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How To Connect Oculus Quest 2 To TV

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Casting From The Mobile App

Quest 2 Casting to your TV or Phone | Oculus

1. Download the Oculus App on your mobile phone

The Oculus App is completely free and its symbol is a black circle that is elongated from the left to right. You can sign up using your Oculus account or your Facebook account.

2. Connect your phone and Oculus Quest 2 to the same wifi network

You may need to give the app permission to use the wifi network if this is the first time connecting it if you want to cast your free games.

3. Turn on the Oculus Quest 2, your TV, and start the Oculus App

Make sure all of your devices are ready to share information in order for casting to be successful.

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4. In the Oculus App, locate the rectangle with waves coming from it in the upper right-hand corner

It is the symbol next to the search button and the book, but directly before the bell notification symbol.

5. Make Sure Your Oculus Quest 2 Headset is connected

When you tapped on the symbol it should have automatically connected to your Oculus Quest 2 headset. It will appear in the “Cast From” section of the app.

6. Select your TV or casting device in the “Cast To” section

If your TV or other casting device isn’t appearing you can tap the button to search for other devices, and as long as it is enabled it should appear.

7. Click Start at the bottom of the screen to begin casting your gameplay

A notification will appear on your headset once casting has begun to let you know that your gameplay is now on your TV.

How To Setup And Use Your Oculus Quest 2

ByHunter Fenollol09 March 2021

Skip the virtual insanity and explore all the Oculus Quest 2 has to offer with our quick setup guide

If you’ve found where to buy an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset the welcome to the world of virtual reality. The Oculus Quest 2 is the best VR headset for most people, thanks to its all-in-one nature.

And slipping on this headset allows you to physically move around simulated environments, grab virtual objects and be a part of a scene rather than watch the action unfold on a distant screen.

If you do happen to have a powerful rig, you can purchase an Oculus Link cable to play PCVR games that are too powerful to run on the Quest 2s mobile chip. This gives the Quest 2 the versatility to allow you to play powerful titles like GOTY Half-Life: Alyx while plugged in at home or untether yourself to play less demanding games like Beat Saber on the go.

Follow our Oculus Quest 2 guide below to escape the confines of your living room and explore vibrant virtual worlds within minutes.

Protect Your Headset From Sunlight

This one applies to VR headsets in general, rather than specifically the Quest 2, but you should avoid leaving your headset in direct sunlight – particularly on the lenses.

If direct sunlight shines into the lenses over long periods of time, the lenses have the potential to focus the light – like with a magnifying glass – and burn a hole in the display, if not worse. To avoid the issue, be sure to store the headset in a drawer or in a case to prevent any potential sunlight-related damage.

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How To Cast Your Oculus Quest 2 To A Phone

While the Oculus Quest can cast to a TV, it also has the handy ability to cast to a phone. This is a nice option for anyone who doesn’t have a supported Chromecast device or only wants to share their Oculus Quest 2 or Quest with one device.

The steps for this are practically identical to casting to a Chromecast. You simply select “This Phone” instead of any other device as a casting target. Make sure that your phone and your Quest 2 are on the same wireless network before starting this process.

  • Open the Oculus app.
  • Tap the Cast icon in the upper right-hand corner .
  • Select your Quest or Quest 2 .
  • Select This Phone in the “Cast To” menu.
  • Tap Start.
  • While you can technically stream to your phone or computer, that’s not exactly the most enjoyable or communal way to watch someone play! So you’ll really want to invest in one of the best Chromecasts for Oculus Quest. Or, if you’re not able to hang out in person with your VR buddies, you can record and share your gameplay footage instead.

    Casting Oculus Quest 2 To Xbox One Via Airserver

    Oculus Quest 2 Announced, Stand

    AirServer is the casting software for Xbox One. Previously, it didnt have cast support for Oculus devices but with an update it received in February 2020, it can now cast Xbox one content to Oculus Quest VR headset. Here are steps to perform this:

    Step 1. You can download the AirServer application from the Xbox Store at $19.99. You will get a week for trial so that you make sure it works fine before you pay for it.Step 2. Open the app and disable Airplay and Miracast options. And make sure only the Google Cast option is enabled. This has been recommended by Developers for optimal performance.Step 3. Make sure that your Xbox One and Oculus Quest 2 are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.Step 4. On the Oculus Quest 2 headset, go to Sharing and select the Cast option. You should be able to see the Xbox One option. Select it and youre ready to play!!

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    Switch Air Link On Within Your Quest Headset

    Now that your software is updated and the feature has been turned on at your host PC, you can enable it within the headset. To do this:

    • Put the headset back on and reopen the system settings.
    • Find Experimental Features. Air Link will be nestled within that menu . Tap the toggle switch to activate it.

    Bigscreen: Streaming Personal Media Content In Bigscreen

    If you have a PC with media content on it, its possible to play it in Bigscreen as well.

    Theres a built-in video player, which can play any local video files stored on your Quest headset. You can transfer a video file from your PC onto your Quest using an app like SideQuest, however this is be a bit of a clunky and laborious option . Your friend will also need that video file as well to watch together.

    The smoother option is streaming content from your own DLNA media server, running from a computer on the same network as your Quest. A DLNA media server allows other devices on your local network to stream media content from your PC if you have one already setup, it should appear in Bigscreen with no additional steps required. Some media server applications, such as Plex, have optional DLNA server options that can be turned on from the settings menu.

    If you dont have a DLNA server set up already, we wont go over the process here theres plenty of guides online and it can be a bit of a process. If youre purely setting it up for your Quest, it might not be worth the time. Instead, it might be easier to use the virtual desktop feature.

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    Oculus Quest 2 Setup: Time To Explore

    Now that you have the basics down, it’s time for you to go out and explore the wonders of virtual reality. The wow factor makes for a great experience to share with loved ones over the holidays.

    Keep in mind that motion sickness can occur when you’re wearing a virtual reality headset like the Oculus Quest 2. If it does, simply remove the headset and take a break for at least one hour. Pushing through motion sickness is a good way to turn yourself off from virtual reality for good.

    Theres plenty of solo experiences available on the Quest store. Once you get your bearings, we recommend checking out the burgeoning online scene in multiplayer titles. This is an exciting space reminiscent of the early days of online gaming.

    Standing next to teammates across the world while interacting in a shared virtual environment elevates the VR experience to new heights.

    Bigscreen: Free Public Movies And TV Rooms

    How to CONNECT the Oculus Quest 2 to TV (CAST and Share Oculus Quest 2 content) #shorts

    Bigscreen also has public rooms that constantly stream free TV shows and movies, similar to free-to-air TV channels. There are channels dedicated specifically to one show, like the Classic Doctor Who and Rick & Morty channels, along with ones that focus on a particular genre of movie or TV show.

    These rooms do sometimes include ads and they run to set schedules, so you cant choose what to watch on demand. Theyre also all public, so youll be watching with anyone else who joins the room as well. You dont have to interact with anyone, and you can choose to mute people if you just want to focus on the screening without worrying about talking to or hearing anyone else.

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    How To Connect Oculus Quest 2 To Xbox One

    There is no direct way to cast your Xbox console to your Oculus Quest 2 headset whereas you can connect it with smart TVs using Chromecast or firestick. Nevertheless, we do have a couple of proven ways to do that.

    Xbox One is one of the most popular Gaming Consoles from Microsoft. Xbox One is a powerhouse when it comes to entertainment as it allows you to run your favorite applications directly from the console. It is accessorized with wireless controllers and backward compatibility for 360-degree games.

    Since its release, Oculus Quest 2 has received huge popularity in the gaming and streaming fraternity with improved features over its predecessor Oculus Quest. Evidently, it is more affordable, responsive, and packs in a lot of newer features with an improved refresh rate and Oculus Touch controllers.

    For instance, connecting Oculus Quest 2 with Xbox will simply double up the fun if we could just stream the Xbox console to our Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets.

    How Do I Use Oculus Link To Connect My Quest 2 Or Quest To A Computer

    • Your PC meets the recommended specs.
    • You’re using a high-quality USB cable capable of supporting data and power.
    • Your Oculus software is up to date on both your PC and your Quest.
    • If you don’t see Add Quest as the device on the PC software: log out of the PC software and log back in.
    • If you don’t see the Enable Link pop-up on the PC software: log out of the PC software and log back in.
    • If you don’t see the Enable Link option under Settings on Quest: completely power off the headset and restart.
  • 1. Open the Oculus app on your PC.
  • 2. Turn on your Quest 2 or Quest.
  • 3. Plug your USB 3 cable into a USB 3.0 port on your PC, and then plug the other end into your headset.
  • 4.A message displays in VR prompting you to Allow access to data. Select Deny. If you mistakenly ‘Allow’ the prompt, you must unplug your USB cable from the Quest and plug it back in.
  • 5.When prompted to Enable Oculus Link, select Enable to begin remote rendering using Oculus Link.
  • Was this answer helpful?

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    Confirm Inside The Oculus Headset

    This step requires you or someone to wear the headset and approve the permission to cast. All you need to do is wait for an option to show up that asks if you want to allow headset casting? You can Allow or Deny here and select an option to not show the warning dialogue again to speed up the process in the future. If the option box doesnt immediately show up, you can also check for it in the devices main menu under Sharing. Within Sharing, theres a Cast option on the left that can trigger the option to show up for you.

    Once youve allowed it, the Oculus should appear on the screen. It wont be exactly in sync with your movements because its using the phone as a middleman, but it should be close enough for anyone who wants to watch.

    How To Cast Oculus Quest To A TV Using Your Phone

    Introducing Oculus Quest 2, the Next Generation of All

    1. Make sure that your phone is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Oculus Quest headset.

    2. Turn on the Oculus Quest headset and the TV.

    3. Start the Oculus app on your phone.

    4. Tap the Cast icon at the top right of the screen it’s the one shaped like a headset with Wi-Fi waves.

    5. If this is your first time using the casting feature, you might need to grant permission to your local Wi-Fi network.

    6. The app should have selected your headset in the top “Cast From” section. If there’s more than one headset listed, be sure you select your headset.

    7. In the “Cast To” section, tap your TV or Chromecast device. If it doesn’t appear, make sure your TV is on, the Chromecast is enabled, and then tap “Tap to search for other devices.”

    8. At the bottom of the screen, tap “Start.” The Quest’s display will be cast to the TV.

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    What Can You Do Now That Xbox One And Oculus Quest 20 Are Connected

    • You can load Xbox titles and start playing them
    • You can load custom content installations for certain games
    • You can play Virtual reality Games and Stream them.
    • You can also devour games that are restricted in your region
    • Since Oculus Quest 2.0 takes care of the audio, you are going to have a blast for sure.

    Both, Oculus Quest 2.0 and Xbox One are delighted when it comes to entertainment and gaming. Thus, it is a fruitful endeavor to explore unorthodox ways to connect them and enjoy them together. Turns out, Sideloading is just the skill you need. Nevertheless, make sure the apps you are about to sideload are from safe websites, or else it can be a disaster. Happy Gaming fellas!!

    Turn On The Passthrough Shortcut

    Passthrough is a handy feature on the Oculus Quest 2, utilising the cameras on the front of the headset to provide you with a live view of the real world environment – ideal if you need to hunt down controllers, move around the room or avoid an obstacle without taking the headset off. The catch is, by default, its only activated once you step out of your play zone.

    There is, however, a way to enable a shortcut thatll let you enable passthrough by simply tapping the side of the headset twice. Its currently listed as an experimental feature, but like with most new features introduced in beta form, itll likely be a fully-fledged feature soon. To enable the passthrough shortcut:

  • On your headset, open the Oculus menu by pressing the Oculus button on the right controller, and select the Settings menu .
  • Navigate to the Experimental Features section of the Settings app.
  • Scroll down until you find Passthrough Shortcut, and toggle the feature on.
  • Once activated, simply double-tap the side of the headset to activate passthrough, and double-tap it again to disable it.

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    How To Cast Your Vr Headset To Your Samsung Television Using Your Phone

    • Turn on the Oculus Quest and the television
    • Open the Oculus app on your phone
    • At the top right of the screen is a Cast icon. It resembles a headset with a WiFi signal emitting from it. Tap this icon.
    • Your app should automatically detect your headset in the Cast From section. If theres more than one in the vicinity, make sure you select the correct one
    • In the Cast To section, select your TV or your Chromecast device
    • Tap Start to begin casting

    How To Cast Your Oculus Quest 2 From Your Phone

    How To Screencast Oculus Quest 2 Feed to Your TV [ VR Screen Mirror Display Tutorial ]

    Casting an Oculus Quest 2 or Oculus Quest to a Chromecast allows you to share your VR experience with friends and family in a living room. Games like Beat Saber illuminated on your TV can really take over a room and create an energetic party atmosphere. To do so, all you’ll need is your Oculus app and any compatible Chromecast, with as the latest and greatest option.

  • Open the Oculus app on iOS or Android.
  • Tap the cast icon in the upper right-hand corner .
  • Select Next when prompted to “allow Oculus to access your local network”.
  • Select Quest 2 or Quest. The headset will need to be turned on for your phone to find it.
  • Turn on your TV and make sure your Chromecast is ready to receive a signal.
  • If This Phone appears under Quest 2, tap the **drop-down menu arrow next to it.
  • Tap the name of your Chromecast device if it appears, such as Living Room TV. If it doesn’t, tap Other Devices and it should appear.
  • Tap Start.
  • Once you’ve connected, the Oculus Quest will cast to your TV through your Chromecast device. There are some apps that block casting due to potential performance issues, but more games support it than not.

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    Oculus Quest 2 Review: Setup And Performance

    • Performs well with no stutter
    • Excellent motion tracking
    • Requires a Facebook account and smartphone/tablet for setup

    Unpacking and charging the Oculus Quest 2 is simple it takes just over two hours to charge from empty using the included USB-C cable and wall charger. The snag is that to set the headset itself up, you need to have or create a Facebook account. Its not that you need an account to access the Oculus store, you need one to actually use the device at all.

    To compound this frustrating requirement, you also need to run the Oculus app on an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet to complete setup. The Oculus Quest 2 has Wi-Fi built in, but registering the device that way is not an option. We initially encountered difficulties because the Oculus app kept crashing on the first phone we tried. We were able to run the app on an old iPad and we had better luck with a different brand of smartphone, but it wasnt a good introduction to the device.

    Fortunately, once you clear that hurdle, the remainder of the Oculus Quest 2s setup is much more intuitive. Youre guided through setting up the Touch Controllers, tweaking visual clarity by changing the distance between the lenses, and setting up a guardian boundary for unobstructed play. The latter needs resetting if you change rooms, but it warns you if you start straying. If you wear glasses theres an additional insert that goes between the headset body and the foam eyepiece.

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