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How To Get Hbo Max On Lg TV

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How To Watch Hbo Max On Lg Smart TV Without App

How to Get HBO MAX on LG Smart TV

HBO Max is one of the newest streaming platforms on the internet, and it has grabbed attention inside the US. Though available for several devices such as Samsung, Apple, and more, the HBO max app is unavailable on LG Smart TV. In this article, we will discuss how to watch HBO Max on LG TV without the App and answer a few of your questions.

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How To Watch Hbo Max On My Older Lg TV Model

If your LG TV doesnt support the HBO Maxs app, you can connect to a digital streaming device like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or a gaming player like Xbox One and PS4. Moreover, you can also connect your laptop or smartphone to your LG TV using an HDMI cable. Just ensure that your LG TV has a working HDMI port and healthy access to Wi-Fi.

You can choose any of the following methods to get HBO Max on older LG TV:

  • Watch HBO Max on LG TV with a laptop
  • Cast the HBO Max application on LG TV with Android
  • Stream HBO Max to your LG TV with AirPlay
  • Access HBO Max content via YouTube TV
  • How To Cast Hbo Max On Lg TV With Android

    Follow these steps to cast HBO Max on LG TV using an Android device:

  • Ensure that the Android device and Chromecast are connected to the same Wi-Fi.
  • On your phone/tablet, open the Google Home app.
  • Select the device you want to cast to.
  • Select Cast my screen, then Cast screen.
  • Once done, your Android screen will appear on your LG TV.
  • Open the HBO Max app and start watching HBO Max on LG TV!
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    Can I Watch Hbo Max On Lg Smart TV With Apple Airplay

    Yes, you can use Apple AirPlay to stream to your LG Smart TV . If you have a compatible TV and don’t see AirPlay among the options, try to update to the latest LG Smart TV firmware.

  • Install the HBO Max iPhone or iPad app.
  • Once installed, log in using your HBO Max credentials.
  • After ensuring your LG Smart TV is in the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone or iPad, play a title in the HBO Max app on your Apple device.
  • Then, tap the AirPlay icon in the upper-right corner.
  • Select your LG Smart TV, and you’ll see the content you are playing in the HBO Max app mirrored on your LG Smart TV screen.
  • In case you have any questions, post your comment below, and we’ll make sure to respond as soon as possible. And, of course, enjoy watching HBO Max on LG Smart TV!

    How To Watch Hbo Max Via Youtube TV On Lg TV


    YouTube TV is another way to get HBO Max on your LG TV. Just add HBO Max to your YouTube TV subscription and stream HBO Max on LG TV using the HBO Max app.

    After adding HBO Max to your YouTube TV membership, follow these steps to proceed:

  • Open the HBO Max app and click Sign In.
  • Select Sign in with a Provider.
  • From the drop-down menu, select YouTube TV.
  • Select the account with YouTube TV membership and hit Allow.
  • You can now watch HBO Max via YouTube TV on your LG TV!
  • Bonus Point: On your HBO Max subscription through YouTube TV, you also get access to on-demand HBO shows and live channels.

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    Can I Cast Hbo Max To My Lg TV With Android

    Yes, you can cast HBO Max to the LG TV with Android, here are the quick steps:

  • Make sure that Chromecast and Android devices are both connected to a similar Wi-Fi network.
  • Launch the Google Home application on your device.
  • Choose the device to which you wish to cast HBO Max.
  • When youre finished, the Android home screen will be displayed on your LG TV.
  • Start streaming HBO Max on LG TV by opening the HBO Max application!
  • How To Get Hbo Max On Apple TV

  • First, you need to .
  • From home page on your Apple TV, open the App Store.
  • Use the Search bar to look for HBO Max and select it once you find it.
  • HBO Max on the Apple TV and launch the app.
  • Finally, enter your credentials to log in to your HBO Max account.
  • HBO Max supports Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD with the latest tvOS. We recommend you read our dedicated article on how to get HBO Max on Apple TV for all the details.

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    How Can I Watch Hbo Max On My Older Lg TV

    If your LG TV doesnt support the HBO Max app, you can simply connect to a streaming device like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV or a gaming player like PS4 and Xbox One. You can also plug your laptop or smartphone to your LG TV using an HDMI cable.

    Just ensure that your LG TV has Wi-Fi access and an HDMI port.

    You can opt for any of the following methods to get HBO Max on an older LG TV:

    How To Install Hbo Max On Lg Smart TV

    HBO Max on LG TV – This is How!

    Step 1: Turn on your LG Smart TV and connect it to an internet connection.

    Step 2: Navigate to the LG Content Store.

    Step 3: Go to the Search box and type HBO Max.

    Step 4: Select the HBO Max app from the search results.

    Step 5: Tap the Install button. The HBO Max app will be installed on your LG TV.

    Step 6: Then, launch the HBO Max app.

    Step 7: Enter your HBO Max credentials and log in to the app.

    Step 8: Play your favorite movie and watch it on your LG Smart TV.

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    Hbo Max Content By Using Chromecast

    • Step 1. Connect your Chromecast on your TV HDMI.
    • Step 2. Connect all the needed devices to the same Wi-Fi network.
    • Step 3. Install the HBO Max App on your Smartphone by downloading it.
    • Step 4. If you have an HBO Max account just Sign-in or else Sign up.
    • Step 5. Now open the HBO Max App on your Smartphone and click the video you want to watch.
    • Step 6. On the video screen, you get to see the cast icon.
    • Step 7. Select the cast icon
    • Step8. your Living Room LG Smart TV.

    Furthermore, although this is a Google device, Chromecast also works with iPhone and so regardless of whether using an Android or iOS device, Chromecast will be one of the easiest and cheapest ways to Adding Hbo Max To Lg Smart TV, or otherwise, if not using AirPlay 2, a streaming player or games console.

    How to Get HBO Max App on Samsung Smart TV

    Connect Streaming Devices To Lg TV

    If your LG Smart TV does not have Wifi which prevents you from being able to cast from your phone to the TV, the last best way is to make use of various streaming devices. These devices will connect to your HDMI port on the TV and from there you can stream watch HBO max easily. The devices that you can connect are

    • Roku Streaming Stick

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    Stream Hbo Max On Lg TV Outside The United States

    Though you cannot download or install the HBO Max on your LG Smart TV, there are a few useful ways to stream shows and movies. Though new to online streaming, HBO is a popular platform among viewers and allows you to watch many favorite TV shows without cable. At least Samsung and other Smart TVs directly download and watch HBO Max shows, but LG TV is unlikely to have one. Here are three ways to stream HBO Max shows on LG TV without the App.

    Stream HBO Max Outside US

    HBO Max is only available in the USA, and if you wish to stream shows outside the USA, such as in the UK, Asia, and around the globe, we suggest you use the best VPN service such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

    Which Os Lg Smart TVs Run

    How to Watch HBO Max on LG Smart TV?

    LG Smart TVs are based on a Linux-based TV OS called WebOS. No doubt LG Smart TVs are known for their great Display and picture quality. Their TVs are ranked equally to SONY, Samsung, and Panasonic TVs. But the one thing that LG Smart TVs certainly lacks is support for Android TV.

    Although WebOS supports LGs proprietary ThinQ AI voice assistant, Miracast for screencasting, integration with most of the small appliances. It would have been great if LG Smart TVs were running Android TV. Talking about the apps, WebOS has support for all major streaming services. Apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, etc. are available on it.

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    How To Get Hbo Max On Lg/samsung/vizio Smart TV

    Once youve installed HBO Max on your LG, Samsung, or Vizio Smart TV, you can relax knowing that you are a step away from streaming your HBYO Max on your smart TV.

    Now that HBO Max is available on LG, Samsung, Vizio Smart TVs, you arent restricted to using casting workarounds to access the service. You have several ways to get it on LG, Samsung, or VIZIO TV.

    A Guide On How To Install Hbo Max On Lg TV

    To install the HBO Max application on LG TV, you will need a smart device to enter the code displayed on your LG TV. Follow these successive instructions like clockwork for setting up HBO Max on LG TV.

  • Access the LG Content Store
  • Select the Sign-up option
  • On your smart device, open the HBO Max Sign-in page
  • Log in with your account credentials
  • Enter the code that is displayed on your LG TV
  • Hurrah! You have successfully signed up for HBO Max on LG Smart TV
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    Watch Hbo Max On Lg Smart TV Using An Ios Device

    This method is applicable only to LG smart TV models launched after 2019. If your LG Smart TV is running on webOS 4.0 or above, you can use the AirPlay feature to stream HBO Max on LG TV. Check out our guide on how to use AirPlay on LG TV.

    Open the App Store on your iOS device.

    Download and install HBO Max from the App store.

    Open the HBO Max app and stream the media that you want.

    Click on the Airplay icon on the media player.

    Note: Make sure both LG smart TV and your iOS device are connected to the same WiFi Network.

    Select your LG Smart TV from the list of available devices.

    Now, you can stream all the HBO Max movies and TV shows on your LG TV.

    How To Get The Hbo Max App On Your Lg TV

    How To Fix HBO Max on a LG TV

    The HBO Max app is available on the following LG models: LG OLED TVs, LG QNED Mini LED TVs and LG NanoCell TVs from model years 2018-2021 via webOS 4.0 and higher. Owners of supported LG Smart TVs can now access the HBO Max app through their LG TVs webOS platform by opening the HBO Max app using their remote or, when available, by saying HBO Max into their LG Magic Remote.

    Of course, LG Smart TV owners will need a subscription to HBO-Max, which costs $14.99 per month for their ad-free plan or $9.99 per month for their ad-supported service . You can subscribe to either plan on the HBO Max website.

    The launch of HBO Max on LG Smart TVs comes just in time for the release of the highly anticipated Warner Bros. feature film The Suicide Squad, which debuts in theaters and on HBO Max on August 5. The movie will be available to subscribers of the HBO Max $14.99 per month plan.

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    How To Get Hbo Max On Lg Smart TV: A Complete Guide

    If youre like most people, you want to be able to watch your favorite HBO shows without having to worry about whether or not you have cable. And if you wanted a newer LG Smart TV, then its easy to do just that! In this guide, well show you how to get HBO Max on your LG Smart TV in just a few simple steps.

    Hbo Can Be Accessed Through Youtube TV

    Another alternative option is to watch HBO via YouTube TV. It is a live streaming service. This service helps you watch local networks and cable TV channels using the computer. It is more like you do it on cable TV. When it comes to the YouTube TV app allows you to subscribe to HBO Max.

    However, the catch with HBO Max on LG TV is that youll be able to watch HBO-branded content only. In fact, the YouTube TV interface isnt compatible with branded content that cannot be found on standard HBO.

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    Plug In Your Ps4 And Download The Hbo Max App

    HBO Max is also officially available on PS4 gaming consoles. This means, if your TV doesnt support the new HBO Max app, you can instead plug in your PS4 device to your TV and play movies and TV shows from the console. We have already prepared a detailed guide on streaming titles from HBO Max on a PS4 which you can read from the link below:

    How to get HBO Max on PS4

    Can I Stream Hbo Max From My Laptop To My Lg TV

    How To Activate HBO Max on AT& T

    You may stream HBO Max on the LG Smart TV if you have a notebook or laptop with an HDMI connector. Most folks will only have to do two steps:

  • Try connecting your laptops HDMI connector to one of the HDMI ports on the LG Smart TV.
  • Switch the Smart TVs input to an HDMI port into which you inserted the laptop using the LG TV remote.
  • In most circumstances, your laptop homepage will now appear on the LG TV. Open a web browser on the laptop and navigate to HBO Maxs official website, log in, and begin streaming. HBO Max show like Westworld season 4 is available on the LG Smart TV for watching now.

    You can use the best HBO Max VPNs if youre facing trouble accessing the HBO Max libraries.

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    Use Roku To Mirror Your Smartphone Screen To Play Hbo Max

    If you own an LG TV and a Roku device. It can also help you to watch HBO Max. Though, HBO Max is not officially supported by either of them. There are workarounds to do the job. The Roku in-built screen sharing feature will help in streaming the Android smartphone screen on the TV. You will have to play your favorite shows on the HBO Max app on your smartphone and stream it on the TV.

    Mirror Your Windows Pc To Lg TV

    Just like you would on your smartphone, you can also mirror content from your Windows PC onto your LG Smart TV. Make sure your TV and PC are connected to the same wireless network. You can do so by following the steps below:

    Step 1 : Press the home button on your TV remote, head over to More > Device Connector > PC from your TV home screen, and then select Screen Share.

    Step 2 : In the next screen, select Miracast from the left sidebar, and click on Start.

    Step 3 : On your Windows PC, click on the Action Center from the bottom right corner, select the Connect tile, and then click on the LG TV from the list of options.

    Note: By default, the projection mode is set to Duplicate, which is what you need to select to mirror your PC screen. If it isnt, click on Change projection mode and select the Duplicate option.

    Step 4: You will now have to enter a PIN on your PC. This PIN will be displayed on your LG TV when you connect to it on Step 3. After entering the PIN, click on Next.

    Your Windows screen will now be mirrored on to your LG TV.

    Step 5: Open HBO Max on the web on your PC to start enjoying movies and TV shows on your LG TV.

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    How To Watch Hbo Max Movies On Lg Smart TV Offline With Usb Stick

    The regular method enables you to watch HBO Max online on your LG Smart TV. So have you ever wondered how you can watch HBO Max videos on your LG Smart TV if the internet doesn’t work? In this case, we will introduce a method to enable you to watch HBO Max videos offline on TV.

    You can and transfer them to a USB stick, and then connect the USB stick to your LG Smart TV to watch it. And you need to use third-party software to help you achieve it, which is called TunesKti Screen Recorder.

    This software is available on Windows and Mac operating systems, which helps you download HBO Max content with high quality. Meanwhile, it supports saving HBO Max video to MP4, and commom video formats so that you can play HBO Max on LG Smart TV and other Smart TV via the USB flash drive offline.

    Hbo Max App On Lg Smart TV

    How to Get HBO Max on a LG TV
  • To subscribe to the HBO Max service: .
  • After you have signed up, head over to the LG Smart TV Home Screen.
  • Open the app store and look for HBO Max through the search option on your LG Smart TV.
  • Once installation is complete, use your HBO Max sign-up credentials to log in.
  • Begin streaming on LG Smart TV with HBO Max.
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    How To Get Hbo Max On Lg TV Via Airplay/iphone

    Heres how you can use AirPlay to watch HBO Max on LG TV with your apple device:

  • Assure that LG TV and iOS device are connected to the same network
  • Ensure that the AirPlay option is on your LG TV
  • On your iOS device, tap open the HBO Max app and stream a video
  • Touch the screen, then tap the AirPlay option on the upper right corner of your screen
  • Select the LG TV on your screen
  • Yay! Now, you can mirror your iOS device screen on LG TV.
  • Please note that this process will only work if your devices have the most updated software and your LG TV model is compatible with AirPlay 2.

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