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How To Connect Samsung Smart TV To Internet Without Remote

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How To Operate A Samsung TV Without A Remote

Samsung Smart TV: How to Connect to Internet WiFi (Wireless or Wired)

Televisions turning advanced not just means that they became mani-folds fast in processing, but also increased the connectivity options. This implicitly means that these devices can be operatable with remotes and other Bluetooth-connected devices like mouse keyboards or even a mobile phone. Thus, if you lost the remote of your Samsung TV and are looking to connect to wifi, you may use other external devices. Let us check how this is done in upcoming lines.

How To Connect TV To Wi

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Losing your remote is one of the most painful things you can go through in your TV viewing experience, but what if it could only go more wrong from there?

Thats exactly what happened last week when I lost my remote and my TV disconnected from the WiFi.

After losing the internet, the TV stopped streaming what I was watching.

I had to get my TV connected to WiFi as soon as possible, and looking for the remote can be kept for later.

So I jumped on the internet to find out if I could connect my TV back to the WiFi without a remote, and if possible, how I can make it work.

This guide is a result of that research so that you can get your TV connected to WiFi without using a remote.

To connect your TV to WiFi without a remote, connect a USB keyboard and mouse to the TV and use the mouse to go to the TVs WiFi settings to connect to your WiFi network.

Using A Wired Connection

  • 1Find the Ethernet port on the back of your TV. You can use an Ethernet cable to connect your TV to your router.
  • 2Connect an Ethernet cable from your router to your TV. Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into your router, and the other one into the port on the back of your smart TV.
  • 3Go to your smart TV’s Network Settings menu. Open your smart TV’s menu from your remote, and navigate to your network settings.
  • This option may also have a different name like Wireless Settings or Internet Connection.
  • 4Select the option to enable wired internet connection. Once this option is enabled and your TV is connected to your router, you should immediately connect to the internet.Advertisement
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    Replace Your Lost Or Broken Lg Remote

    If you really want to solve this issue once and for all just get a replacement LG remote.

    These remotes are super affordable these days and using Amazon you can have it shipped to your house tomorrow.

    Youre much better off just replacing the remote than jumping through the hurdles of connecting a USB mouse or an ethernet cord to your LG TV.

    But hey, Im not judging, maybe its late and you just gotta watch that new episode of Family Guy right now and hacking together a near term solution is all that matters.

    Do your future-self a favor though and buy the replacement remote too. Youll thank me later.

    If you lost or broke your LG remote but you still want to connect your TV to WiFi, you can use a USB mouse.Just plug the USB mouse into the back of your LG TV and then proceed to enter your WiFi network and password details.

    After youve successfully connected your TV to the internet, you can download theSmartify LG TV Remote app on your smart phone and use it as your remote going forward.

    If you dont have a USB mouse you can try connecting your LG TV directly to your router using an ethernet cord.

    If youre able to establish an internet connection this way, youll once again have to use theSmartify LG TV Remote app as your remote for the time being.

    Ultimately, the best solution is to just buy a replacement LG remote. They are really affordable these days and you can have one shipped to your home tomorrow.

    Checking Your Smart TV Signal Strength

    Samsung Smart TV Remote Mouse

    If you still have the issue after trying another network or don’t have another available, you may have an issue with the signal strength you are receiving from your router to the device.

    To check your Samsung Smart TV’s signal strength:

  • Use your TV remote to navigate to Settings.
  • Click on General > Network > Open Network Settings > Wireless.
  • Check the number of wifi bars showing on your TV.
  • If you’re currently seeing full bars, then your issues are likely elsewhere and we’ll need to keep looking. If you’re seeing one or two bars for your connection, you may need to navigate your router closer or install an expansion router to get a better connection to your TV. If you’d like to skip having to worry about the strength of your Wi-Fi connection altogether, you can also directly connect your Samsung TV to your router with an ethernet cord. To do that, simply connect an ethernet cord directly in the back of the TV, then plug the other end into your router to secure their connection.

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    Cant See Your Wifi Network On Samsung Smart TV

    If you cant see your wifi network on your Samsung smart tvwhen you are connecting, click on refresh on select your wireless networkscreen and still you cant see your wifi network or your home wifi in the list,then make sure that your wifi is turned on and your wifi modem or router is inclose range or near to your Samsung smart tv.

    • Make sure your home WIFI wireless is turned on.
    • Make sure your WIFI router or modem is close to Samsung smart tv

    If, still Samsung smart tv is not able to detect or identifyyou wifi internet network then go ahead turn off you WIFI for 60 seconds and turnON after 60 seconds. Now, your Samsung smart tv will detect your WIFI internetnetwork.

    Use Your Smartphone As A Remote

    Samsung Smart TVs have loads of awesome features and the SmartThings app is one of those. It lets you play TV sound on the computer, mirror your phone screen to the TV and even control the TV using your phone. Therefore, if you have lost TV remote, you can use your smartphone as a remote to control your TV and find its IP address by navigating to Network settings. Follow the steps.

    Step 1: Install the app on your smartphone, you can do this on any Android or iOS device.

    Step 2: Log in using a Samsung account or create one here.

    Step 3: Now, tap the + button and add the TV to the app by following the on-screen instructions.

    Step 4: After setting everything up, youll be able to navigate using the touchpad and the buttons on the screen.

    Step 5: To find out your TVs IP address, navigate to Settings > General > Network > Network Status > IP Settings.

    The above app SmartThings works only with Samsung Smart TVs, however, if you use any other Smart TV or streaming device, there is probably an app that lets you control the TV with your phone. You can install the appropriate app for your device and navigate to find the IP address in the Network Settings.

    • Android TV- Android TV Remote Control
    • LG Smart TV- LG TV PLUS
    • Roku- Roku App
    • Firestick- Amazon Fire TV App
    • Apple TV- Apple TV App

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    Make Use Of TV Smart View

    Is your smart TV mainly for YouTube, Netflix, and other video platforms?

    Then, a screen mirroring app may be your best bet.

    With the TV Smart View app, you can cast videos and other content on your smart TV.

    Pause, play, and navigate within your phone or tablet. So no more getting up and crouching down by your TV.

    The TV Smart View app is available on Android and iOS devices.

    How do I know if my device can work with the TV Smart View app?

    Be sure to check that your smart TV:

    • Can support Wireless Display.
    • Is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your phone or tablet.

    For Android, your device should be Android 4.2 and above. And for Apple, your device must have iOS 12.0 or later.

    What can I do with the TV Smart View app?

    With this app, youll be able to watch your favorite TV series, YouTube videos, and movies all controlled on your phone or tablet.

    If youre a teacher or office worker, you can display presentations on the smart TV. Simply swipe through slides on your device.

    Gamers can also show their progress on the screen. And share with fellow enthusiasts. All while playing on a separate device.

    What if I dont have enough storage to use the app?

    Your Android and iOS device has a built-in screen mirroring feature.

    Instructions may differ for each operating system.

    To do screen mirroring on your Android:

  • Make sure your Android is connected to the same Wi-Fi as your smart TV.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Launch Screen Mirroring or Screencast.
  • Launch Control Center.
  • Connect Your TV To The Smartthings App

    Control Samsung TV without Remote ( Hidden Button )

    But I dont want to stand up to pause and play episodes!

    I get it. We just want to lay on our couch. Not having to lift a toe to access our TVs.

    But guess what? You can use your phone or tablet as a remote control.

    All thanks to the SmartThings app!

    What is the SmartThings app?

    Its a universal app thats available on both Android and iOS. It allows you to control Samsung and other SmartThings-compatible devices.

    These devices include smart home products like TVs and thermostats.

    Further reading: Samsung SmartThings: What It Is & How To Use It

    How do I pair my smart TV to the SmartThings app?

    Be sure to download the SmartThings app first. Then, youre ready to connect. Instructions differ between Android and iOS.

    To add your smart TV to the SmartThings app on an Android:

  • Turn on your smart TVs Bluetooth.
  • Launch the SmartThings app.
  • Hit the Add icon. Then, Scan nearby.
  • If you see your smart TV on the list, select it. Instructions will appear.
  • What can I do with the SmartThings app?

    Once your smart TV has been added, you can now control it!

    Youll see a remote in the SmartThings app. The buttons available depend on your smart TVs model.

    You can toggle the volume and channel buttons. Just like the physical remote.

    For the settings, press the arrows or the gray box on the bottom. To select an item, tap anywhere.

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    How To Connect Samsung TV To Wifi Without Remote In 2 Simple Ways

    You are reading todays post because you want to find out how to connect Samsung TV to WiFi without remote, right? If yes, today is your lucky day because youve just visited the right place.

    Keep on reading and learn more ways for connecting your Samsung smart TV to WiFi without the presence of remote control.


    When Should You Perform A Factory Reset On Your Samsung Smart Television

    If your Samsung smart tv has stopped operating or is experiencing major problems, and none of the available remedies are resolving the Samsung smart tv problems, you will need to do a factory reset Samsung smart tv in order to regain control of your Samsung tv.

    Once you have factory reset your Samsung smart tv, it will function exactly as it did when it was first purchased, acting as if it were a brand new Samsung smart tv.

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    What Exactly Is Demo Mode On Your Television

    A television in demo mode, also known as a retail model in some circles, is essentially merely a mode that can be used when the television is available for purchase in a retail store.

    There is a possibility that your television will arrive at you in retail condition, particularly if you are looking to purchase a model that has already been used in the store.

    As previously displayed models may often be purchased at a lower price, this is a good option that could save you money in the long run.

    Instead, well need to put your TV into Home Mode in order to fix the problem.

    Home Mode, as the name suggests, is intended to be utilized by the customer when the television is installed in the customers own residence.

    But, in any case, Demo Mode is only intended to be used in the store by individuals who are selling televisions. However, its easy to understand how easily you could get into Demo Mode, and its also obvious to see how simply you could get out of it.

    Connect A Usb Mouse To Your TV To Control It

    Ways to connect your Samsung smart TV to Wi

    Most TVs nowadays have USB ports that you can find on either the sides of the TV or on the back.

    These are usually included so that you can connect your storage media, like a hard drive or a USB flash drive and play the content in those media.

    Some smart TVs also support connecting a mouse and keyboard, which you can use to navigate the interface.

    To find out if your TV does let you do that, get a USB keyboard and mouse and connect both to the TVs USB ports.

    Use the mouse and keyboard and see if the TV detects it.

    If it does, navigate to the WiFi settings of your TV and connect it to your WiFi.

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    How To Reset A Samsung TV With A Black Screen

    After a firmware update, it is typical for Samsung TVs to display a black screen, which might make it difficult to reset the smart TV due to the black screen.

    However, to learn how to reset a Samsung TV with a blank screen, please see the instructions provided below.

    1. Turn on your Samsung TV with a black screen by pressing the power button.

    2. For 12 seconds, press and hold the Exit button on your keyboard.

    3. During this time, the smart TVs standby light will flash continuously for an extended length of time without interruption.

    4. The option to reset or perform a factory reset will appear on the screen.

    5. To clear the warning notice, select OK from the drop-down menu.Done.

    6. Recognizing that a TV with a black screen will not display any images.

    As a result, you can reset a Samsung TV that has a black screen using this reset option.

    How To Connect Samsung TV To A Mobile Hotspot

    All smartphone comes with a hotspot feature. It allows you to share your mobile data on multiple devices. You can connect Samsung TV to your mobile hotspot quickly in a few minutes.

    1. First, turn on Mobile Data and Hotspot on your smartphone.

    2. Go to your Samsung Smart TV and navigate to Settings > > General > > Network > > Open Network Settings > > Wireless option.

    3. Now, your TV will search for the available devices.

    4. From the list of networks, choose your mobile hotspot name.

    5. Next, enter the password of your mobile hotspot.

    6. Now, your Samsung TV is connected to your mobile hotspot.

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    How To Connect A Samsung TV To Wireless Internet

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    This wikiHow teaches you how to connect your Samsung Smart TV to the internet by adding it to your Wi-Fi network. When your Smart TV has a wireless internet connection, you can use it to access internet-only features, including web-based apps, streaming services, and more.

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    Samsung Smart TV: How to Reset WiFi Internet Network (Disconnect or Logout)

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    Connect Samsung Smart TV Interne To Ethernet And Wired Network:

    Step 1: Grab your ethernet cable from your router andplug it back on ethernet port on back of your Samsung smart tv.

    Step 2: Now, grab your remote -> Settings-> General-> Network Settings-> Open Network settings

    Step 3: Select connection as wired and press ok.

    Step 4: Type your WIFI password and press ok and yourSamsung smart tv will be connected to wired network.

    Must Read How to Samsung Smart tv Coverage

    Is It Possible To Turn On Samsung TV Without A Remote

    Surprisingly, Yes. Like most smart TVs, you can turn on your Samsung smart TV without a remote. Yes, it is possible with the physical buttons that are present either in the middle or back portion of the TV. So it is not a big issue if you have damaged or lost the remote control.

    Also, the joystick type control button allows you to access limited functionalities in your Samsung smart TV. I think most streaming device manufacturers are good predictors. As they are well known in advance that we will end up in situations like losing the remote or damaging it.

    Obviously, the remote control is the master device to access and navigate between the apps on your smart TV. But what happens when you lost that master control? Well, there are certain possible methods to turn on your Samsung smart TV that I have mentioned below.

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