
  • Once connected, the cast icon will appear solid and your program will play on the selected device. Use your browser as a remote for playback controls.
  • To stop casting, click the cast icon again and select Stop Casting.
  • It May Work With Smart Displays At Some Point Too

    Xfinity may update the app later this week, or it may be next week. Although casting from the app doesnt quite work yet, Xfinity does seem to have laid the groundwork for its documentation.

    The support site appears to have added documentation that briefly describes how the feature will work. Noting that it will work with any Android-powered smartphone.

    The speculation here is that since smart displays like the Home Hub run on Android, the app will be usable. This has not been confirmed yet. Imagine if you will though being able to cast your Xfinity Stream app to a Home Hub or other smart display and other TVs that have the Chromecast technology baked in.

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    O Espelhamento De Tela

  • Abra as configurações do smartphone e encontre a opção de elenco. Habilite a exibição sem fio nas configurações dentro da opção de elenco.
  • Agora, abra o Google Home em seu telefone Android e toque em Transmitir tela / áudio.
  • Encontre seu Chromecast na lista de dispositivos e toque na opção Transmitir tela / áudio novamente.
  • Feito isso, toda a tela do smartphone será projetada em uma tela maior.
  • Agora você pode abrir a versão mais antiga do aplicativo Xfinity e começar a reproduzir um vídeo. Você deve ver o conteúdo aparecer na tela.
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    Chromecast Support For Xfinity Stream App Now Rolling Out

    How to Chromecast Xfinity Stream to TV

    Xfinity subscribers have a reason to get excited. Nope, Comcast’s still running things sorry. But Chromecast support for Xfinity streaming content is now rolling out. It’s already live on the web, and now it has started rolling out via a beta program update for the Android app as well. Chromecast streaming even works for live TV.

    AP’s Artem Russakovskii is an Xfinity subscriber, and he’s been testing the feature since yesterday. Though it works as expected, the feature is still rolling out, and may not be present on all app versions or platforms. It’s live and working for us at the Xfinity Stream site, though some of our readers are having difficulty, so the option may not be there for everyone.

    More recently, the v6 update to the Xfinity Stream app is now rolling out with the feature as part of an opt-in beta program, and we expect that to trickle down to the stable release in the coming days. A representative speaking on behalf of Comcast told us we should see full deployment by early next week.

    Image Gallery

    A support article documenting how to stream content to your Chromecast was also added, noting compatibility with all Chromecast models and the ability to cast from any Apple or Android-powered phone. It should even work with the Google Home Hub, and potentially other Assistant-powered smart displays , as well as built-in Chromecasts on Android TV devices.

    Image Gallery

    Ongoing casting notification for Xfinity Stream content.

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    Comcast’s ‘stream’ App Adds Chromecast Support

    Comcast has begun to add support for the Google Chromecast, a move that enables users of the cable operator’s Xfinity Stream app to cast content to televisions equipped with a Chromecast adapter.

    Android Police first reported that Comcast had initially added Chromecast support to the web browser implementation of Stream. That’s a streaming app for Comcast’s pay-TV service that supports services such as live TV, VoD, the operator’s cloud DVR service and access to purchased digital movies and TV shows.

    Comcast confirmed that Chromecast support for the Stream app for web browsers launched Monday and that Chromecast support for Comcast’s Stream app for IoS and Android mobile devices will roll out starting today. Comcast expects to complete deployment and support for the Stream app on IoS and Android devices by early next week. Comcast’s Stream app for Amazon Kindle tablets currently does not support the new Chromecast extension.

    Update: Comcast confirmed that Chromecast-enabled/built-in smart TVs will also work with the operator’s Stream app, but not with Chromecast built-in audio-only/speaker devices.

    Comcast has also posted some info about Xfinity Stream’s support for Chromecast online in the form of this FAQ. Currently, Comcast’s Stream app supports a handful of Chromecast adapters and Chromecast-based devices, including the original Chromecast, Chromecast 2, Chromecast 3, Chromecast Ultra and the Google Home Hub.

    Benefits Of Using Chromecast

    Casting to your TV is a great way to use mobile streaming apps on a bigger screen than the one on your phone or tablet. To use any app within the Google Home app system, you need to make sure that its cast enabled, as thats the only way it will work properly. Websites that are Chromecast enabled offer benefits such as:

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    Xfinity Stream App Gets Cast Support And Yes It Works For Smart Displays

    June 17, 2020 By Gabriel Brangers

    These days, when I download any sort of streaming app to my phone, I just expect that it will support casting to Chromecasts and cast-enabled devices. For the most part, that is regularly true. One glaring exception has been my cable service. Xfinity, a.k.a. Comcast is the largest cable television provider in the United States but until very recently, the companys Xfinity Stream services lacked the ability to cast media from desktop or mobile devices. The former was remedied a couple of weeks ago as Xfinity Stream finally brought the Cast protocol to its desktop site. Thats great and all but when Im casting media, its usually from my phone. Thankfully, Xfinity Stream was already rolling out Cast to users on the Beta program and late last week, the official app was updated with the feature.

    The Cast feature may seem like a small tweak but for those of us that live the cord-cutting, on-the-go lifestyle, casting from mobile is a way of life. Here at the office, at church or when were on the road, it is second nature to grab my phone and throw my video to the nearest cast-enabled display whether its a TV with a Chromecast or an Assistant smart display. It just works and its super simple.

    Cast Xfinity App From Smartphone

    What is a Chromecast Device and How to Cast | Chromecast 101

    On your Smartphone, launch Google Play Store or App Store.

    Search and install Xfinity Stream from the store.

    Once installed, click on Open to launch the app.

    Login with your Xfinity Stream account.

    Click on Cast icon on the top and select your Chromecast device.

    Note: make sure both Chromecast device and the smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

    Now you can watch Xfinity Stream on your smartphone.

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    Option : Casting Using A Chrome Browser

    This option allows you to stream Xfinity video content to your television set from your desktop using a Chrome browser. In this case, you would need to connect the Chromecast device you have into the HDMI port on your TV. After doing this, you should connect your desktop computer or laptop and Chromecast to the same Wi-Fi network. Go ahead and open the Chrome browser and check out the Once the Xfinity stream website successfully opens, click on the cast option. Your browser should display the available device then you can select the sources button and click on the Cast tab option. Choose your device and then choose the content you would like to stream then watch it from your television set.

    Use A Different Version Of Chrome

    You may not be using the latest version of Chrome on your device, and this could be whats causing Xfinity Stream to not work on Chrome.

    Simply select Update Google Chrome from the More option given on the top right corner of your Chrome browser.

    If not, you can also try watching or streaming in incognito mode in Chrome, which solves the problem in most cases.

    If Chrome isnt working either way and youre in a hurry, you can use Firefox to stream for a quicker result.

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    How To Cast Windows 11 Desktop To Chromecast

    Joe Fedewa is a Staff Writer at How-To Geek. He has close to a decade of experience covering consumer technology and previously worked as a News Editor at XDA Developers. Joe loves all things technology and is also an avid DIYer at heart. He has written thousands of articles, hundreds of tutorials, and dozens of reviews. Read more…

    You dont have to be limited to using the display physically connected to your Windows 11 PC. Thanks to Googles casting feature, you can mirror your desktop easily through the Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser. Its similar to Apples AirPlay.

    Google Cast is a protocol that allows you to send things like videos and music to smart TVs and speakers. Google Cast is also built into Google Chrome, and since Microsoft Edge is built on Chromium too, it works there as well. You can share your desktop with any Chromecast-enabled display.

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    Chromecast Support In The Xfinity Stream App Is A No

    How to Watch Xfinity Stream on Chromecast with Google TV ...

    As mentioned, you cant watch shows in the Xfinity Stream app and then cast that your Chromecast-powered TV. Not yet anyways.

    So far theres no mention of this working in the app. Nor is there anything to suggest that the feature is just around the corner. So for now youll have to stick to the website. That might be a bit of a pain for some users.

    Which is why devices like Roku might have a leg up. Because Roku devices have a beta version of the Xfinity Stream app. This works essentially the same way as streaming it from your phone first. But you get to use a proper remote and the interface is a lot more user friendly.

    Since the Chromecast support only works with the website right now, that might pose a problem for people whos computers are in a separate room from the TV theyre trying to view content on.

    This is where the Roku comes out a little bit ahead. You shouldnt have to get up and leave the room just to change channels or anything else.

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    How To Sign In To Xfinity Stream

    Xfinity is a subscription-based streaming service it may cost ranges from $25 to $300. To access its contents you are required to sign in to Xfinity account:

    Go to on your browser.

    Enter your Login credentials and complete the captcha. Now click on the âSign inâ button.

    S To Cast Using Xfinity Stream App

    • Open the Xfinity Steam App on your mobile device and use your Xfinity ID and password to log in to it.
    • Select the Cast option that appears on the header section of the application.
    • You will now be able to see all your devices connected to Chromecast and are ready for casting. You need to select the TV you want to throw the program on.
    • Once you are connected, select the program you want to cast on your TV.

    To Conclude

    Once you have used either of the two ways to cast Xfinity Stream to Chromecast, you can now enjoy your TV programs. The steps are really simple. In fact, there is more than one way by which you can easily use Chromecast devices. With so many features available the device is easy to use. If you are willing to mirror your TV then simply follow the steps to casting.

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    Transmitindo Xfinity Stream De Um Dispositivo Android / Ios


  • Chromecast conectado à TV por meio da porta HDMI.
  • Aplicativo Xfinity Stream instalado em seu dispositivo.
  • Uma conexão WiFi estável. . Também para o Xfinity
  • Passos para lançar

  • Configure seu Chromecast conectando-o à sua TV e configure-o com o app Google Home conforme mencionado acima.
  • Abra o aplicativo Xfinity Stream e faça o login com seu ID e senha.
  • Selecione um vídeo ou programa para assistir.
  • Você verá um ícone de transmissão na parte superior do aplicativo.
  • Toque nele e selecione seu Chromecast na lista de dispositivos disponíveis.
  • Uma vez conectado, você pode começar a reproduzir o vídeo e ele deve aparecer na tela maior.
  • O Xfinity tem uma isenção de responsabilidade de que, a partir de 13/06/2020, a versão do Xfinity Stream App v6 da atualização beta oferece suporte ao recurso, enquanto a atualização estável será lançada nos próximos dias. No entanto, se você não deseja se inscrever no programa beta, pode seguir o método abaixo.

    How To Cast Your Desktop With Microsoft Edge

    How to use Xfinity hotspot with Chromecast

    For Microsoft Edge, its the exact same process except the casting option is under the More Tools section of the three-dot menu, and its called Cast Media to Device.

    Now youre casting your Windows 11 desktop to a bigger display without any HDMI cables involved! Its pretty cool that this all works through the browser. There is some lagwhich is to be expectedbut its a quick and easy way to share your screen.

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    Access From The Bluecurve TV Mobile App

  • Open the BlueCurve TV app on your mobile device.
  • Tap the hollowed out cast icon in the header of the app.
  • A list of available devices is shown. Tap the device you want to stream to.
  • Once connected, the casting icon appears solid.
  • Choose a program to watch and it’ll play on the selected device. Use your mobile device as a remote for playback controls.
  • To stop casting, tap the cast icon again and select Stop Casting.
  • Did you know: While casting content, you can browse through the guide or library for another show to watch, without disrupting the stream.

    Chromecast Device Missing Post Upgrade

    Since the last upgrade to Xfinity Stream I can only see 1 of my 2 Chromecast devices on Xfinity Stream. I can see the Gen 3 Chromecast, but not the Chromecast with Google Voice.

    – I have uninstalled and reinstalled Stream. – I have removed and re-added the Chromecast to Google Home.



    1 d ago

    Same here. My bedroom and living room tv do not show up in mobile stream app to cast to. Both new chrome cast. It does show up on computer. I think this is the 3rd occurrence in the last 5 months we havent been able to cast for days at a time. Over a week at one point


    1 d ago

    Same here and using iPhone12 v15.2 and xfinity stream version 7.0.0. Still works on my ipad with steam version 6.12.0. COME ON COMCAST THIS IS RIDICULOUS AND EXTREMELY ANNOYING. GIVEN WHAT WE ALL PAY YOU PER MONTH ITS ALSO UNACCEPTABLE. FIX IT!


    21 h ago

    Having the same issue. Only one Chromecast is showing up out of the two that I have.

    I have tried Factory Resetting the Chromecast and restarting it multiple times.

    I have multiple iPhones that are up to date and none of them are showing both of my Chromecast.


    18 h ago

    Same issue here. Good to know I’m not alone. I had several tv’s with Chromecast and now only one shows up. If I disconnect that one, then another one will show up??? This needs to be addressed. Everything was working great, and now I can’t cast to my TVs.

    Dear xfinity – please correct this quickly!


    2 h ago

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    Guia Para Transmitir Contedo Do Xfinity Stream Para O Chromecast

    Antes de começar, certifique-se de configurar seu Chromecast a uma TV . Para fazer isso, você precisa baixar o aplicativo Google Home na app store de seus sistemas operacionais, como Android ou iOS. Se você precisa saber mais sobre a configuração do Chromecast.

    Além disso, para o Xfinity Stream funcionar corretamente, você precisa estar conectado à rede WiFi Xfinity em casa. Se você tiver dúvidas em relação à conexão, pode verificaraqui.

    How To Chromecast Xfinity Stream Using Android Phone

    How to Chromecast Xfinity Stream to TV [With Screenshots ...

    Basic Requirements

    1: Open Settings on your Android phone.

    2: Click on Connected Devices.

    3: Under the Connected Devices section, click on Connection Preferences.

    4: Tap on the Cast option located in this section.

    Note: This location may vary depending on your OS version and phone model. Try finding the cast option on your phone and proceed with the below steps.

    5: You will find the list of an available device. Click on the Chromecast device name to which you want to screen mirror.

    6: A warning message will pop out to let you know that even sensitive things might get screen mirrored. Click the Start Now button.

    The entire phone screen will appear on your TV.

    7: Now open Xfinity Streams on your phone and start streaming any video which will get cast on the TV.

    Latest Update: Live streaming videos from non-compatible chromecast apps are blocked from screen mirroring on Chromecast. You might find some live streams not getting cast on Chromecast.

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