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What Model Is My Samsung TV

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Why do we buy SAMSUNG Frame TV?

To be honest, as it can replace two gadgets: one is it plays like a smart TV like others & the second one is it can be a digital Art frame .

So does it do those best?

You can install many-colored & designed bezels to make your Frame TV pop out like a real art frame, BUT you have to buy them separately which is obvious but the thing is they are quite expensive .

To showcase the arts available in the Art Store need a subscription but you can showcase your pictures using the Samsung SmartThings App. So if you think art things are free then not at all .

Comes with OneConnect Box means you cant connect anything directly to the TV which greatly makes it clutter-free & the invisible cable that connects the TV with the OneConnect box is quite great also. But the OneConnect box is big & I feel some heating issue after some time.

No gap wall mount is great but the 43 inch TV wall mount is not the zero-gap kind as the larger 55, 65 & 75-inch TVs.

Lets come to the TV,


The Frame TV has Bluetooth v5.2 so you can easily pair it with any wireless headphone when you want some privacy.

Then check out the Best ranked wireless headphones in 2021 (select them based on your Budget or Usage.

Some realities:

The Frame TV is NOT an Android TV means you have no flexibility to download any App .

I found Samsung Frame is not supporting 4k in Hotstar & SonyLiv.

Find Your TV’s Model Number

Before you can fully understand your Samsung TV’s model number, you need to find out what the number is!

On older TVs, you can find it by looking at the back of the TV. However, on newer models, you’ll need to look it up in the TV’s settings menu. To do this, use your TV’s remote to navigate to Settings, and then select Support. Select About this TV the model number or code will be displayed on this page.

Once you’ve got the model number, you can find out more about your TV. Look up the specifications on the Samsung Support page or download your TV’s user manual.

How Do I Find Out What TV I Have

The model name, serial number, and software version of your TV can be found in the following locations:Locate the model name on the original packaging.Locate the model name and serial number on the product sticker.Locate the model name, serial number, and software version in the HELP section of the TV Settings menu.Mar 29, 2019

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Then Follow The Instructions Below That Match Your Samsung TV Model:

LE Series models – model number ending in BD

  • Press the D. Menu button.
  • Use the Down arrow button to select Channel and press the Enter/OK button.
  • Select Auto store on the first line of the menu and press the Enter/OK button.
  • A re-tune screen will appear No action required.
  • BBC1 will automatically play out behind the menu when the re-tune has completed.
  • LE series models – Model numbers ending in FXXU

  • Press the Menu button once.
  • Press the down cursor button until Digital menu is selected.
  • Press the right cursor key to highlight Guide.
  • Press the down cursor button to highlight Digital channel.
  • Press the Enter button.
  • Press the down cursor button to highlight Auto store.
  • Press the right cursor button to enter Auto store menu.
  • In Auto store menu press the Enter button to start scanning for digital services.
  • Once the scan has finished, the channel list will be updated automatically.
  • HU Series 4 to Series 8 models

  • Press the Menu button on your remote control. Use the Up/Down arrow buttons for navigation.
  • Scroll down to Auto Store and press the Enter button.
  • Select Antenna type and press the Enter button.
  • Select the Antenna type that you are using and press the Enter button. Make sure that your aerial is connected to your device before re-tuning.
  • Select the Channel Source and press the Enter button.
  • Select Digital and press the Enter button.
  • Select Search and press the Enter button. This will scan for all available Freeview channels.
  • Explanation Of Samsung Model Numbering Logic

    40"  ES6800 Series 6 SMART 3D Full HD LED TV

    The logic behind Samsung’s TV model Numbering system can be explained using the Samsung TV model number UN55F8000AFXZA as the example. We have broken down this example Samsung TV model into a table with a numerical position to the order that each of the letter or number in the samsung model appears. So the first letter ‘U’ in the example will be under ‘1’ and the second letter ‘N’ will be under ‘2’ and so on. This is to make it easy to explain what each letter or number in the Samsung TV Model number represents.

    • H model – 2014
    • K model – 2015

    Following the above model coding Samsung should have 2015 model numbers starting with ‘I’, but they skipped letters ‘I’ and ‘J’ and jumped to the letter ‘K’. Skipping the letter ‘I’ obviously had to do with the confusion that would have arisen from letter ‘I’ and the number ‘1’ being almost identical. The skipping of the letter ‘J’ could have been due to the same reason that they skipped the letter ‘G’ in the 2014 model. The 2014 models should have been the “G” series, but Samsung has skipped the letter “G” in their Model numbering system and gone on to “H” series. No official explanation is given, but it is generally held that the letter “G” sounds similar to a Japanese or Korean four letter word. The same reason for skipping letter ‘J’ for 2015 models I presume.

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    How To Check The Serial Number Of Your Samsung TV

    There is no service to check the serial number of your Samsung TV. Sometimes Samsung runs promotions to check the serial number. Motivated by the desire to fight against the supply of TVs that are intended for other regions. But in fact, it does not matter for Samsung, and it even reduces the cost of warranty service, because such TVs are not covered by the warranty, the warranty is only valid in the country for which the TV is produced.

    If you have read the article carefully you can check the serial number yourself knowing some nuances. For example, since 2018, Samsung does not produce TVs in Korea.

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    But What Exactly Is The Model Number

    So, you now know how to find the model number of a Samsung TV. Its pretty easy. But what good is it what does it tell you?

    The first few letters, typically the first two, will tell you the market the TV was made for as well as the kind of display it has. For example, if the model number is UE55KS9000, the letters U and E indicate the display type and region, respectively. The letter U here indicates its an LED model, whereas the E indicates Europe. Then the next two digits 55 relate to the size of the TV. This model number is of a 55-inch diagonal screen TV.

    Then, the KS portion refers to the make of the TV. Here, it refers to a 2016 ultra high definition TV. The following set of characters, 9000, refers to the 9000-model range. All Samsung TVs are ranked into series, notwithstanding their display size and technical specifications.

    This guide refers to the different kinds of TVs made by Samsung, up until 2017.

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    Samsung Hd/full Hd/uhd/suhd Model Number Codes 2008

    Between 2008 and 2016, Samsung produced many HD, Full HD, UHD, and SUHD TVs. HD features 720p resolution while Full HD features 1920 x 1080 . UHD is 3840 x 2160 , but some models may be labeled or described as 4K or 4K UHD by manufacturers and sellers. The two are not the same.

    Technically speaking, 4K is the digital cinema standard , while UHD is consumer display quality. As for SUHD, it has the same resolution as UHD but with added enhancements, as previously mentioned.

    Samsung model numbers between 2008 and 2016 are represented by S for SUHD, U for UHD, and H for Full HD. There is also a P for Plasma in 2014 models and earlier.The screen type is usually found in the sixth character of the model number.

    Since video technology has evolved into various display types and resolutions, Samsung added the U code to the beginning of the model number to represent an LED TV. In contrast, the older TVs included H for DLP and P for Plasma. The image below shows codes typically found in 2008-2016 Samsung model numbers.

    Samsung Model Number 2008

    Samsung 52″ TV Repair. I fix my Samsung TV. (Samsung Model LN52A650AT1F) TCON Board Replacement.

    What does Samsung TV model number mean? It is the manufacturers code assigned to the TV, which is used to identify the TV. The model number contains information about which region the TV was produced for, in which year the TV model was developed and sales began, the screen type, the model number and the type of digital tuners. And also which series the TV set belongs to.

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    How Can I Find Out What My TVs Specifications Are

    Specifications for your television:

    Dimensions, weight, and power usage are all basic information.

    Basic knowledge of images, sounds, controls, apps, and software.

    1. On the remote control, press the HOME button.

    2. Make a selection of options.

    3. In the TV category, select Apps.

    4. Check Apps that have been downloaded or apps that are part of the operating system

    Samsung TV Model Numbers Explained What Samsung TV Model Numbers Mean Understanding Samsung TV Model Numbers

    There is a logic behind Samsung’s TV model Numbering system and we will explain in detail this logic of Samsung’s model numbering method. Each of the numbers and letters and the position they are in a Samsung Model Number, represents certain identification codes, and we explain what they are below.

    The topics about Samsung TVs covered on this page are listed below and clicking on any items on the list will take you to that section beolow on this same page.

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    How To Check A Samsung Smart TV For A Microphone

    Even if your Samsung Smart TV doesnt have a camera, there might be a chance that it has a microphone installed. Many TVs have a voice-activation mode, which users utilize to turn the TV on and off, change the channel or volume, or open and close apps.

    Just as there are privacy concerns with hidden cameras on Smart TVs, people are just as concerned with hidden microphones in their TVs. You have two main methods to check for a microphone in your TV, which essentially are the same as checking for a camera.

    S For Samsung Smart Led TVs

    32"  D550 Series 5 Full HD LCD TV

    Using the built-in software on a Samsung smart TV, you may determine the model number of one of the companys more recent models.

    1. To access the Smart Hub, press the Home button on your Smart Samsung TVs remote control.

    Then, using the directional pad on the remote, navigate to the Settings menu .

    2. Select Support by pressing the directional pad on the remote control.

    3. Select About This Samsung Smart TVs by pressing the directional pad on the remote control.

    Please keep in mind that on some Samsung TVs, you may need to select Contact Samsung rather than About This TV.

    4. The model code and the serial number of your television will be displayed on the screen.

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    What Model Is My Samsung Smart TV

    Answer itmodelsmodelTVSmart TVmodelSamsung

    Consequently, how do I find my Samsung model number?

    Samsung Mobile Phone: Where can I check IMEI, Model Code & Serial Number?

  • 1 Swipe down on your screen to access your Quick Settings and tap on the Settings cogwheel.
  • 2 Scroll down to the bottom and tap on About phone.
  • 3 The Model Number, Serial Number and IMEI will be displayed.
  • Also Know, how do I find out the model of my Samsung TV remote?

    Samsung TV – Find the serial number and model

  • 1 From the Home Screen, use your TV remote to navigate to and select Settings.
  • 2 Select Support.
  • 3 Select About This TV.
  • 4 From this screen, you’ll be able to obtain the model and serial number of your TV.
  • 5 Also, you can refer to the back of your TV to obtain the model and serial number.
  • How do I find out what model my Samsung TV is?


    Can I control my Samsung Smart TV with my phone?

    SamsungyourphoneSamsungthe Androidyour AndroidSamsungTVThe Samsung TVthe TV

    How To Check A Samsung Smart TV For A Camera

    Many people dont mind having a camera on their Smart TVs however, a growing number of people are becoming concerned about their Smart TVs having cameras in them without knowing them and feeling their privacy being diminished with the idea of their TV possibly spying on them.

    It might feel like spying, especially when a Smart TV can use facial recognition to suggest movies and series to watch. If youre concerned or just curious, there are ways to check if your Smart TV has a camera. Samsung makes Smart TVs with and without cameras, but you can still check with the following two methods to settle your mind.

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    Samsung Smart TVs Without Cameras And Microphones

    If youre looking for more privacy and would like a Smart TV without a camera or microphone, Samsung also has a line of TVs without this hardware. It may start becoming more difficult to find these because many Smart TVs have voice activation included. Many Smart TV additions such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick also have a microphone.

    Most Samsung TVs made after 2020 are installed with a microphone. However, this can be disabled in a few easy steps. If you still want a Samsung TV without a microphone, you can purchase an older model, such as this 2020 Samsung TV model.

    Finding Samsung TV Series From Model Number

    Samsung Smart TV: How to Download & Install Apps

    I hope you were able to decode your TVs model number and got the Samsung TV information using my guide. The model number also contains the model series of your TV. The greater the value of the TV series, the more refined and sophisticated it will be. So, how do you find the Samsung TV series from the model number?

    As I described above, all Samsung TV model numbers have the screen size mentioned in them. Usually, the 4-5 characters that come right after the screen size contain the Samsung TV Series such as, Q60R, Q70T, Q950, Q800, Q900, Q700, LS03, KS9000, etc.

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    Samsung TV Model Numbers Explained: Samsung The Frame And The Serif TVs

    Samsungs lifestyle line is split into two distinct categories, The Frame and The Serif. Each Frame TV is built to resemble a picture frame, the intention being that you can mount it on your wall at home and display artwork when its not in use. This, in theory, allows it to blend in seamlessly with the aesthetic of whatever room its in.

    Serif TVs are also designed to display digital art, but instead of being wall-mounted they can either stand freely on their long legs or sit atop a flat surface. Serifs also have unusually thick frames that you may choose to use as a mantlepiece of sorts if Samsungs promotional stills are anything to go by, anyway.

    The 2020 Serif and 2020 Frame are both QLEDs, and thus their model numbers begin with Q. QE50LS03TAUXXU is a typical lifestyle TV model number. The TV is otherwise known as 2020 50″ The Frame Art Mode QLED 4K HDR Smart TV.

    Q is QLED, E means made for Europe and 50 equals 50in. LS means lifestyle, and any TV you see with LS will be either a Frame or Serif model. 03 is the model series, T tells us its made in 2020, A refers to its build features and UXXU means nothing whatsoever.

    And with that, weve covered the model numbers of every single type of TV currently sold by Samsung. This page will continue to receive updates as and when Samsung releases new models. We look forward to the TVs themselves, and indeed to the mind-boggling model numbers that will inevitably come with them.

    Samsung TV Model Numbers Explained: Samsung Crystal Uhd TVs

    Sitting below the QLED range is Samsungs lineup of Crystal UHD TVs, formerly known simply as 4K UHD TVs. Essentially, these TVs are like Samsung’s QLED range but without the quantum dots. Theyre all LCD LED-lit TVs that have an Ultra HD resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 and support at least one form of HDR. QLEDs may get all the press, but some of the high-end Crystal models still have premium features such as multi-smart assistants and Ambient Mode. Crystal UHD TVs tend to be more affordable than QLEDs: prices range from £329-£2,199.

    The model numbers on Samsung Crystal UHD TVs follow a similar format to those seen on QLEDs, but there are some subtle differences worth knowing about. Well take the £499 43in Samsung TU8507, full name UE43TU8507UXXU, as our example here. According to Samsungs website, the U at the start means LED. Since all QLEDs begin with a Q, its easy to differentiate between QLED and non-QLED ranges right off the bat. E, as established is shorthand for EU, meaning that this model is intended for use in the European market only. The number 43 on the model number tells us the size of the display in inches.


    And now that you know UE43TU8507UXXU is a 2020 43in Samsung LED 8507-series TV made for Europe, you can go off and decode Crystal UHD model numbers on Samsungs website to your hearts content.

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