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What To Use To Clean TV Screen

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How To Clean A Flat Screen TV

How Do I Clean My TV Screen?

No matter what kind of television you have, start by turning it off. Youll be able to see the dust and smudges much better on a dark screen.

Next, grab a dry, soft cloth. Dont use paper towels, as they can contain fibers that can do damage to the screen, according to Consumer Reports. Gently wipe the screen to remove any dust, just make sure not to press too hard.

If there are any hard-to-remove marks, Consumer Reports notes you can dampen the cloth with a little distilled water to clean the screen. Dont spray water directly onto the screen, which could cause a shock or component failure if it drips or seeps into the inner workings of the set, according to Consumer Reports. In addition, for stubborn stains, try using a mix of mild dish soap that has been highly diluted with water.

For any questions, consult your owners manual. Each company from LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba all include cleaning instructions and each companys cleaning methods may vary, according to CNET.

If you have an LCD or plasma screen, you should also consult your owners manual, as you may be able to use a commercial cleaning solution specifically made for these screens, notes CNET.

Use Canned Air And Microfiber Cloths

When you arent sure whats safe to use, use canned air and microfiber cloths. Canned air is great for cleaning computer hardware, keyboards, as well as monitors, and TVs. It cant cause any damage to the surface of the screen whether youre cleaning a tablet, an OLED monitor, or an old school glass TV.

Dust gathers on the surface of your screen, especially around the edges, so start by blowing it off with compressed air. Use a high-quality microfiber cloth to move the stubborn dust particles when the compressed air isnt enough. All you need is a light touch. Dont press too hard on the display or you can damage it.

Its very important to use microfiber cloth only. Its soft enough not to scratch the screen or damage any of the protective coatings. Dont use paper towels or tissues because they contain little loose fibers that can cause small scratches.

How Should I Clean My Samsung TV Screen

For general cleaning of both the frame and screen of your TV, use a soft, clean, lint free, dry cloth. We recommend using a mircofiber cloth. Never use cleaning fluids, wax, or chemicals except as described below. Do not use water unless the instructions that came with your TV say otherwise, and only use water on the portion of the TV that the instructions say to use it on.

Never use any type of window cleaner, soap, scouring powder, or any cleanser with solvents such as alcohol, benzene, ammonia, or paint thinner. Never use abrasive pads or paper towels. If you do, you can scratch the screen or strip the anti-glare coating off the screen and cause permanent damage.

How do I clean fingerprints and greasy smudges off the screen?

To clean fingerprints and greasy smudges off your TV screen, get a bottle of screen cleaning solution. You should be able to get it at most regular and on-line stores that sell monitors or TVs. Put a small amount of the cleaner on a clean, soft, dry cloth, and then rub the screen gently.

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Clean Your Samsung TV

There’s nothing worse than straining to watch a show or movie because the screen is smudged or covered in dust. If you don’t clean your TV occasionally, dust and fingerprint smudges can build up. Periodically clean your TV so it keeps looking brand new and you can keep seeing the picture clearly.

Important: Never use any type of window cleaner, soap, scouring powder, wax, or any cleanser with solvents such as alcohol, benzene, ammonia, or acetone. Never use abrasive pads or paper towels. If you do, you can scratch the screen or strip the anti-glare coating off the screen and cause permanent damage. Never spray water directly onto the TV. Make sure to wipe the TV as gently as possible. TV screens are fragile and can be damaged when pressed too hard.

Can I Clean My Screen With Lens Cleaner

How to Properly Clean a Flat TV Screen

The anti-reflective coating on the macbook screen is similar to that on anti-reflective eyeglasses and camera lenses. You can safely use the cleaner on all three, with a clean microfiber cloth. Just be gentle and dont clean if you dont need to. Even the right cleaner can slowly wear away the coating.

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Cleaning With A Microfiber Cloth

  • 1Turn the TV off. You don’t want to interfere with any pixels while they’re still firing, and turning off the TV will enable you to see dirt, dust, and grime better since you’re working with a dark surface.
  • 2Find a microfiber cloth. These soft, dry cloths are the same type of cloth you would use to clean eyeglasses.XExpert Source
  • Best Ways How To Clean A TV Screen

    • Turn off and unplug your TV.
    • First try using a dry, anti-static cloth and rubbing gently.
    • Use water to lightly moisten a clean, soft, dry cloth, and then rub the screen gently. Do not let water run down screen or enter behind screen frame. Wipe with dry cloth after cleaning.
    • Important: Rub as gently as possible. LED screens can be damaged if you press too hard.
    • WARNING: Never use any type of window cleaner, alcohol, soap, scouring powder, or any cleanser that contains solvents. Never use abrasive pads or paper towels. These can scratch the screen causing permanent damage.

    Let the screen dry completely before plugging the TV back in.Remember, its worth spending a little time getting this right in order to avoid making things much worse permanently!#HisenseHack: Like any technology that moves fast, trying to get your head around the world of TVs can be difficult. Check out our guide to the key things you need to consider when purchasing a new model.

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    Do Not Use Household Cleaning Solutions Or Paper Towels

    This is probably the most important tip you need to know about cleaning your flat screen TV. Be sure to never clean with any chemical sprays or solutions, and do not wipe with anything other than a microfiber cloth!

    Most household and glass cleaners contain alcohol, ammonia, or other harsh chemicals that, over time, will wear away at the anti-reflective coating of the screen and could cause cracks. Obviously, once or twice isnt likely to do any permanent damage, but you may begin to notice irreparable damage over time.

    Paper towels, napkins, tissues, rags, and magic sponges will scratch the screen. Again, you may not see any scratching after only a handful of uses, but fine scratches will build up and become visible over time. This could reduce the clarity of the TV and leave that expensive centerpiece of your living room looking old and worn.

    Wipe The Screen With A Microfiber Cloth

    How To Clean A TV Screen

    To get rid of dust, smears, and fingerprints from the screen use a clean microfiber cloth we recommend a high quality microfiber, such as you can tell the difference between low and high quality microfiber in our experience.

    An abrasive cloth could scratch the screen, says Asher Weinstein of projector and screen specialists . That means no to paper towels either, which could also cause damage to the screen.

    Wipe the screen with a microfiber cloth in one direction then wipe it a second time in the opposite direction to thoroughly cover the entire screen, advises Ana Andres, co-founder of TidyChoice . Make sure to work gently to avoid potential harm to the screen.

    If the TV manufacturer supplied a cloth with the television for this task, this can, of course, be used instead.

    Simply following this method may be sufficient to remove all the dust and marks from the TV screen, in which case this is all you need to do to clean a TV screen.

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    How To Clean A TV Or Monitor Screen

    Without screwing up the protective layer

    Back when you used to have CRT monitors and TVs, you could clean them with almost anything. The screen was made out of glass and nothing else. Thats no longer the case with todays LCD and OLED displays.

    The modern display is a sensitive device that requires special care. You can easily damage a touchscreen if you clean it using a rough sponge or an aggressive cleaning agent. Youll eventually scratch the screen and damage its special coatings, and youll end up with an inferior device that no longer takes your touch commands. This applies to any laptop, tablet, TV, phone, or another device with LCD, MicroLED, or OLED display.

    In this article, well teach you how to clean a tv or monitor screen the right way and well also show you some of the best cleaners available.

    What Should You Not Use Glass Cleaner On

    7 Common Ways You Can Go Wrong with Window Cleaner

    • Dont use window cleaner to clean your laptop.
    • Dont put window cleaner your skin.
    • Dont mix window cleaner with bleach.
    • Dont use window cleaner on granite countertops.
    • Dont use window cleaner to wipe down your HDTV.
    • Dont spray window cleaner on fine or uncoated wood.

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    Deal With Stubborn Marks

    If any marks remain, the next stage of the process of how to clean a TV screen is to deal with these.

    If there are fingerprints or spots, gently wipe with a very soft microfiber wiper and a very small amount of water, says germ prevention expert Tricia Holderman . Always use distilled water and dampen the cloth you should never spray water or another liquid on to a TV screen to avoid damage and safety hazards.

    Gently rub the dirty spot, then dry as needed, Tricia says. Make sure the drying is done with a soft microfiber cloth, too.

    Some TV manufacturers do allow the use of a very weak mild dish soap solution if marks remain. Again, the liquid should be applied via the cloth and not sprayed on to the screen. Only use this method if your TV manufacturer specifies it and follow its guidelines on how dilute the dish soap should be. Do not place pressure on the screen as you clean off the stain.

    How To Properly Clean A TV Screen

    How to Properly Clean a TV Screen

    Not all TV screens are created equal. Some are screens made of thick glass, especially with older models like tube TVs. Others are made of more fragile materials, which can easily be damaged if you clean them the wrong way. Using Windex or other harsh cleaning agents can do irreparable damage to most flat-screen TVs. Heres how to clean your TV without damaging it.

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    How To Clean A TV Screen Without Damaging It

    Whether youve got young children running around or frantic pets, your TV screen can soon show sticky fingerprints, pet hair and mystery marks. On top of that, dust will cover the screen quickly, even if you have one of the best TVs after all, we spend a lot of time in front of it!

    But how do you safely clean a TV screen? Weve pulled together a step-by-step guide so you can wipe away any marks and have a clear, crisp image once again!

    Other Parts Of Your TV You Might Need To Clean

    TV ports, such as HDMI and USB inputs, can get dusty. If you haven’t used one of your HDMI inputs before and go to plug in a new device, you could push that built-up dust into your TV’s innards.

    Wipe the ports with a cloth. If they’re particularly dusty, you can use a vacuum cleaner on its lowest setting to clear out any debris. Take care and hold the nozzle away from the TV as to not cause damage. Try not to push into the port since this could also damage the connection.

    You don’t need to spend thousands to get a great TV – we reveal the best cheap TVs.

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    Clean An Led TV With Essential Oils To Clear Away Sticky Messes

    For those of us with small children, or maybe clumsy adults, sticky fingerprints and residues are inevitably going to show up on our TV screens at some point. Since scrubbing the display only causes more harm than good, what can you do when regular TV screen cleaners dont get the job done?

    Citrus juices like lime, lemon, and even grapefruit seed extract, are natural degreasers and are an excellent way to break down oily or sticky messes. Essential oils are a perfect way to integrate ordinary cleaning solutions with a product that smells great!

    • Small soft cloth

    Using the same vinegar and distilled water solution from before, add ten drops of lime or lemon essential oils into a spray bottle. Shake the contents well until they are perfectly blended. Again, be careful not to spray water, or any of the cleaning solution directly onto the TV screen.

    Dry the area after removing the gooey gunk from your TV screen. The scent of the essential oils also counteracts the sour smell of the vinegar with a fresh, clean fragrance that lasts for hours.

    Cleaning An Lcd Screen With Mild Dish Soap

    How to clean a TV screen the right way | Avoid damage to your 4K flat screen!

    Popular brands like Sony and Panasonic suggest using mild dish soap to clean stubborn spots on your TV screen that cannot be cleaned using a microfiber cloth. The recommended ratio for this cleaning solution is 100 times the amount of water to the amount of dish soap.

    This comes out to approximately one teaspoon of liquid dish soap for every two cups of water. When cleaning, do not substitute tap water for distilled water.

    Tap water contains minerals that can leave water spots or residue on the screen, so distilled water is the only way to clean your LCD screen without leaving streaks.

    LCD TV Screen Cleaner Recipe

    • 1 tsp mild dish soap
    • 2 cups of distilled water
    • A soft cloth

    Soak the cleaning cloth in the solution then wring it out thoroughly. Avoid leaving too much water in the cleaning cloth, or it might make its way into your television and ruin it.

    The liquid dish soap breaks down the oils in the grime left behind on your TV screen, making it easier for you to wipe away greasy residue. Afterward, dry your TV screen using a dry cloth of the same variety used to clean it.

    This simple cleaning recipe is also great to keep on hand for how to clean eyeglasses. Pour some in a small bottle that you can keep in your purse or on your desk to have when your glasses get smudged.

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    Skip The Cleaning Kit

    Some of these kits cost $15 to $20 for just a microfiber cloth and a small bottle of cleaning solution, which is probably mostly water. Instead, buy the cloth at an office supply store or online and use distilled water, or a solution of your own making per our advice above. If you opt for a kit, make sure it doesnt contain harmful chemicals.

    Power Off The TV And Components

    Before cleaning your TV screen, make sure to start by powering off your TV and its components. The dark screen will help you see your dirty spots better and clean more effectively. Also, by powering off your components, you mitigate the risk of causing damage by wiping particles into the connections.

    Additionally, youll want to make sure that your TV screen is completely dry before powering back on.

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    Avoid Certain Cleaning Agents

    Some screens, especially touch screens, have special coatings for protection and to reduce the amount of reflection and glare. Harsh chemicals will remove those coatings and even damage the material of the display. Dont use any household cleaning agents.

    Stay away from glass cleaning products and anything that contains ammonia, chlorine, and even alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is sometimes okay to use if specified by the manufacturer. Just make sure you pay attention to the percentage, which is usually 70% or 90%.

    If youve been cleaning your TV or monitor with one of the aforementioned solutions, stop. Using them a few times might not cause any visible damage, but over time theyll leave streaks once the protective coating is gone.

    What Can You Use To Clean A TV

    How To Clean a TV Screen Using Things You Already Have

    Like any electrical equipment, the components which power a TV generate voltage, which, in turn, also builds static electricity.

    The buildup means light matter such as dust particles easily stick to the screen, obscuring the image without regular cleaning.

    While many modern screens use a lower voltage, the problem remains, but cleaning is relatively easy. has four solutions you should try to wipe that screen clean – without risking it being damaged.

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    How To Clean A TV Screen

    1.Clean with microfiber cloths.Modern screens can be sensitive to pressure and can be easily scratched, Ek says. She recommends using a microfiber cloth, regardless of whether your screen is LCD, OLED, or plasma. Microfiber cloth is woven with very small fibers, making the pressure on the screen more even and reducing the chance of causing scratches or damage.

    What to avoid: Paper towels, tissues, and other materials can contain fibers that may damage the screen. Even if youre learning how to clean a TV with an old-school CRT display, a microfiber cloth is still the way to go. You can also use an electrostatic duster.

    2. Get into the corner. Be sure to use your cloth to get into the corners and edges of the screen, turning the cloth often so youre always using a clean segment.

    What to avoid: Dont use too much pressure, or you might find burned-out pixels the next time you fire up your LCD or plasma TV screen.

    3. Spray any liquid on the cloth. If youre using any type of liquid, spray it on the cloth first in a fine mist to avoid damaging any internal parts never apply it directly to the screen.

    What to avoid: Dont use pretreated dusting cloths, though, because their oily finishintended for wood productscan leave a residue.

    What to avoid: Cleaning the screen in circles, as this can create streaks.

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