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Can I Get Local Channels On Apple TV

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What Does It Mean For Me

How to Get Local Channels on Apple TV

It means you need to research carefully any internet-based TV subscription service you sign up with. The website for most of these services let you enter your zip code to get a list of available stations.

One service might have ABC and NBC but not Fox or CBS. It might be the opposite for another service. And if you travel, the mix of available local channels your service offers could be completely different. Many of the services will still give you access to the networks on-demand content even if they cant provide live streams.

Hulu Live TV Cash Back

  • Only valid for new Hulu Live TV subscribers.
  • Only valid once per household.
  • You must pay and maintain service for at least one month to be eligible.
  • You must click from The Streamable and complete your purchase on the Hulu Live TV website.
  • Youll receive gift card 4-6 weeks after purchase .
  • Cannot be combined with any other promotion and wont be eligible if you try to use a coupon code or cash back from another site.

Why Would I Want Hdhomerun

First off, you’re probably only going to be interested in using HDHomeRun if you are a cord cutter . There is an HDHomeRun box specifically for people that have a cable subscription, but I’m focusing on people that don’t pay for cable and want to watch broadcast TV on their iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV.

You might be asking, “How is this any different from simply watching CBS, NBC, or ABC on my TV?” Because that’s what I asked, at first. Actually, there are two main benefits to using HDHomeRun as a broadcast television channel transmitter.

The obvious benefit is that you can watch broadcast television on any supported device in your house, including computers, smartphones, tablets, Xbox One, set-top boxes , and other media centers that support such apps as Plex, Emby, and Kodi. You don’t just have to watch TV on your TV. You can watch it anywhere.

A second benefit is that, with the HDHomeRun DVR subscription, you can record live TV and watch it when you want, even when you don’t have an internet connection. Even app channels for Apple TV don’t offer that â cable subscription or not.

If you’re the type of person that would only watch broadcast television on your TV set and don’t care about being able to record shows to watch later, HDHomeRun is not the set up for you.

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How Do I Get Apple TV Channels

To get Channels, your iPhone or iPad needs to run iOS 12.3 or later, and your Apple TV HD or Apple TV 4K needs to run tvOS 12.3 or later. The TV app is also available in macOS Catalina or later, some new smart TVs, game consoles, and on Roku and certain Fire TV devices.

Update to iOS 12.3 or tvOS 12.3, and youll see a list of Channels in the TV app.

Local Channels On Youtube TV

What download speeds are required for video streaming on Apple TV ...

YouTube TV has PBS, ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX as part of an 85+ channel bundle. Its the only live TV streaming service that carries PBS as a local channel. ESPN, A& E, CNN and TNT are among its popular cable channels. Subscribers get unlimited Cloud DVR and can steam on

A subscription costs $64.99 per month. There is no contract. Customers can subscribe on a month-to-month basis.

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Apple TV Channels Without Cable

There are a few ways to watch Apple TV channels without having a cable. Using an antenna, you can watch free local TV shows on Apple TV. If you get a little clever with it, you can do this. There are other ways that you could connect your antenna to your TV, such as by connecting it to an OTA DVR instead. It is possible to record live TV from your OTA antenna with the help of an OTA DVR


You dont need anything else to just get free local channels on your Apple TV. All you need is a TV antenna. Users have to hook up the antenna to an OTA DVR rather than the TV. Live TV can be recorded with OTA DVRs, which connect to your OTA antenna. You can then use your OTA DVRs app on your Apple TV to watch that recorded OTA content, as well as live OTA content, on that device.

2) HDHomeRun

HDHomeRun is a little box, roughly the same size as an Apple TV, that serves as a transmitter. It lets you watch live broadcast TV on your Apple TV, but you can also enjoy it on your iPhone or iPad. In addition, even if you dont have internet access, you can record live TV and watch it just like someone with cable and a DVR.


4) Plex Media Server

Another solution is to set up a Plex media server on a PC or other device. Using an antenna connected to your server, you can record over-the-air content using Plexs premium edition. Live and recorded content can then be streamed over the air to compatible devices running the Plex app.

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What Do I Need In Order To Watch Free Live TV On My Mac Apple TV iPhone Or iPad

Most importantly, you’ll need to be living in a country that supports digital TV that receives either ATSC, DVB-T and DVB-T2, DVB-C or QAM.

You’ll also need the HDHomerun box.

  • HDHomeRun Connect Duo – $100 – Probably the box you want. It works with 802.11ac or 802.11n wireless internet connectivity and lets you stream live TV to two devices at the same time.
  • HDHomeRun Connect Quatro – $150 – This is the same as the Connect Duo, but has four tuners instead of two. If three or more people in your household watch different TV channels at the same time from different devices, you might want to spend the extra $50 so the kids don’t fight.
  • HDHomeRun Extend – $180 – The same as the Connect, but with video transcoding. If you have a poor internet connection in your area, this is the model you should get. The Extend compresses videos in real time so you aren’t maxing out your bandwidth.
  • HDHomeRun Prime – $130 – This is the box that is only for cable subscribers. It requires a digital cable subscription and a CableCard, which you can rent from your provider.

If you’re on the Apple ecosystem, you’ll also need to download the HDHomeRun app for Mac, iPhone or iPad. HDHomeRun is not yet compatible with Apple TV. However, there are a variety of software options that range in price from a few dollars up front, to a monthly subscription. It all depends on what you want or need.

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Top 10 Free Apple TV Channels 2022

Americas top 10 free Apple TV channels in 2022.

If you’ve got an Apple TV, then you can buy all sorts of premium paid apps. But if you want to stick with the free stuff, I can help you with that too.

So let’s talk today about the top 10 free apps for your Apple TV. Let’s dive in.

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Watching Local Channels On Amazon Fire TV Stick Or Roku

How to get Local Channels on iPhone

If you are using a Roku or Amazon Fire TV, there are a few different ways you can watch free local channels using a TV antenna.

With a Roku TV, you can simply plug your TV antenna into the coaxial port in the back of the television and scan for channels. Roku TVs have a built in channel guide that services free over-the-air channels and free streaming channels offered by Roku.

Otherwise, you can use a HDHomeRun DVR or a Tablo to stream free over-the-air channels through their respective apps on Roku and Fire TV.

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How To Get Local Channels On Apple TV

by Apple TV Buzz | May 30, 2022 | Apps, Entertainment, Guide, How To |

Apple TV gives you access to a lot of interesting apps with which you can stream movies and TV series. In addition, you can have access to a wide variety of live TV channels to stream on Apple TV. With these channels, you can enjoy watching live news, sports events, and other relevant events. Apart from these national and global channels, Apple TV gives you access to local channels. In the following section, let us find out how to access local channels on any Apple TV.

What Are Apple TV Channels

Apple TV Channels is a feature of the Apple TV app that allows you to buy access to a variety of channels via Apple. The Apple TV lineup is quite diverse so chances are youll find what you like with ease. However, you will have to pay for each separately so be sure you add it all up before you subscribe.

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What Are The Best Apps To Stream Live TV

Two apps stand out when it comes to streaming live TV: Hulu + Live TV and YouTube TV.

Hulu + Live TV has one of the most extensive channel selections available.

  • Channels included in the platform are Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Nickelodeon, Animal Planet, ABC, BBC America, Cinemax, CBS, and History, to name a few.
  • Hulu + Live TV is available on smart TVs running Tizen, Roku, Fire TV OS, Android TV, and streaming devices such as the Chromecast, Xbox One and 360, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch.
  • A Hulu + Live TV subscription costs $55 a month with the option to upgrade to an ad-free experience to $61.

YouTube TV is another option for watching live TV.

  • Like Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV offers a wide selection of channels.
  • It also provides a cloud-based DVR storage that you can use to save programs for later viewing.
  • Some of the channels on YouTube TV include ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, HGTV, and TNT.
  • YouTube TV goes for a hefty price tag of $65 a month.
  • Smart TVs that can access the service are the Fire TV OS, Apple TV, Xbox One, Playstation, Roku TV, Samsung, and Vizio.

Directv Stream Local Channels

How to Watch Local Video Files on Your Roku

DIRECTV STREAM is another streaming service that offers local channels in most TV markets in the United States. The service offers live ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, The CW, and more for a price of $69.99 per month. A subscription to DIRECTV STREAM includes:

  • watch 3 streams simultaneously per subscription
  • a cloud-based DVR
  • channels like Freeform, AMC, HGTV, Discovery, and more
  • supported on AppleTV, Android TV, Roku, Amazon FireTV, and more

You can check out everything this service offers by taking a look at their promo page or read about it in our DIRECTV STREAM review.

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Watching Live TV Over

One final option you could consider, especially if you live in a metro or suburban area, is purchasing an antenna. For readers in more rural areas, youll want to check your coverage map to see if you can pick up a feed from your closest broadcasters.

As more and more people, especially younger 20 and 30-somethings, cut the cord, users have discovered that going back to using an antenna can actually be a great way to pick up some television on the cheap. Over the air antennas offer full HD support and, depending on where you live, offer higher fidelity signals than cable or satellite from your broadcasters.

You can plug your antenna right into the back of your television, but if you want to use it with your Apple TVs interface so that youre only ever living within Apples ecosystem you have an option to do just that.

Youll need a fourth or fifth-gen Apple TV to use it with an antenna, thanks to the need for a particular app to pick up the signal from the box you need. Oh, thats right: it isnt enough to do this with just an antenna. Although that might seem like enough to plug into the back of your television, the back of the fourth-gen Apple TV has fewer portsand the 4K model even lacks the USB-C port we saw on the fourth-gen model. That means youll need a way to transmit the signal from an antenna wirelessly to your Apple TV.

Local Channels On Fubo TV

FuboTV offers live local Fox, ABC, NBC, and CBS in select markets. This service also includes networks known for sports like FS1, FS2, beIN Sports, NBCSN, BTN, and more. You can see whats available at FuboTV through this 1-week free trial. We cover this streaming service in-depth in our Review of FuboTV.

FuboTV is available on major platforms, including AppleTV, AndroidTV, Roku, and Amazon FireTV. The price of their Family Plan is $64.99 per month after the free trial. That includes a cloud DVR with 250 hours of storage and the ability to watch on 3 devices at once.

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How To Watch Local Channels On Apple TV

You know how to use your Apple TV to watch movies and TV shows through on-demand services like Netflix. But do you know how to watch local channels on Apple TV? As it turns out, Apple’s popular streaming box is just as good at showing you local news broadcasts and regional sports networks as it is at streaming movies on demand. All you have to do is decide how you’re going to get local channels on your Apple TV and we’re going to make that easy by showing you your options below.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to stream local channels on Apple TV:

Does A Smart TV Need An Antenna For Local Channels

How to Get Local Channels on Roku

Thanks to newer technologies today, you dont necessarily need to get an antenna for local channel access.

While a TV antenna is the cheapest way to get local channels, there are other services that can access local TV channels, such as cable TV subscriptions and services like YouTube TV, Hulu, and Sling TV, to name a few.

Refer to Question 1 for more information on local channel options.

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Stream Network Shows On

Another way to catch primetime network television is Hulu On-Demand, NBC Peacock, and Paramount+. This combination will provide several hit primetime shows on CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, and The CW. You can give Hulu a try to see if you like the service. If youre looking for PBS shows, you can watch through the PBS app. It is available on almost any device.

While Paramount+, Hulu, and the PBS app is supported on most browsers, tablets, and smartphones, you probably want to watch these shows on television. To do that, all you need is a streaming device like Roku.

These devices connect to various video services over the internet using apps They then stream the video directly to your TV.

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Watch Free With Network TV Apps

While you typically cant stream your local network through the apps below, they offer some free content. In most cases, the latest seasons of primetime shows are available to watch through these apps free. However, while there is free content, dont expect them to have everything you want to watch available.


You can watch several NBC Shows using the NBC app or at They make you wait 8 days before watching the most current episode, but the full-length episodes are available for the current shows free on most streaming devices. You just need to search your devices channel store for the NBC App.

Current episodes for the following shows latest season were available through the NBC app: American Ninja Warrior, Connecting, Dateline NBC, Ellens Game of Games, This Is Us, Transplant, The Voice, The Wall, and Weakest Link.


While the ABC app requires a TV provider login for some content, current episodes of ABC shows available free. A lock symbol identifies which episodes require you to link your participating TV provider account. However, Locked episodes for most shows will become available to watch without signing into your participating TV provider account 8 days after the episode first airs on TV.

The shows look to keep at least the last 5 episodes available free. You can download the app to your mobile or streaming device or watch on ABCs website.

Fox App

The Fox Now App is available on most streaming platforms.


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Can You Add Disney Plus Or Hbo Max As An Apple TV Channel

Services like HBO Max, Hulu, Disney Plus, Peacock, and Prime Video are not available directly as Apple TV channels. Instead, you have to sign up for these services separately and watch them through their own apps.

That said, you can still integrate recommendations from these platforms into the Apple TV app. Billing is not available through Apple so you must already have a separate subscription to one of these services. You’ll then see an option to link the services you’re subscribed to with the Apple TV app.

This will enable you to see recommendations for movies and shows from that platform inside the Apple TV app. But if you click on a program you’ll be redirected to stream it on the required third-party app.

For instance, if you connect your separate HBO Max subscription to the Apple TV app, you’ll see recommendations for HBO Max shows within the Apple TV interface. But if you click on the show, your device will be prompted to launch the HBO Max app.

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