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How To Clean Plasma TV Screen Without Streaks

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How To Clean Flat

How to Safely Clean FLAT SCREEN TV (LED, Plasma, LCD) | Andrea Jean

If you want to know how to clean fingerprints off TV screens, then grab your microfiber cloth and start here. If you dont have one, go buy one because using paper towels, toilet paper, or other cloths will result in a bigger mess and potential screen damage.

  • Make sure your TV screen is off and hasnt been used for a little while. Also, the screen shouldnt be warm.
  • Using a vacuum with a low setting, run the vacuum an inch away from the screen without making contact. This will help pick up dust. Then go over the screen with a dry microfiber cloth to get the remainder up.
  • Use a dry cotton ball to get the edges and speakers of the TV so that it gets into the nooks and crannies. Dont apply too much pressure.
  • Use your manufacturer-approved cleaning spray by lightly coating the microfiber cloth. If you cant find an already made spray, you can also use white vinegar distilled water.
  • With gentle pressure, wipe down the screen leaving no splotches or wet areas. If you want to know how to clean TV screens without streaks, let them air dry and avoid hand drying them.
  • Whats The Difference Between An Led Lcd Plasma And Crt Screen

    How to clean a television screen is determined by the type of monitor you have. Older models allow you to use traditional cleaning solutions that wont damage TV screens, where the brand new models require a gentler touch.

    So, what are the different types of TVs, and how can you tell the difference? Many households have a mix of the new and the old, so a cleaning method for one TV may not work for all of them in your home.

    CRT screens, short for cathode-ray tube, were the most common television screens back in the day. These were the classic tube-TVs which can be cleaned using traditional glass cleaners like Windex. After the technology began to improve, plasma TVs slowly made their way onto the market.

    These televisions were similar to the CRTs, except for their larger, but slightly less heavy, sizes. Most plasma screens also began using anti-glare coating, which meant cleaning them with a window cleaner would not work.

    The LCD TVs and LED TVs are the newest types of TVs which have gradually made the CRT and plasma models obsolete. These TVs boast a lower energy consumption, better brightness levels, and a higher resolution than their predecessors, all of which are essential qualities in the age of HDTV.

    The most significant difference between the LED and LCD TVs is their light source, which hinges solely on whether the television uses LED lighting or traditional bulbs, respectively.

    S For Cleaning Your Flat Screen TV

    Youll need several clean lint-free microfiber cloths, distilled water and some regular household vinegar. In a spray bottle, make up a mixture of 50% distilled water and 50% vinegar.

    • Start by unplugging your TV from the power outlet
    • With a clean, dry microfiber cloth, gently wipe over the TV screen, removing any loose dust. Make sure you get right into the corners
    • Use a drop of neat vinegar on the cloth to remove any stubborn marks
    • Lightly spray the microfiber cloth with the vinegar/water solution, ensuring that its only very slightly damp
    • Wipe over the TV screen using a circular motion
    • Use neat vinegar if any marks still remain
    • Finally, using a clean dry cloth, gently wipe the screen

    This will result in a beautifully streak-free screen, allowing nothing to spoil that movie youve been waiting to watch!

    For more flat-screen cleaning hacks, check out this YouTube video:

    I’m here to help you find the best televisions for your money. Proud geek.

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    What Household Products Can You Use To Clean The TV

    What happens if youre in need of cleaning your television right away and you dont have an anti-static microfiber cloth on hand? Or what if there are thicker smudges on the screen and the microfiber cloth isnt cutting it? There are fallback options as well as cleaning solutions you can use at home.

    If you simply need to replace the anti-static microfiber cloth and you do have a cloth made for sunglasses or a camera lens, this will work just fine. It might be smaller, so itll take a few extra moments to clean the screen, but in the end it will still ensure you have a clean screen.

    Should you not have any kind of lens cleaning clothes on hand, you can use a soft cloth, such as a t-shirt, or even a sock, to clean the screen. Avoid using a t-shirt that has anything screen-printed on it and avoid the seems. You want a gentle fabric that is rough. A dry paper towel doesnt work all that well either, as it will mostly smear the dust around.

    On the other hand, if you have a stubborn smudge on the screen you will need help from a cleaning solution. There are screen solutions out there available for purchase from electronic stores. You can buy these products to have on hand if youd like, but these cleaning solutions are mostly overpriced, and you can make it at home with cleaning products you likely already have on hand.

    How Do You Clean A Flat

    How to Clean a Flat Screen TV Without Streaks

    Looking to clean your TV screen without leaving streaks? Heres how:

  • Ensure the TV is switched off and has cooled down before you start cleaning. A TV can heat up when switched on for a long time and this might cause streaks if some sort of wetness is applied before it has cooled down.
  • If you need to use a cleaning product, stick to a small amount. Streaks can be caused by applying too much liquid onto your cloth, or by using a damp disinfectant wipe straight from the packet. The cloth/wipe shouldnt be soaking wet when you place it onto the screen or frame so wring it out slightly and let it dry for a few minutes before you start cleaning.
  • Another tip is to regularly flip the cloth over to prevent it from collecting a chunk of dust and sliding it across the screen. Wiping in one direction and making large swipes can additionally help prevent streaking.
  • Use a cleaning solution rather than water to clean your TV or you risk ending up with streaks and extra static. Plain tap water doesnt have the same anti-static properties that appear in cleaning products, so a cloth with some water would only collect, rather than lift, dust and film from the screen.
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    What You Need To Clean Your Flat

    Distilled water is best if you have it because tap water can leave a residue on the screen when it evaporates.

    I suggest you have three clean microfibre cloths. You will need one to dust, another to clean, and another to dry. Its not a good idea to use one cloth for everything because you will find the dust that you cleaned off at the start ends up back on the screen later on.

    If you dont have any microfibre cloths the best place to buy them is at . Dont bother with fancy makes, I find those no better than standard microfibre and they are much cheaper especially if you buy several at once. Launder them after every use and then replace them when they wear out. I find mine last 4-5 years.

    If your screen isnt very dirty then you can get away with one wipe with a dry microfibre cloth.

    Make sure your cloths are freshly laundered. Dont be tempted to use an old cloth otherwise you risk scratching the screen with particles from previous use.

    White distilled vinegar is best. You can usually buy it in your supermarket in the sauces and condiments aisle or . As well as clean, vinegar can kill bacteria in your home.

    Once you have a spray bottle of vinegar made, you can use it for all sorts of jobs including cleaning windows, and oven doors, neutralising dog odor and sanitizing.

    Removing Scratches Off A Apartment Screen TV After Cleaning

    Subsequently cleaning LCD or plasma screens, it’s easy to notice pocket-sized scratches on the clean surface. Non to worry, these scratches are piece of cake to remove using a scratch repair kit or past applying petroleum jelly.


    Flat Screen TV Scratch Remover

    • Petroleum jelly
    • Microfiber fabric


    Earlier repairing scratches on your TV, check the owner manual for warranty information on your television. After cleaning your Boob tube, and allowing it to dry completely, apply about ane teaspoon of petroleum jelly to all of the surface scratches.

    Later filling the scratched areas, use a soft, clean textile to wipe off excess jelly. Practise not printing on the screen too hard while wiping the area.

    Smudged fingerprints on the screen of your flat screen Goggle box are annoying. While information technology’due south tempting to grab a bottle of window cleaner for quick cleaning of the TV screen, doing this causes harm to the surface. Simple ingredients such as distilled water or vinegar piece of work best at removing smears without leaving a cloudy residue on the surface.

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    Removing Scratches Off A Flat Screen TV After Cleaning

    After cleaning LCD or plasma screens, its easy to notice minor scratches on the clean surface. Not to worry, these scratches are easy to remove using a scratch repair kit or by applying petroleum jelly.

    • Microfiber cloth

    Before repairing scratches on your TV, check the owner manual for warranty information on your television. After cleaning your TV, and allowing it to dry completely, apply about one teaspoon of petroleum jelly to all of the surface scratches.

    After filling the scratched areas, use a soft, clean cloth to wipe off excess jelly. Do not press on the screen too hard while wiping the area.

    Smudged fingerprints on the screen of your flat screen TV are annoying. While its tempting to grab a bottle of window cleaner for quick cleaning of the TV screen, doing this causes damage to the surface. Simple ingredients such as distilled water or vinegar work best at removing smears without leaving a cloudy residue on the surface.

    How To Clean The TV Remote Control

    How do you clean a flat screen TV without streaks?

    Finally, you can wrap this up by wiping down your remote control too. Some of the dirt and smudges that appear on your TV screen are transferred from your remote control after you touch both.

    Besides, the remote control is home to tons of bacteria that you should get rid of regularly.

    To clean your remote control:

    1. Open the cover at the back of the remote and pop out the batteries.

    2. Turn the remote over and tap it very lightly on a hard surface to dislodge dust or debris. Repeat until you have gotten rid of as much dirt as you can.

    3. Apply any of the cleaning solutions I mentioned above to a soft cloth. Alternatively, you can apply rubbing alcohol. Wipe down the surface of the remote with the cloth.

    4. Heres a tip: Narrow spaces on the remote are tough to reach with a cloth. Dip a cotton swab into your cleaning solution and dab around these spaces to pick off clingy dirt.

    5. If you didnt use alcohol to clean your remote, you should now wipe down your remote with a cloth dipped in a mild disinfectant.

    6. Let the remote dry completely before you put the batteries back in.

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    How To Clean A TV Screen Without Damaging It

    Whether youve got young children running around or frantic pets, your TV screen can soon show sticky fingerprints, pet hair and mystery marks. On top of that, dust will cover the screen quickly, even if you have one of the best TVs after all, we spend a lot of time in front of it!

    But how do you safely clean a TV screen? Weve pulled together a step-by-step guide so you can wipe away any marks and have a clear, crisp image once again!

    Clean An Led TV With Essential Oils To Clear Away Sticky Messes

    For those of us with small children, or maybe clumsy adults, sticky fingerprints and residues are inevitably going to show up on our TV screens at some point. Since scrubbing the display only causes more harm than good, what can you do when regular TV screen cleaners dont get the job done?

    Citrus juices like lime, lemon, and even grapefruit seed extract, are natural degreasers and are an excellent way to break down oily or sticky messes. Essential oils are a perfect way to integrate ordinary cleaning solutions with a product that smells great!

    • Small soft cloth

    Using the same vinegar and distilled water solution from before, add ten drops of lime or lemon essential oils into a spray bottle. Shake the contents well until they are perfectly blended. Again, be careful not to spray water, or any of the cleaning solution directly onto the TV screen.

    Dry the area after removing the gooey gunk from your TV screen. The scent of the essential oils also counteracts the sour smell of the vinegar with a fresh, clean fragrance that lasts for hours.

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    How Do You Clean A TV Without Ruining It

    Unless yours is an old tube TV the way to avoid ruining your TV is to skip cleaning products.

    Cleaning products such as Windex may contain harsh ingredients including alcohol and ammonia, which can be damaging to the LCD panels of the screen, says Leanne Stapf.

    For the latest OLED and LCD TV screens, it is best to steer clear of Windex or other glass cleaners. With the sensitivity of the latest screen technology, a dry method of cleaning would be best.

    A Clean Screen Lasts Longer

    How to Clean a TV Screen Without Streaks Like a Pro

    Screens attract dust. When dust particles accumulate, they get in the edges of the TV and that causes a short-circuit. Fingerprints leave a greasy film on the screen and make sure even more dust adheres to the screen. So clean your screen once a week. The screen stays beautiful longer and lasts longer too.

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    Dont Clean While The TV Screen Is Working

    Just as water evaporates from your car windscreen on a sunny day, cleaning your TV screen with a damp cloth while its working will cause evaporation and ultimately leave lots of streaks. You should clean your screen when the TV has cooled down.

    You need to allow at least half an hour after turning it off for most flat screen TVs to cool down properly. Also, cleaning the TV while on means you may get distracted and lose track of where youre at with the cleaning process. If you wait too long to dry the screen or get distracted into breaking from the circular cleaning motion, youll be left with streaks on your screen.

    What To Use To Clean A TV Screen

    Cleaning your television with the right materials and products is importantâyou don’t want to use anything that could harm your screen. Using a dry microfiber cloth, like those used on glasses and camera lenses, is the best way to clean a TV screen. It should get rid of fingerprint smudges and dust, the most likely causes of imperfections.

    TV cleaning kits, which usually come with a microfiber cloth and liquid screen cleaner, are safe to use and are available at most electronics stores. But they can be expensive, and you’ll only need the liquid cleaner for serious smudges and spills.

    Before you start cleaning, you may want to check your TV’s manual for any recommendations. LED, LCD, OLED®, and plasma TVs all have anti-glare coatings that need to be handled properly, and some TVs have specific rules on how to clean them.

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    Can You Clean A TV With Hydrogen Peroxide

    Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound with the formula H3O2. It is the simplest peroxide and has an acidic hydroxyl group attached to a carbon atom.

    Hydrogen peroxide can be used for cleaning purposes because it is much safer than other household chemicals like bleach, which can cause skin irritation and respiratory problems.

    The answer to this question is no. You cannot clean a TV with hydrogen peroxide.

    Clean The Frame Stand And Back Of The TV


    To avoid dust quickly forming on the TV screen again, its a good idea to clean the rest of the TV too.

    You can use a dry or damp cloth to wipe away dust from the bezel around the edge of the screen, from the stand and from the TVs rear.

    If there is a significant dust accumulation in the TVs speaker grilles or input and output ports, you can use your vacuum cleaner and a small nozzle tool to quickly clear these areas.


    • 1 or 2 microfiber cloths
    • Distilled water
    • Dry any liquid on the screen as soon as possible
    • Avoid chemicals like alcohol, thinners and benzene
    • Dont spray water directly on the screen
    • Use a soft, lint-free cloth
    • Unplug the TV
    • Gently wipe the screen in a circular motion

    As you can see, the guidelines are similar, regardless of the TV brand. To find the best brand of TV for your room, check out the flat-screen TV buying guide.

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