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How To Mount TV On Fireplace

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We Finally Mounted Our TV Above The Fireplace

How to Mount a TV Above a Fireplace and Hide Wires

You may want to read about the challenge I had to transport my 65 inch TV.

Our contractor had a little hard time to hide the cables inside the wall, behind the TV, but they did it. We chose a tilting mount since we are going to be sitting lower than the TV. I think it looks excellent and I hope that we dont have any problems cross my fingers!

How To Mount A TV To Your Fireplace

So after considering your options have you determined that you still want the TV on your fireplace? There is no shame is designing your living space how you want it!

Now that you know it would be foolish to install a TV to a fireplace without a full motion mount the first step is to buy a new one. Most mounts are sold with all the hardware you need to complete installation. All youll need are some general work tools.

Then, determine what type of material you are mounting the TV on the wall to. If the location is the fireplace, you likely have a couple of options: the brick, or drywall.

Most Affordable Fireplace TV Wall Mount

The Impact Mounts is the most affordable pull-down helper you can get.

Its simple and purely manual, but thats exactly what makes its perfect for those who are just looking for a fireplace TV wall mount. For its relatively low-cost , its pretty solid and handles 55 units like a pro.

If youre looking for a nice gift or something to give to yourself and the family for the holidays, then this mount is definitely a jolly choice.t

These will make work faster, easier, and that the mount is even and leveled.

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How To Mount A Flat Screen TV To A Stone Fireplace Wall

Hanging televisions on the wall is an excellent feature. Their presence in your living environment is unnecessary if they arent placed on a table or desk. It is possible to enhance the comfort of an already pleasant space by adding a flat-screen TV. Flat-screen TVs can be mounted on rock walls since they are strong and can withstand the TVs weight.

The Importance Of Caution

Durham CT mount tv above fireplace

Many don’t consider the effects of high-temperature air on electronics when mounting a television or other electronic device above a fireplace. However, caution is key. The high-temperature air is just as damaging to the electronic components as water or humidity. Improper installation and improper planning can lead to damage, combustion, and even bodily harm. To keep the television usable and safe, caution and strict adherence to guidelines and clearances must be maintained.

Many don’t consider the effects of high-temperature air on electronics when mounting a television or other electronic device above a fireplace.

Your fireplace manual will have its specific clearances listed for combustible materials and electronics, but the manual or warranty information from your television is also essential. However, as a common standard, older LCD and Plasma TVs have a higher heat resistance of around 120 degrees Fahrenheit before damage occurs. Newer LED and OLED models can start to experience degradation at as low as 90 degrees, more severe damage occurring above 110 degrees.

You might be asking why this is important. Simply put, if the television gets too warm, it can not only destroy the device, it can also release toxic fumes, catch on fire, or explode. All of this can be easily avoided by erring on the side of caution.

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Mounting A TV Over The Fireplace: All You Need To Know

Lets talk about a much debated topic — mounting a TV above the fireplace. Picture a spacious yet cozy living room, with comfortable couches, a coffee table, a toasty fireplace, and a TV above it as the finishing touch. The best thing to top off any living room is a hanging mounting television over the fireplace. For most, this picture may just remain a dream even if you know how high to mount a tv in the bedroom. When you talk about mounting a flat-screen TV above a fireplace, most people might say it’s a bad idea. Just a simple search will show you tons of articles on why one shouldnt install an LCD TV over a fireplace. These articles contain lists of reasons why TV sets should not be mounted above fireplaces, including the fact that mixing heat and electricals isnt advisable and could prove to be dangerous. While it is fair to say that most of these concerns are valid, it is important to remember that they apply only to TVs mounted flat directly on the wall. These limitations apply to regular ol wall-mounted TVs, so contrary to popular belief, there is a way to mount your TV above the fireplace that is safe, efficient, and comfortable. A TV mount to mount your tv above the fireplace is the thing you need. You need to be careful when you shop tv mounts.

When To Use A Standard TV Wall Mount

The next best spot in the living room to mount your TV would be on the wall thats closest or adjacent to your secondary viewing space.

Utilizing an adjustable tv wall mount like an extra long arm TV wall mount , you can have a pleasant viewing experience from more than one location like your dining room without having to bring food over and worry about causing a mess on the couch or rug.

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How To Mount TV Over Fireplace

  • The popularity of flat-screen televisions has skyrocketed in recent years. In many homes, putting them on the wall is an excellent way to save room. Above the fireplace is a great spot for displaying your games. A few steps need to be taken before you can put the entire game together, but it should only take you an afternoon to get it done with the help of another person.
  • Its important to measure your flat-screen TV to ensure that it will fit on the wall above your fireplace.
  • If you have a gas fireplace or a wood-burning fireplace, turn it on. A thermometer should be glued to the wall above the fireplace where the television will be installed. For a few hours, keep your fireplace running. Ascertain the thermometers reading before you begin. For the safety of your flat-screen TV, the temperature should not exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The increased temperature may shorten the assemblys lifespan.
  • Invest in a wall mount. To find out what size cartridge youll need, consult your games instruction booklet. Look for the VES number, which informs you how far apart the holes are for mounting your game. To ensure compatibility, purchase a VESA-compliant bracket. Purchase an amount that is appropriate for the size and weight of your gadget.
  • Your fireplaces hanging nails should be easy to find. When the stud finder points to a stud, run it along the wall. Each post should have an X on it.
  • TV Mounts To Brick & Stone

    How to Mount a TV Above a Fireplace

    Brick fireplaces look amazing from the interior though they pose more technical challenges if you wish to mount a TV to it. The goal here is to prevent the TV from crashing to the ground due to an unstable mount.

    Therefore, the most important step is to make sure you drill into the actual brick or stone, and not the mortar. Mortar is not strong enough to support the weight of a TV, even as lightweight as they are produced these days.

    Aside from staying clear of mortar, the installation isnt too complicated so long as you make sure you have the right equipment to drill into the brick and the mount is level.

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    How High Should A TV Be Mounted Over A Fireplace

    This is up to personal preference. You can decide to measure it and levelly mount it between the top of the wall and the mantle. Or, you can just put the bottom of the TV a few inches above the mantel. Consider if you will be using your mantel for decorations and if so how tall those decorations will be, as you dont want to block the view of the TV.

    Electric Fireplace And TV On The Samewall

    While its not recommended to install a TV over an open wood burning fireplace, many choose to install a TV and electric fireplace on the same wall to create a focal point for a room, through features such as an entertainment center.

    So why can an electric fireplacebe put on the same wall while you cant install aTV over a real open fireplace?

    Electric fireplaces work differentlyto other types of fireplaces because theres no real fire inside. This gives moreflexibility when it comes to installing an electric fireplace in a home,including being able to install a TV close by.

    Weve explained how an electric fireplace works in more detail here but the flames are typically created by reflecting light off rotating mirrors onto a screen, while the heat is generated by a heater component inside the fireplace.

    These heaters are more commonly fan forced that use a blower and heating element to force warm air out into the room , but ceramic or infrared heaters can also be used. These forms of heaters direct the heat in a certain direction and dont radiate heat out in every direction like a real fireplace fire.

    Our electric fireplace stove uses a conventional fan forced heater to generate the heat. Its located underneath the unit and blows hot air out of the front of the fireplace. Heat doesnt come out of any other part and the electric fireplace isnt hot to the touch apart from where the hot air comes out.

    Weve also installed a TV above this open fireplace.

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    How To Mount TV On A Fireplace Brick Wall

    Mounting a flat-screen TV on a brick wall isnt difficult to install, despite its delicate nature, so dont be afraid to do so. In terms of style, a television mounted to a brick wall provides a lot of good factors. If youre looking for something thats both functional and visually appealing, you cant go wrong with this. Flat-screen TV can be mounted on the wall above your brick fireplace so that you can enjoy both a roaring fire as well as television.

    How To Mount A TV Over A Fireplace

    TV Mounted on a Brick Fireplace in Lexington, Kentucky ...

    Mounting a TV over a fireplace is surprisingly a delicate issue. Some people are vastly opposed to doing it, and some experts even claim its destructive to your TV. However, there are several other experts that claim no harm, no foul and its perfectly fine to mount a TV over a fireplace in your living room.

    So what are your options for mounting a TV by or on a fireplace? What are the step-by-step instructions?

    In this article, we will examine everything you need to know to mount a TV over a fireplace, as well as examine both perspectives of this somewhat controversial issue.

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    Best Value Full Range Fireplace TV Wall Mount

    The Mount It! MI-373 is the best value fireplace TV mount because of its specifications and price.

    For what its worth, its capable of holding the biggest and heaviest TV units up to 100 wide and weighing up to 154lbs! Known as a great value for money pull-down tilt tv wall mount, it can be lowered up to 31.5 and a 15° on a tilt angle.

    It may not have the automation of the Mantel, but this jury-rigged, cushioned, and insulated mount more than makes up for it in capacity and cost.

    Best Value Mantel Mount

    Because Mantel is known as a luxury brand in the world of TV mounts, the best value Mantel mount is the Mantel Mount MM700 Pro.

    While not as advanced as the MM750, this Mantel still benefits from auto-straightening and has a gas piston auto-stabilization function.

    This model is a good choice for those who are looking for a decent-priced and duly-capable heavy-duty Mantel mount. What defines the MM700 pro is its huge swivel range from 35 60°!

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    Here’s What You Need To Know To Safely Hang A TV Over Your Fireplace

    Hanging a TV over a fireplace is one of the hottest current home design trends, and its no wonder why. It creates a clean and elegant look by combining your fireplace and entertainment zones into one central focal point. But while it can look great, caution should be taken before you pick up your tools to hang or mount your TV.

    Putting An Electric Fireplace And TV On The Same Wall

    Wall Mount TV Over a Brick Fireplace

    In Electric Fireplaces by James O’KellySeptember 11, 2020

    Using an electric fireplace alongside a TV can make for pleasantviewing and create a focal point for a room, but can an electric fireplace beon the same wall as a TV?

    A TV can be placedabove an electric fireplace on the same wall as long as the TV doesnt blockthe outlet to the heater on the electric fireplace, or be in the way of theheat.

    Different types of electric fireplace can use alternativemeans of providing heat, while the heater on an electric fireplace can also belocated in different positions between different models.

    Weve explained below what you need to consider when placinga TV above an electric fireplace on the same wall, and how were looking to installan electric fireplace below the TV in our kitchen.

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    The Wall Above The Fireplace Is Made Of Stone Or Brick

    Fireplaces come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs you name it! Stone or brick fireplaces are rather commonplace these days. These can be tough materials to work with, but do not fear unlike other imitators, MantelMount works in dozens of install scenarios, some right out of the box, and you can achieve the others by adding unique, original accessories to your MantelMount order. In the case of mounting MantelMount on stone or brick, as long as the stone or brick is not a flimsy facade, you merely need to replace the four lag bolts MantelMount provides with concrete anchors of the same length. If by chance the stone or brick is a flimsy facade, you can simply purchase MantelMounts AB40 Adapter to provide the necessary support you need.

    Consider The Seating Requirements For Comfortable Viewing

    We know hanging your TV above the fireplace or mantel is a trendy thing to do these days, but before grabbing your drill and a new mount, perhaps the best place to start is asking yourself this question:

    Do you really want the television above eye level?

    If so, youll need to determine if your fireplace room is large enough to accommodate this arrangement for comfortable screen viewing?

    If youre not sure, test it out. Thats what we did, and we go into detail about those test results below.

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    Different TV Mounts To Use Above A Fireplace

    • Fixed. You can still use fixed mounts above the fireplace, provided that it sets the TV at or close to eye level to reduce both eye and neck strain.
    • Tilt. For especially high-reaching fireplaces, tilt mounts are a great option as they can essentially tilt the TV and enhance the viewing angle. They arent the best for huge TVs, however.
    • Full-motion. Full-motion brackets, like pull-downs and swiveling ones, get the best of both worlds. While they are not fit for all fireplaces, those benefit greatly from the mounts articulation and scope.

    Mount Your TV In The Corner:

    TV Mounting over a fireplace with wires concealed in the ...

    The corner may seem like an unlikely spot for the TV, but it can be a great TV placement option especially if youre short on space.

    And to be clear, mounting your TV in the corner isnt the same as putting your TV in the corner as an afterthought. Using a mount, specifically a full-motion mount, lets you point your TV to where you are sitting so you get a better viewing experience while using your TV, and it allows you to push your TV against the wall when youre not.

    If you are someone who generally thinks of a TV as an eyesore on your overall aesthetic, this setup allows you to have your TV almost inconspicuously tucked away on the periphery of your room.

    As far as TV placement, you will want to mount your TV in the corner where your fireplace wall and a perpendicular wall meet. This, again, ties back to simplifying furniture arrangement by keeping key points of focus in closer proximity.

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    Alcoves Custom And Modern

    Another trendy way to have a TV above your fireplace is by recessing it back into an alcove. This is a sleeker way to accommodate electronics above the fireplace, preferable for those looking for a clean, modern look. You may also choose to make your nook whatever dimensions you please to accommodate more than a television, should clearances allow. Some may even consider creating a way to camouflage their device when not in use by adding track or folding doors. With the use of tubing or conduit to properly enclose your cables, an alcove could also hide those pesky wires from your television or electronic device.

    Another trendy way to have a TV above your fireplace is by recessing it back into an alcove.

    Even with an alcove, you will have to consult your fireplace manual for clearances. These can be very similar or even identical to the ones for mantels, but they can also be different. In the case of differences, alcove requirements may be stricter than those for mantels. However, this is due to the much more involved process of constructing the alcove around the fireplace.

    Without the protective barrier of a mantel, you might wonder why heat is not as prominent an issue with a recessed mounting. No need to worry! The majority of the heat produced by the fireplace will rise and project in front of the opening instead of back towards the TV. This allows your electronic device not to absorb the brunt of the warmth, though you will want to monitor it during prolonged use.

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