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Why Does My Hisense TV Keep Turning Off

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Examine The Hdmi Cables

Hisense TV turning On and Off – Fix it Now

A damaged or defective HDMI cable can also trigger the restart issue on your Hisense Roku TV. Carefully inspect the cables and look for the signs of damage.

Also, make sure that the cable is plugged firmly into the HDMI port of your TV and the source device. Unplug the cable and clean the port properly.

Maybe dust or debris has accumulated in the port and creating trouble. Now, plug it back firmly and check your TVs performance.

How Do I Restart My Hisense Smart TV

When trying to fix your TV a method that can be overlooked is a quick reboot of your device. If youre unsure how to restart your TV all you need to do is unplug it from a power supply, leave it for at least a minute then plug it back in.

After youve plugged it in if it starts to reboot again, repeat the above step.

Hisense Roku TV Keeps On Restarting Solved

Hisense Roku TVs are best for watching movies and your favorite shows. They come in different sizes. All Hisense Roku TVs are smart and come with the latest features.

They support all the popular streaming services like Hulu, , Netflix, and many more. So, they provide you greater opportunities for entertainment.

The smart devices have a fragile software system that needs a regular upgrade. The software is vulnerable to glitches and bugs. They can create different sorts of problems.

For example, TV giving sound but no picture, some apps are not running, screen going black. One common issue with the Hisense Roku TV is automatic restart.

This situation is very frustrating. Especially, if your Hisense Roku TV keeps on restarting during the middle of a movie or show.

But, this problem can be solved in a few minutes. You do not need any technical assistance to solve this issue. Because this article is going to tell you the best working solutions.

All the methods listed here are verified and will fix your Hisense Roku TV which keeps on restarting.

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Hisense TV Keeps Turning Off: How To Fix In Minutes

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I have been enjoying my Hisense TV for the past couple of months and using it to catch up on some shows Ive been trying to watch.

Everything went swimming until a few weeks ago when the TV started to show issues.

It would randomly turn off when I was in the middle of watching, and I had to turn the TV back on manually.

Sometimes the TV wouldnt respond to my remote, so I had to unplug the TV and plug it back in again to turn it on.

Having no clue what was up, I went to the internet for answers. There, I saw that several people had been having these issues as well.

I scoured through whatever support material Hisense had online and went through forum posts, even archived ones, to see how I could fix the issue.

After several hours of in-depth research, I had a ton of information that could lead me to a solution.

I finally managed to fix my TV after a few hours of effort, and this article has everything that I tried.

Hopefully, after reading this article, youll also be able to fix your Hisense TV thats turning off randomly quickly.

To fix your Hisense TV that keeps turning off, try restarting or power cycling the TV. If that doesnt work, you might need to factory reset it.

Continue reading to find out how you can reset your Hisense TV and when you would need the help of a professional.

Hisense Smart TV Troubleshooting: Complete Guide

Why Does My TV Keep Turning Off

Hisense manufactures some of the best Smart TVs on the market. From Laser TVs to Premium ULED and UHD sets, you can easily find something that suits your viewing experience.

But like all Smart TVs, Hisense TVs have a host of problems that require thorough troubleshooting to find the cause and fix it promptly.

For example, you may encounter screen display issues sometimes or the backlight may stop working. Whenever you have a problem, you need to go through the recommended Hisense TV troubleshooting steps to find a solution.

Consider contacting the Hisense customer service team first, especially if the product is still under warranty.

However, if you are in a position to fix Hisense TV problems, then you should do it while ensuring that you arent voiding your warranty.

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Active Energy Saving Mode

The Hisense TV is designed to save energy. The problem with this is that the TV shuts down while its playing content and turns back on when it detects theres no signal forthcoming. Adding devices to the HDMI port effectively disconnects your TV from its power source, often resulting in the TV turning itself off.

If your Hisense TV keeps turning off, in some cases, the Energy Saving Mode can be selected in a menu setting without your knowledge. The mode is normally accessible during normal operation, but it can be hidden from view if the TV is left on for a long time.

How To Stop Hisense TV From Turning Off By Itself

Hisense manufactures an excellent range of cheap smart TVs for users with basic demands. However, the Hisense-TV-turning-off-by-itself problem can give you an awful watching experience. Theres no need to worry, though. We can help you to fix it.

How to stop Hisense TV from turning off by itself? Turn off energy-saving settings, turn off Hisense TV timer setting, restart your TV, power cycle your Hisense TV, and unplug external devices. If these steps havent worked for you, update your TVs firmware. Factory reset the TV as a matter of last resort.

Start by troubleshooting the problem. Once you discover it, you can use the tips below to stop your Hisense TV from turning off by itself. Check out the list of the beststreaming deviceson Amazon now!

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Hisense TV Shows Pictures With No Sound

This could be caused by several problems ranging from a damaged speaker to a bad connection between the speakers and the amplifier.

The first thing to do is to ensure that all connections are tight and secure.

Also, ensure that the volume levels are correct. Check that youve not muted the volume. You can use an external audio receiver if needed.

Note however that some videos may not have codec compatibility with your Hisense TV. In such cases, theres nothing you can do since the manufacturer has already designed which video files your Hisense TV model will support.

Change Your Power Cord

Hisense Smart TV: How to Turn OFF/ON, Restart, Sleep Mode (with & without remote)

When the TV has a faulty power cord, it may get insufficient or no power supply. The red power light may turn on or fail, depending on the amount of current it receives.

To check whether the power cord is faulty:

  • Examine the cable to see whether wires are cut or uninsulated and short-circuiting
  • Borrow a power cord from a friend or repairman and check if your Hisense TV will work
  • Check whether the red power light turns on at all
  • If this step doesnt work, then your problem may lie inside the TV firmware or motherboard.

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    Horizontal Or Vertical Lines On The Screen:

    After a long use, this problem may be found on the screen. The probable reason behind this issue is the connection problem between T-Con board and the display panel. Actually, for accumulated dust on the T-Con board, these horizontal or vertical lines fall.

    Two things that you can do to sort it out.

    • First, open your television, and clean the T-Con Board and display panel. Must contact a professional TV mechanic to clean it.
    • If the cleaning method wont work, then better you change the display panel and T-Con board.

    Hisense Smart TV Screen Went Black

    When your Hisense Smart TV goes black, you will not see any visible picture or background. But you will hear what is playing when you change a channel.

    Here is how you can troubleshoot the problem.

    • Unplug the TVs power cord.
    • Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds.
    • Let the TV remain unplugged for about two minutes.
    • Plug back the power cord.
    • Turn on the TV and try again.

    Understand that the above procedure is necessary to confirm whether you can clear the problem with a simple reset. If that does not work, you are facing an internal issue with the hardware.

    Your mainboard, power board, or LEDs could be defective. In that case, contact a professional or the Hisense customer support team to help you fix it.

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    Hisense Smart TV Doesn’t Turn On Past Logo

    TV turns on to Hisense logo then goes black with blinking red light about 10 seconds later. It continues to do this until it is unplugged. It will turn on by remote but must be unplugged to turn off. It does not turn on or off with power button and will not go to menu, Netflix, or anything else on remote.

    ” goes black with blinking red light about 10 seconds later”How many times does it blink 6 0r 10 times-

    Let me know-

    It is blinking 9 times. I counted over and over and it was 9. Also, I am not able to read the model number. I am so sorry.

    Is your TV LED TV or LCD TV?Try these resets- If these resets fail, your problem is internal-TV Reset-Try this twice– Unplug TV from wall plug for 10 minutes, then press and hold power button on TV for 60 seconds–Plug in turn on– Reset- Press and hold both ‘vol’ and ‘menu’ on TV side panel. Continue hold while pressing and releasing ‘power’ on the panel. Release the hold after a count to 5. If you have no menu button use- or try holding the volume and menu buttons after pressing power button, for TV to come on

    There is one step you can take here, both as a possible fix, as well as a diagnostic evaluation1) Unplug the power cord from the TV.

    2) Wait at least 1 hour

    Also-Leave plugged in, hold the power button, for 10-15 seconds, then unplugged it, waited a min, plugged TV back in, turn on

    Let me know if these resets work.

    Hisense TV Turns On And Off

    Why my Hisense tv wont turn on?

    After trying to turn on my TV the only thing that happens is… it turns off and then immediately turns off… then flips on then immediately turns off… it does this for a few hours and eventually just stays on. i want to know how to either fix it or make it turn on faster. any ideas?

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    Fix 4 Update The Firmware On Your Device

    If your firmware is outdated, this may cause issues for your TV, therefore making sure both your Firmware and Software are up to date is key. Although this may seem complex, you can do this in just a few easy steps:

    Step 1. Launch Settings on your TV via the control then select About or Support

    Step 2. Choose System Update followed by Check Firmware Upgrade

    Step 3. Select update, then allow a few minutes for this to install

    If your system does not provide an update at this point, wed recommend trying to install this manually via a USB.

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    Reset Your Hisense Smart TV Device

    • Note that doing a reset will erase all the data in your Hisense smart TV and revert it to its factory settings.
    • To do a hard reset on your Hisense TV, unplug your TV from the power outlet.
    • Wait for at least 15 minutes before plugging it back in.
    • To do a factory reset on your Hisense TV, go to the Settings menu.
    • Select Storage and Reset.
    • Choose Factory Data Reset.

    If none of the solutions above work, you need to contact Hisense customer support to assist you in fixing the issue on your smart TV.

    Which of the solutions helped you fix the problem with your Hisense TV that wont start properly? You can let us know in the comment section below.

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    Power Cycle Your Hisense TV

    Hisense TV 65 inch turning on and off

    A restart doesnt affect the hardware because power never stops flowing through the components when you restart with the remote.

    You might require a power cycle to troubleshoot most hardware issues where all the power is stopped to the TV and restarted again.

    To power cycle your TV:

  • Turn the TV off.
  • Unplug the TV from the wall.
  • Wait for at least 30-45 seconds before you plug the TV back in.
  • Turn the TV back on.
  • Check again to see if the TV turns off after power cycling it.

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    Hisense Smart TV Screen Keeps Flickering

    Flickering is one of the many screen problems you will encounter with the Hisense TV. You can try to fix it by turning the device OFF and ON.

    But sometimes that may not happen, especially if an attached component on the device is at fault.

    Also, unsecured cables and other features on your TV could be causing the issue. In other cases, it can occur as a result of incorrect TV settings, signal interferences, and electronic interference.

    The following Hisense Smart TV troubleshooting steps can help you to identify the problem and fix it.

    • Check whether you have an interfering source nearby. Possible sources are appliances, electric tools, mobile phones, or even the fan. Try to move them away from the TV and see whether it helps correct the issue.
    • Insert the TVs power plug into a different outlet to prevent interference.

    Another troubleshooting step you can take is to turn off the Energy Saving feature of the TV. Here is how:

    • Using your remote control, go to Settings.
    • Select Picture.
    • Under Picture Mode, you will see the TV set to Energy Saving.
    • Select Picture Mode.
    • A list of seven options will display.

    From this point, you can play around with any of those seven options to find one that will fix the flickering. Alternatively, perform a hard reset on your TV and see whether it offers a solution.

    Hdmi Peripherals And Software Reset

    If an amplifier and HDMI player is connected to the TV, the ARC may also be receiving signals that the unit can interpret as On. In this case, it is recommended that you disconnect all HDMI cables and see if there is a chance of failure.

    Whether the user is using a modern LED TV with internet access or an older LCD TV, the first thing to do to resolve the glitch is to reboot the device by unplugging it from the power source, then turn it back on. If the TV has a variety of software, it is worth resetting to factory settings and updating the software.

    If the above TV turns off again, try to reset the MASTER RESET or FACTORY RESET. The functions can be found in the basic settings of the TV menu.

    In addition, if the user has a Smart TV that is connected to the Internet via WIFI, it is recommended to update the system BIOS or TV software. If a system update does not fix the TV, it may have a serious problem with the main components.

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    Check If Power Cord Is Faulty Or Not

    A faulty power cord for Hisense TVs can lead to the TV not getting enough power, or no power at all. The red light on the power cord will usually illuminate, but sometimes it may turn off, which depends on how much current the TV receives from the cord.

    There are a number of simple ways to troubleshoot a Hisense TV that has lost power. First, check to make sure the cord isnt damaged at either end. If the cord is damaged, the TV wont receive power form the wall outlet or its internal battery and will turn off automatically.

    Look at the power cable to see if it is damaged. If any wires are exposed or missing, then it is likely that the problem lies with the cable.

    If youre unsure whether the power cord on your Hisense TV is defective, try plugging in another device into the same outlet and check if it works just fine. If it turns on just fine, then youll know that the issue lies with your TV. This can be due to a firmware software glitch or a faulty motherboard.

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