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What Cable TV Is Available In My Area

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Verizon Fios TV: Best For Faster Connection

Cable TV Internet Providers In My Area – Top 5 Internet Service Providers 2017 – 2018
  • No-contract options
  • Channel customization

Verizon Fios TV uses a fiber-optic connection, which is actually a faster connection than traditional cable. It’s super convenient when you’re connecting multiple devices, bundling your TV and internet together, and for those who want a faster upload and download time.

Verizon Fios TV doesn’t require an annual contract. So you can cancel your service if you move, switch over to a live TV streaming service, or want to cut back on bills.

Verizon Your Fios TV package has a unique way of personalizing. You get to choose your top five channels, and Fios will do the rest by recommending a channel lineup for you based on your choices.

What we don’t like about Verizon Fios TV

  • Limited availability

Verizon Fios is only available in nine states. So if you don’t live on the East Coast, you may have to look at other options.

If you live in one of these states, check if Fios is offered in your city:

  • Delaware

Keep in mind these prices don’t include internet service charges , but you can check those out in our best internet for streaming article.

Find The Best TV And Internet Bundles

When shopping for new TV and internet services whether youre moving or just looking for a better deal it often makes sense to get the two together. A TV and internet package will simplify your bill under one provider, but the biggest advantage is the savings and other incentives providers give you for bundling.

Best Cable Internet Plans

Data as of 7/14/2021. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

*For the first 12 months with a 1-year agreement.

For 1-yr. Plus taxes, fees, and other charges. Includes AutoPay and Paperless Billing.

§for 12 months with 1-yr. term agreement

**Experienced speeds may vary. All prices exclude taxes, surcharges, fees and equipment. At the end of your promotional period, standard rates apply.

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Best Satellite TV Providers

When you search for cable TV providers by ZIP code you’ll likely see satellite TV providers, like these here, available in your area, too. Satellite cable is one of the best rural internet options because it’s available almost everywhere, as it relies on a satellite dish. You can get a vast TV listing with satellite, just as you would get with cable providers.

There are two major satellite cable companies serving the U.S.:

TV Postcode Checker Tool Explained

In My Area » High Speed Internet, Cable TV, Utilities

The Uswitch TV postcode checker can help you find which digital TV packages are available in your area. Many of these might be bundled in with available broadband deals, others might be only available in select areas, and others – like Sky – might have limitations based on what kind of property you live in.

To get started, all you need to do is type in your postcode, select your address, tell us which provider you’re currently with, and then press ‘check availability’. This will show you a range of TV deals that are available to your local area.

You will see packages from many of the UK’s top providers and, depending on the availability in your area, you’ll get a choice of different services, channels, and bundles that are available to you. You can then check the price against your current deal and decide if what you’re paying is about right or too much.

Whether you want to upgrade to a more comprehensive TV package, adjust to a more flexible service, or just get a similar service for a cheaper price, you’ll find a range of options with our TV postcode checker.

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Best Cable Deals By Zip Code

Once you’ve used our easy tool to find cable providers by ZIP code in your area, you’ll want to know how to get the best possible rate on your service.

There are several things you can do to tip the odds in your favor as far as getting affordable cable TV:

  • Research all of the packages you find in your cable providers by ZIP code results.
  • If you need high-speed internet as well, take advantage of TV and phone service bundles to bring your total cost down.
  • Customer service and customer satisfaction are typically major concerns of cable customers as well. Take the time to read online reviews and talk to friends and neighbors about their customer satisfaction experience with local cable providers so you can get an idea of what to expect.

    How To Compare Cable TV Packages

    Cable TV is a service delivered to TVs using fibre-optic cables that run below street level. Cable TV is usually combined with a broadband service, and its primarily available in highly populated areas of the UK. Virgin Media is the primary cable TV provider in the UK its main competitor is Sky which offers a satellite TV service that requires the installation of a dish.

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    Why Should I Choose Satellite TV

    Going with a satellite provider generally gives you more HD channels than cable or live streaming . Satellite TV is also available in many rural areas where cable is not. So you can still keep up with The Bachelorette even if you live outside of your local cable company’s area of service.

    The downsides are that you need to have a satellite dish installed on your roof, which can mean extra installation fees, and satellite just isn’t as reliable. Sometimes your signal can get interrupted by bad weather, like harsh snow or wind.

    Pros Of Cable Internet

    Great Deals on Internet, TV, & Phone (30 Seconds)

    Wide availabilityCable companies have been around for decades. In that time, theyve established wide cable networks across the US, covering just over 88% of the population.1 A lot of houses and buildings are already wired for cable TV, so getting an internet connection often doesnt require laying any additional cable or wiring. This gives cable internet an edge over fiber internet because fiber is available to only half as many people. In many areas of the country, cable is the best type of internet you can get.

    Fast download speedsCable internet can reach speeds up to 1,000 Mbps, which are considered gigabit speeds. Thats comparable to fiber internet. And while not all cable internet plans are quite that fast, not everyone needs gigabit internet. Cable providers generally offer a wide range of plans that cater to different internet speed needs and budgets.

    Bundle dealsSince cable internet and cable TV use the same coaxial cables, its really easy for internet service providers to provide both, so they incentivize you to bundle services with discounts. Its a good setup if you want both internet and TV because you can keep it down to one bill through one company, and youll end up paying less than subscribing to each thing separately.

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    Cable Television By Region

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    This list is incomplete you can help by adding missing items.


    The distribution of cable television around the world:

    TV And Internet Package Pricing

    Optimum and Suddenlink, both divisions of Altice, stand out for their bundle discounts and low pricing. Its worth noting, however, that their bundle savings are somewhat inflated due to the fact that their standalone TV service is priced higher than most. Still, their TV and internet packages are good deals considering the speeds and channels you get.

    Coxs Bronze Duo package is a bit higher priced than other base TV and internet packages, but they do have cheaper options. Their Essentials Internet and TV Starter, for example, starts at $64.99/mo.*, with speeds up to 50 Mbps, but with a more limited TV selection and unfortunately no bundle savings.

    Keep in mind that equipment fees will add to the monthly cost, and every provider has them. Exact fees will vary by provider and the equipment/options you choose, but expect equipment to add $20/mo. or more to your bill. You likely wont have to worry about installation fees, though, as most providers waive installation fees when you bundle.

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    How We Collected And Analyzed Information About Free Television Services

    We categorized coverage-area information using two measurements: census agglomeration and census metropolitan area. Both represent geographic boundaries of cities and their surrounding communities. A census agglomeration is an area that has a core population of at least 10,000. A census metropolitan area has a core population of at least 50,000 and a total population of at least 100,000.

    Over-the-air coverage

    OTA television stations use transmitters to send their signals over the air. These transmitters may be powered to a greater or lesser degree. For example, a low-power station would use a transmitter with a power output of 50 watts or less. A regular-power stations transmitter would have a higher output. The more power a transmitter has, the further its signals can travel in most cases.

    The data we provide indicates which regular-power television stations have OTA presence in each census agglomeration or census metropolitan area. Generally, regular-power stations have large coverage areas that include most of the population of a census agglomeration or census metropolitan area. We left out OTA stations that use low-power transmitters. We may add information about low-power stations in the future.

    We determined service availability using information that the stations have submitted to the CRTC and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada . All of this information is publicly available.

    Categorizing OTA stations

    Cheap TV And Internet Providers

    Charter Availability Map

    The TV and internet packages listed here feature the lowest-priced options with a broadband internet connection and standard TV plan. Cheaper bundles are available from many of these providers, but they come with sub-broadband speeds or limited TV service.


    *Pricing per month plus taxes for length of contract. Additional fees and terms may apply. Pricing varies by location and availability. All prices subject to change at any time. May or may not be available based on service address. As of 04/18/21.**Wireless speeds may vary

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    Verizon Fios Best TV And Internet Deals

    There arent any additional monthly savings with certain bundles because all standalone services are already priced at their lowest, giving you the freedom to combine the internet and TV services you want. And while there arent any monthly savings to be had, Verizon sweetens the deal by a free subscription to Disney Plus with many of their packages. Enter your ZIP code above to see if Verizons fiber optic internet is available in your area.

    Cable & Internet Bundles

    Every major cable service provider sports internet packages of some type. Some TV service providers, such as Verizon FiOS, offer a fiber-optic network. Others do not offer a fiber-optic network but instead satellite internet access. DISH Network is one such example that offers satellite internet access, but don’t expect a high-speed internet connection. Here are the types of internet services that you can look into:

    Fortunately, if you want a separate internet provider, then you can also find an internet provider by ZIP code. We have an internet provider by ZIP code locator tool that will help you find the right internet provider for you.

    Note that if you obtain a cable modem through a cable internet provider, you will most likely have to pay a rental fee. However, many cable internet providers will also let you purchase your own cable modem, as long as it is compatible with the service. You may choose a modem with integrated wireless internet, which means you don’t need a separate router.

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    Is Streaming Cheaper Than Cable

    Yes and no.

    Live TV streaming services range from $20-$140 and cable TV ranges from $25-$125.

    Philo is $20 per month for more than 60 channels, while AT& T TV is $140 for more than 140 channels.

    You can get 30+ local channels for $25 per month with Buckeye Broadband TV, and you can get 420 channels for $125 with Optimum TV.

    The problem with cable TV is it’s not available everywhere whereas live TV streaming is offered in most of the US.

    Internet And Live TV Streaming Packages

    No more analog cable in my area (Comcast stinks!)

    Cable companies are recognizing the shift to streaming and many now have their own live TV streaming services or devices that you can bundle with internet. You likely wont get the same savings and special offers that come with traditional cable and internet bundles, but these packages are a good way to get cheap internet and TV together.

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    What Are Early Termination Fees

    Early termination fees only when you’ve signed a long-term agreement that you’re trying to get out of. ETFs aren’t a problem for services like cable and live streaming that don’t require traditional contracts.

    If you cancel a DIRECTV contract, DIRECTV will charge you a $20 fee for every month remaining on your contract.

    So if you need to get out of your contract, but you still have nine months left, you’re looking at a hefty fee. It’s steep, for sure, but it’s all in the contract agreement. Make sure to ask your provider about early termination fees before you sign, just in case.

    We Chose The Providers Listed Below Based On Their:

    • Availability
    • TV and internet package options
    • Extra features, such as savings and special offers

    If you want to explore a providers specific TV and internet services a bit further, click on any of the links to our internet, cable TV and channel guide pages provided for each provider below.

    Allconnect Rating

    3.50 / 5

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    Search For Cable TV Providers By Postcode

    Cable TV providers in the UK are pretty much limited to one: Virgin Media. And while BT TV and TalkTalk TV are often thought of as cable TV since their services are delivered via a cable theyre technically Internet Protocol Television , as theyre delivered via internet cables.

    You can search for cable TV providers by postcode with the TV postcode checker above. Alternatively, you can check out the latest Virgin Media broadband and TV deals directly.

    Featured Verizon Fios TV And Internet Packages

    Dont miss this opportunity. Please check the internet ...

    200 Mbps + Your Fios TV

    Lowest-priced internet and TV package

    Monthly price*

    Verizon TV and internet package details

    • Bundle savings None. Verizon Fios standalone plans are already priced at the lowest rate.
    • Special offer Free AMC+ and Disney+ subscription, Verizon Gift Card up to $200 and free Google Nest Hub Max with Gig plan

    AMC+ : Offer avail. thru 1.19.21. Must install eligible Fios services and redeem offer w/in 60 days of installation date, or by no later than 4.19.22, whichever is first. After 12-month promo period ends, your AMC+ subscription will auto-renew at $8.99/mo. unless you cancel w/ Verizon. Cancel any time. One offer per eligible Verizon account.

    Disney+: Offer avail. thru 1.19.21. Must install eligible Fios services and redeem offer w/in 60 days of installation date, or by no later than 4.19.22, whichever is first. After 12-month promo period ends, your Disney+ subscription will auto-renew at $7.99/mo. unless you cancel w/ Verizon. Cancel any time. One offer per eligible Verizon account.

    Verizon Gift Card: Must install and maintain eligible Fios services in good standing for 65 days and register for the Gift Card w/in 60 days thereafter, or by no later than 4.19.22, whichever is first. Gift Card emailed within 48 hours of registration. We reserve the right to charge back the amount of the Gift Card if eligible service is canceled w/in 180 days. Other Gift Card terms and conditions apply. Offer ends 1.19.21.

    Learn more about each Verizon Fios service

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    How We Collected And Analyzed Information About Mobile Service Providers

    We categorized coverage-area information using two measurements: census agglomeration and census metropolitan area. Both represent geographic boundaries of cities and their surrounding communities. A census agglomeration is an area that has a core population of at least 10,000. A census metropolitan area is an area that has a core population of at least 50,000 and a total population of at least 100,000.

    Although Iqaluit is neither a census agglomeration nor a census metropolitan area, we included it in our data to provide information about the Nunavut territory.

    We used mobile service providers coverage maps to determine coverage. These maps illustrate where providers own and operate networks.

    Some mobile service providers are not required to send us coverage-map information. For those service providers, we determined their coverage using information from the companies websites, third party websites, and information we collected through our Annual Telecommunications Survey.

    Facilities-based network operators

    Network sharing agreements were taken into account to determine the footprint of service providers that own and operate mobile networks .

    A network sharing agreement is a contract allowing operators to share each others networks.

    Flanker brands

  • If a customer could purchase a mobile phone or plan from the company’s website, we assumed the service is available in all regions where the host network operator is present.
  • Learn more about mobile services for Canadians.

    Buying Guide For Choosing The Best Cable TV Service

    Today, over 73% of residences in the United States have access to a cable television service. And dedicated television service is offered by more than just traditional cable franchises: viewers can often choose to subscribe to cable channels through a fiber optic provider or a satellite TV company operating in the same region as the cable company.

    In short, its a great time to be a cable TV subscriber.

    Those looking for a cable TV service may have a huge array of options available to them even when they only have one provider in their area. How do you pick the right service and get exactly the channels that you want? Enter the fray ready to get the best deal on the right bundle for your needs.

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