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Why Do I Fall Asleep When Reading Or Watching TV

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Issues Falling Asleep Too Easily While Watching TV/reading

Why falling asleep in front of the TV is not a good idea (especially if you have chronic insomnia)

Whether it be watching TV at night or reading for 20 or so minutes, I have an innate ability to doze off pretty easily. It doesnt really happen during the day or while I’m driving, so its not necessarily a safety concern, but it has put stress on my relationship. I have fallen asleep on a date at the movies before, and with my current girlfriend of almost 4 years, I fell asleep on our second. Keep reading to find out how falling asleep to the TV started for me and how I finally ended the habit! Confession Time I have always been a â worrier ,â and the great attempt to solve all my problems would usually come to an intense head just as I would settle into bed each night.

Maintain A Consistent Sleep Schedule

Going to bed and waking up at the same times each day is one of the pillars of sleep hygiene those guidelines sleep docs recommend for ensuring a good nights sleep. It helps the mind, too. If you try to go to bed early, when your brains not ready to sleep, it will focus on other things, Breus says, which keeps the brain excited and awake.

Whats Behind These Disorders

For fatigue: There is often an underlying cause. Here are some possibilities:

  • Medication side effects.
  • Cancers.
  • Heart and lung diseases.

For narcolepsy: The exact cause is uncertain, but may relate to a loss of orexin signaling for some people. The hypothalamus in the brain releases orexin to help stimulate other brain regions to help keep you awake. If there is not enough orexin, normal sleep and wake patterns sometimes blur.

Other possible causes of narcolepsy include:

  • Genetic factors.
  • Rare brain lesions from tumors or strokes.

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Why Do I Just Fall Asleep Without Warning

Excessive daytime sleepiness. People with narcolepsy fall asleep without warning, anywhere, anytime. For example, you may be working or talking with friends and suddenly you nod off, sleeping for a few minutes up to a half-hour. When you awaken, you feel refreshed, but eventually you get sleepy again.

How Light From Your TV Affects Your Sleep

You Really Shouldnât Fall Asleep With The Television On ...

Your body has an internal clock known as your circadian rhythm, which typically works on a 24-hour cycle and is controlled in large part by patterns of light and darkness, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke . As it gets dark, your brains hypothalamus kicks in to make you feel like its about time to pass the hell out. Enter melatonin, a hormone your brains pineal gland secretes that helps make you tired.

During the day, your pineal gland stays relatively dormant, but when the sun goes down, this gland pumps melatonin into your bloodstream, according to the NINDS, essentially making your bed the most inviting thing youve ever seen.

The issue here is that exposure to artificial lightlike the one coming from your TV as you cycle through Felicity episodescan suppress melatonin, which could leave you less likely to fall asleep.

We’re not supposed to be exposed to any artificial light at night, period, Dianne Augelli, M.D., a fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and an assistant professor of Medicine at Weill Medical College of Cornell University, tells SELF. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, thats not super realistic, but the light/sleep tug of war can be very real for some people. This is why those who are experiencing insomnia are sometimes told to limit bright light as theyre trying to prepare their bodies for sleep.

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Why Do I Fall Asleep When I Read

I usually read a page or two of something on my Kindle before I fall asleep at night. It keeps me from playing everyones favorite late-night game, Wheel of Anxiety. However, I only want to fall asleep when I want to fall asleep and I am also too often a victim of the 3 PM Saturday accidental couch nap, which is the kind of nap that leaves you feeling worse than you did when you fell asleep. It doesnt seem to matter what Im reading and its not an issue of disinterestI could be reading the last 40 pages of a really engrossing thriller and suddenly realize that Ive made up most of what I thought I read in the last two paragraphs because I was actually asleep. But, why do I fall asleep when I read?

There does not seem to be a lot of in-depth scientific research on the pressing physiological problem of falling asleep when you really want to be reading, so I can only postulate a few causes and propose some solutions Ive tested myself. Why do we sometimes fall asleep while reading, even when were interested in the book? And how do we stop it?

Alzheimers Disease And Sleepa Special Problem

Alzheimers disease often changes a persons sleeping habits. Some people with Alzheimers disease sleep too much others dont sleep enough. Some people wake up many times during the night others wander or yell at night.

The person with Alzheimers disease isnt the only one who loses sleep. Caregivers may have sleepless nights, leaving them tired for the challenges they face.

If youre caring for someone with Alzheimers disease, take these steps to make him or her safer and help you sleep better at night:

  • Make sure the floor is clear of objects.
  • Lock up any medicines.
  • Attach grab bars in the bathroom.
  • Place a gate across the stairs.

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How Can I Stop Feeling Sleepy Immediately

How to Stay Awake Naturally

  • Get Up and Move Around to Feel Awake.
  • Take a Nap to Take the Edge Off Sleepiness.
  • Give Your Eyes a Break to Avoid Fatigue.
  • Eat a Healthy Snack to Boost Energy.
  • Start a Conversation to Wake Up Your Mind.
  • Turn Up the Lights to Ease Fatigue.
  • Take a Breather to Feel Alert.
  • If Youre Driving, Pull Over When Sleepy.
  • Why Do I Fall Asleep While Watching Movie

    Why You Should NEVER Fall Asleep with the TV On

    Female what? Sheep? Chickens? Fruit flies? Oh⦠humans? Yeah⦠we donât call them âfemales.â My understanding is that they like to be called âwomen.â So⦠are women more likely to fall asleep during movies than men? I just asked. If you fall asleep quickly, take naps, doze unintentionally, or sleep in on the weekends, these could be indications that you are sleep deprived. Extending your time in bed may be all it takes to ease your sleep debt and allow you to fall asleep a little more slowly. If sleep is of poor quality and you awaken repetitively throughout the night, this can also contribute to falling asleep too.

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    How To Not Fall Asleep While Reading A Book In Bed The Result

    As youve seen, the strategies you will use are based on scientific research and my own practical experiences. I promise you will drastically improve the duration of your nightly reading sessions if you follow the strategy. The Not Fall Asleep While Reading A Book-Strategy follows the idea of setting up a stay-awake-environment. This involves adapted lighting, drinking water, adjustment of your posture and room temperature. In case of an emergency, you can use the Hardcore Stay-Awake-Strategy which employs four sleep-killing tips that you can use to immediately help yourself. If you follow these tips, you will be able to finish whatever you want to read today.

    But to be refreshed the next morning, you should also know how to improve your sleep, not just how to prevent it. Therefore I have collected my best sleep improvement guides. I went from needing up to an hour or more to be able to fall asleep down to just a few minutes. Learn about my secret fall-asleep-weapons and strategies I use every day that you can start using tonight!

    Im Daniel, a sleep blogger, author, and researcher and I created this page to share the most helpful and unique sleep improvement guides with you.

    Personally, I have spent years trying to fix my sleep issues: Not being able to fall asleep and waking up tired.

    Now Im at a point, where I can say Ive accomplished my goal.

    Now, each and every morning, instantly after waking up, I spend my time to write sleep guides for this website.

    My Latest Posts

    Bedtime Reading Reduces Stress

    Reading before you sleep could relax you significantly. A study highlighted in the Telegraph by the University of Sussex raised a number of participants stress levels and then attempted to reduce them. Cognitive Neuropsychologist Dr David Lewis found that reading worked best, reducing stress levels by 68 per cent. It was better than listening to music , drinking tea or coffee and taking a walk . It only took 6 minutes for participants stress levels to be reduced.

    This is because, when reading a good book, your mind is distracted from daily stresses and worries that causes tension. Stories give your mind the option to be somewhere else for a little while. This means you can leave your own troubles behind. Reading also allows your muscles to relax and slows down your breathing, leaving you feeling calmer.

    So how does this affect your sleep? The Sleep Council say 39% of people who are in the habit of reading before they go to sleep, sleep very well. It makes perfect sense that an activity that reduces stress is beneficial before bed. Reading is also a better alternative to watching TV or scrolling through your phone. These emit blue light which tricks your brain into thinking its daytime. This is why 49% of Brits prefer to read a book than watch TV before bed and couldnt go to sleep without a chapter of their current book.

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    How Do I Know If Im Narcoleptic

    The primary symptom of narcolepsy is excessive daytime sleepiness. You may feel tired during the day even though you had a full nights sleep. This sleepiness is difficult to prevent and may vary over the course of the day. After a brief nap, you may feel alert, but the sleepiness will return after an hour or two.

    Dozing: A New Stroke Risk Factor

    Do You Need Television or Mobile Devices to Fall Asleep ...

    Nodding Off Throughout the Day Linked to Increased Risk of Stroke

    Daytime dozing also appears to raise the chance of having a heart attack or dying of a heart attack or stroke, the researchers say.

    But don’t worry about a nap or two. “This is significant dozing” — nodding off frequently and unintentionally while watching TV or reading during the day, says researcher Bernadette Boden-Albala, PhD, of Columbia University in New York.

    Previous research has shown that people who have sleep apnea, brief periods when breathing stops during sleep, are at increased risk of stroke.

    But Boden-Albala says this is one of the first studies to look at the association between unplanned daytime dozing and stroke.

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    Who Is At Risk For Narcolepsy

    Narcolepsy affects men and women. Symptoms usually begin during the teen or young adult years. The disorder also can develop later in life or in children, but its rare before age 5.

    Researchers think that certain factors may work together to cause narcolepsy. If these factors affect you, you may be at higher risk for the disorder.

    What Causes Narcolepsy

    Most people who have narcolepsy have low levels of hypocretin. This is a chemical in the brain that helps promote wakefulness. What causes low hypocretin levels isnt well understood.

    Researchers think that certain factors may work together to cause a lack of hypocretin. These factors may include:

    • Heredity. Some people may inherit a gene that affects hypocretin. Up to10 percent of people who have narcolepsy report having a relative who has the same symptoms.

    • Infections.

    • Brain injuries caused by conditions such as brain tumors, strokes, or trauma .

    • Autoimmune disorders. With these disorders, the bodys immune system mistakenly attacks the bodys cells and tissues. An example of an autoimmune disorder is rheumatoid arthritis.

    • Low levels of histamine, a substance in the blood that promotes wakefulness.

    Some research suggests that environmental toxins may play a role in triggering narcolepsy. Toxins may include heavy metals, pesticides and weed killers, and secondhand smoke.

    Heredity alone doesnt cause narcolepsy. You also must have at least one other factor, such as one of those listed above, to develop narcolepsy.

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    Reason #: Peak Noises

    If you fall asleep to the television running in the background, youre going to be getting quite a bit of background noise that could also wake you up. While we are asleep, our brains continue to register sounds on a basic level, meaning that excess nighttime noise can be disruptive. When sounds as commonplace as birdcalls, or even a familiar din such as a bustling city, can sometimes wake us up, the high-volume audio of some TV shows are sure to upset our sleep.

    Why is TV especially disruptive, as opposed to background noises like a fan or even music? The answer lies in the distinction between regular background noise and disruptive peak sounds. Background noise can actually be beneficial by reducing the difference between ambient noise and startling, higher-volume blasts. The constant variation in television audio means that peak soundslike a clapping audience, a soap opera shouting match, or a fight scene in a mystery dramaare much more common.

    Safe Sleep For Older Adults

    Why Can’t I Fall Asleep?

    Try to set up a safe and restful place to sleep. Make sure you have smoke alarms on each floor of your home. Before going to bed, lock all windows and doors that lead outside. Other ideas for a safe nights sleep are:

    • Keep a telephone with emergency phone numbers by your bed.
    • Have a lamp within reach that is easy to turn on.
    • Put a glass of water next to the bed in case you wake up thirsty.
    • Dont smoke, especially in bed.
    • Remove area rugs so you wont trip if you get out of bed during the night.

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    Help For Falling Asleep When Reading

    This is often why you fall asleep. It has nothing to do with being bored. Being bored is a separate issue. Interestingly, the faster one tries to read, the more likely one can be to fall asleep, unless you make some simple corrections. Once the lighting is corrected, the lighting will not prevent one from reading very fast. Generally what causes people to fall asleep is too much glare, or too. Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania found out that watching TV at night increases the likelihood of insomnia.Their study aimed at examining the effects of TV-watching on the process of falling asleep and sleep in general.. The experiment involved over 21 thousand volunteers.

    How To Stop Falling Asleep While Watching TV

    1 Take a power nap. If youre at home, or in a safe environment where you can sleep, set the alarm and take a nap for 15 minutes. 2 Stretch frequently. Stand on your toes, lock your hands together, and stretch upwards as far as you comfortably can. 3 Have a refreshing drink. 4 Practice deep breathing. 5 Get some sun.

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    Eat Healthy & Eat Often

    Start off the day with a good breakfast, but not huge on carbs. Get in fruit & protein to start of your day. Eat a light lunch, anything to large or heavy is going to make you sleepy. Try snacking light and often, rather than larger meals. Having nuts or dried fruit at your desk is a good way to snack healthy, provide nutrients for energy, and keep you somewhat active as youre munching away.

    Is It Possible To Sleep 3 Days Straight

    Sleep Before Midnight: 17 Healthy Ways To Fall Asleep Earlier

    The longest recorded time without sleep is approximately 264 hours, or just over 11 consecutive days. Although its unclear exactly how long humans can survive without sleep, it isnt long before the effects of sleep deprivation start to show. After only three or four nights without sleep, you can start to hallucinate.

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    What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Narcolepsy

    The four major signs and symptoms of narcolepsy are extreme daytime sleepiness, cataplexy while awake, and hallucinations and sleep paralysis during sleep.

    If you have narcolepsy, you may have one or more of these symptoms. They can range from mild to severe. Less than one-third of people who have narcolepsy have all four symptoms.

    Alternative Body Postures Prevent Sleep

    The posture you have while reading a book at night greatly determines the likelihood of you falling asleep against your will. If you lie on your side while reading you drastically increase the chance to drift off. Therefore taking a more seated position actually helps. Being too comfortable with your posture is therefore actually something you would avoid. We will use this later on in our ultimate strategy to stay awake at night.

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    Why Do People Fall Asleep In Movie Theaters

    No one shells out $15 per movie ticket to take a nap, yet many people can’t helping falling asleep in movie theaters, even during loud, blow-em-up action films. What gives? Sure, movie theaters are dark and those plush, reclining seats are darn comfortable, but is that enough to cause a healthy adult to pass out in the middle of the afternoon?

    We reached out to Murray Johns, an Australian sleep doctor who invented the Epworth Sleepiness Scale , the global standard for measuring an individual’s propensity dozing off during eight different daily activities. Patients are asked to rate from 0 to 3 their likelihood of falling asleep during the day while reading, watching TV, riding in the car, etc. For seven of the eight activities, you’d expect to stay awake , yet many of us still doze off.

    In 2002, Johns collected sleepiness data from more than 2,800 adults in seven countries and used it to rank each activity on the ESS by its relative sleep-inducing power, or what he calls its “somnificity.” According to the study, topping the list of most “somniferous” activities is lying down to rest in the afternoon , followed by “watching TV,” then “sitting and reading.” Movie theaters don’t show up until No. 6, “sitting, inactive in a public place ,” which has a somnificity score less than half of watching TV, but twice as sleep-inducing as sitting and talking with someone.

    Why are some daytime activities more somniferous than others? Posture plays a big role, Johns concluded.

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