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How To Reset Apple TV 4k

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Question: Q: How Can I Reset My Apple TV 4k From A Pc

How to Reset frozen Apple TV 4k

How can i reset my apple tv 4k from a pc?

The 4K model cannot be restored through a connected computer by the user. The 4K models will have to be serviced by Apple, if you cant restore through the menus. Contact Apple about it.

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  • with your Apple ID to get started.

When To Reset Apple TV Remote

For the following reasons, Apple TV remote reset is recommended.

  • Any input from the Apple TV remote isnt reflected on the Apple TV.
  • The touchpad isnt responsive or not working.
  • The LED on the front of the Apple TV isnt flashing when a command is given from the remote.
  • Siri isnt responding to your command.
  • Apple TV remote not working after reset.

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Factory Reset Apple TV 4k And Reset And Update

  • To Factory reset apple tv 4k -> Settings -> System -> Reset and confirm reset and wait for the reset to complete.
  • To perform reset and update at a time -> Settings -> System -> Reset and admin -> Press ok and confirm -> wait for the reset and update to complete
  • If you perform reset and reset and update -> all you data will be erased and you need to setup apple tv 4k again.

If your apple tv 4k is not responding or having any issues with your apple tv then by performing factory reset you can fix all issue on apple tv 4k and restore your apple tv to factory settings will erase all setting and restore back to original default settings on apple tv 4k and you can perform reset and reset and update at a time on your apple tv 4k, so, lets see in detail below.

Apple tv has two option when you perform reset -> reset and reset and update.

Try These Steps First

How to reset your old password on your Apple TV
  • If you have a Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote, charge it for 30 minutes using a Lightning to USB cable and a USB wall charger. If you have an Apple Remote, replace the battery.
  • Unplug your Apple TV from the wall power outlet. Wait at least six seconds, then plug it back in.
  • If your remote still isn’t working as expected, follow the steps for your type of remote. After each step, see if you still need help.

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    Fix Apple TV Remote Problems

    The Apple TV remote, especially the latest Siri version, can be very smart but may also run into some issues. If your remote isnt responding, heres what to try.

    Step 1: Check your battery life. Go into Settings > Remotes and devices and head down to Remote. Here, you can look at the icon to see how much power is left or get an exact percentage. If battery life is very low , then plug it in using the cable that came with the remote, and let it recharge.

    Step 2: If youre having trouble using the cursor on the screen with the Siri Remote, head to Remotes and devices. Here you can find an option called Touch surface tracking, which you can raise or lower based on how you prefer to navigate.

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    How To Reset An Apple TV Remote

    There are several ways to reset your Apple TV remote, but the easiest and the one method that works for every model of remote is to simply unplug your Apple TV device.

    1. Physically unplug your Apple TV and wait at least six seconds.

    2. Plug your Apple TV back in. Wait for the home screen to reappear. Once it has, try to use your remote to see if this has reset the connection.

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    Solution : Use Settings

    Out of many ways to reset Apple TV, restoring the device form the setting is the easiest one. All you need to do is follow the given steps below and you will have a basic idea as to how you can reset Apple TV 4 or earlier versions.

    Step 1: For users having the latest Apple TV 4K , you can check the reset the device by going to Settings > > System-> > Reset.

    Step 2: There you will see two options: “Reset” and “Reset and Update”.

    If you select Reset option, you will be able to restore your device quickly to factory settings without the need of an Internet connection. If you choose Reset and Update, it will install software updates, which will need an Internet connection.

    Step 3: If you are using Apple TV 3rd generation or earlier model, go to Settings > > General > > Reset.

    Step 4: Similar to Apple TV 4K, you will see two options: “Reset All Settings” and “Restore.” The former option resets your device’s settings including your configuration settings and accounts settings. The latter option will reset your device with software updates. In this way you get to know how to reset Apple TV 4 or earlier versions.

    How To Reset Apple TV 4k Or Apple TV Hd

    Apple TV 4K 2021: How to Factory Reset Back to Original Default Settings

    Step1: Turn on your Apple TV and head to the Settings on your Apple TV.

    Step2: Choose System on the Settings menu.

    Step3: Tap on the Reset option. You will see two options.

    • Reset: This is the fastest way to factory reset your device. It doesnt need an internet connection.
    • Reset and Update: This is similar to the above option. Additionally, choosing this option will update the software after the reset. It needs a standard internet connection.

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    Factory Reset Apple TV Without Remote


    Apple TV has revolutionized the streaming industry. Now we can sit back and watch anything our hearts desire with the help of our fantastic Apple TVs. It seems that Apple TV is truly limitless, but what happens when you misplace your remote, and you need to restore it to factory settings? Stay calm because there are three ways you can reset your Apple TV without a remote efficiently.

    In This Article

    How To Reset Apple TV Without Remote On Computer

    You can also use iTunes application to reset your Apple TV on the computer. The procedures are quite simple.

    Step 1. Remove all cables from your Apple TV, such as the power cable or HDMI cord. Then open the latest version of iTunes on your PC or Mac. Step 2. Next connect your Apple TV to the computer with an original USB cable. For Apple TV 3rd generation and former, use micro USB cable for 4K, use USB-C cord. Step 3. Find your Apple TV icon on iTunes and then go to the “Summary” > “Apple TV” > “Restore Apple TV⦔. Now you can restore Apple TV without remote and wait until the process is done.

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    How To Reset Your Apple TV Remote

    Like the streaming device, your Apple TV remote may work properly. In that situation, you need to reset them. Apple TV has two types of remote: Apple TV Remote and Apple TV Siri Remote.

    Before resetting your Apple TV Remote, remove the old battery and insert a new one in the case of the Aluminium Remote.

    The Siri Remote has a rechargeable battery and not the replaceable one. Charge your Siri remote for a few minutes or check its charge. Go to Settings click Remotes and Devices choose Remote to see how much charge is left.

    Step1: Press and hold the Menu button & Volume Up button for three seconds.

    Step2: It will automatically reset and repair your remote to the streaming device. When your remote is paired with your Apple TV, you will see a pop-up on the top right side of your Apple TV stating that your remote is paired.

    Restart Your Apple TV

    Does the Apple TV 4K support USB?

    If your Apple TV isn’t responding, restart it with your remote:

    • With your Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote :* Hold down the Back and TV/Control Center buttons. Let go when the light on your device flashes.
    • With your Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote :* Hold down the Menu and TV/Control Center buttons. Let go when the light on your device flashes.
    • With your Apple Remote : Hold down the Menu and Down buttons. Let go when the light on your device flashes.

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    Updating And Resetting The Apple TV

    Before we dive into specific issues Apple TVs can have, lets talk about updating and resetting your Apple TV. As long as it turns on at all, updating and resetting should be your go-to option for addressing any problem. We advise you to start with a basic update, and if nothing else is working, consider moving on to a reset.

    Step 1: For an update alone, visit Settings, go to System, and select Software updates. In this section, youll find an option to Update software. You can also choose to Automatically update if youd like Apple TV to take care of this process itself. Now reboot your model and try again.

    Step 2: For a basic restart, you can press down on the Menu + Home buttons on your Siri remote and hold them. This will cause the indicator light to blink, and your Apple TV will then restart.

    Step 3: If this doesnt fix your problem, you can try resetting your Apple TV, but this will take it back to factory settings and erase all data you added, including your account info and any configuration changes you made, so you should only do this if theres a serious problem that isnt responding to other methods. When ready, go to System > Reset > Reset and update.

    Siri Remote Or Apple TV Remote

  • Press and hold the TV/Control Center button and the Volume Down button at the same time. Hold the buttons down for about 5 seconds, or until the status light on Apple TV turns off then turns on again.
  • Release the buttons, then wait 510 seconds. A Connection Lost notification will appear on your TV screen.
  • After your remote restarts, a Connected notification will appear on your TV screen.
  • If your remote still isn’t working as expected, try these steps:

  • Point your remote at your Apple TV. Make sure that the remote is about three inches from the Apple TV.
  • Press and hold Back and Volume Up for five seconds.
  • If asked, place your remote on top of Apple TV to complete pairing.
  • If you can’t pair your Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote , make sure that your Apple TV is updated to tvOS 14.5 or later. You can use the Apple TV Remote on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to navigate your Apple TV to check which version of tvOS you have.

    If you still need help, contact Apple Support.

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    How To Reset An Apple Remote Manually

    If you’re using the older Apple Remote, which has a ring of buttons at the top:

    1. Start by unlinking your Apple Remote from your Apple TV by holding down the “Menu” and “Left” buttons. Hold them until you see an image on your screen of a remote with an icon above it that looks like two non-touching ovals at an angle. This should take about six seconds.

    2. Once that image appears, hold down the “Menu” and “Right” buttons on your Apple Remote until you see a logo on your Apple TV screen of a remote with the two ovals now overlapping to look like chain links. This means the link has been reestablished with your Apple Remote.

    3. Test out your remote again to see if it responds.

    If you’ve tried both methods and your remote still isn’t working well, you should consider contacting Apple support, or buying a new remote.

    How To Reset An Apple TV/siri Remote Manually

    How to Factory Reset Apple TV 4/4K

    If this hasn’t worked, you’ll need to reset your remote manually. The way to do this depends on what type of remote you have.

    Firstly, if you have the Siri Remote , which has a touchpad at the top:

    1. Hold down your remote’s “Menu” and “Volume Up” buttons until you see a command flash on your screen saying it is pairing the remote.

    2. Move your Siri Remote closer to your Apple TV, or even place it on top of the device, until the “Pairing Remote” pop-up disappears.

    3. Once the pop-up closes, try using the remote again.

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    Solution : Reset Apple TV With Computer

    You can also reset Apple TV without remote. This can be done using iTunes and your Apple TV. Let us see how to reset Apple TV without remote by following these steps.

    Before you move to use this solution make sure check off the following things.

    • A high-speed Internet connection
    • A PC with iTunes
    • A Micro-USB cable for Apple TV or a USB-C cable for Apple TV

    Step 1: Remove all the cables from your Apple TV including power cord and HDMI cable. On the other hand, open iTunes on your computer. Make sure you have latest version of iTunes.

    Step 2: If you are using Apple TV 4K then connect the device to the computer using USB-C cable. If you are using Apple TV 3rd generation or earlier model connect using Micro-USB cable. Make sure to use correct cable for correct model. Do not use a lightning cable to connect the Apple TV.

    Step 3: In iTunes, you must be able see the summary page for Apple TV. If you do not see the summary page for Apple TV, click the icon in the upper-left corner.

    Step 4: Click on Restore Apple TV. During the process, do not unplug anything. That’s it!!! In this way you get to know how to reset Apple TV using computer.

    Are You Experiencing Apple TV Remote Instability After Updating To Ios 15

    A lot of users are reporting issues with the Apple TV remote after updating their Apple TV set-top box to the new operating system version, tvOS 15. If you are also having these problems, you should first try the above reset steps. If it doesnt work first time, try again. Many users are also finding that the problems go away on their own, after a day or so. So if you continue to see pairing warnings, perhaps leave it a day or so and then see again whats up. In the meantime, you can use the Remote panel in Control Center. Presumably, Apple will permanently fix the issue in a future software update.

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    Reset And Restart Are Not The Same Thing

    When you select Restart or Force Restart on an Apple TV, you have not instructed the TV to reset, and it wont do so. Resetting is usually the final resort if a problem cant be fixed any other way or if you intend to wipe all your data on your TV. You might be selling, giving away, or throwing away your Apple TV. You need to reset it in all three of those situations. Resetting your device shouldnt be the first thing you do when you are having difficulty with your Apple TV. People are often amazed that a simple restart could help fix a lot of Apple TV software problems. So, although you shouldnt restart first when you are having problems, it should be the first thing you do when you have decided you and your Apple TV are splitting paths.

    There are other reasons why people reset their Apple TVs. They include:

    • After several attempts to successfully jailbreak your Apple TV, you are left with a non-functioning device.
    • A bandwidth outage in the middle of a system software upgrade can cause the upgrade to fail.

    In these situations, you are the one choosing to reset your Apple TV, and it will be a straightforward process if you follow the steps listed above correctly.

    How To Factory Reset Apple TV 4k :

    Apple TV 4K: How to Factory Reset Back to Original Default Settings ...

    You can factory reset your Apple TV 4k in the following way1. When the router is on, press the button reset and hold for 30 seconds. 2. While holding down the button reset, turn off the power of the router and hold down the button reset for 30 seconds 3. While holding down the button reset, turn on the power to the unit again and hold for another 30 seconds

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    How To Reset Apple TV 3rd Generation Or Earlier

    Step1: Head to Apple TV settings.

    Step2: Choose the General option on the list of options displayed.

    Step3: Click on the Reset option.

    • Reset All Settings: Choosing this option does a factory reset and will erase all your data and configurations associated with your device. You dont need internet access to complete this option.
    • Restore: This is the same as the above process but also installs software updates if connected to an internet connection.

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