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How To Stream Apple TV To Samsung TV

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What Is Apple Airplay And Airplay 2

Mirror iPhone to Samsung tv (No Apple TV Needed)

Apple Airplay allows you to share your videos, music, photos, and even what youre looking at on your internet browser to either your Apple TV, the best smart speaker or smart TVs.

Whether youre using your iPhone, iPad or Mac, youll be able to operate AirPlay with a simple tap. Youll find the controls on the app youre using on iOS, in the control centre of your device, and even on the lock screen enabling you to play, pause, fast forward and rewind as well as adjust the volume on your tv.

So whats the difference between AirPlay and AirPlay 2? Well, AirPlay started life back in 2004 as AirTunes, and was designed to allow users to send audio and video signals from one sender device to one receiver device .

Apple AirPlay 2, however, is a game-changer. Most of us have multiple smart speakers and devices in our homes, and AirPlay 2 allows you to create a multi-room streaming system. AirPlay 2 works with more devices including smart TVs from Samsung, LG and Sony plus smart speakers such as Google Nest Hub Max and .

Because AirPlay 2 is recognised by the Apple HomeKit, which is an app built into all newer iOS devices, you can label and rename the rooms where your AirPlay 2 devices live and then automate the process using Siri. So once youve labelled a room, for example, Living room, you can then use Siri to control the device by simply saying Hey Siri, play Take That greatest hits in the living room.

Samsung Smart TV Meets The Apple TV App

Watch Apple Original shows and movies from Apple TV+ on your Samsung Smart TV. Find just the premium channels you want and thousands of movies to buy or rent. Its personalized and expertly curated, so youll discover the best of whats on. And its all in the Apple TV app on your Samsung Smart TV.

* Subscription required for Apple TV+ * Apple and Apple TV are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. * The content within the screen are simulated and for demonstration purposes only.

How To Watch Apple TV+ On Apple

If your Samsung TV is a 2019 model or newer, it’s likely that the Apple TV+ is included by default. As such, all you need to do is select the Apple TV+ icon from the home menu.

On a 2017 or 2018 Samsung smart TV, you’ll need to download the app from the Samsung app store. From the home menu, navigate to Apps, search for Apple TV, and the app. Once it’s installed, you can place it on the home menu for easy access.

When you launch the app, follow the on-screen prompts. You can either sign in with an existing Apple ID through your phone, or create an account. If you don’t yet have an account, you might be able to get Apple TV+ for free.

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How To Mirror iPhone & iPad To Samsung TV Without Wifi

So if you want to know how to Screen Mirror your iPhone to Samsung TV, youll need a reliable WiFi network connection. For the best performance, put your iPhone/iPad and your Samsung TV on the same network, preferably the 5Ghz network.

AirBeamTV apps cast your iPhone and iPad screens through your wireless network, with no cables needed.

Where Is The App Store On Samsung TV

Chromecast vs. Apple TV: Which Is the Best Streaming Device?

To access the Samsung TV app store, users must enable the developer mode and install apps from unknown sources. After enabling these settings, users can go to the Settings menu to find the Smart Hub. From there, they can go to the Apps menu. The Smart Hub will have a list of apps. To download them, users must enter the pin number 12345. If they do not enter the pin, the process will fail.

To download an application on a Samsung TV, you have to access the Smart Hub. When you press the Smart Hub button, you will be directed to the Smart TVs home screen. From here, you will find a list of available apps and videos. Once youve opened the APPS menu, you can start searching for the app you want. You can also find the App Store on Samsung TV by searching the menu for App Store.

If you cant find the App Store on your Samsung TV, check the Smart Hub. Most of the time, the problem is the Smart Hub itself. First, make sure you have installed the latest version of the app. After that, refresh the Smart Hub. If you still have trouble with the Smart Hub, there are many reasons why. Your internet connection might be slow, or restrictions from your local authority may be interfering with it.

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How To Airplay To A Samsung TV

1. Turn on your TV and make sure it’s connected to the internet. See our guide on how to set up your set up your Samsung TV if you need help getting your set online.

2.Review your Samsung’s TV’s AirPlay settings. Go to Settings > General > Apple AirPlay Settings.

3. Turn AirPlay ‘On’ if it’s not already. Decide whether to require a pairing code every time you want to AirPlay from an Apple device, or just the first time you AirPlay from a given device.

Your Samsung TV is now ready for AirPlay. Make sure the TV is turned on when you’re ready to AirPlay. And keep in mind that AirPlay will disrupt whatever you’re currently watching.

Stream Apple TV+ On Samsung Smart TV By Screen Casting From A Mobile Device

Screen mirroring is available in all Smart mobile devices like Smartphones , iPad/Android tablets, and even PC laptops.

For Android devices, Miracast or will do.

If youre using a Samsung mobile device, set up the Smartcast app.

The process is generally the same.

  • With an active subscription, select your choice program and start streaming.
  • Now tap the options menu on your screen and choose Airplay or Cast .
  • Now turn on your Samsung Smart TV and connect to the same WiFi network as the mobile phone/PC.
  • Change the TV input to watch your favorite Apple TV+ casting from the mobile device.

Were sure youve found a solution that meets your needs let us know in the comments section.

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Troubleshooting Of Using Airplay 2 To Mirror Mac On Samsung TV

Airplay is an amazing technology that helps you to share screen, music, and videos from Mac, iPhone, and iPod to your Samsung TV. Like all other technology, the users can face troubleshoots in using the Airplay.

Here are some issues that might you have to face in your case. Also, we are giving solutions to every problem one by one for resolving this issue and work smoothly.

1. Blank Screen

Sometimes, when you try to connect your Mac to Samsung TV, it doesn’t work. Just a black screen appears. You check for the power cable but that is attached.You wonder what the problem is.


If the Airplay isn’t working and showing a blank screen, the first thing you should check that your TV has the latest software version.

To update your TV’s software, simply follow the given steps:

a.Open the “Home” section and select “Settings”.

b.Click on “Support” then “Software Update”.

c.Click on “Update Now”.

2. Code Not Showing

Before connecting, a code is generated to link Mac to Samsung TV. Sometimes, the code doesnât show up. It happens when you do not have the Airplay option turned on.


a.Open “Settings” of TV and click on “General”.

b.Then open “Airplay settings” and turn on the”Airplay” option.

3. Audio Not Working

If the audio of Airplay isn’t working, follow these steps to solve this problem.


a.Open “Settings” of your TV.

b.Click on “Sound” and then open “Expert Settings”.

c.Enable “Sound Mirroring” and select your TV.

Use A Streaming TV Device

Apple TV App On Samsung TVs

Another way to get Apple TV on your older Samsung TV even if it isnt capable of downloading the Apple app directly is to use a streaming TV device. Here are a few of the streaming devices you can hook up to your TV to get access to streaming media sites:

  • Roku:Roku is a streaming device with smooth streaming capabilities and voice-activated remote control. This device comes with a premium HDMI cable included for easy installation.
  • Amazon Fire TV: device incorporates their Alexa personal assistant. This device gives you access to the most popular streaming media sites while also allowing you to perform household tasks with voice commands, such as ordering groceries or dimming the lights.
  • Android TV: Dynalinks Android TV device supports high-def resolution streaming and comes with Chromecast built-in so you can easily cast music, movies, and more onto your television screen.
  • Chromecast Google TV: device provides an easy way for TV owners to upgrade their TVs capabilities without upgrading to a new model. This streaming device features an easy plug-and-play design that makes it a snap to get started broadcasting your favorite media apps.

The advantage of using a streaming TV device to get Apple TV on your older Samsung TV is that you wont just have access to Apple TV. These streaming devices can also give you access to many other streaming media services in one convenient package.

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How Do I Connect My Apple TV To My Samsung TV

All about Apple TV and Apple Music on your Samsung smart TV On your TV, navigate to and select the Apple TV app. Select Settings, and then select Accounts. Select Sign In, and then select Sign In On Mobile Device. Two sign-in options will appear on your TV. Use the on-screen instructions to complete the sign-in process.

Which Shows Can You Watch On Apple TV+

If youre trying to find the years best TV shows to watch , you can find a good chunk of them on Apple TV+, including Pachinko and Severance. Heres a short list of the best shows streaming now on Apple TV+.

Apple Originals: Its the exclusive streamer for Apple Originals, like the critically-acclaimed series, including the 14-time Emmy-nominated drama/thriller Severance, which stars Adam Scott and Patricia Arquette, as well as the first two seasons of the Emmy nominee The Morning Show, starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell.

Ted Lasso: Along with the new episodes of its own Originals, Apple TV+ is also home to the first two seasons of the excellent, 20-time Emmy-nominated comedy, Ted Lasso, which stars Jason Sudeikis as the optimistic soccer coach. The show alone is one of the best reasons to get Apple TV+, since its the only place you can watch all the hit shows episodes online.

More Series : Apple TV+ also has a massive library of other drama and comedy series, including Loot with Maya Rudolph, Physical starring Rose Byrne, and sci-fi drama For All Mankind starring Joel Kinnaman. It also includes access to nonfiction shows like The Problem With Jon Stewart and Prehistoric Planet. And there are even plenty of family-friendly series like the Peanuts Classics and Harriet the Spy.

Sports fans are in luck, too: You can also check out Friday night baseball and live MLB games with your Apple TV+ plan.

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How To Airplay To A Samsung TV From Mac

1. Make sure your Mac computer is currently connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your TV. AirPlay to a Samsung TV won’t work if both your TV and your Mac aren’t on the same Wi-Fi network.

2. Choose and open the content to AirPlay to a Samsung TV. Any photos or videos saved to your Mac will work. You can also AirPlay audio from the Apple Music desktop app.

3. Tap the AirPlay button, if there’s one available. It’s a curved rectangle with an arrow pointing up at the bottom. In the Photos desktop app, it’s next to the settings wheel.

5. Select your Samsung TV from the list. You might see other AirPlay-compatible devices on the list, so ensure you choose your TV.

6. If prompted, enter the 4-digit AirPlay Passcode displayed on your TV. If you’ve used this device to AirPlay to your Samsung TV before, you might not need to enter a passcode depending on your set’s AirPlay settings.

Now you know how to AirPlay to a Samsung TV, you might want to see our guides on how to connect Nintendo Switch to a TV and .

How To Watch Apple TV On Samsung TV: Detailed Guide

Apple TV et AirPlay 2 sont disponibles sur les Smart TV Samsung
RobotPoweredHome is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my blog, I may earn an affiliate commission. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

I recently signed up for Apple TV to try out some of their content, and in the beginning, I found what I liked on my phone.

Then I decided to watch it on my Samsung TV, which had a good speaker system and was a larger screen.

I didnt know if my Samsung TV had Apple TV or supported the service, so I went online.

I checked Apple TVs websites and a few articles that went in-depth about the Apple TV service as a whole.

Once I understood the nuances of the app after a few hours of research, I managed to compile all info that I had and successfully got Apple TV to work on my Samsung TV.

This article details every method to get Apple TV on Samsung TV in seconds, regardless of your model TV.

To watch Apple TV on a Samsung TV, install the Apple TV app on the smart TV if it doesnt come preinstalled. Alternatively, you can cast the app from a phone or a computer.

Continue reading to find out the best way to watch Apple TV content on your TV and how to breathe life in an older TV.

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Can I Get Apple TV On My Older Samsung TV

You might have recently bought an older Samsung smart TV and wanted to enjoy the Apple TV app on it. However, youve run into a problem. Your TV doesnt support the Apple TV app, even though youve paid for it. But fear not, there are a few workarounds available. Below are some ways to download the app on your old Samsung TV. This method will also work for newer Samsung TV models.

First, you need a media streaming device, such as a Roku Streaming Stick, Amazon Fire Stick, or YouTube. You can also use your TVs HDMI port to connect the streaming device. After connecting the device, youll need to sign in and activate it. Once youve done this, youll be able to install apps like Apple TV right from your TV. If youre using an older Samsung TV, you might have to do some minor tweaking to get it running.

If you want to use Apple TV on your older Samsung TV, first, youll need to subscribe to Apples subscription service. You can do this for $4.99 a month, or you can get a seven-day free trial. The subscription fee is worth it, as it allows you to watch thousands of movies on your TV. You can also use Apple TV on Roku streaming sticks and other Samsung smart TVs.

How To Watch Apple TV On Your Mobile Device

You can watch Apple TV Plus on your smartphone or tablet with the latest version of iOS installed. Usually, the Apple TV app is already installed on Apple devices, but if you dont see it, you can find it in the app store. The Apple TV app isnt available for Android, but you can still watch it in a web browser on Android phones and devices.

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How To Restore The Apple TV App On A Samsung TV

Sometimes, Apple TV causes problems such as a black screen or an app that does not operate on Samsung TV. In this case, you should attempt each of the remedies listed below one by one.

  • Examine your internet or Wi-Fi connection.
  • Unplug and replug the Apple TV from the power outlet.
  • Restart your Samsung Smart TV to see if the Apple TV app now works.
  • You can resolve the problem by updating your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Check to see if the Apple TV app has been updated. If you find it, update the app on your Samsung smart TV.
  • Reset the Smart Hub to see whether Apple TV works. To do so, go to the Settings section > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset Smart Hub.

Using Google Chrome Browser

Using Apple Airplay on a Samsung Smart TV
  • Make sure both your Samsung Smart TV and Apple TV or AirPlay device have Google Chrome Browser.
  • Then, make sure to be signed into the same Google Account on both devices.
  • Type in the URL in your Apple TV or AirPlay device.
  • Your Samsung Smart TV screen will appear on your Apple TV screen.
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    Samsung Remote Control App

    Control your TV with your phone.

    TV remotes are bulky, cluttered and easy to lose. Make it easier on yourself. Control your Samsung TV with your iPhone or iPad by using ControlMeister. With this revolutionary app youll have everything in one device. This free app makes your life more comfortable today.

    Learn more about our revolutionary Samsung remote app in the video below:

    How To Cast Pictures From iPhone & iPad To Samsung TV

    Show your family and friends photos from your recent holiday, on the big screen for everyone to enjoy!

    Want to know how to cast iPhone photos to Samsung TV? Open the AirBeamTV app and start mirroring. Then open the Camera Roll on your iPhone or iPad. It will instantly appear on your Samsung TV.

    AirBeamTV does more than just cast videos and apps to your TV. You can also cast pictures from your iPhone to Samsung TV screens.

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