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When Is Greys Anatomy Back On TV

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Will There Be A Season 19 Of Grey’s Anatomy And When Will It Come Out

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Abigail Spencer Returning as Megan in Season 18 | NewsLine

A season 19 hasn’t been confirmed by ABC as yet. There have also been talks of a spin off show after Deadline reported that ABC’s Signature President Jonnie Davis said it had been discussed.

The site then followed up the story with a clarification from Davis saying: “I would like to clarify some statements I made in a prior interview. There are no conversations about a spinoff of Grey’s Anatomy at this time. We are 100 percent focused on producing season 18, with the incredible Krista Vernoff at the helm, and the amazing Ellen Pompeo leading our ensemble and co-executive producing. As the leader of ABC Signature, I meant only to convey my support and optimism for Shonda’s brilliant creation.”

It is therefore not clear what the future of Grey’s Anatomy will be, though there is of course already a spin off in Station 19, the fifth season of which will air on 30 September an hour before Grey’s Anatomy season 18.

Ask Matt: Meredith Come Back To Seattle

Grey’s Anatomy

Welcome to the Q& A with TV critic also known to some TV fans as their TV therapist Matt Roush, wholl try to address whatever you love, loathe, are confused or frustrated or thrilled by in todays vast TV landscape.

One caution: This is a spoiler-free zone, so we wont be addressing upcoming storylines here unless its already common knowledge. Please send your questions and comments to and follow me on Twitter . Look for Ask Matt columns on many Tuesdays and Fridays.

Greys Anatomy Season 18 Release Date

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Greys Anatomy season 17 got started slightly later than usual in the United States, premiering in November as opposed to the shows typical late September slot.

Its unclear whether the show will stick to this new timetable or revert back to its former schedule, but either way, we predict Greys Anatomy season 18 to begin in the US in Autumn/Winter 2021.

Of course, sometimes fans in the UK have to wait a little bit longer for the show to arrive and that was certainly the case with season 17, which finally made it to Sky Witness in April 2021, where it is currently airing weekly .

Its likely that the show will remain with the channel for its next season.

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How Many Episodes Of Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 Are There

Speaking to Deadline, show runner Krista Vernoff explained why fans are having to wait 11 weeks to find out what happens next to Meredith Grey as she is treated for COVID-19 infection. It’s all to do with the shortened episode count of season 17.

Instead of the usual 24 episodes, Grey’s Anatomy season 17 will reportedly only have 16 episodes. This makes it one of the shortest seasons in the show’s history, alongside season 1’s 9 episode run.

Due to the delayed premiere date, 6 episodes aired before the scheduled winter hiatus, and because of the shortened episode count, the remaining episodes will air in March instead of the usual January slot in order for it to end in time for May’s finale season.

Despite the delays, fans still have a lot more to look forward to in Grey’s season 17.

As Meredith continues battles with COVID-19, she’ll be taking plenty of trips back to her dream beach. Patrick Dempsey is still scheduled to appear in a few more episodes as Derek Shepherd. Vernoff has also teased that even more past characters could show up on Meredith’s beach.

So far, we’ve seen Derek and George O’Malley. We’ve also seen Richard Webber and Miranda Bailey appear, confirming that it’s not just dead people that Meredith is dreaming about. Fans have a long list of characters they’re hoping to see return, with Chyler Leigh’s beloved Lexie Grey placed firmly at the top.

How To Stream Greys Anatomy Season 18 Premiere Live For Free On Roku Fire TV Apple TV Ios And Android

When Does

There are six major streaming providers that offer Live TV Streaming. Four of these providers allow you to watch Greys Anatomy season 18 premiere live on ABC using iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, and Web. These providers include Hulu Live TV, fuboTV, DIRECTV STREAM, and YouTube TV.

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What Is Expected To Happen In Grey’s Anatomy Season 18

Grey’s Anatomy season 17 had a focus on the Covid-19 pandemic with everyone at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital having to cope with the crisis, along with the continuing drama of their everyday lives, picking up where season 16 left off.

It is not yet clear what season 18 will focus on but we expect to see some teasers on the Grey’s Anatomy social media accounts over the next couple of weeks. It sounds like there will be a major comeback based on the first teaser.

View this post on Instagram

We know Addison Montgomery is coming back for season 18 after she confirmed it on her Instagram , and Megan Hunt is also making a return.

We also know there will be a couple of characters missing after their departure in season 17. No more Jackson Avery or Tom Koracick after both left for the Catherine Fox Foundation in Boston, and no DeLuca either, of course.

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Don’t worry though, lots of the favourites are still expected, including Meredith Grey , Miranda Bailey , Amelia Shepherd , Jo Wilson , Link Lincoln , Owen Hunt , Teddy Altman and Richard Webber , among others.

Meredith’s mother, Dr. Ellis Grey , will also make some form of comeback, though it is not clear how as yet. Should be interesting given she was killed off in season three.

Scott Speedman Is Back On ‘grey’s Anatomy’ And Everyone Is Kind Of Freaking Out

When it was announced that a character from Merediths past would be made a season 18 regular on Greys Anatomy, we all assumed it would be Kate Burton, who played Ellis Grey before being killed off or Kate Walsh, who is returning as Addison Montgomery.

Yes, Burton is back, but last nights premiere proved too much for GA fans, as it turned out to be Canadas own Scott Speedman who was really coming back as a series regular.

You read that right: Nick Marsh is BACK! And his kidneys are fine this time.

& amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp nbsp

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You might remember transplant surgeon Nick Marsh made Meredith swoon back in Season 14, airing in 2018, when he made sparks fly at Grey Sloan, almost stealing the title of McDreamy. When he collapsed, Meredith was the one who discovered his life-threatening blood clot, saving his kidneys, and the chemistry between the two positively sizzled.

In last nights episode, Mer is in Minnesota for the dedication of a research library named after her mother , when she spots Nick. They have a drink at a hotel, and Twitter literally cannot handle the sexual tension. Many are speculating Nick and Meredith are gonna be the series endgame. Seeing as how this is maaaybe GAs last season, talk about going out with a bang!

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How To Watch Greys Anatomy Season 18 In The Uk

While there are no confirmed details on when Greys Anatomy season 18 will be available in the UK, it will most likely be broadcast on Sky Witness and NOW, as has been the case for several years now.

In the meantime, if you want to catch up with earlier seasons , Greys Anatomy seasons one through to 16 are available to stream on both Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video .

‘law & Order: Svu’: Danny Pino To Return As Nick Amaro For 500th Episode

Kate Walsh Returning To ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ As Dr. Addison Montgomery

Matt Roush: It wouldnt be a new season of Greys without something to gripe about, would it? Most of the attention after the premiere seemed to be on the return of Scott Speedman as Merediths apparent new love interest this season, and in the bigger picture, the more publicized upcoming comeback of Kate Walsh as Addison Montgomery. But you have a point. If this storyline sustains for too long, without her returning to home base and, by the way, her family! it will get tiresome to see her interacting with everyone on her phone or computer. At least, with the nagging exception of her late mother haunting her thoughts, theyre not ghosts like last season.

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Greys Anatomy Season 18 Cast


Good news! Greys Anatomy has secured its three remaining original cast members Ellen Pompeo , Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr for the upcoming 18th season.

There had been some doubt over whether the trio would reprise their roles once again, but a return was agreed after what Deadline describes as lengthy contract negotiations.

ABC has yet to announce the rest of the cast for season 18, but its quite possible well see more from current stars Kevin McKidd, Kim Raver, Camilla Luddington and Caterina Scorsone, among others.

Greg Germann, who has played Dr Tom Koracick on Greys Anatomy since season 14, will return as a guest star but his time as a series regular has come to an end.

At least two popular actors will not be returning next season: Jesse Williams is moving on to new projects after a 12-year stint on the show, while Giacomo Gianniotti has also departed the series.

When Is A Million Little Things Back On

A Million Little Things Season 3 also fell victim to ABCs date shift. The drama will now return on Thursday, March 11, but beginning on April 7, it will shift to Wednesdays. On April 8, A Million Little Things Thursday time slot will go to Rebel, an Erin Brockovich-inspired series starring Katey Sagal.

Confused? Heres a breakdown of ABCs Spring 2021 schedule, as it relates to these shows:

Thursday, March 11

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When Is Greys Anatomy Back On In 2021

The first Greys Anatomy 2021 episode airs on Thursday, March 4. Even though its been more than a month since the last new episode aired on ABC, the winter hiatus has a long way to go.

Season 17, Episode 7 of Greys Anatomy will air at 9/8c on its return date, maintaining the time slot right after the new episodes of Station 19.

There are still rumors floating around that this could be the final season of Greys Anatomy, but we hope that doesnt end up being the case.

Actress Chandra Wilson, who continues to play Dr. Miranda Bailey on the Greys Anatomy cast, recently shared some thoughts she has about the series finale of the show. She really doesnt want it to take place during a shortened season that has been heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Wilson has the right thoughts, as the safety measures have made it hard to really get back to the core of what has made past seasons of Greys Anatomy so good for the viewers.

Greys Anatomy

Meredith Grey Belongs At Grey Sloan Memorial


I was really disappointed that the premiere ofGreys Anatomy sent Meredith to Minnesota. Two seasons ago, Meredith was excluded from the rest of the action when her license was suspended. Last year, we spent nearly the entire season with her on the death beach. She is allegedly the one person that they wouldnt do the show without, and finally we had a chance in the premiere to see her back in her prime. So what do they do? Send her into her own separate storyline again. I was happy to see Peter Gallagher again because I enjoyed him so much onZoeys Extraordinary Playlist, but my pleasure quickly evaporated once it became clear they were once again sequestering Meredith.

Its frustrating when you want to see Meredith Grey working with the other doctors we know and love, not on a side quest to invent a cure for Parkinsons. I dont have a problem with the artistic choice to move beyond COVID after a whole season dedicated to it, but cure for Parkinsons sounds like it is teetering on science-fiction territory. I mean, seriously? I know you will probably advise patience to see where the storyline is going. I have given the show a lot of slack over the years because when the show is highly effective, it makes up for the more frustrating moments. But I dont think it is unreasonable to want to see Meredith Grey really, truly be the center of Greys Anatomy again. She has been on the sidelines for far too long. Jake

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Ask Matt: Is ‘joe’ Too Out Of The Ordinary

Matt Roush: Dont get your hopes up until something is officially announced, but few things would surprise me less than to see any of Foxs former hits returning in some form or another. In a recent interview with Deadline, Foxs entertainment chief Michael Thorn noted that another 24reboot was in active development, adding, Were always open to reinventing our best IP , name-checking Glee and Prison Break as shows they havent heard pitches for yet but were open to. So maybe that got the rumor mill going again. As were seeing more and more often, everything old is new again on network TV, and thats not going to stop anytime soon.

How And Where To Watch Grey’s Anatomy Season 17

Grey’s Anatomy is available to watch on Sky Witness in the UK. It started with a double header, with episodes one and two, but it continued as a week-by-week affair, like Line of Duty, with a new episode dropping every Wednesday from 7 April, rather than the entire season being made available on Sky On Demand at once. The season has now concluded so all the episodes are available to watch through On Demand.

In the US, Grey’s Anatomy season 17 is available on ABC. Each episode can be streamed on the ABC website, as well as Hulu.

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Biggest Question: Will Season 18 Be The Final Grey’s Season

Again, youd need to speak to Shondaland! Deadline did make it extremely clear that Ellen Pompeo signed just a one-year extension contract, and TBH, she cant do this show forever. Coupled with the exits of some big names on season 18 like Jesse Williams, Ellen might just hang up her latex gloves and call it a day.

That said: Nothing is what it seems in the world of television. After all, we all thought season 17 would be the last time wed see the staff of Grey Sloan. And look what happened there! So really, theres no telling with this show. And with its extremely dedicated fan base? Um, yeah, theres definitely more to this.

How Many Episodes Will There Be Of Grey’s Anatomy Season 18

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 & Station 19 Season 5 Premiere Crossover Event Promo (HD)

ABC hasn’t confirmed how many episodes of Grey’s Anatomy season 18 there will be, though we’d hope it will return to over 20.

There were just 17 episodes in season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy, which was one of the shortest seasons in the show’s history with only the first season having less, and the fourth season having the same number of episodes.

Season one had nine episodes and season four had 17, otherwise the other seasons all have over 20 episodes, meaning there are now over 360 episodes in season one to seventeen. Binge-watching heaven.

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When Is Greys Anatomy Back On In 2021 With New Episodes

When Greys Anatomy comes back on in 2021, it will serve as a continuation of the dramatic Season 17.

So far this season, we have seen the return of several former Greys Anatomy cast members and also a few current ones facing down death.

We still dont know how everything is going to play out for Meredith Grey, either, as she had to be placed on a ventilator during the fall finale.

Unfortunately, it will still be weeks before Greys Anatomy returns to the ABC Thursday night schedule with new episodes. Its going to feel like a really long time.

How And Where To Watch Grey’s Anatomy Season 18

For those in the US, Grey’s Anatomy season 18 will be shown on ABC when it airs at the end of September. You will be able to stream it on Hulu and we’d expect you’ll be able to stream it through the ABC website too.

For those in the UK, it is likely season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy will be available to watch on Sky Witness when it becomes available, as recent seasons have been, including season 17, though nothing is confirmed as yet.

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Release Date

Grey’s Anatomy season 18 will be released in the US on 30 September 2021. At the moment, there isn’t a confirmed release date for the UK.

Grey’s Anatomy season 17 premiered in the US on 12 November, 2020 but it didn’t air in the UK until 7 April, 2021 so it might be 2022 before the UK sees the new season of the medical drama.

Are Any New Characters Coming To Grey Sloan


That is up to Shondaland to determine for us. We do know this: Most of the cast members have renewed their contracts through a possible season 19 , so there will likely be lots of familiar faces. As for new people, Meredith is now running the residency program, so we can probably expect a newly minted doc or two. TBD!

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